OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy, Digestive and Immune Support, Vitamins A, D, C, E, B, Zinc, Chewable Supplement, Berry, 35 Day Supply – 70 Count

OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy, Digestive and Immune Support, Vitamins A, D, C, E, B, Zinc, Chewable Supplement, Berry, 35 Day Supply – 70 Count

Buy OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy, Digestive and Immune Support, Vitamins A, D, C, E, B, Zinc, Chewable Supplement, Berry, 35 Day Supply – 70 Count on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders
OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy: A win-win. This bite-sized kids multivitamin is packed with all the good stuff kiddos need to thrive, like vitamins a, c, d, bs and zinc, in a delicious gummy they’ll actually enjoy. The chewable daily vitamin also delivers a super dose of probiotics to help support healthy belly bacteria and a strong immune system.* olly kids vitamins are naturally delicious, scientifically formulated and gluten free. Kiddos 2-3 years, chew one vitamin daily and 4 years and up, chew two daily. No food or water needed.* good health is at the center of everything we do. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make nutrition easy to understand. We do it by crafting products that are as effective as they are delicious—because we know when something feels good, you’re more likely to do it.* *these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What are olly kids multivitamin + probiotic gummy features?

  • Olly kid’s multivitamin + probiotic gummy: packed with essential vitamins and minerals (plus a boost of probiotics) to help little bodies thrive. These chewable daily vitamins support overall wellness and help fill nutritional gaps
  • Product note: exposure to heat or sunlight may lead to melting/damage of product. Hence customers are expected to be available during the product delivery
  • The goods inside: this kids vitamin delivers a blend of vitamins a, c, d, e, bs and zinc plus a super dose of probiotics (the good bugs) to help support healthy belly bacteria and a strong immune system
  • How to take: kiddos 2-3 years, chew one gummy daily. 4 years and up, chew two gummies daily. No food or water needed
  • Naturally delicious: these complete kids multi probiotics come in naturally flavored yum berry punch made with no artificial colors or flavors and are gluten free. 70 gummies per bottle
  • More olly goodness: we create products that are just as effective as they are delicious—gummies, multivitamins, premium softgels and more ways to feel happy inside out
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Olly kids multivitamin + probiotic gummy details:

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3.5 x 3.5 x 4.13 inches; 7.05 ounces

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OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy, Digestive and Immune Support, Vitamins A, D, C, E, B, Zinc, Chewable Supplement, Berry, 35 Day Supply – 70 Count AMAZON

Buy OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy, Digestive and Immune Support, Vitamins A, D, C, E, B, Zinc, Chewable Supplement, Berry, 35 Day Supply – 70 Count on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Does this vitamins contain red dye?

We only used colors derived from natural sources (i.e. Fruits and veggies) in our gummies.

How many 70 count bottles are included in this price? 1or 2?

Just one. It’s expensive, but they are great!

Is their iron in them!

There isn’t iron in them. You can see the ingredients list on the last photo of it. Hope this helps 🙂

Where are these made ?

I think we know what that means. We probably don’t want to know.

Why does this have proposition 65 warning?

To prevent californian’s from suing everyone and everything

Do these really smell that bad and if so what would you recomend?

These do not smell bad at all. My children who are very picky like these vitamins. I like to think no they keep their digestive system regular as well.

Why have these suddenly doubled in price? Are there 2 bottles in the order?

Hello, olly here! Please note olly sells directly through amazon, however, there are thrid-party-sellers who set their own price. You are welcome to browse products and prices via our company website.

What is the difference between the kids multi and the girls multi?

These products are formulated to address the different needs of kids and teen girls. The vitamin levels target those different age groups, and girl multi includes other active ingredients that are especially important to teen girls. Those include extra b vitamins for every, biotin for skin and hair health, as well as antioxidants to support clear skin.

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Does this product contain any coconut, pineapple, mango or papaya for natural flavoring?


How can i contact the seller directly?plz i want to know about all the kids vitamins one by one bout the gelatin type,which one of them has pork ?

I would contact the company that makes them. And it’s called google. Information you seek is at your finger tips. The seller is only trying to make a buck. They don’t care about your specific questions about the product. Directly contact the company that makes them.

Is this product vegan?

