Opalescence at Home Teeth Whitening – Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes – 4 Pack of 35% Syringes – Mint

Opalescence at Home Teeth Whitening – Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes – 4 Pack of 35% Syringes – Mint

Yakibest.com: Opalescence at Home Teeth Whitening – Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes – 4 Pack of 35% Syringes – Mint : Health & Household

What are opalescence at home teeth whitening – teeth whitening gel syringes – 4 pack of 35% syringes – mint features?

  • Teeth whitening products: a professional teeth whitening experience in the comfort of your home
  • Carbamide peroxide gel-filled syringes: supports efficient and easy delivery to teeth whitening trays
  • Opalescence teeth whitening 35 percent: this teeth whitener is intended for 30-60 minutes a day wear
  • Dental care: gluten free; kosher; sweetened with xylitol, which may reduce the risk of tooth decay
  • Made in the usa: opalescence products are made in the usa from globally sourced materials

Opalescence at Home Teeth Whitening – Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes – 4 Pack of 35% Syringes – Mint AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Opalescence at Home Teeth Whitening – Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes – 4 Pack of 35% Syringes – Mint : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Does this help dark stained teeth. What is the time frame of completion.

The key to tray whitening is consistently using the product day after day, or every other day if sensitivity is a significant problem, until you get the desired results. This is literally the product my dentist sold me from his office. It has a consistency that it will provide a thick, sticky substance. It is best to use professionally developed whitening trays versus and other method. If the stains are gray in color, they do not respond as well to whitening, but staining from coffee and soft drinks or smoking, it absolutely will. If you have no experience with whitening, you may want to start out with a lower percentage of the active ingredient carbamide peroxide — otherwise, if you have healthy teeth and do have have professional whitening trays and little history of any extreme sensitivity or gum problems, you may safely use this product but you may want to use for less time to start out as you become accustomed. A majority of the other products sold for whitening are cheaply made, watery in consistency, and are more likely to drain from the trays and burn your gums (which is incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you have not tolerance for it). There are stronger preparations, although i do not believe opalescence carries it for at-home use, that offer 44% and while these allow for shorter wear times, they really should be used under the supervision of a dentist. Other products do not contain potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce the chances of sensitivity or the sensitivity that you do experience, which is a predictable outcome of dental whitening, as you are literally applying an oxidating agent to your teeth that seeps into your animal and oxidizes, sweeping away the stain, and as such, whitening can be hard on the enamel, so the fluoride will help remineralize your teeth while also whitening them (almost akin to holding a ladder for someone climbing the ladder — while you are not climbing the ladder, you’re still helping). I highly recommend that you ask your dentist for a prescription for prevident which contains 1% fluoride solution that you can brush with or brush with your regular toothpaste, rinse, and brush with prevident or leave on — or brush with prevident and rinse and then brush again and leave it on. You can also purchase gel kam which is a half-strength formula available without a prescription but it is a gel and note a paste. You can use it after brushing and leave it on your teeth prior to bed or you can use it in whitening trays but be careful not to overfil or it will burn your gums (somewhat uncomfortable) following treatment. Finally, in dealing with sensitivity which i know diverges from your question (i just believe there is so much more to this than simply whether or not it will help with dark stained teeth), you can purchase a reminalizing gel on amazon that will contain potassium nitrate that should help with sensitivity and provide protection.

The amount of time that you have to use the product will depend on a number of factors, such as how often you use the product, how long you wear it for, the shade of your teeth, your desired result. You will notice results rather quickly but whether or not you are happy with those results will determine how long you whiten them. You can go too far, however, and teeth, which are translucent, will take on a blue-ish tint and look unnature and unhealthy.

I wanted to provide these points for anyone out there who is hoping to whiten their teeth to help them understand what it is they are taking on. I realize the original post is from 2014 and he or she has almost certainly has acquired the answer. I may have wasted my time as there are several other answers that are shorter and more to the point, but if this helps anyone, it’s worth it.

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What is the bleach?

This was recommended by my dentist. It is a high % but you only need a drop placed inside the personal dental molds. You wear it for only 30 to 60 mins. Do this every couple days. Give up the smokes, brush after coffee and red wine. Then smile…smile…smile!

