orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer Electronic Portable Hand Warmer (Fast Warming Up, Double-Sided Warming, Reusable)

orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer Electronic Portable Hand Warmer (Fast Warming Up, Double-Sided Warming, Reusable)

Yakibest.com: Orastone Hand Warmer Rechargeable Portable Electric Hand Warmer, Fast Warming Up, Double-Sided Warming, Reusable (Flower) : Sports & Outdoors

What are orastone rechargeable hand warmer electronic portable hand warmer fast warming up features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Quikly warming up: just takes less than 2 minutes to reach 42 degreec
  • Double sided warming: keep hands as warm as possible
  • Long-last warming time: keep warming for 3~4 hours on a full charge
  • Small size & light weight ( 60x60x22mm): just the right size to hold in hand.
  • Elegant & stylish design, perfect gift for women, men
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orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer Electronic Portable Hand Warmer (Fast Warming Up, Double-Sided Warming, Reusable) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Orastone Hand Warmer Rechargeable Portable Electric Hand Warmer, Fast Warming Up, Double-Sided Warming, Reusable (Flower) : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

Can the orastone hand warmer also act as an iphone charger?

This is not an absurd question, as many of the hand warmers have that as one of their features. Too bad some people think they need to be rude or mean- and darlene c was wrong anyway. Smh too- at her.

Is this waterproof? Can this be used in the rain, or dropped in the snow?

Sorry for replying you a little late. It is not waterproof, so when using it in rainy day or snowing day, please avoid the product directly touching rain or snow. Btw, your question is very good, we will take the waterproof performance into consideration while r&d new hand warmers.

How do you know when the heaters are fully charged?

Instructions says to charge for 3 hours . Even it the led is green, it might not be 100% charged. 15%-100% led is lit green

Is it one temperature only or adjustable levels?

It is one temperature only.

Does this have heat settings, or is it just one temperature? Could it also double as a portable battery?

It doesn’t have heat settings, just one temperature, between 104°f(40°c) and 115°f(46°c). It can’t be used as a portable battery.

Does it come with a charging cord?

Yes, there is a usb charging cable in the package.

How many warmers are in the package? One or two?

Just 1 was in the package.

How long does it take to charge, and does it indicate decreasing charge level anywhere when using it?

It takes around 3 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%. When using, if the power is lower than 15%, the power led will turn to red from green.

Can you wear it in a glove?

Sure! I put mine in my palm and then slip the gloves on.

What is the thickness of the hand warmer?

The warmer’s thickness is 22mm.

Do they sell masculine colors of these somewhere else?

At the moment this product can be only found here and we haven’t launched other masculine colors yet. Among our available colors, we think multi-stripe color is good for man to use. Is it ok for you? This color will be back to stock at around 20th nov. And if there is any other colors/patterns you prefer and wish us to launch, we warmly welcome you to share your idea, and we will seriously take your suggestion into our consideration and we can send you one pcs for free as a gift if your idea is adopted. 🙂

Will you be bringing back the multi-stripe?

Yes, the multi-stripe will be back into stock by or before 18th dec.

How does it turn on and off?

There is an on/off switch on the product. Just press the button for 2 seconds then the heat is on. Whenever you want to stop it heating, just press the button for 2 seconds again.

When will the watercolor be available?

It will be available in around 10 days.

You claim it lasts 3-4 hours. I took it on a spin today and found it lasted less than an hour? Are my 2 units defective or does this not last 3-4 hour

I’m not sure, mine lasted 3-4 hours‍

When charging the mini heater, does it get hot? What are the customers to expect when charging the unit?

No, it doesn’t get hot while being charged. When you charge the unit, the indication led will be on red. When the charging finish, the indication led will change to green.

My unit flashes green, after using a while. What does green flashing mean?

Green flashing light means the warmer is keeping the warmth at the highest temperature (between 104°f(40°c) and 115°f(46°c) ).

When the warmer’s power is below 15%, the green flashing light will change to red flashing light.

Why don’t you have the watercolor orastone hand warmer available

Because the watercolor shell was out of stock. But now it’s ready for production. So the watercolor orastone hand warmer will be in stock on amazon at around 10th dec.

Will you be restocking the knit pattern?

Yes, the knit pattern will be back into stock by or before 18th dec, as well as the multi-stripe pattern and the flower pattern.

How do you recharge it?

It has a micro-usb port, you can charge it via the usb port ac charger or power bank or car charger. The usb to micro-usb charging cable is included in the package.

orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer Electronic Portable Hand Warmer (Fast Warming Up, Double-Sided Warming, Reusable) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Orastone Hand Warmer Rechargeable Portable Electric Hand Warmer, Fast Warming Up, Double-Sided Warming, Reusable (Flower) : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love this little device!

I love this little device. Love it. It heats up quick and stays warm without getting too hot. I’ll be getting some more of these for me and all my cold friends.

5Expert Score
Small and powerful

I have started to use this hand warmer early in the mornings on my working commute. It heats up pretty quickly. Does it job on keeping my hands nice and toasty.

5Expert Score
Best purchase for cold trips!

I get really cold pretty easy. Like i am so petite a breeze can make me shiver. So when i have trips to go to places that dip into 50s and below? I usually grab a bunch of hot hands.

This is so much better. I don’t have to worry about this getting too hot or burning myself, and the light is perfect for my camping trips when i just need a little light to illuminate my path. It’s super easy to use and charge. I might just get a second!

5Expert Score
Good purchase

I would buy this again, but it is currently unavailable on amazon.

5Expert Score
Love the warmth

Love the warmth of this little gadget!!!

