Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Maximum Storage Noise Free No Box Spring Needed, Black

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Maximum Storage Noise Free No Box Spring Needed, Black

Buy Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Maximum Storage Noise Free No Box Spring Needed, Black: Bed Frames – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are olee sleep 18 inch tall heavy duty steel slat anti-slip support easy assembly mattress foundation maximum storage noise free no box spring needed features?

  • Heavy duty steel slats. Does not require box spring
  • Product dimensions – 76.1′ l x 55.1′ w x 18′ h. Underneath clearance – 16.5′. Weight – 46.4 lbs.
  • The frame encloses the mattress to prevent slipping with ample under-bed space
  • Assembly is required. All the required hardware and tools are included/ headboard compatible
  • Fast furniture delivery/ 5 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Dimensions for mattress/box spring: 74.5 x 53.5 inches
  • 16.25-inch under bed clearance | 7-inch slats separation distance
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Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Maximum Storage Noise Free No Box Spring Needed, Black AMAZON

Buy Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Maximum Storage Noise Free No Box Spring Needed, Black: Bed Frames – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Maximum Storage Noise Free No Box Spring Needed, Black AMAZON

Buy Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Maximum Storage Noise Free No Box Spring Needed, Black: Bed Frames – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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5Expert Score
With this review you won't have to read 17 pages of answers to questions

When investigating this on amazon i read through 17 pages of questions. All 17 pages were just people continually asking the same 10 questions so i will try to answer them here so you don’t need to spend an hour reading questions and answers. We bought the king bed version and are using it with a 13” memory foam mattress from costco. This is a day one review so i will update in one month.

Shipping: weighs 59 pounds. Cardboard box is 42” x 21” x 6”. Was well packed for shipping. When ordering they were vague on when it would arrive. We ordered it on thursday, they shipped it via ups on monday and it arrived on wednesday (a day earlier than the shipping confirmation said).

Assembly: the instructions are in pictograph form on one sheet of paper and are easy to understand. They are written in english but you don’t really need the words. There are six long extruded metal pieces that make up the perimeter of the bed with an eighth one that goes down the middle. The three long pieces fold open with legs. The four pieces that make up the top and bottom just bolt together with no moving parts. The instructions are simple. Just lay all the pieces out than start attaching them. The only bad part of the instructions is they named pieces “a” and “a1” (for top of bed) and “b” and “b1” (for bottom) but then the instructions say “a1*1” and “a*1” to indicate there is one of each so just read carefully. Pieces are not labeled on the metal but if you look closely at the diagram you will see the a pieces have slots to attach a headboard and the b do not. It took my wife and i less than 15 minutes to fully assemble and she could have done it herself. None of the individual pieces are heavy. By far the hardest part was lifting the mattress up onto the finished frame (a king mattress is heavy).

The only hardware are two long bolts with nuts and 12 short bolts with no nuts. They give you the allen wrench and nut wrench you need so no other tools are required. Everything was easy to attach. Lastly you snap the metal slats into their holders. Four slats have red dots that match red dots on the center of the bed. Those slots have small tongues on the end that snap into small openings on the slat holders.

Slats and lip: there are 9 rectangular extruded metal slats on each side of the bed. Each slat is 1⁄2 inch wide on top and they are 8 inches apart (from the center of one slat to the center of the next). The top of the slats are 1⁄2 inch below the top of the frame. This provides a lip to hold your mattress or box spring in place and it fit our king memory foam mattress very snugly so that the mattress will not move.

Mattress/box spring: you do not need a box spring though you can use one. The frame is 18 inches high so a box spring and mattress will be a very high bed. With our 13 inch memory foam mattress and no box spring the top of the mattress is almost 32 inches off of the floor. If you have a traditional mattress even without a box spring you can lay it right on the slats. If you have a memory foam mattress without a box spring you are supposed to put something in between to keep the foam from squeezing through the slats. You can probably use a sheet of cardboard but anything else (particle board, peg board, thin plywood) will work. If you want to put in something like that be aware the inside dimensions of that lip i mentioned are 75.5” x 79.5” so you need something slightly smaller than that. Then cut it in half to fit it in your truck or suv for transport. My wife and i have opted not to put anything between our memory foam and the slats. Reading the question answers about 1/3 of memory foam owners did as we did and about 2/3 bought something to go in between. The 1/3 reported little or no problem with the memory foam leaking between the slats and so far on day one we predict very little problem.

Hardwood floors: we have nice hardwood floors. All parts of the frame that touch the floor have built in plastic caps to protect your floor but my wife did not trust that so she bought small rubber squares to put under the feet. There are 9 feet in the king bed version so you will need 9 square rubber pads that are 2” x 2”.

