Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 Kills Ants, Roaches, Spiders with No Odor and Fast Dry, 1.33Gal

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 Kills Ants, Roaches, Spiders with No Odor and Fast Dry, 1.33Gal

Yakibest.com : Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 Kills Ants, Roaches, Spiders with No Odor and Fast Dry, 1.33Gal : Patio, Lawn & Garden
Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 Kills Ants: Ortho® home defense® insect killer for indoor & perimeter2 kills common household bugs such as ants, bees, beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, millipedes, mosquitoes, moths, spiders, stink bugs, ticks, termites and more (as listed). This insect killer is non-staining, odor free and dries fast for use in kitchens, bathrooms, around doors and windows, basements, building perimeters, garages, patios and decks. Ortho® home defense® insect killer for indoor & perimeter2 kills bugs inside while keeping them out by using as a preventative treatment or after evidence of insect activity. A bug barrier of up to 12-months protection (against ants, roaches and spiders indoors on nonporous surfaces) provides long lasting results. For indoor surfaces, hold sprayer 12 inches from surface being sprayed and apply a 4-inch wide band along the interior of the home in areas where insects are a recurring problem. Area should be sprayed until slightly wet without soaking. For perimeter treatment, also hold sprayer 12 inches from surface being sprayed and apply a 12-inch wide band along the exterior of the home.

What are ortho home defense insect killer for indoor & perimeter2 kills ants features?

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  • Ortho home defense insect killer for indoor & perimeter2 provides a long lasting bug barrier of up to 12-month protection (against ants, roaches and spiders indoors on nonporous surfaces)
  • Kills home invading insects including ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, scorpions, beetles, earwigs, silverfish, centipedes and millipedes (as listed)
  • Insect killer for indoors (kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows and basements) and outdoors (perimeter foundations, garages, patios and decks) dries in minutes for quick re-entry, leaves no residue and is odor free
  • Use anytime as a preventative treatment or after evidence of insect activity
  • Comfort wand provides one-touch continuous spray with no bending, pumping or hand fatigue
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Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 Kills Ants, Roaches, Spiders with No Odor and Fast Dry, 1.33Gal AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 Kills Ants, Roaches, Spiders with No Odor and Fast Dry, 1.33Gal : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Does it kill bed bugs too?

The only way i found to rid myself of those evil creatures is by using diatomaceous earth. Load up a duster with diatomaceous earth and put a thin layer of dust everywhere. The dust feels fine and soft to us but it is actually very sharp and cuts the exoskeleton of any bugs that walk through it. They can’t heal, so they dry up and die. It takes 10 days for any eggs to hatch so after two weeks you should be rid of them and can clean up the dust. You need to be there for those two weeks though, don’t put down the dust and go on vacation. Bed bugs are drawn to the carbon dioxide in our breath. Basically, we need to be bait.

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Is this safe round infanst and pets

Just to be on the safe side, i would make sure pets and infants aren’t in the treated area, when actually being treated. However, i haven’t seen any side effects in my dog.

What is the difference between ortho home defense indoor and perimeter2 and the ortho home defense max?

The max has one less active ingredient, and they charge you more for taking it out.

Do you get two refills or is the ‘2’ part of the name? Tia.

Only one refill

Is this for inside of the home only, in other words is this for outside and inside and if only one do i need a different spray for the other?

I use both inside and outside. It is clear and does not stain or stink. Inside i only do exterior doors and window sills although you can do baseboards as well. Hope that helps.

I agree with one prior inquirer. Why does this sprayer stop working after a few sprays? Don’t tell me that it’s the battery.

All you need to do is soak the piece that plugs into the bottle in warm water to loosen up the buildup of spray inside the hose. You can’t tey spraying while it is still in the water and it will loosen everything up and water will spray out once it’s clear, then plug back in and start spraying. Hope this helps!

Does it have the battery operated sprayer

Sometimes yes and sometimes no
in stores it’ll be obvious online you just have to super thoroughly read the product and model descriptions and look at the pics.