Do you brush your teeth first

Yes, you brush your teeth first, floss, no mouthwash, apply opalescence pf 35% between 1 or 2 hrs if you can stand it (i do ). When i am done, take outtrays i clean them softly with the toothbrush, rinse your mouth only 2 or 3 times to get the access gel off, no mouth wash. 2 things i have found out,relief acp is a gel almost like the whitening one but this is to soothe your gums and teeth sensitivity and it is great because it actually makes your teethshine. Right after i whiten, rinse, i put the relief acp in the trays and keep them up for an hour.also colgate has a special toothbrush called floss tip bristles, it is extremely soft bristles and it is great in case your gums are sore or burn, great investment. One more tip using rembrandt deeply white mouthwash will actually help remove wine, cigarette, and other dark fluids that may stainyour teeth in between whitenings. Good luck !!!

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How long does this 8 pk last for? Or how many days do you whiten in a row – like crest, you would do 3,5 or10 days? Or is this done differently?

I did 6 days. Since i do not apply gel to crowns, mine might last longer than someone with all natural teeth. I use about 1/3 to 1/2 syringe per application. This has me use two or three syringes per cycle. I refresh about every six months.

How long should i use this product on my teeth trays for?

My dentist had made me custom trays and recommended this product. I left them in overnight (6-8 hrs) when sleeping with the 35% product. Had great results but if after a few days in a row you’re sensitive, take a couple days off.

How many days will it last

I use the product once a week. But i am pretty vain.

Can you use a led light with this ?

I recall some studies done that show the light does… Absolutely nothing. It is just a marketing tool.

What is the differences in the percentages for whitening power?

The more concentrated the gel is and the faster it whitens but the more concentrated, the more sensitive your teeth and gums will get after use. Just don’t leave them in too long and you’ll be fine.

If you only use half of the syringe can you use the rest later? Or is it bad after it’s opened?

You can store it in the refrigerator until you use it again. It does not go bad.

This is usually a thick gel but my last order was really thin and runny, despite the fact that i keep it in the fridge. Did you change the formula?

It’s always thick gel & i’ve ordered it many times. Sounds like something is wrong with your items.

How many come in pack?


What is the expiration date on the package?

I’m not sure where your expiration date is located, but mine has a white sticker on the clear box with an expiration.

What is the experation date on this?

Please ask the seller

I see a lot of comments that it’s not fresh. If i buy how can i be sure i am getting a fresh pack?

Stephanie……the gel that i ordered was so potent that my gums were sore for days. I am not certain if you know that the pack is fresh. I have used this brand many times, but never had this problem before. The seller would not refund my money when i asked for a return. They stated that is was too late for a refund.

Can you sleep with the gel in overnight?

I was going to sleep with the gel overnight, but the 35% is too intense for me. The 22% is no problem. Wanda

What are the expiration dates?

Different dates on the syringes. It’s tiny but it’s there. Use a magnifying glass,

There seems to be a lot of controversy over if this is the same your dentist can provide so i am very hesitant. Any comments or recommendations?

Seems to work fine but i would recommend not getting the 35 percent. It does indeed burn both your gums and your teeth at times. I would buy again but intend on getting the 20 percent.

This is supposed to be kept cold. Is it shipped in a refrigerated pack???

To keep up to 2 years refrigerate

For how many days to use to make teeth white

Every other day until desired whitening is achieved or the teeth stop whitening. If sensitivity occurs go to every 3 days and use a fluoride mouth rinse such as act.

Has anyone used this and it 100% worked ? I usually use pola night but i’m wanting to try these

Honestly, i used it in place of my 15% that i usually get from my dentist (because of the cost) and it did not work as well as my 15%. 🙁

Opalescence at Home Teeth Whitening – Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes – 4 Pack of 35% Syringes – Mint AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Opalescence at Home Teeth Whitening – Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes – 4 Pack of 35% Syringes – Mint : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Worked instantly…these are for real…

Five star i wish there were more stars to give!! Anyway, i’m a coffee drinker i drink a cup every morning. And i didnt realize how awful & yucky my teeth really looked. So i decided to try these i was super excited to get them as i wanted a much prettier smile to match the rest of my face anywho, look at the before 1st pic and after 2nd pic & after only my 1st application for 30 minutes is the length of time i kept my teeth trays on i’m amazed how much of a difference it made. I didn’t have any burning or tingling sensations in my gums or teeth. The pictures i took both in the same exact lighting and i didnt edit my pics. This stuff is for real you got to buy it ..i cant wait to see how they look in 3 weeks i’ll repost my results. I’m also limiting my coffee intake to maybe a few days a week instead of every day. I would love to give it up totally it just ruins your teeth. I’m not being compensated to leave this review in fact i hate leaving reviews but trust me this stuff is the truth so buy it you won’t regret i just had to tell you all about it!

