Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb

Yakibest.com : Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb : Microwave Popcorn : Everything Else
Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels: Orville redenbacher’s original yellow gourmet popcorn kernels are the highest quality for popping on the stovetop, in your air popper, or in an electric popper. These 100% natural, non-gmo project verified whole-grain and gluten-free original popcorn kernels are a delicious, yet wholesome snack. Our lighter, fluffier original kernels pop up bright white, with a crispy outside and tender inside. Just pop up a bowl and sprinkle with your favorite toppings for a treat you and your family will love.

What are orville redenbacher’s gourmet popcorn kernels features?

  • Contains (8) pounds of orville redenbacher’s original yellow gourmet popcorn kernels
  • Orville redenbacher’s original yellow gourmet popping corn kernels are premium popping at its finest, giving you delicious popcorn with a crispy outside and a tender inside.store at room temperature
  • Use orville redenbacher’s original yellow gourmet popcorn kernels to make a simple, wholesome popcorn snack on your stovetop, air popper, or electric popper
  • 100 percent natural, non-gmo project verified
  • 100 percent whole grain, gluten free popcorn
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5 x 10 x 10 inches; 8 pounds

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Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb : Microwave Popcorn : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Is orville redembachers popcorn gmo

‘almost 90% of the corn grown and eaten in this country is gmo corn, popcorn comes from a different seed and has not been genetically modified.’

How are the popcorn container sealed

There’s a seal under the lid. I can’t comment on remarks made by others, but i’ve purchased 6 of the 8 lb containers of this popcorn. Nothing has been damaged. Seals are intact. It arrives in a box. I eat a lot of popcorn and my last order was for 3, 8 lb containers because buying 2 was going to be almost as expensive as buying 3. Sometimes these are out of stock so i try to watch for it before i run out of my current batch.

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What the expiration for recently purchased containers? Thank you

I had a large container that i opened and then forgot about, and was purchased/expired in 2015. Tried it recently and since the lid was on tight and in the back of the cupboard, it still popped really well in my hot air popper! Keep it sealed in the container or air tight jar, and i don’t know if it ever goes bad.

Would it be good to use in a microwave, ie http://www.amazon.com/microwave-popcorn-popper-silicone-cestari/dp/b017drd554/ref=sr_1_17?ie=utf8&qid=1455

I use a mechanical heater popper, but redenbacher sellls microwave packages. It’s just a good brand of pop-corn. Any pop-corn seems to work in a microwave if you have the right equipment for that.

Does it pop as thoroughly as the white kernel version?

It did great for me. I’ve haven’t compared but there aren’t many kernels left after popping.

Is it for microwave pop

This is the only popcorn i will buy. I use a silicone microwave popcorn popper that i bought on amazon a couple of years ago. There are often several unpopped kernels left, but i can turn 1/4 cup of popcorn into at least 5 cups of popcorn in 1m15s.

I bought popcorn kernel and butter flavor oil. But it doesnt taste nothing, my kids dont like. What should i do to make them taste better

We use orville redenbacher gourmet yellow popcorn (white is an absolute disaster) for all of our popcorn uses. We use 2-3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil per every 1/2 cup of yellow popcorn, yields plenty of popcorn to fill a 6-quart pan. We melt real butter, and sea salt/salted butter to taste via tossing popcorn in 2 separate batches. The results are excellent popcorn that pleases the entire family.

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Can this corn be sprouted?

It sprouts large popcorn. Love it

Does this brand pop complete or is there unpopped corn left over; what about the hulls??

It depends on your popping method and temperature, is the correct answer.

For example, many complaints hot air poppers don’t work well with this popcorn, but the average hot air popper is 1100 watts, the recommended branded popper is almost 1500 watts… Almost 25% hotter.

Stove top? Using coconut oil and the right temperature and shaking/stirring?

If cooked at the right temperature, with or without oil, it almost completely pops.

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Is it microwave safe?

Don’t know, but i heat up on med high heat with olive oil in large pot. Pops great. I add butter and salt. Perfect.

Is it non gmo

Yes it is non-gmo

How do you pop it? What kind of pan and oil?

Https://www.amazon.com/wabash-valley-farms-whirley-pop-stovetop/dp/b00004su35/ref=sr_1_3?ie=utf8&qid=1488997340&sr=8-3&keywords=whirley+pop nothing better with evoo..

Is it made in the usa?


Confused. So, if i pop 1/2 cup of popcorn, it makes tons, if i wanted to know say fiber mg, how do i measure? Via the kernels, or after its popped??

Well i think that popcorn is like a baked tater it all depends on how much flavor you want aka butter, salt or whatever else you add after it’s ready, unfortunately it’s only as good as it’s extra yummies

Does this arrive in a box or in an open bag like for amazon food delivery?

Mine came in a amazon shipping bag.

