Original HP 64 Black Ink Cartridge

Original HP 64 Black Ink Cartridge

Original HP 64 Black Ink Cartridge | Works with HP ENVY Inspire 7950e; ENVY Photo 6200, 7100, 7800; Tango Series | Eligible for Instant Ink | N9J90AN

Original HP 64 Black Ink Cartridge: Ensure your printing is right the first time and every time with original hp ink, which provides precision output so you can take pride in fade-resistant documents and brilliant images.

What are original hp 64 black ink cartridge features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Original hp ink is engineered to work with hp printers to provide consistent quality, reliability and value
  • This cartridge works with: hp envy inspire 7955e, 7958e; hp envy photo 6220, 6222, 6230, 6232, 6252, 6255, 6258, 7134, 7155, 7158, 7164, 7830, 7855, 7858, 7864; hp tango; hp tango x
  • Cartridge yield (approx.): 200 pages
  • Up to 2x more prints with original hp ink vs. Non-original hp ink
  • 82% of hp ink cartridges are manufactured with recycled plastic

Original HP Ink

Engineered to work with HP printers to provide consistent quality, reliability and value

Original hp 64 black ink cartridge details:





Item weight

‎1.12 ounces

Product dimensions

‎4 x 1 x 10 inches

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer




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Original HP 64 Black Ink Cartridge AMAZON

Original HP 64 Black Ink Cartridge | Works with HP ENVY Inspire 7950e; ENVY Photo 6200, 7100, 7800; Tango Series | Eligible for Instant Ink | N9J90AN

Looking for specific info?

What is difference between the 64 and 64xl? How much printing from each?

Hi there!

The main difference between hp 64 black ink cartridge and hp 64xl black ink cartridge lies on the high yield performance that ones has from the other cartridge.

Hp 64 black ink cartridge has a yield of 200 pages (approx) and hp 64xl black ink cartridge has 600 pages (approx).

Here is the link of the hp 64xl black ink cartridge if you’re interested:


2-day business supplies

How can i get prime

Call the customer service hotline, and set it up with them!

Hp 64 ink compatible with hp envy 7120

According the hp it is.

May i use hp 61 ink cartridges for hp envy photo 7855?

Hello. Thanks for your question. No. The hp envy photo 7855 printer uses the hp 64 or 64xl black and tricolor ink cartridges.

What ink fits hp4630?

Hello. Thanks for your question. The hp officejet 4630 e-all-in-one printer uses the hp 61 or 61xl black and tricolor ink cartridges.

What is the expiration date ?

Hello. Thanks for your question. The expiration date is 2 years from the date on this hp ink cartridge.

I never got my ink and it’s been over a month?

Did you sign up for the program? If you did you need to download the hp app & set up the app & give them the code that comes with the ink program you purchased from amazon, which you will find in your past purchases.

Does this printer (7100) require for me to purchase different ink cartridges in order to specifically print photographs on photo paper? The ones i hav

Hello. Thanks for your question. The hp envy photo 7100 printer series does not require a separate photo cartridge to print photos. The hp 64 or 64xl black and tricolor ink cartridges are capable of printing photos on photo paper.

Can i use this with a color ink 65 on a deskjet 2600?

Not sure, as i do not know anything of the 2600…. Check with google or a dealer!

My cartridge says n9j88a, will this work with my printer?

Mine says to use 64 see if there’s a booklet for your printer or maybe you can call the company good luck

Does this work with the hp tango x printer?

The 64 cartridge is supposed to work with: hp tango x 3dp64a#b1h

Does the hp 64 ink catridge work with envy inspire 7900e?

Hello. Thanks for your question. Yes, the hp envy inspire 7900e printer uses the hp 64 or 64xl black and tricolor ink cartridges.

Cual es la diferencia hp 64 a hp 64xl

La diferencia es la cantidad de tinta y, por lo tanto, el número de páginas que imprimirán. El 64 negro tiene una capacidad de 200 páginas, mientras que el 64xl tiene una capacidad de 600.

Why does my tricolor cartridge on my order say new but the black cartridge does not?

Thank you so much for your question! It is possible that the black cartridge you ordered is a remanufactured cartridge. If you wish to cancel your order, i recommend contacting the seller or amazon customer support. You can reach amazon customer support at 1-(888)-280-3321.

Does this fit the 6400?

Hello! The hp envy 6400 series printers do not use hp 64 ink but instead would use hp 67 ink. Thank you for your question!

Is this the same at the 664, cause i cant find it ?!

No. The hp 64 and 664 cartridges are different. The hp 64 ink cartridges are made for select hp printers in the united states. The hp 664 ink cartridges were made for printers for select hp printers in the latin america region.

Have a new hp envy photo 7855; why does the advertised 64 black ink cartridge not work?

It may not be installed properly or if your printer does not say that, it won’t work if it runs out. Once the ink runs out only white sheets of paper come out . Other than that, i do not know.

It fits in my hp 3830 printer but will it work

The box container does not list the 3830 as being suitable to this cartridge. However, if the cartridge looks and fits like the one being removed, it should work.

Hi, is this compatible with the tango x?


according with the manufacturer it’s compatible with the hp tango x with indigo linen cover and charcoal linen cover and available for a great price. Please follow the link below.


hope this information helps.

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Does this work for hp 7155?