Based on the company’s website you can see what kind of gelatin they use in each type of vitamin, you can see their faqs here: https://www.olly.com/faq.html#gummy-vitamin-questions

what kind of gelatin is used in olly products?
We us both porcine and bovine gelatin in the manufacturing of our gummies, along with pectin in some of our products. Please see below for a list of products and what gelatin or pectin they use. Bovine gelatin (pork-free): the mega omega-3 balanced belly purely probiotic kids multi probiotic kids multi omega porcine (pork) gelatin: men’s multi women’s multi (both berry and citrus) prenatal multi restful sleep undeniable beauty vibrant skin flawless complexion endless energy ultimate immunity hello sunshine daily energy goodbye stress keep it movin’ fiber kids happy tummy kids super brainy kids growing bones kids mighty immunity pectin (vegetarian): kids super foods multi womens super foods multi

In the description, it says 45 day supply? Seems like a 35 day supply.

Hello, olly here! Thank you for pointing that out! We will get it updated right away. There are 35 servings per container.

Why cant this be delivered to my address?

Hello, olly here! Please direct your question to amazon customer service for order help.

What is the difference in the 2 colors?

Hello! The ingredients are the same in both of the colors you will find in the bottle. There is slight flavor variation in the two colors.

Are these gummies or more like gum drops? We’re tried the superfood kids they are more like gum drops and my kid won’t eat them.

Hello! The texture of the kids multi + probiotic is more like a gummy than a gum drop because they contain gelatin. The super foods multi contains pectin instead of gelatin. Pectin makes for a softer texture than gelatin.

What precautions do you take when shipping these in this heat?

Hello! If purchased through amazon or olly.com they will be shipped with cold packs to prevent from melting, but if you run into any issues with your shipment please email amazon customer service they will be able to help you out.

Pork free gelatin?

Hello, olly here! Kids multi + probiotic contains gelatin from beef.

How much carbs in each one of vitamin

4 grams per serving.
Two gummies = one serving

Do these contain nuts, dairy, egg or fish?

Hello! The gummies are made with any of those ingredients, however, the manufacturing facility may produce other products that contain them. This would be in a separate part of the facility and never on shares equipment.

Isn’t 750 mcg of biotin more than the recommended amount?

Yes. But so is many other supplements… Vitamin c, iron, etc. If you eat healthy you’ll already have the right amount of vitamins and nutrients and don’t need to take additional supplements.

OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy, Digestive and Immune Support, Vitamins A, D, C, E, B, Zinc, Chewable Supplement, Berry, 35 Day Supply – 70 Count AMAZON

Buy OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy, Digestive and Immune Support, Vitamins A, D, C, E, B, Zinc, Chewable Supplement, Berry, 35 Day Supply – 70 Count on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My daughters love these

Purchased these for my daughters and they absolutely love them so much that i actually never forget to give it to them because they remind me every single morning! That’s how much they love them! They taste great are pretty soft

5Expert Score
So helpful

My daughter has a dairy protein allergy and has frequent stomach problems. My husband tried these for her to see if they would help. Not only do they help her stomach problems but we have noticed a big improvement on her dairy tolerance levels as well. These things are 100 percent a new necessity for us.

5Expert Score
My kids actually get sick less!

I have a five year old & a 2 1/2 year old and they were always getting sick especially when they went to school/daycare. I tried vitamin c, honey and elderberry daily. I saw some improvement with that but they were still getting sick often. I decided to purchase this and they actually get sick less and they love the taste! They request one every morning which also helps me not to forget to give them their daily vitamin 🙂

5Expert Score
Love the eco friendly pack

Kids don’t mind taking these vitamins!

5Expert Score
Great product. Great packaging.

Great product. My son loves it. I also received it very well packed, with an ice pack to ensure it stays cool.

5Expert Score
Toddler loves these

My toddler loves these. They make for good treats/bribery 🙂

5Expert Score
My boys love these vitamins!

