Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, 30 ml

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, 30 ml

Yakibest.com: Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, 30 ml : Beauty & Personal Care

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, 30 ml AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, 30 ml : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

Will this turn my bleach blonde hair brassy?

Nope, does nothing to the color of my platinum blonde

Is this safe with brazilian blowout?

It is. My hair stylist used brazilian blowout with this

What’s the difference between oleplex #6 and #7?

On olaplex’s official site some1 asked a similar question & the olaplex rep. Said #6 is a cream & meant to smooth hair & fight frizz for 72hrs., whereas the oil also smooths hair but is more for shine, uv protection, & moreover a protectant for heat styling.

Ate you a salon selling this or a distributor?

It’s a distributor

This oil appears very orange/yellow. What would it to to silver hair?

I have blonde hair and have not noticed any change in my hair color from the oil. I usually do a purple shampoo once every week or two though

I need more good products like this

Just keep using it! My hair keeps getting better and better! I’m also taking a supplement that is a capsule with oil (hair stylist recommended) and my hair has never looked better!

Does olaplex oil turn my hair gold?

No, only the oil has the color – it doesn’t transfer to the hair.

Can i use this on perm-straightened hair? Will it affect how long my straightened hair can last?

Absolutely- a little bit is all you need. Helps hair feel soft and shiny not greasy. I put it in after i blow dry my hair.

I bleached my hair and now its stringy would the oil be better to get or the shampoo? Ive already order the treatment no 3 kit.

I use the shampoo, conditioner and then i mix 6 bond smoother and 7 bonding oil in my hand and rub through hair. This combo takes the dryness out of my hair without making it oily. In addition knocks the frizz out. I do not blow dry i scrunch it to allow my curls to form and go. Love these products. Have tried the 0 and 3 twice a week. Not sure how much those help cause i use them all. But other my hair has never felt or looked so healthy and soft

Why is a battery needed?!

These are products that you apply in your hair. I assure you that there is no need for a battery. You aren’t powering anything.

Is this a leave in conditioner & do you use everyday ?

It goes on your hair everyday, it’s just an oil, just put it on your ends

Is this product only for bleached hair?

Olaplex isn’t only for bleached hair. My hair is on the frizzy and dry side, i discovered it softens it and can be used with other products

Do you apply the oil to wet or dry hair?

Wet /damp hair only for a better outcome

Si esto viene de china es falso

La etiqueta indica que está hecho en california

Very suitable for me


Cómo se usa el número 7?

Hola, se usa como finish!
Es para después del peinado, adicionalmente yo lo uso dos veces por semana de medios a puntas.

Is this authentic olaplax bonding oil?

Yes! It’s exactly the same as the product i buy at sephora, and the same price. I also bought no. 4 and 5 on amazon. I mix 6 and 7 together as a leave in. Great products.

Can i use it as i hair oil ? Oiling my hair with it and left it for the next day the wash it ?

Oh yeah, you can apply this bonding oil after you wash your hair on toweled dry hair or on dry hair. It’s
highly-concentrated, weightless reparative styling oil.dramatically increases shine, softness, and color vibrancy. N°7 minimizes flyaways and frizz, while providing uv/heat protection of up to 450°f/232°c.

What color is the oil … Is it clear?

It’s the same color as what you see in the bottle. Yellow/golden color.

How do i know which is best for my hair ?

If you have bleached hair, this is best for your hair

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, 30 ml AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, 30 ml : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
If you have fine, thin hair, this is the one

My hair is fine and thin and the ends are damaged from heat styling. It basically breaks off if you look at it sideways. I tried a few other oils and they were… Oily. I could feel the oil, didn’t want my hair to touch my face and couldn’t wait to wash it out. But this stuff is some kind of wizard magic. It disappears into the hair, calms down frizzy and split ends and you can’t even tell it’s in there. No oiliness whatsoever and it doesn’t weigh down the hair at all. I use a small pea-sized drop of olaplex #6 with just two shakes/drops of olaplex #7 and there’s a night and day difference in my damaged ends. If you have fine, thin hair, this is the one. Best of luck.

5Expert Score
Absolutely love this

I blow dry and use the straightener on my hair every 3 days which caused stress breakage . I have started using this and noticed the breakage is less. The smell is amazing and it leave my hair so soft.

