OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

Buy OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush: Health & Household – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are oxo good grips bottle brush features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Long, durable neck flexes for easy reach inside bottles, pitchers and carafes
  • Stiff blue bristles give, hard to reach corners a serious scrub, while white bristles are gentle enough to clean wine glasses and crystal without scratching
  • Easily stored in a kitchen caddy or hung from a hook. Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions (overall): 12.5 inches (h) x 2.3 inches (w) x 2.3 inches (d)
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Categories: Sports & Outdoors

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush AMAZON

Buy OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush: Health & Household – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Will this fit the neck/opening of a wine bottle or soda bottle?

No, a little too big with the bristles. I use a bottle brush with a wire in the center to clean my hummingbird feeders – similar to this one: http://www.amazon.com/libman-co-00039-libman-bottle/dp/b002ylrh3g/ref=sr_1_21?ie=utf8&qid=1396794739&sr=8-21&keywords=bottle+brush

How long is the handle, i need one that is 12′ or longer to get to the bottom of my sports botles

Handle is about 9 1/2 inches, total length with the brush is about 12 1/2

Too short for klean kanteen?

I just bought the klean kanteen wide insulated bottle with stainless steel loop cap (brushed stainless, 20-ounce) and this bottle brush. When i place the bottle brush in my kleen kanteen, the entire black handle sicks out. So, no. Not too short, just right,

Would this fit into a vinaigrette bottle with about a inch wide neck?

No it will not fit. Standard bottles, like something akin to a plastic 2-liter bottle opening, are too small for this brush. This works for containers like water bottles that your hand will not fit inside.

Have you used it to clean a green stanley thermos, how did it work?

No, i have only used the brush to clean my glass drinking bottles. This brush is not very sturdy, i
have found the ‘quickie’ brush to be better at cleaning all of the residue.

I have a bunch of glass bottles i would like to clean, however the opening is really small (3/4′), is this brush too wide?

The solid plastic portion under the bristles is nearly 0.7′ in diameter and 3/4′ is 0.75′. The smallest opening on a bottle i could find was approximately 1 1/8′ diameter on a 1 gallon plastic water bottle. The brush went in, but i’m guessing repeated insertions would result in the ultimate loss of bristles. So, no i don’t think it will work for your application.

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Does it work with swell bottles?

This brush will be effective for cleaning swell bottles.

Will the base of this brush fit in an oxo tot bottle brush holder?

Don’t know about that but it is not a proper bottle brush in that it will only work on wide-mouth jars and not on ‘normal’ bottles (too wide).

I have a 1000ml narrow mouth nalgene bottle. I’ve read that it fits into the bottle but does it reach the bottom? Handles usually too wide.

The width of the smallest hole it will fit is about 3/4 inch the length of the whit is 8 inches the whole brush is 12 inches we love this brush for cleaning our blender cups

The opening of our squeeze bottles is 1.25′ will the brush fit inside that too?

I think it will just squeeze into your squeeze bottle. My unscientific test was making a one inch hold with my thumb and forefinger. I also measured the radius of the brush. It will be tight but should work.

Can this brush fit into a soda streamer bottle?

Well, i don’t drink soda so have no experience with a soda stream bottle. However, i looked up this info on amazon to get the machine info and the specs of the bottle opening. The bottle opening is just over an inch wide, which is larger than the stem of the bottle brush. The bristles are forgiving and snap back into place once i pass it through narrow openings for cleaning. I also read a post elsewhere that the mouth of the soda stream bottle is slightly larger than a traditional 2 liter. I’m no expert but would definitely give a try.

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The opening diameter of my klean kanteen bottle is 1.75′. Will this brush fit inside?

The brush fit into my 1.25 soda bottle neck.

Is this brush long enough to clean a tall coffee carafe like the moccamaster?

I’m not familiar with a moccamaster. I purchased this brush to clean my husband’s travel mug. The brush is actually 13′ to the tip of the bristles and about 8+ inches of stem and brush. The rest is the handle. It is skinny and i have found it very useful for a variety of containers. If you can provide moccamaster dimensions perhaps that would help.

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Can you buy the replacement brush head or do you just have to buy a new brush?

I don’t think you can get a replacement head but given the affordable price i just reordered a couple when i needed them. I use the old ones for cleaning my boots with saddle soap and for had to reach places like my dish drying rack.

This being a bottle brush i expect it to fit a standard beer bottle. Does it?

No. The smallest opening it will fit in is a gt kombucha bottle.

Would i be able to use this between my toes in the shower?

Yes. The bristles are soft enough to not hurt while using it in between your toes.

Good for wine glasses?

Although i have not used it on wine glasses, i have used it on all my glasses, mason canning jars and my thermos. I love it, have purchased two, one for my kitchen and one for my camper! I would highly recommend this product!

Does this brush go through the opening of a standard us beer bottle?

I don’t know for sure, but i would certainly think so. I think the sigg bottle openings, which is why i bought it and it works great, are not bigger than a beer bottle. So while i am not positive, i would say yes!

If i saw off the black part of the plastic handle, will it fit in a cordless drill to use for power scrubbing? Will the white handle flex easily?