5Expert Score
Worth it

I was preparing for family pictures and thought i would need 2 weeks to get the desired results but it only took a few days. I had trays made for my teeth and only used a very small amount of the whitening gel. I left it on for 40 minutes each time. No teeth sensitivity at all. Worth it!

5Expert Score
Follow directions on the product page

Great product. Whitens without damage. For those that said there were no instructions i suggest you read the complete description on the product page before you purchase an item. Instructions are clearly stated there. Reading is fundamental folks.

5Expert Score
Just a dab will do ya!

Okay guys i think people are using way too much for way too long. My dental hygienist taught me this method. Small dots in the center of each tooth. She said to wear for 30 minutes, but that made my teeth sensitive, so i wear my trays only while in the shower, about 15-20 minutes. I do this every other day or so. My teeth look beautiful.

My trays are actually my retainers, so if you are using something that doesn’t conform to the shape, you may want to use a tiny bit more to ensure coverage, but most importantly just try to be still lol. You don’t want saliva to move the gel away from the teeth. Maybe watch your fav tv show and set a timer. Get distracted and don’t move lol.

But!!! If you ever begin to feel tingly or burn-y, rinse immediately and rinse/brush well!! Do not suffer because i promise it will hurt so bad later.

Small dots, 15 minutes, 3-4 times a week. It’s a steady progression, but still absolutely noticeable improvement. Be patient, don’t hurt yourself, and it will be worth it!

5Expert Score
A tip on sensitivity

This stuff works well and i wanted to give people a tip on how to get rid of tooth sensitivity.

The reason your teeth get sensitive or hurt is because the whitening removes the minerals from the enamel. My sensitivity was extreme. I’d get those infamous zingers even with crest whitestrips. There was no way i was going to try something this strong. I ended up getting invisalign and whitening is highly recommended to make the final results that much better so my dentist told me how to stop the pain.

You need a high quality toothpaste that will remineralize your teeth. I bought fluoridex sensitivity relief from my dentist. I believe sensodyne pronamel probably will as well since it’s marketed for remineralizing. I would compare the active ingredients or try to get the fluoridex. After you do the opalescense treatment then immediately put the toothpaste in the trays and leave that on your teeth for 30 minutes as well. This will remineralize your teeth. I have zero sensitivity now when i do the whitening treatments.

5Expert Score
Gets the job done

I used these several years ago and they brought my teeth to the desired whiteness level i wanted. I stopped bleaching for a few years and my teeth started getting yellow. I tried the popular crest brand recently cuz i didn’t want to pay up for the tres gel. I used the crest strips for a total of ten sessions and got no good results. The crest strips made my teeth turn gray and didn’t whiten but still made my teeth hurt for one or two days. I finally got these again, and after one use, the tres gel immediatley became whiter with no grayness. I bought a 4-pack, but i save half the gel in the syringe for another treatment so i can get 4 more treatments out of the pack. The directions say don’t save any product, but i sealed the syringe really tight and it still works. I know i won’t even have to use the whole pack to get my teeth whiter. Maybe just three more treatments and i can stop. My teeth had some sensitivity like 2 out 10 whereas the crest strips were like 5 out of 10. I use the tres gel for 45 minutes once per week to help reduce sensitivity but also get the whiteness over time. This is a great tried and true product

5Expert Score
Worked as expected

These work perfectly as far as teeth-whitening solution goes. Can’t complain.

5Expert Score
Puts gel where you need it

The syringes are easy use and reduce waste by putting gel exactly where you need it