Where does this ship from? Why does it say an estimate of march 11 to april 19

The redenbacher plant is in valpariso indiana. Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess. The wide delivery time may be due to who is selling you the popcorn and who is shipping it. Remember that shipping is currently a mess.

Do you need add anything to the popcorn to get the movie theater taste?

I personally add only a small ammount of sea salt. The best part of this popcorn is the airy, big, kernals. If you drench it with butter ; it will be superior to movie theatre popcorn ; which is soggy and over salted.

Does it have butter or dairy of any kind?

No, but i like using orville redenbocker popcorn oil for more of buttery taste. Popcorn is plain.

I’m the only one eating popcorn here. Might storing the unopened jars in the freezer keep them fresher? (i don’t think older kernals pop as well.)

I keep it in the freezer and it pops better.

Is there diacetyl in this ?

Thanks for your question! The only ingredient in this product is the popping corn. Also, we do not add diacetyl to any of our microwave popcorn products.

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb : Microwave Popcorn : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Snap. Crackle. Pop!

Some things can’t be put in words. Let me tell you what happened to me, as best i can. Like most people leaving a comment, i slammed my money down to buy this eight pound jar of popcorn. At the same time, i bought the best snack sized microwave popcorn popper from amazon, but it will arrive in two days. This popcorn got the best of me. A three quart pot with a lid came to my rescue. A cap or two of vegetable oil covered the bottom of my pot. As i was taught, i turned the heat on my burner up high, and placed three popcorn kernels in the pot, in the oil. I waited for one or two kernels to pop, and added the rest of a portion of kernels. Then, i closed the lid, and slid the pot all around to complete the popping, and to stop any kind of burning. The popping started after a minute or two. Once all of the popcorn starts popping, my experience is that the popping will slow down. Be warned. All of the kernels pop at once. The popping does not slow down. After the popping stops, take your pot of popcorn and get it off the burner. My first batch did have a few black flakes on it, but i couldn’t taste it. I mixed in a little salt. Butter was sliced, bound for a cup, towards the microwave. 30 seconds until it was ready to drizzle. I read, lately, that honey is great on popcorn, but i haven’t tried it. While i was eating this heavenly treat, i noticed that the kernels are small. Each uncooked kernel is small too. Just an observation. This popcorn is fantastic. What do they say? Gourmet!!! And, it is! My microwave popcorn popper from amazon will arrive in two days.

This is a joke. Only a joke. I am not being serious. Everyone is concerned about safety these days. Especially, in a home. It is important to keep fresh batteries in smoke detectors. I have a carbon monoxide detector in my apartment. To improve safety, buy several ‘jiffy pop’ aluminum expanding as if you cook on the stove top. Hammer a nail on your wall, and hang your ‘jiffy pop.’ if there is ‘fire,’ you and your family will be covered. This is called a ‘fire detector.’ if there is a fire, you may be showered with popcorn. This is a joke. Satire, or something. Just trying make you smile. ‘jiffy pop’ will not help you from fire!

Snap. Crackle!. Pop!

5Expert Score
I haven't turned into popcorn yet?

They say you are what you eat? I eat 1-2 cups measured of unpopped kernels daily, popped. I haven’t turned into popcorn yet so i guess we are not what we eat lol. It’s weird i’m allergic to white popcorn but not yellow popcorn. They always pop it’s always fresh. I eat popcorn like some people eat rice my daily staple food. I mix different flavorings and protein supplements including vitamin powders all mixed into my flavorings and pour it on the popcorn making it a complete meal. Like margarine flavor would be egg white protein mixed with extra light olive oil and salt. Or cinnamon hemp with hemp protein mixed with cinnamon and virgin olive oil with salt. It can also be flavored with sports drink. Maple syrup flavoring. There is so much you can do with popcorn to add flavor and nutrition. It’s not just a snack but it can be a really great meal. When you add the vitamins and protein supplements into the flavoring and chew it you digest all of it slowly it’s really great slow delivery method eating protein and vitamins. It tastes great and it’s a good carbohydrate. The yellow popcorn is harder than white popcorn so i believe it will take longer to digest a very good delivery method for protein supplements and vitamins mixed in. But in the end we eat it because we love eating it as popcorn. I don’t ever use butter or margarine, i try to make healthy meals out of my popcorn with other ingredients. I recommend hot air popping. Although it cooks fine with different oils in a pot as long as you keep stirring it shaking it like coconut oil. Olive oil tends to smoke a lot i wouldn’t recommend using olive oil indoors making popcorn. Coconut oil leaves a very unique flavoring you would have to be someone who likes the taste of coconut oil. I prefer hot air popping clean fat free and healthy. Hot air popping really absorbs any flavoring added. You can use water to dilute your flavorings but it does make it a little bit soggy. I prefer olive oil extra virgin to mix my flavorings but sometimes extra light olive oil depending on which flavoring.

5Expert Score
It was a great price for an 8lb container.