At first i was a little worried about the fact that these come in a bag rather then a bottle but was very pleased to find that the bag actually had a child proof opening. My boys have always loved these vitamins! They wake up asking for them! Truly, i think they think of them as a little treat they are so tasty

5Expert Score

I just want to say i never leave reviews. That being said, my two and a half year old daughter goes to daycare and i started giving them to her around the beginning of cold and flu season because she was constantly picking something up. She has been sent to school on multiple occasions where i pick her up, sure enough some kiddos are sick, but she never got anything. These realllly help. Even if she does get a cold, it’s so short and very easily taken care of. Also, she begs me for her vitamins in the morning. Better than your average flintstone gummies

5Expert Score
2 year old loves them

My two year old loves these probiotics! Thankful amazon delivered these with an ice pack so they would not melt in the texas heat.

5Expert Score
I love that it has two types of flavors

Sweet and sour love the idea both of my children love these gummy worms was hard at first selling it to them but after i took one they jumped right in. Where’s the adult section in these gummies they are amazing.

4Expert Score
Great multivitamin for kids

My kids love these and so do i. They taste good and i love using the subscribe and save option so that i don’t even have to think about running out and needing to reorder.

4Expert Score
Has added sugar!!

Other than the added sugar which isn’t my favorite thing over all a well rounded vitamin and most importantly my 3 year old loves them!

4Expert Score

I’ve seen this product at the store but for a slightly higher price. Decided to purchase them because my son deals with constant stomach issues. We’ve tried another brand and just wanted to try another. These are okay. The flavor is not as yummy as other brands we typically get but it’s not bad. It’s just mild-flavored gummies. Softness is average. Not super soft. Not difficult. As far as working, it’s really hard to tell. We just assume it’s doing all the wonderful things it promises to do and we don’t notice anything negative so surely it must be. As far as amazon prime….arrived on time. The product was not damaged. All is well.

4Expert Score
So far so good!

As of right now it seems like these gummies have helped my daughters with their occasional tummy troubles (but i will update after they’ve been taking them for a longer period of time as well). They love the taste and are easy to chew. No whining about having to take them at all!

4Expert Score

Contienen muchas vitaminas, pero a mis hijas no les gusto el sabor

4Expert Score
My kid was able to take it

My kid said it was ok but good news he was able to take it without waste it like some of the other, that he try. He said not bad

4Expert Score

Bought these for my 9 y/o per her nutritionist recommendation. My child has spd, and is very weary of trying new things. The packaging along was inviting for her. The fact that they are melon flavored, was amazing. There is a slight sugar coating on them, which, lets be honest… Kids love! The only complaint i have is the smell… I have to open the container away from her; before giving them to her, otherwise she wouldn’t take them. Now, i understand they’re a vitamin, and they have smells. But, i was running around my house sniffing under stuff to figure out what died! It almost smelt that bad until i realized i opened something new, and we haven’t used before. I bought another container, and it has the same smell. Not a deal breaker for me! Everyone else i know also stated it has a smell. Others have told me it’s not that bad on my container. My kid can’t smell it and it’s not expired, no recalls. I’m ok with that! (i am highly over sensitive to smells, so it hits me way worse then other people) these get a 10/10 from us!! Will continue to buy! Thank you olly.

4Expert Score
Great gummy supplement

I usually buy these from the grocery stores so my kids and i love this product. However after receiving this in the mail, most of the gummies were stuck together as if it had somehow melted in transit. I noticed there was an ice pack of some sort included in the packaging but it wasn’t enough for the summer heat. I’m still giving the vitamins to my kids and it seems ok. Just disappointed with how the gummies sort of melted on the way to me.

4Expert Score
Delicious gummies for 11 year old

Expensive but taste very good and i like that they have zinc when many other daily teen vitamins do not.

4Expert Score
My 5 year old loves these!

I’m pretty sure my 5 year old loves these because she genuinely believes she’s getting candy! I tried one and i’m not a fan, but since they’re re for children, who cares what i think! The bag is a bugger to open, but i’m kind of glad, so she can’t just get them when she feels like it! Highly recommend!

Important information

Safety Information

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.This product is labelled to United States standards and may differ from similar products sold elsewhere in its ingredients, labeling and allergen warnings


Product appearance may change over time due to natural colors. This does not affect the potency of the product. Store in a cool dry place. Keep gummy vitamins from heat (do not leave in hot car). Heat damaged (melted) gummies can be taken as long as serving sizes are maintained.


Other Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelatin, Coloring from purple carrot juice, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Mixed Tocopherols (antioxidant), Tartaric Acid.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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