Appearance: if you do not put anything under the bed, you can go without a dust ruffle. The metal looks artistic. It is black metal with square corners (nothing is rounded). If you are going to store things under the bed, you will want to hide the frame. A traditional dust ruffle will be too short since the frame is 18 inches high. When answering one of the questions a woman said she had made fabric panels and attached them to the frame with stick on velcro. That is what we plan to do.

Quality: once assembled is was extremely quiet. I weigh 275 pounds and the bed did not move or squeak at all when i was laying on it rolling around. If i got on all fours and shook back and forth there was an extremely minor squeak but nothing like our old bed. Most of the question answerers and reviewers said there is no squeak even with heavy people doing the horizontal mambo.

Update: there is an extremely quiet squeak during the bed shaking for certain activities. I doubt anyone would hear it if they were 40 feet away. Slight disappointment but it doesn’t change my rating since almost any bed would have more of a squeak than this.

5Expert Score
Hesitant but satisfied

So i wanted a bed for our guest bedroom i only needed the frame and didn’t want to spend to much i got this and am very satisfied with it. It only took me by myself 20mins to put together. It fits the twin mattress just fine with a little extra room on the side. I love how high it is because i’d you wanted to add drawers under it you can. It supported my husband just fine and he is over 200lbs. It is very space friendly i absolutely hate bed frame that are unnecessarily bulky . My only suggestion would be to get grippers for it as if it’s on a hard floor and not carpet it will slide.

5Expert Score
So easy

I have nerve damage and my fingers do not work well. The frame was easy enough to assemble. It took and hour because of my fingers. Someone with working digits could breeze through it.
Easy instructions with labeled parts make it idiot proof. I also watched a short instruction vid on youtube

5Expert Score
Easy and cost effective for spare bed.

Easy to assemble even with the ridiculous tools provided. I put it together alone in 10 minutes. It is nice and tall so even very large totes fit well underneath which makes for great storage space. Likely will need plyboard or bunkyboard under mattress as spacing of the bars is far apart and i would bet you could feel them through a cheap mattress. It’s too tall for a standard box spring. I don’t know how much use it can withstand but wonderful for a guest bed. If you love your hard flooring you may want to put carpet scraps under the feet as they are kinda sharp. Overall great purchase price for our needs.

5Expert Score
Bought for the additional height

We decided on this frame because of the additional 4′ of height that it offers. It is a lot heavier than the other ones we have purchased, and takes more time to assemble. We will be needing another frame, i will look for a lighter one, however if i can’t find one i have no problem getting this one again.

5Expert Score
This bed is durable

It was easy to assemble on i’ve cleaned under it multiple times now and two times where i actually had to lift it up and was very easy to maneuver around. Not to mention i’m a big girl and this bed has been very durable through all night activities.

5Expert Score
Great platform bed with lots of slats!

I was impressed with all of the slats included in this bed. No need for an additional box spring. Sturdy and easy to assemble!

5Expert Score
Very sturdy! Easy to assemble

This bed is so sturdy and easy to assemble ! I would say it took me like 40 mins to assemble by myself. It’s great storage. And it’s also great for adult activities too

5Expert Score

We love this frame, it’s a great height off of the floor and was easy to put together! We will be ordering another for our other bed!

5Expert Score
Taller than i thought,

But that’s a good thing. I love the extra space i have now in my room as i am now able to have a good place to store my ottoman when it’s not in use

4Expert Score
Great so far!

I really like this bed frame. There are a couple things that would be comparatively cheap improvements, but overall i’m really pleased. It’s not elegant, but it leaves room to make it nicer. It is sturdy and affordable.

The good:
– great price for what you get.
– pretty easy to assemble. Whole thing took 20 or 30 minutes solo. Tools and spare hardware are included. Simple to understand. Side-rails fold out, so one less thing to have to bolt-up oneself. With the exception of the slats, all the female threads are welded on so you don’t have to mess around with nuts and bolts trying to hold one while turning the other. (pro tip: put all the hardware together only hand-tight, then go around and tighten all the bolts for a better flush fit.)
– it’s solid. Really solid. While i was first putting it together, i thought, ‘wow, the machining isn’t great, the nuts welded into the frame aren’t pretty – this thing has got to wobble somewhere.’ nope. By the time you get this thing together, it’s a tank. I had to kick the friction-fit slats into place, and they are not moving again without the help of a mallet. Oh, you can literally kick the hardware into place and it holds up just fine. I’ve got no fear whatsoever that this frame will hold up my fat behind no matter what i choose to do on it.
– no squeak, no shimmy, no noise of any kind.
– really nice height. I’m using this frame with a 10′ mattress and no boxspring, and the height is nearly even with my old queen sleigh bed with boxspring. At 6′ tall, it’s easy throw-legs-over-side-and-i’m-up height. For most, it is also perfect, uuuhh, ‘activity’ height (though i’d personally have to crouch just a little because i’m fairly tall – and if you have to ask you don’t want to know).
– i had concerns that the slats were a little far apart for a pocket-coil mattress-only, but the frame supports the mattress quite well on its own. This has a lot to do with the mattress too, and maybe a foam mattress might have a little underbulge, but so far it’s working great on the pocket-spring.