Refill labeled ones usually = no sprayer included others you gotta check unfortunately it seems random and arbitrary which ones come with a sprayer and what type of sprayer is included

I lost the product insert. I put the end of the sprayer in the bottle, tried different settings & nothing but a blast of air. Why isn’t it spraying bu

You have to twist that round plastic object (it surrounds the sprayer insert). Essentially you have to turn it ‘on’ so to speak by twisting it. I had the same problem by the way!

Will this product prevent crickets from passing through?


Does this work on hornets or yellow jackets?

I sprayed this and noticed it killed 2 hornets, the hard shell hornets.

Will it prevent centipedes?!

If you want to get rid of centipedes or millipedes che k into bifen. That stuff is a miracle. I put out new mulch around my house and then my basement was crawling with millipedes. Literally your feet crunched as you walked. I purchased bifen off of amazon and it was a graveyard. Best stuff ever! I keep the granules out around my house now. Kills lots of different bugs.

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Can i use this in my basement with a newborn in the house?

Thanks for your question! Ortho home defense insect killer for indoor & perimeter people and pets may reenter the area one the product has dried. If you are unsure, please allow 24 hrs before reentering that area.

Does the “comfort wand and refill bundle” come with 2 containers of product because i only received 1 refill container in my order?

Only 1 unless otherwise explicitly stated in the item listing or packaging description or unless you specifically ordered x quantity of more than 1

How do you adjust the stream output?

The nozzle at the end of the wand rotates. There are a couple of settings and an off setting.

Can you use in a thermal fogger

Thank you for inquiring about home defense insect killer for indoor & perimeter 2. This product should only be used in the container that it comes in.

Is this one gallon

Yes 1 gallon

Dies this require batteries, what size? Thx

Batteries are already in the wand handle

Does this kill daddylonglegs? I woke up to 6 of them on the wall above me bed & it freaks me out!

It’s suppose to kill all family species of spiders. All except the brown recluse and one other spider. You wouldn’t believe the dead bugs i find in my bay windows. I love it n

Need a deal description of the difference between a small comfort wind in a large comfort wand. Please don’t tell me one a small and one is large. Tha

Great question! The difference is one is extended reach (large) while the other is just the regular comfort wand (small).

Will it stop spiders and scorpions coming in the house

The product controls scorpions and black widow, brown recluse, hobo and brown spiders. You would want to treat the perimeter of the home to keep them from entering.

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 Kills Ants, Roaches, Spiders with No Odor and Fast Dry, 1.33Gal AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 Kills Ants, Roaches, Spiders with No Odor and Fast Dry, 1.33Gal : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Seemed to work, less encounters

Seemed to work. Been in a new house, and earlier this summer, we were getting a cock roach encounter almost nightly all of a sudden. Our cats are very good at detecting, finding, and playing with them, otherwise i don’t even know if we’d of known. I put this stuff around the house outside, i did the inside of my garage, both around the walls and the garage door, and also in the gaps between the concrete rectangles. Got those same gaps down my driveway leading to the garage as well.

Still had a few encounters initially, but they slowed down, and basically stopped. Might get 1 every 3 to 4 weeks now. I started finding bodies in the garage every now and then, and that stopped too. This stuff doesn’t kill these insects instantly, it seems to hurt them over time. Ones you find, will be slower, sometimes basically dying.

I did not spray inside, aside from the garage. I was going to spray inside, if we didn’t see results, but it seemed to have worked. Either the spray worked and has done wonders, or the pests may have been a time of year thing, or related to construction in the area, i’m not sure. But as far as i can tell, this stuff worked for us.

As for the amounts, i have a 1 story, 1950 square foot house, and i was able to do the entire house perimeter, the inside garage , the driveway, and i was left with what feels like half, or just under half left.

5Expert Score
World war roaches

We’ve been at war with roaches coming up from the outdoor sewer potholes for years. Every time we spray these in the sewer holes they flee out from the holes and either into our streets or into our home. We spray it around the sewer barrier and directly on them when they come out. Initially the enemy is weakend, and eventually they submit and die. This stuff has saved us from the war we’ve been fighting with these critters.