Handle flexes some, dunno about connecting sawed off portion to a drill tho

Will this fit in and to thr bottom of a 1l soda stream bottle?

Nope. The plastic rod is small enough but the compact bristles just won’t let you get through the top very easily.

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush AMAZON

Buy OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush: Health & Household – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Awesome brush! Soft enough to match bottle contours but stiff enough to clean well.

Love this brush! On the first use i wish i’d bought one sooner. I’ve been using a foam-tipped bottle brush that, while good for minor cleaning, isn’t nearly as effective without the pressure and bristles. I have another smaller brush, but that one has a twisted-wire main structure and just poked the bottom of bottles instead of cleaning them. This one is large enough to be good for my larger insulated bottles and flexible enough it should clean smaller insulated coffee mugs as well.

Don’t think about it, just buy this one. Heck, buy two and surprise your mom with one.

5Expert Score
Simple, but great

Skinny handle that’s easy to hold due to the rubber grip. The brush’s bristles have stood up to a lot of scrubbing and aren’t bent. Although the bristles are durable, they are also gentle and haven’t scratched anything. I previously used a different product with a bamboo handle that molded, so i am happy to have switched to this product 5 months ago.

5Expert Score
Best bottle brush bar none

The oxo bottle brush has soft enough bristles that they are able to get into and clean all the crevices of a vase and scrub the curves of a wine glass. It’s also sturdy enough to wash plates. I love this brush and was thrilled to see that amazon carries it. I’ve had 2 for 5 years now and just ordered 2 more.

5Expert Score
Excellent bottle brush.

This clean so well, even though it looks like a tiny toilet brush haha! It has soft bristles, and they clean extremely well.

5Expert Score
Excellent bottle and cup cleaner

I reach for these every time i’m doing dishes. Not great for tight holes or heavy scrubbing, but it’s great for any drinking vessel, including wine glasses

5Expert Score

I will never buy anything else again but this brush for cleaning glasses and sport bottles. This thing is freaking amazing it’s sturdy and not flimsy like all the others are. 10 stars

5Expert Score
Second time ordering it

It’s said that complexity is the enemy of reliability, this is exemplified by this bottle brush

5Expert Score
Great bottle brush

The handle on the bottle brush is just the right length to clean 20oz water bottles and the bristles are just the right texture for a good cleaning.

5Expert Score
Perfect for older hands

This is my second one. First one lasted a year. The handle is very comfortable.

5Expert Score
Great product

Love oxo. We buy one of these every few weeks to clean our bigger bottles that the smaller oxo brush doesn’t reach.

4Expert Score
Bristles are very soft, and stained first time used

I was looking for a replacement for the rubbermaid bottle brush, which has a very long handle and stiff bristles. I knew this would be shorter, but i was not prepared for how soft the bristles are. I think this would be good for actual baby bottles, and it is excellent at getting into narrow-mouthed bottles like supermarket milk bottles. So this is an okay brush, but i was disappointed in how quickly it stained, and that no matter what i did i could not get the bristles to look clean (when it was just a few days old!) i used it to clean a bowl that had held soup with a lot of turmeric. The yellow of the turmeric transferred to the brush and then the next day was a dingy gray. Less than a week old and i was ashamed to have it hanging in my kitchen.

Wish i could post a picture, but my husband threw it out!

4Expert Score
Smaller than i thought

The picture looked like it was bigger but still, it’s useful.

4Expert Score
We use them regularly

Better built then most, why we purchased them

4Expert Score
Works well

Definitely helps reach all the way down to scrub and clean bottles i use daily at the gym for my pre work out/protein shakes/water. The only thing i don’t like is i feel the base of the stick itself isn’t that sturdy. It feels like it’ll easily snap in half one day. They should’ve made the base of the stick thicker. I only feel it when i try to really scrub down hard that it kind of wobbles

4Expert Score
Works well, would prefer stiffer bristles

This works for our purposes of cleaning irregularly shaped glasses and water bottles. I have my doubts about how effective it would be for cleaning anything that was really dirty though. The blue bristles are the same as the white, they aren’t any stiffer.

4Expert Score
Works ok but resembles…

This works for cleaning inside a thermos-type bottle, although it’s a tight fit for narrower (classic) ll bean canteen necks. Appears well made and has a secure handle.

Small issue: can’t leave it out in the kitchen. It looks too much like a toilet brush. 🙂

4Expert Score
Works well

I like the way it works, no ‘splash back’ of soap or water when doing the dishes. Most brushes do ‘splash back’, i keep buying it but i wish it lasted longer.

4Expert Score
For wider mouth bottles

Won’t fit in soda stream bottles easily. Better for wider moths

4Expert Score
Use for carafe cleaning

The handle does not bend. The body of the brush does bend but is not long enough to reach all the deep sides of the carafe that need to be cleaned. It does clean very well what it can reach though. Need to design another carafe cleaner with a longer handle and bendable scrubber.

4Expert Score
Decent brush

The brush is decent. I personally prefer a brush with a longer handle and this is not as long as i like it, but it fits in almost every water bottle except those that are 1 liter or more. For thr 1 liter bottles, i have to out my hand in the bottle a bit bit it still works. I stocked up on 2 brushes because i like the price point for the product.

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