5Expert Score
Me encanta

Me deja el cabello super suave y brilloso , me gusta mucho voy por mi segundo

5Expert Score
A little goes a long way!

Love this product! I bought them all as a set & wow was i surprised! I still have the shampoo, conditioner, and some other stuff you use once a month! I still have the oil, but it’s low, so just ordered more. Last time ordered was nov 2021! My hair is long & 2 tone gray, but i live in reno. Very dry climate! I only wash my hair once a week, but use the oil often. The stuff is lightening in bottle! I love it!!!!!

5Expert Score
My dry hair loves this product.

So far, so great! I have curly hair that tends to be frizzy and on the dry side. I needed a product that could address both these issues without weighing my hair down and looking greasy. This is it! I love it! It smooths my curls and adds a lovely, healthy shine. I’m ordering the shampoo and conditioner and hopefully i’ll be in love with my hair again! This little bottle is pricey but worth it!

5Expert Score
Magical oil

This stuff really transforms your hair, like all olaplex products. I love that i can put a few drops on anytime and my hair instantly feels healthier. It smells really good too, but not overpowering.

5Expert Score
Hair loves it

I’ve been using olaplex for a year now and this is my first time trying the oil. It’s great! Leaves hair soft and shiny

5Expert Score
Nunca lo había utilizado pero el resultado es bueno.

Me habían hablado y puesto el producto en salones de belleza pero igual nunca le compré. El producto es bueno y no deja un residuo graso en el cabello.

5Expert Score
Muy buen producto

Muy bueno me ayuda a proteger el
cabello del
calor y lo restaura

5Expert Score
Omg! Why didn’t anybody tell me about this before?

This is magical oil. I witnessed my friend’s hair transformation while we were on a trip together and asked her what made her severely dry hair suddenly look moisturized and frankly, like hair, and she told me about this oil. I ordered it and like in her case, it worked magic on my dry hair, turning it lustrous and soft immediately.

4Expert Score
Some users will need lots of product and damp, not dry, hair

Having used olaplex no 3 for months, i ordered this oil, and i was surprised that the product made absolutely no difference whatsoever with my hair. Over the course of 3 days, i applied over 30 drops of oil to the ends of my hair with no visible or tactile results. Ends still looked and felt dry, and i detected no fragrance. Finally, i tried dampening the ends of my hair with water, applying more drops to the ends, and then rolling the ends up and clipping them to slow the ‘evaporation’ of the product. After several hours i unclipped my hair, and the ends now felt and looked smooth. Would recommend damp hair only with this product, despite label saying it can be used on dry hair.

4Expert Score
Great for my knotted hair

I know everyone’s on a kick to hate olaplex rn but i rather enjoy this oil my hair is prone to knotting and this has helped me so much with keeping my hair brushed and knot free granted i would use rosemary mint oil if you’re looking for growth

4Expert Score

Light oil but effective.

4Expert Score
Would buy again

It’s a little pricy for a small bottle. But it smelled good and does what it needs to do.

4Expert Score

Don’t know what to expect with ‘bonding.’ however, my gray hair has become very dry and wispy and this oil is helpful keeping it under control. Doesn’t leave any weight and i don’t notice a smell. A little goes a long way.

4Expert Score
Ayuda al acabado

Buen pero para lo que cuesta es pequeño!

4Expert Score
It's a great product

A little bit goes a long way. Leaves hair silky

4Expert Score

I love this it feels elegant on my hair and i think it’s made it shinier idk

4Expert Score
Great product

I used the product on my hair ends which were a little dry. Non greasy

4Expert Score
Overall a good product but with caveats

Olaplex products are pretty much a must have if you are going to bleach or dye your hair for any reason. This works like a light hairdressing oil but has bond builders in it to help (literally) maintain hair after chemical services. I don’t find this moisturising enough on its own so i add a heavier leave in conditioner afterward. I can only give it a 3 when it comes to value because it’s really spendy for the tiny bottle you get.

Edited my review to add: i don’t like having to use multiple products to get the effect i want, so i no longer use this everyday. I would still recommend this line for immediately after a chemical service though because it’s really the only thing that is proven to help prevent breakage after something like bleaching.

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