5Expert Score
Amazing for warding off spiders!

It’s spider season in seattle and as someone who wakes up at 5 am everyday, it is not pleasant turning on the lights and finding 4-5 spiders all around my house (and that’s only the amount of spiders i can see!)

the sheer amount of spiders in my house made me dread waking up and even being in certain rooms, so i bought this product out of desperation. Best decision of my life! Ever since spraying this all around my home, i have not encountered a single spider. That’s right– i thought that i would still see a spider here and there, but it’s as if the entire species has been eradicated off of earth or something.

5Expert Score
Worked fast, easy to use and minimal scent if any

Works as described, although i can’t speak to longevity just yet. Recently moved into a new home only to find out that the outside was prone to roaches. I sprayed the perimeter in particular where the bottom of the foundation meets the bark landscaping. Roaches were surfacing to the top while slowly dying. All in a matter of 10 min or so. Will purchase again. Easy to use with the electric wand and minimal scent if any.

5Expert Score
Worked great! Killed brown widow spiders on contact as well as egg sacs.

After realizing that the exterior of my apartment building has an infestation of brown widow spiders, this was suggested by my church who uses this to spray around cabins at our church retreat center. I was well pleased with the results after spraying several spiders as well as multiple eggs sacs.
Nothing else i have tried actually killed them instantly, but this spray does.
I used the first jug to spray the exterior of the building and ordered a second to use inside around doors, windows, baseboards, etc.

5Expert Score
The best!!!

I have tried all the popular bug killers but this stuff works the best. We are stuck in a crappy lease and we have roaches, our neighbor is gross and the owner of the building is lazy. There are bugs in the walls. We’ve tried a lot of products, raid, combat, gels, sprays, roach motels, and this stuff works the best. When we see bugs they are literally dehydrated! This stuff is amazing! Also, you can safely spray it every week and with proper ventilation, once the stuff dries after about 2 hours we let the cats back in the room, then spray the next one and no one gets sick from it. It’s an excellent product. My only complaint is the the wand is kind of flimsy and broke after a year, but it’s a small price to pay for an effective product!

5Expert Score
Better than pest control professionals!

New neighbors brought q roach infestation which caused them to be kicked out. They were dirty! They made the whole building which we’ve lived in for years and never seen a roach get infested. The complex had pest control come in and flog and set up baits multiple times and nothing worked. Some neighbors left and my complex was almost emptied out expect for us. We pay a lot and have a great view so i was not about to be kicked out of my home and so i sprayed this product last night after spending hundreds on other products and come this morning and there’s dead roaches everywhere! Hopefully it’ll clear up our place and we can go back to how things were. Spraying inside and outside to keep all pest away. Feeling very confident and grateful at it being odorless and super effective. Will update how long it took for all the roaches to be gone but so far in less than 24 hours i woke up to no roaches in the ceiling or walls. All the roaches are dying!

5Expert Score
It will killl

This stuff works! Smaller spiders dies on contact larger requires a larger dose.
Ants and spring tails are mainly why i got it. It kills upon contact and erases the trails so it doesn’t want to come back. Its been 2 weeks now and still no signs of them.
Smells very mild, just enough to let you know your breathing in the stuff to move away.
We don’t have a cockroach problem so not sure how it works against them.
Great product.

5Expert Score
Gets rid of all unwanted guests!

I purchased this based on good reviews was not disappointed! This summer my garage became a hot bed for those nasty palmetto roaches and literally took over after dark. I purchased this jug of ‘whoop ass’ and following all of the instructions i sprayed the entire perimeter of my garage inside and out and within 2 days they all were gone. Nothing left but ‘belly up’ bugs to sweep up. It holds it’s power well too because i see no sign of new ones invading even after a solid month! I highly recommend this product!!!