It’s not working for my 7155. Mine came with n9j86a black, wondering what replacement should i use for that ?

Original HP 64 Black Ink Cartridge AMAZON

Original HP 64 Black Ink Cartridge | Works with HP ENVY Inspire 7950e; ENVY Photo 6200, 7100, 7800; Tango Series | Eligible for Instant Ink | N9J90AN

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Printer ink

They are just seem to get more and more expensive every year. That said it works well. But they do not last that long and soon you will buying more and more

5Expert Score
Love the ease of ordering and arriving the following days

I purchase the ink because it’s so easy to order and have it delivered. No chasing around to stores only to find they are sold out of ink. I have not had any problems, fits my printer and works wonderfully. Will continue to order again.

5Expert Score

What’s to say about printer ink. I ordered it , it arrived and i’m using it.

5Expert Score

It’s in my extra pack.

5Expert Score
Exactly what i needed when i needed it

I use this with our family printer. I emphasize family because we can all wirelessly use the printer. Consequently, we needed black ink pronto. The cartridge was easy to install.

5Expert Score
Black ink cartridge

I used the black ink with color ink for invitations. They turned out beautifully. The only problem i had was out of the black ink cartridges and color ink cartridges, one didn’t work. I’m glad i had a back up.

5Expert Score
Great price and working well so far

The price is awesome and it has lasted a few weeks already. I don’t print a lot but the quality is good.

5Expert Score
Genuine hp ink cartridge

Works well although more expensive than other brands

5Expert Score
Quality item. Fair price

Suggestion, always chose the brand that is made by the company’s printer. Your printer is manufactured by hp, use ink that is made for an hp printer.

I went with a knock-off brand to save money and it destroyed my printer completely.

5Expert Score
Good ink


4Expert Score
Hp exaggerates the cartridge yield on most of their ink cartridges

Update 7/4/2022: our household no longer purchases these ink cartridges. We were gifted a canon laser printer for christmas 2021 and we now purchase toner instead of printer cartridges. I will never go back to an inkjet printer again. I am glad to not be paying hp’s expensive prices for ink anymore where they over exaggerate the number of pages you can print with each cartridge. Hp makes good printers but they have become too greedy with the cost and performance of their ink cartridges.

Original review:
i love my hp all in one printer. I use it frequently, not daily but at least a couple times a week. Most of the pages that i print are in full color. I generally print greeting cards using my hallmark card studio software as well as shipping labels and photographs. I also do a lot of scanning.

My printer uses hp 64 black ink cartridges. If you are buying hp ink cartridges on amazon make sure you buy them from amazon and not a third party seller. I’ve received too many fake ink cartridges from third party sellers that look authentic but are not recognized by hp printers as being authentic cartridges.

To install this ink cartridge remove the sticker that covers the bottom of the cartridge. Push down and pull out on the existing cartridge in your printer. Then slide this ink cartridge in and push down firmly until it clicks into place.

When you install the ink cartridge the hp printer will recognize the ink cartridge as an authentic hp ink cartridge. If your printer doesn’t recognize the ink cartridge, you probably received a fake cartridge. Every time you replace an ink cartridge the printer has to align itself which wastes perfectly good ink.

The hp black ink cartridge prints very bold, black writing that is super easy to read. You can tell when the ink cartridge is starting to run out of ink because the black lettering gets lighter and lighter until it turns almost gray in color. You then know it’s time to replace the cartridge, also my printer tells me it’s time.

The cartridge yield for this ink cartridge according to hp is 200 pages. This is a huge exaggeration. When printing pages with only black text on them this cartridge will print 110 pages before it runs so low on ink you can’t read the printing anymore. I feel like hp always pads their cartridge yields.

Hp ink cartridges are made of 82% recycled plastic. Even though they are made from recycled plastic they are not recyclable in our recycling bin. Instead you have to take them to a store to have them recycled. Some stores offer cash or incentives when you turn in used ink cartridges,.

Buying ink cartridges is one of those things that you cannot avoid if you want to have a printer at home. The convenience is definitely worth the price, i just wish the cartridges lasted a lot longer.

4Expert Score
Print cartridges

Works as advertised.

4Expert Score

Print quality is nice

4Expert Score
Original brand ink

Easy to install and works just fine

4Expert Score
Hp ink cartridges are easy to install.

Awesome cartridge for low volume printing! It is my go to.

4Expert Score
Correct ink

The correct ink for my printer. Pleased with the print quality but it could be sharper.

4Expert Score
Doesn’t arrive when it says

I ordered this expecting same-day delivery between 5pm and 10 pm. Once i placed the order and then told me that the order would not be delivered until the next day. I needed this to print off some documents that were very important. It was a day late and not much help.

4Expert Score
Very inky, kinda expensive though

Very inky, kinda expensive though

4Expert Score
Easy peasy lemon squeezy

I’ve been using this ink for many years now. Can never go wrong. The print quality is pretty awesome. Always comes out very black. No smudges. Overall awesome. Gets the job done. The only complaint i have is that it’s so expensive!!!!

4Expert Score
Does a good job.

No problems with the ink cartridge.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Expect professional-quality documents when you use Original HP printer ink and toner cartridges.  Dependable performance, consistent page yields, and standout results are the norm – something the competition can’t match.  With Original HP Ink and Toner cartridges, you can also avoid costly reprints and help ensure the flawless performance you expect from your HP printer.

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