Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black Edition

Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black Edition

Yakibest.com: Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black Edition : Health & Household

What are oral-b pro 5000 smartseries power rechargeable electric toothbrush with bluetooth connectivity features?

  • Includes handle, charger, brush head, refill stand & travel case
  • Bluetooth communication provides real-time feedback on brushing habits
  • Round brush head for a tooth-by-tooth clean, with specially engineered
  • Visible pressure sensor lights up to alert you when you are brushing too hard
  • Electric toothbrush featuring 5 cleaning modes allow you to brush based on your needs. Removes 100% more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual toothbrush
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Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black Edition AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black Edition : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Does it support 220v voltage?

There is no ay this will work on 220v. I have an oral-b charger from a prior generation that is labelled and works on 110-220v. It is very much not the same as the current charger. Only once in several generations and models of the oral-b brushes have i gotten to flexible voltage base. It is dangerous to plug a 110v anything into a 220v line voltage. Don’t believe the comments about if it is low power you can use on 220v.

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Can you set up multiple users on the app so the whole family could use the brush (using different heads of course)

No, unfortunately it really seems to be designed for a single user. The app only allows one user and while the brush can pair with multiple devices for multiple users it’s not implemented well. If you are sharing the brush with another person and you each *always* remember to open the app on your phone before you start brushing, then it will work ok and you’ll only see your own data in the app. However, if you brush without opening the app first, then the brush stores the data until it connects to a phone and then downloads all of the data. So if you use it without connecting your phone, then your partner connects their phone the brush will download the data from the time you brushed to their phone.

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Does the app show the date, time and length of brushing? Can we use it to monitor our child’s brushing habits?

It shows the date of each brushing, but not the exact time. It does show whether the brushing happened in the morning, afternoon, or evening, though, and the number of brushings during each time period of each day. It also shows the length of each brushing, but will not record any brushing of less than 30 seconds. I don’t see why you couldn’t use this to monitor your child’s brushing habits, but keep in mind that the brush will only store data from the last 20 brushings, so you would need to sync with the app every week or so to make sure to capture all of the data. (assuming your child isn’t using the app every time they brush)

Is the battery replaceable ?

Batteries are always replaceable in electronics. The hard part is removing it and reinstalling a new one. These batteries are usually aa or a shorter or fatter version. They are easily found on many battery websites. If you know how to desolder and solder (which any adult can do), then swapping out the batteries will be easy. A soldering kit is $25 or less on amazon (i recommend one with adjustable temperature or 25 watts or less so you don’t fry the circuit board). Batteries with soldering tabs are $2-$4 each (do not buy these on amazon because they are a ripoff; find an independent battery website). Go on youtube for video instructions.

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Can i somehow link my existing smartguide device with this new product? I understand the app does the same thing, but smartguide is convenient as well

I don’t believe it does. To be specific, this bluetooth toothbrush is a type 3764. I had an existing 5000 series (type 3762) that came with a smartguide (type 3741). My existing smartguide would not link up with the new bluetooth toothbrush. I haz a disappoint.someone here mentioned that the ‘new’ smartguide may work with it. That could be the type 3742, but i’m not sure on this and someone else would need to verify.

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What are the differences among oral-b triumph 5000 vs oral-b pro 5000 vs oral-b smartseries 5000?

First, i would go to the oral-b web page oral.com to see the ‘latest’ / ‘newest’ toothbrushes. The triump is not currently listed. Ie it is probably a prior year(s) brush. The smart series is the latest and greatest brush so to speak. I have the pro 5000 series with bluetooth. The bluetooth connects to my iphone and basically the screen on my iphone times and records how long i brush, shows additional brushing areas in your mouth to concentrate on… Reminds you to floss and to use mouth wash…. Most people will find this feature a total waste of their time… For me… I m very much goal oriented… So when i see my iphone sitting on my night stand as i either climb out of or into bed i am reminded that i need to tend to my teeth… I can keep the iphone on the nightstand and the toothbrush will communicate to the iphone from the bathroom sink… So i see daily ,weekly, and monthly how i am doing in brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash… And yes i will show the data to my dentist when he quizzes me on how often i brush and floss my teeth… If i did not have this constant reminder as well as goals i would probably brush 1x per day and floss a few times a week… So i have gone 90 days now not missing brushing-flossing-mouth wash… You can also get a smart series with bluetooth called ‘deep cleaning’.. With this unit you get a different styled brush head. Note that you can buy the deep cleaning brush head as an additional brush to the pro 5000 toothbrush unit… Oral-b has a large selection of optional brush types for any of their electric toothbrushes…. I ended up buying my wife an oral b smart series 4000 ‘without’ bluetooth since she could care less about having a bluetooth toothbrush…. The triumph model which is an older model has an lcd display on the toothbrush and has 4 brushing levels versus 5 levels for the smart series… Note that i never use more than the 1 level on my brush… So 4 or 5 levels should not be a factor in your decision… As i said i would go to the oralb site and decide the unit that fits your needs and price point… Once i had done this, i went to the amazon site and made my purchase… With amazon prime i got my oralb the next day…

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I share our current oral b brush with my partner, obviously not the brush heads, but the motor. Can you pair and maintain two users devices/accounts?