5Expert Score
Works on ant hills on exterior

I just spray enough until it overflows into each small ant hill and the next day they’re gone. I guess it kills the ‘queen’ ant. What’s the deal with all the lives of these bugs that revolve around a queen. Get a life:)

4Expert Score
It works great

It’s bug spray that works. I love the spray gun that’s attached. I can get a behind the stove and don’t have to move it. I can spray on a sunday nite and won’t see any roaches for weeks. I’m running low so i will definitely buy again

4Expert Score
Effective formula -jammed wand

I have been using home defense for 3 weeks for my front door. Prior to using it , there would be large crickets , centipedes and beetles crawling about (& spiders trying to eat them). Since i’ve purchased home defense and reapplied weekly nothing but some unlucky caterpillars have been seen!

Unfortunately the application wand has stopped functioning. I’m looking into trying to find a replacement wand now 🙁

4Expert Score
I have a 1,100 sq ft home and i use the entire bottle.

My house is tiny, i live downtown. I use this entire bottle for my 1,100 sq ft home. I see people try to say it doesn’t work? My question is, are you using a sufficient amount? I literally make puddles of this stuff, it dry’s extremely fast. Not like water. I create a moat around my home with this, that’s how you keep bugs out.

Use a ton people.

4Expert Score
No pests! But be warned ***

I have had absolutely no problems with any pests since i applied this product. Ants have been a problem, so have various spiders and sometimes fleas, have had none of them. I did the baseboards inside and around the doors/windows. No problem with the sprayer so far, it’s got a simple button latch to stop it spraying when not in use. The smell is not overwhelming while you’re using it, and the length makes it easy to avoid getting it on yourself (wear a mask/gloves though).

Beware- ***my dog makes an instant bee-line to try and lick this!!!*** this is obviously poison so handle with common sense… But the fact she seems to like the smell and be drawn to it is alarming to me. Do not under any circumstances use this in an area with a pet. Lock the area down, apply it before bed time, and make 100% certain your pet is not allowed near it until it’s dried. She doesn’t care once it’s dried. But if it’s tasty or sweet you could easily see a dead pet. I almost wish there was an additive that made it noxious to pets for safety. Just be careful.

4Expert Score
What you need to know before you purchase

So what do you need to know? There is no product on the earth that can eliminate all roaches forever! Ok. We good? Great! That part out of the way let’s face facts, bugs have been on the earth for a long time. They have built resistance to many things. Does it kill on contact? Sometimes. If you’re lucky. Sometimes not. Will they eventually die? Same answer. It depends on how patient you are. That is why people get weekly, biweekly or monthly treatments with the pest professionals. Even then those same people see them the very next day. The sad truth is that bugs build resistance and you have to treat the area several times in order to make sure they are gone for the time being. Yes raid kills on contact but wouldn’t you die too when sprayed with that stuff? Plus that isn’t safe around you, children or pets. This product has barely a scent when dry. So the decision is in your hands. Listen to the experts, get gel as well. I know most recommend that as well as or more than spraying. It never hurts to try.

4Expert Score
It works then it doesn’t

This item was strongly recommended. The pest would leave for a couple days then come back, so it didn’t seem to be working as much as it said it would. It also takes time for the pest to die, enough time for them to try and get away, so you may have to use a lot of product to drown them. I found something better

4Expert Score
Wand not included

The order was for one home defense with a wand and one refill. I got them both but cant use until i buy another home defense that has a wand. Also no manufacturing wrapper on the bottles so could someone have tampered with the product?

4Expert Score
Great for killing insects like my wife and children

(warning do not try this at home, wife will yell at you)

4Expert Score
Poor sprayer

Works good to keep cockroaches away, but the sprayer isn’t very good, doesn’t really spray a fin mist that would be more useful for coverage.

4Expert Score
Easy to use but..

I love having this around the house and it’s very convenient being able to use it indoors and outdoors. It advertises that you only have to apply it once every three months, but i’d say it’s potency really starts wearing off within about a month to a month and a half after applying. Not the end of the world and i don’t mind doing but just something to be aware of.

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