At this price i have found i get a better tasting fresh pop-corn tast than the bagged microwave pop-corn sold. You get a true 8lb container, which ends up spending less and stays fresh in the provided container. I found popping corn in the container i purchased from amazon works well in the microwave to pop the corn and then purchased the bottled butter flavored dressing to pour over it and love it.

5Expert Score
Great popcorn

This stuff pops pretty big. Used my new hotpop (see other review) with these kernels and holy cow look out. I wanted a nice big bowl and i measured up to the top line of the popper, maybe about a quarter cup, and tossed it in the microwave. Wow. I had popcorn overflowing. I can use the single use line to pop a whole bowl. Little melted real butter and salt and it was real good popcorn. I recommend.

5Expert Score
Perfect for popping

I have a small commercial grade popper that i use this in. I managed theaters for over a decade and we used orville redenbacher commercial popcorn. This pops up just as nice with large mushroom shaped kernels. Much better than some of the other cheap corn out there, and a better value overall since they tend to yield smaller popped kernels.

5Expert Score
Great deal

We go through a lot of popcorn at our house. This is at least half the price we would pay for the same product at the supermarket.

5Expert Score
Popcorn kernels

This arrived yesterday and we had popcorn last night. This is a huge container! The popcorn is so fresh tasting. We will definitely be buying it again! Thank you!

5Expert Score
Perfect for air-popped

Yum! It pops well and tastes great. I spray it with cooking spray and use a silicone container for popping it in a microwave.

5Expert Score
All popcorn is not created equal

I eat way more popcorn than i should. Generally we use the kroger brand unless orville is on a bogo at publix. Got a great deal on this big container. It’s delicious. $1.66 a pound is a great price for this.

5Expert Score
Great value

The best value that i have found for the money. The items were packed very loose in a thin box with no padding material. The box was bulging a little but, there was no damage (probably due to the short distance for delivery).

4Expert Score
Yes, the plastic container will crack and break

I scored this the minimum star for ‘airtight storage’ as mine arrived with the plastic container cracked and broken, as others have reported. The popcorn is pretty heavy and the plastic is thin. Popcorn was loose in the box, but not much, so i assume it had just been damaged when it was delivered – all it would take is a quick bump being dropped a short distance onto the sidewalk to do it. The shipper could wrap it up in bubblewrap and mark the box all over with ‘fragile,’ otherwise its all too easy to handle a bit roughly and have the container split open. I figured the inside of the box was clean, so i just moved all the kennels into glass jars i had on hand. As for popping, i still had roughly the same amount of unpopped kernels using a hot air popper as i had with my previous brand.

4Expert Score
Ginormous and great value. Wish giant opening was designed differently.

I think orville redenbacher popcorn is very very tasty popcorn. I have been disappointed in a lot of popcorn through my life that either don’t pop right, taste off, are teeny tiny and not fluffy, etc. This pops easily in my microwave glass popcorn popper. It also pops fluffy as well. Very fluffy. Plus it tastes actually good.

It is a really good value for the ginormous container that you receive. I figured when i ordered this online that it would be very similar to the large one that they used to sell at costco but this one is much larger. So again an even better deal.

But because it is so large is hard to handle because of the weight. Now i can’t fault the size because that’s what i ordered. But what i can fault this with and where it really loses a star is the lid and the top. The opening is so ginormous that when i try to get popcorn out it just makes a giant mess. I have to use a little scooper to actually get the popcorn out without the popcorn kernels going everywhere because the mouth of this jug is so ginormous and the jug is so heavy to handle. So i really do wish that they would redesign the lid and make it a very easy pour opening and spout. And a much smaller one. That is how they can totally help this product be better.

4Expert Score
Cheap, tasty filler for hitting the 'free shipping' mark

Even though (at the time of purchase) you could get generic popcorn at around a buck a pound in stores, this came really close before the inflation days. Tastes fine, pops well, and got me to the free shipping mark. Can’t really tell the difference between this and the store brand (except maybe it pops bigger) but it’s still a good value.

4Expert Score
A good amount of popcorn seeds

It was still fresh halfway through it

4Expert Score
I like popcorn and orville doesn’t disappoint

Great way to make popcorn. Really good taste and easy to use. Easy to pop in a microwave in a regular bowl.

4Expert Score
Taste good

The popcorn taste real good

4Expert Score
Very easy to chew

Bought popcorn popper at same time. It makes a difference. Better than microwave.

4Expert Score

Worth the buy. Fresh popcorn is better. Add oil, butter, and pinch of salt.

4Expert Score
Amazon needs to allow more time to report on items.

I love popcorn. This seems great

4Expert Score
Unpopped kernels

I usually buy jolly kernels but decided to try this brand. Also thought it economically to buy a large batch since i popped alot of popcorn with my airpopper. Unfortunately, orville has alot more unpopped kernals. I would say 10% more than jolly.

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