5Expert Score
The best whitening gel i ever used! ️️️️️️️

Before i give my review, here is a quick warning:
i’ve been using this product for a while so let me save you some trouble if you’re new to this gel. Keep all the syringes in the refrigerator to preserve its potency for a much longer time because one syringe lasts you several sessions. Next, i read a few people here comment on the burning sensation followed by white gums. Sorry to burst your bubble guys but the gel is not the problem in that case: it’s you. If you don’t want to have painful burning gums from this stuff, please follow these instructions to a t- this is what was told to me by my dentist and worked like a charm every single time::: apply a tiny drop of the gel to the bottom of every tooth in your custom mouth trays. Do notttttttt under any circumstances apply any more than a little tiny bit over one small drop the size of a ball point pen tip on the bottom of each tooth. The reason for this- the gel is extremely strong and even a little bit that gets on your gums, starts burningggg within seconds! It’s not anything unbearable but it’s very unpleasant. Don’t let this scare you: even if you mess up the first time or 2, once you figure out just how much is the ‘right’ amount, you will be extremely happy you found this product! The reason to put it on the bottom of each tooth- the gel spreads upward toward your gumline once you put the trays against your teeth and it covers the whole tooth. Also, i suggest whitening the front 8-10 teeth only (basically to the tooth or 2 that goes right past your fangs) as those are the only ones that actually show and you want to keep the sensitivity to a minimum. Use sensadyne extra whitening toothpaste during this time as well to help keep the whitening going and also to reduce the brief sensitivity that follows the gel if you have sensitive teeth like me. And lastly, this is optional but just a suggestion: apply a thin layer of vaseline with your finger to your gums, wipe excess off of your teeth with a paper towel and then apply the mouth trays with gel. This will significantly reduce any type of burning if some just so happens to get on your gums.

Now as far as the review…i did not receive this product for any kind of discount or exchange (nothing in my life has come free so far haha..)- i actually initially got it from my dentist for $400!
Very quick delivery, amazing product- as always. This is the second time i’m ordering opalescence on amazon. I recommend this seller as the transaction was flawless from start to finish. I received the product neatly packaged in a total of 2 business days. About a year and a half ago, i paid my dentist those $400 for custom molded mouth trays and this exact product. It worked like a charm and lasted a long time but $200 every time was not a price i wanted to pay for at home teeth whitening. However this was the best whitening product i have ever used so i was determined to find it cheaper. It dawned on me to check amazon and lo and behold- it’s here!!! I cannot begin to tell you how incredible this whitening gel is. After about 10-15 sessions, people will start commenting and asking how you keep your teeth so white! I know such was the case for me at least. And keep in mind, at the time i was smoking a pack of cigs a day since i was 12 (26 now) and religiously drinking about 4-5 cups of coffee through the day and the same amount of tea at night- so my teeth were stained. They’re not as stained right now, but they needed some whitening again so you will see the difference. I quit smoking this week so that was my motivation to get this going again. I don’t have any pictures of before and after as i am going to start today, but i will update my review in about two weeks when there will be a noticeable difference so you guys can see what i’m talking about! All in all, if you apply with caution and follow my instructions, this product is hands down the best whitening gel i have ever used and i bet it will be the same for you too! I recommend it whole heartedly and will always use this to whiten my teeth!

5Expert Score

This product is completely effective and easy to use. When i saw my dentist for whitening this was the product he gave me to use. I purchased the 35% which is definitely the way to go. You only need to wear your trays for 30 to 60 minutes. You only need a drop on each of the front teeth (no need for the back teeth) top and bottom. I can easily get 4+ applications out of one tube. If you are only getting two to three applications as recommended then you are using way too much.
You will see the most results in the first few days. After that they get whiter just a little more each time.
Well worth it in my opinion.

4Expert Score
Becareful – do not get on your gums

Ok i am editing this, i figured out how to put tiny amounts on just my teeth and then put my retainer on. Do not get it on your gums and do not put it on your retainer. Apply to the teeth individually and then it seems to work. But truth is the crest whitening strips are less complicated to use and i think do a better job.

I have no idea if this actually works, the other reviews says it does. All i can tell you, is do not get it on your gums. It burned my gums in 30 seconds. There should be a huge disclaimer on the box that says that. I gave it 3 stars to be fair, but i don’t think i can manage putting that back and my retainer is custom to my teeth, i can’t imagine w a universal retainer.

Ok i am

4Expert Score
Worth it

Take care if you have sensitive gums. Use less. I have my own personal dental trays, they work great with this.

4Expert Score
Great for whitening teeth, can’t use

I had molds made for my teeth years back which still fit. However i moved and couldn’t find. Bought the molds you place in hot water and i didn’t get them to mold to fit. So now i can’t use.
Shipping was great, have purchased before, and would buy again if i had the molds.

4Expert Score
My favorite

Love this teeth whitening, you have to mold your teeth into trays . And once you do that , it’s easy to deal with. I love this product!

4Expert Score
High price; but the product works

Price is high, but so far, the product works

4Expert Score
Easy whitening gel for teeth trays.

This is a high dosage of whitening gel. Be careful to leave it in your mouth for the recommended time, or less.