Not really. The brush will pair with two devices and as long as you and your partner are careful to always have the app open when you brush then it will work. The problem happens if you don’t have the app open. The brush will store data for up to 20 brushings when it’s not connected to an app and will sync that data with the first device that connects to it. So if your partner brushes in the morning without opening the app, then you come along and open your app and brush then it will add two morning brushings to your app… The one your partner did as well as yours.

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Will this work without a smartphone or tablet?

Yes it works without phone. Phone is only needed to sync your brushing data. Phone does not control your brush.

It looks like this comes with two brush heads. Which ones are included?

Unfortunately it only comes with one head; i don’t know the model # but it’s round…i absolutely love this toothbrush, highly recommend!!!

Where can you buy ‘crossaction’ brush heads? They’re listed in the manual, but not on the oral-b product page or on amazon. Are they discontinued?

If you happen to be a costco member, they sell a multi-pack of oral-b cross-action brush heads.

Does the toothbrush come in any kind of wrapping ?? Out of the box ?? Mine was just totally unwrapped.

I am a little unsure of the exact question you are asking! Two of these toothbrushes were ordered at different times. Both of them came wrapped in the box extremely well. As for being wrapped outside of the box, i don’t understand? The packaging was excellent and i was extremely happy with everything. If you need any additional information regarding the wrapping, please do not hesitate to reword your question, and resend it. I will try to answer anything you need to know. This toothbrush was 10 times faster than the other oral b that we had, hence the reason why i just went ahead and purchase my husband his own instead of sharing my charger. It is really great!!!

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In terms of toothbrush and cleaning teeth, whats the difference between the 5000 comoared to the 1000 or even the 7000?

I think the 5000 series provides the best bang for the buck. If you have an iphone, the 5000 model without the separate display works just fine, it’s also less expensive. The main difference between the 5000 and 7000 is in the number of gimmicks. If you like a lot of extra stuff that really has no part in dental care and price isn’t a consideration, then by all means get the 7000. Any of the models below the 5000 just aren’t as good. They aren’t as smooth in operation and just don’t have the same feel (my wife tried a 2500 and we took it back). I’ve been using my 5000 for two months and it does a great job.

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Ebay has it for $65 why is amazon $31 more?

I purchased this in december at $79 and now it’s 89? Not sure why it’s more

Where is this product manufactured?

Made in germany

I just got my toothbrush yesterday and it is so noisy. Is it normal?

It is noisy, unfortunately that’s normal. If they would offer a ‘whisper quiet’ model it would be much more useful than the bluetooth and blinding charging light.

Can the charging station be wall mounted?

It’s not made to be wall mounted.

Which setting is for brushing your tounge?

I just use the normal setting and hold the brush lightly against my tongue. But i suppose you could use just about any. If i were more ‘aware’ i would probably use the sensitive setting. But usually don’t think much about it.

What the bluetooth do?

It allows connection to your phone to track brushing durations

Does it say 110v-220v on this product? Can someone that owns this please look and answer?

No, it is only 110v. It is strange why oral b does that. There are countries out there that uses 240v, and i cannot take it along when i travel.

I had this tooth brush for four months before it suddenly stopped charging, anyone have any suggestions to get it working again?

In australia it has a two year warranty, so i’d be definitely taking it back to exchange for a new one or refund

Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black Edition AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black Edition : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Recommended by my dental hygienist and so happy i listened to her!

My dental hygienist recommended an oral b electric toothbrush for me. She said i needed one with a pressure sensor because i am an aggressive brusher with my manual brush. She also said to make sure i bough an oral b and not any other brand. So i found this one that has the pressure sensor and the option to connect to an app through bluetooth for a brushing timer. I got really lucky and got this one on a lighting sale, so i bought one for my boyfriend and one for myself. We are so happy with them. They come with a travel case, which we will be needing soon. These come with a charging base that has a covered storage compartment for your brush heads. I had recently started having problems with gingivitis prior to buying this brush. I changed up my mouth wash at the same time i got this brush and it has made a world of difference! My gums are no longer sore, inflamed or bleed with brushing. I love how the round brush head gets up under the gum-line to remove debris. My teeth feel like they are dentist office clean every single day from this brush. My boyfriend also says his teeth have never felt more clean. We both consume a lot of protein which can create a film on your teeth, and this brush has been getting rid of it. If anybody is looking for an electric toothbrush, i will tell them to buy this one.