5Expert Score
Love this

I wanted a hand warmer to use for high school football games and other sports events. This wand warmer works very well for the brief amount of time i have needed to use it. I will update my review if something changes once the season gets started and the warmer gets used more often.

5Expert Score
Great little handwarmer/flashlight!

I received this as a gift, and i liked it so much, i’ve given one as a gift, and plan to give to friends for christmas, if not sooner. If you walk, walk digs, spend time outdoors, or get cold hands, you’ll like this! It’s smooth and easy to hold, and has a wrist strap so you can let it go. It is a bit bulky for under gloves, but in cold temps, you won’t care. It heats up quickly, providing instant relief for your cold hands. I use it when i walk my dogs, or work in the barn. It’s just awesome to have a little block of heat on me when i’m freezing! The light comes in handy too! The heat lasts about three hours and charges on a usb. Highly recommend this!

5Expert Score
It works

I have reynalds syndrome and this is a perfect (and pretty) solution to keeping my hands warm. I will probably buy another one. On edit: yes i bought this one, and i got a different pattern so i wouldn’t get mixed up on which one had been recharged. This is the best thing i have found to help my reynalds syndrome, it is a comfortable heat and as winter is approaching, i will keep,one in each of my coat pockets. And besides, they are pretty and feel good in my hands. So glad i found this product, changed my life.

5Expert Score
Very good, i'm impressed

It’s very cute and small, (which i like because small hands ha) it’s easy to carry around with you and keep just about anywhere. Despite being small, it gives off a lot of heat and it lasts a long time. I also like the strap it comes with incase you want to attach it to a bag as well. The flashlight feature it has is also really cool! It’s not the brightest but in a pinch it’s still pretty helpful 🙂

5Expert Score
One of my favorite purchases.

I received one of these as a gift and i loved it so much i had to buy another one. I bought the second one so i could have one for each hand but i generally just use one and have the other for when the battery dies in the other. I have reynaud’s and lose circulation in my fingers when it’s extremely cold outside. I have a two block walk from the parking garage to work so having this to keep my hands warm keeps my hands from turning completely white and going numb. I wish the battery lasted a little longer for times when i’m outside for extended periods of time, like if i take the kids sledding or something similar but they still last a decent amount of time. They are definitely worth the money!

4Expert Score
Perfect heat, perfect portability

Perfect heat,wish it lasted longer!

4Expert Score
Needs more battery life for me.

Cute and portable enough but the battery life is so short. I purchased this because at my workplace is always freezing and my hands stay cold. This hand warmer only last for about 3 hours. I work 8 hours a day and have no where to put it to recharge that’s convenient while working. I purchased two, one for me and for my coworker and like me she used it a couple of times and i haven’t seen it since. Too much downtime for only 3 hours of heat.

4Expert Score
Perfect reusable pocket warmer

The size is perfect for tucking into a coat pocket and keeping fingers nice and toasty during north carolinian winters. The battery life is great for the 1-2 hours max per day that i intend to spend outside (i am not a winter person). I like the included light as it is helpful for finding things in the car or bottom of a bag. I like that i can use it when i need it and turn it off for later use. My one complaint is that you have to pay particular attention to turning it on/off. My brain wants to quick press but that turns on the light so i often forget to really turn it off and end up draining the battery. Luckily, i can easily recharge it during the day in my office since i’m using it as a cold-natured city dweller with electricity always nearby. The price was so nice that i ended up buying 2-which perfect for 2 pockets or sharing.

4Expert Score
A pleasant little warmer, when charged…

I usually don’t go for little gadgets because i find them to be minimally useful, but this one is actually really nice. I originally got it because i have been having to take customer’s temperatures as a screening outside my work building before they can enter (a covid precaution), and with the weather getting colder i was finding that both the thermometer and my hands were malfunctioning each morning it was cold. I keep this little warmer in my coat pocket along with the thermometer, and the temps are more accurate and at least one hand stays toasty. It is cute and comfortable feeling, and just the right size. Other reviews have mentioned it being too hot, but i don’t think so- it is probably comparable to holding a hot coffee in your hands.

Aside from using it in the mornings for work, i have found that it is a really pleasant warmer to have around the house. It seems like i’m always cold- i’m a person who will cuddle a cup of hot tea in the middle of summer or take a hot bath just to be able to finally warm up- and this is like a portable little hot stone treatment for targeting areas with poor circulation or places that i hold tension in my body.

It seems to charge well, but it definitely doesn’t last for much more than an hour or so which means charging it every day and more than once a day, which is the reason why i gave it 4 stars.

4Expert Score
Battery does not last 3-4 hours

I love this hardware but mine only lasts about 30 minutes. It heats up within seconds and stays a constant heat, but i can only reliably use it for short late night walks. I could see this being a good gift for someone who always has cold hands even when inside.

4Expert Score
Maybe mine is defective ?

It worked super good but battery died super fast. Took very long to recharge

4Expert Score
Battery dies quick but it’s hecka warm.

This thing gets hot and quick to, it’s really good for those days you have to sit out in your car after work waiting for it to finish warming up in the snow. Only issue is battery doesn’t last to long, 2 days max depending on how much you use it, which for me isn’t to often with school.

4Expert Score
Perfect pocket or glove size

Convenient size

4Expert Score

Battery does not last long. 2 hours at most. Also does not stay super hot/warm. Once you warm hour hands up and place it else where its only a little warm i have to let it sit for a second before i place it on my feet

4Expert Score
Heats up quickly!

I like that it heats up very quick! I do wish it was more form fitting to my hands. It does it’s job!

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