The bad / could use improvement:
1 -the depth could be improved so a mattress is less likely to slide. The slats sit about 1/2 inch below the side rails. By the time you tuck a bedspread and some sheets under the mattress, the bulk of the mattress is at the rail height, so it cold conceivably slide. Mine is the king size, and it’s unlikely to slide simply because of the weight, but a little more rim would be nice.
2 – ‘headboard’ and ‘footboard’ (no board really, just top and bottom of frame) both come in two pieces and are slightly tricky to line up. A little tab on one side could easily ensure properly-flush alignment when bolting the parts together.
3 – top of the frame has holes to allow for bolting on one’s own headboard, yet the bottom of the frame does not have these same openings for a footboard. If i decide to fancy the thing up by adding head and footboards, i’ll have to drill-out the bedframe for a footboard.
– i’ve seen some comments in other reviews that the corners stick out and are kind of sharp. Yes, they are. But most mattresses are slightly rounded at the corners, the frame is square, and the mattress fits inside the frame, so short of some fancier upholstered bedframe or rubber bumpers, i don’t see how to avoid this. I’m not going to knock it for that. Besides, i plan to eventually add head and footboards, so i see no problem here.

Overall, it’s a fantastic buy for the money and i am extremely pleased. Is the machining, fit and finish perfect? -no. But at the price point, for a frame that never gets seen beneath a bedspread, this thing is awesome.

4Expert Score
Easy to assembly, sturdy, confortable

Bed is easy to assemble, though i was doing it by myself so took a little extra effort. It is sturdy. It only squeaks a little but if you really tighten all the bolts properly it should not squeak. I have a pillow time mattress and don’t need a box spring with this frame! And it’s tall enough to use the space underneath for storage!

4Expert Score
It's definitely sturdy and high

It’s a hands on approach for this, no electric tools needed for assembly…allow the tool kit and your fingers and hands to do the work.
I had to assemble it myself,
what gave me pause was i mixed matched the smaller screws for the fat one’s but eventually figured it out myself and placed the right screws into the right spots then used my sheer strength to shove the other long parts that hold the mattress into the proper slots especially matching the color dots in the middle and it was all done. Important that you really tighten the screws in for no squeaking noises.
Its likely easy to dismantle now that you know where everything goes for moving. I like the height for underbed storage.
The instructions need to be rewritten tho…not much to go by.
But putting together the bed made you feel like a child with a neat project.

4Expert Score
Good bed

Good bed. Some pieces had to be forced to fit but overall very happy with the purchase!

4Expert Score
Its a bed frame

If you are looking for a bed frame that holds your bed this is it. It doesnt have smart features, doesnt require charging, doesnt have ads, its a bed frame. 10/10. Easy to assemble, doesnt creak, doesnt wobble. Sits pretty high off the ground, maybe if you are short that might be a turn off but it works great for me being 6’0. Perfectly fits a rolling duffle underneath that i use for storage, maybe 20 inches or so. Only thing i dont like about it is no headboard, but thats plain from the description so i cant really complain

4Expert Score
Very sturdy lots of storage space

The only issue i had is that a lot of the screws did not line up with the holes

4Expert Score
I’m happy w this frame

I like the height and the space under bed. I like keeping mine clear. I don’t store anything under bed

4Expert Score
Last piece didn’t fit

It was pretty easy to assemble but the last piece won’t slide in as the others did. It’s staying up anyway.

4Expert Score
Very sturdy but squeaky.

The storage underneath was awesome. I could store standard sized totes underneath. The bed was very sturdy no matter how much weight or movement was on the bed. It was a bit squeaky though so if you need a quiet bed frame this is not for you

4Expert Score
Well priced frame but very high

You can see that it’s a tall bed frame in the listing but it still shocked me how high it was on the ground with a full depth mattress. We ended up cutting 7 inches off every leg to have it a more normal ‘high’ height and its still a tall bed with our hotel style mattress.

Apart from that it’s well priced, easy to assumble, sturdy. The bolts are pretty easy to round out though so don’t over tighten.

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