5Expert Score

My last oralb lasted 16 years. It had 2 speeds & a timer. It was wonderful.
I was lucky it gave up the ghost during black friday sales, bought new one at significant savings. It came partially charged, which is always appreciated.
It has several speeds of which i’m using jet ski, very fast deep clean, caution around gums needed, normal, & one of the massagy ones for the sensitives areas. The light ring goes red if you push too hard.
The brush no longer shuts down after 2 minutes but gives a long pulse, quadrant intervals are short pulses. Love it.
The outer covering is revamped & slightly tacky so it doesn’t slip in one’s hand. It rinses & dries easily.
The base & foot print are redesigned & fits much better on my very limited shelf space.
Have not explored the blue tooth at all.
Absolutely recommend, am hoping for another at least 10 years from it.

5Expert Score
Replaces a less-full-featured model

My oral b electric toothbrush of many years finally gave out.

This is the new, and improved version that fulfills my every need, and more.

I don’t use the bluetooth connectivity feature (which i regard as a ‘solution in search of a problem’).

I like the high speed and expect that this unit will last for the same 15 years as my prior oral b product.

A big advantage, for a family, is that 4 additional brushes are easily available in the built-in storage tray.

5Expert Score
Great toothbrush if a bit gimmicky.

This is a great toothbrush and gets into every part of my mouth well. The ergonomics are great and it looks nice. The app that you can use on your phone while brushing your teeth is novel but rather gimmicky. I found myself only using it a few times. I would say the best thing about this brush would be the timer letting you know when to switch positions in your mouth and when you have brushed for 2 min. The additional brush patterns are also a bit gimmicky and i never use any of them but the default.

5Expert Score
Great toothbrush

Great cleaning. I have been using an oral b 3d xcel for several years. The battery on that one hasn’t been holding up so i got this io. Much better cleaning! Very happy with it. One note, the brushes from the 3d xcel do not work on the io. Lucky my wife’s 3d xcel is still working so she can use up the brushes i’ve got for that.

5Expert Score
So powerful and wonderful.

I love this toothbrush. I’d recommend it to anybody. The only issue i had with it is with the app. Sometimes when i was brushing it disconnected on its’ own and didn’t log my progress. I don’t brush with the app anymore.

Much more importantly though….the brush is king. Love it, love it, love it!

5Expert Score
Great brush

Electric toothbrushes are the best for keeping the dentist smiling. These offer good functionality and easy head changing. I keep three for different homes and for travel.

5Expert Score
Better than the high priced electric toothbrush from my dentist!

I purchased this originally to have a second electric toothbrush, and to take the one i spent big bucks at my dentist’s office on to my boyfriend’s house. I’ve only had it for about four months. That one cost over $100. The cyber monday deal i got for $50 was a steal, and i couldn’t wait to try it. It gave me such a great clean the first use, and my teeth feel as clean as if i left the dentist. They’re smooth, and my gums actually feel like they’ve been cleaned, too. Excellent investment!!!

5Expert Score
Inporovement over my old one

I had a sonicare for years and upgraded to oral b io series
i see an improvement in cleaning and whiting
better by far

5Expert Score
A beautiful gift

My daughter asked for this at christmas and she was thrilled!

4Expert Score
Good product but…………

Product is good and works well, but replacement heads are $8.00 dollars a piece. You decide whether you want to pay that price for the life of the product.

4Expert Score
Do not put any pressure while brushing teeth or stalls out.

Haven’t decided yet

4Expert Score
Works but

It works but it makes a loud noise. At first, i was worried and thought it could be an issue. But now, a month later i know it’s nothing. I

4Expert Score
Teeth feel squeaky clean

I use to have the phillips sonicare and it was a lot quieter, however, it didn’t have the round brush head. The round brush head makes a big difference! It was recommended to me by my hygienest.

4Expert Score
Unit is loud

Unit is loud, but does a great job cleaning your teeth and the different settings are nice too.

4Expert Score
Why does it have bluetooth ?

Does a great job of brushing my teeth. I just want to know why it has bluetooth.

4Expert Score
Very good brush

Very good brush

4Expert Score
Great toothbrush

Bought this as a gift for my husband after i fell in love with my 9000 series. We can’t go back to manual toothbrushes. Great value and a variety of colors. Great battery life and durable.

4Expert Score

Just what i wanted.

4Expert Score
Works well, not too pricey

My dental hygienist got on my case about plaque buildup and ordered me to get an electric toothbrush. First i got a ‘sonic’ one which was unusable due to the intolerable buzzing. This one is recommended by a lot of testing sites and seems to work very well.

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