4Expert Score
Don't drink coffee, cola or tea while using this product

I am using just a small drop of this in the crease of my dentist-made plastic whitening trays — nowhere near 1/3 or 1/2 of a syringe. It will mix with saliva and move upward on the front and back of my teeth to cover all. When i take the trays off, there is still a ton of product in my mouth, like it’s concentrated. I originally got 16% product from the dentist, which did hardly anything. The 35% is twice as strong and intense. The instructions that came with it said to leave 35% solution on for only 30 minutes, so i don’t know if it’s safe to leave it on for more than that. Stick to milk and white foods after using for at least 2 weeks – the rest of your life is even better so you don’t have to go through this whitening torture again. I read that whiteners will remove the enamel temporarily, exposing the tooth dentin. Dark foods and drinks can soak into the dentin tubules, causing the tooth to turn dark permanently. I witnessed this happening to my own tooth, as a temporary crown was placed on my tooth while the student-dentist (baylor dental college) took forever (2 months) to make the permanent one. The temporary crown was prone to coming off and i saw how my precious tooth darkened over time while i was waiting for this student to make the permanent crown. I questioned her about it and she said ‘she expected that it would turn dark because the took underneath the temporary crown wasn’t sealed completely’. Anyway, i assume that enamel is removed by using strong whitening products and the tooth will remain yellow if you drink coffee right afterwards. I read a post by a dentist that stated the enamel will return, after whitening, by the saliva in our mouth.
Personally, i’m having a hard time getting my teeth nice and white, as i hoped for with the opalescence and they are slightly yellow after 8 syringes of the 16% and 3 syringes of the 35% — much better than before, but definitely not ‘the rock’ white.

4Expert Score
Works great but avoid gums at all cost

First of all, whitening strips and all those gimicky whitening toothpastes have never worked for me. So when i tried this just after the first time i could already tell a huge difference. I left it on for 30 mins and have worked my way up to 45 mins. I only gave it 4 stars because it irritates my gums so much. It literally turns my gums white in any places where it overflowed (only for like 30 mins) and is really sensitive for a couple days after. This really isn’t the products fault as much as it is mine for not having the correct fitting trays. I ordered some off of here and i need to trim the gum line to avoid this overflow problem. I think once i start to use it more and get more and more used to it i’ll find a system that works for me. I’ll keep y’all updated.

4Expert Score
Product hack:

At first, i had the same experience as other reviewers: firecrackers on the gums. I was disappointed and determined to make this product work. What i decided to do was paint the gel onto my teeth with a paintbrush, and then put my trays in. This prevents the product from spreading and smushing against the gums, and totally works! Yeah it’s uncomfortable to sit with trays in your mouth for an hour, but it’s tolerable. I have used one syringe using this method and my teeth are actually getting whiter. Also, you use so much less this way, i feel like the four syringes will last me literally forever. I’ve whitened my teeth 6 times with just one syringe. And that’s after wasting almost half of the tube on the time it burnt my gums after 30 seconds. So those of you who can’t make this work or are hesitant to buy it because of the reviews, paint it on with a paintbrush. Highly recommend this method.

4Expert Score
Holy canoli! This stuff is strong!

Buyer beware! This stuff is extremely strong! (i purchased the trays with this product as well…)

i tried this whitening gel yesterday and was really upset. As soon as it made contact with my gums it immediately gave me ulcers. My gums turned extremely white and i could not get it off quick enough. It was literally burning my gums around my teeth. A little bit got on my upper lip and tip of tongue as i tried rinsing my mouth and my upper lip actually burnt so bad it started to bleed a bit. Please, whatever you do, get one of those mouth opening devices that some of the other teeth whitening systems come with. Like the ones the dentists use to hold back your lips and expose only your teeth. Then simply paint the gel on your teeth with a q-tip. Do not make contact with your gums, lips, tongue, etc. Your teeth will be a bit sensitive immediately upon application. Do not leave the gel on for more than 30 minutes. Make sure to repeat this the next day or so. Do not do more than one treatment in a day. This may cause extreme sensitivity to your teeth and could cause damage in my opinion.

In any case, my teeth are whiter – i give it that. My gums were pink again the next morning but please be careful with this stuff. It is much stronger than the otc stuff and should be dealt with carefully. I do not recommend the moldable trays since you can not keep the gel from touching your gums when you insert them. As mentioned, one of the mouth spreaders (lack of a better or correct word) like the dentists use is a much better device.

If you are looking for something to give you istant results, this is your stuff. But be careful! Make sure you have the time to apply appropriately and remove properly.

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