Pampers, Baby Diaper Wipes, Baby Fresh Scent, 10X Pop-Top Packs, 800 Count

Pampers, Baby Diaper Wipes, Baby Fresh Scent, 10X Pop-Top Packs, 800 Count

Buy Pampers, Baby Diaper Wipes, Baby Fresh Scent, 10X Pop-Top Packs, 800 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are pampers features?

  • Pampers baby wipes clean and wipe away germs
  • Baby fresh scent for a refreshing clean
  • 4x stronger ( vs leading us sub-brand)
  • Hypoallergenic – 0% alcohol, parabens, and latex ( natural rubber)
  • For healthy skin use together with pampers baby-dry diapers
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Pampers, Baby Diaper Wipes, Baby Fresh Scent, 10X Pop-Top Packs, 800 Count AMAZON

Buy Pampers, Baby Diaper Wipes, Baby Fresh Scent, 10X Pop-Top Packs, 800 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

I’m buying this for a friend, i was wondering if the diaper will fit his baby because it was born at a very young age

These are baby wipes, not diapers.. To order diapers, you need to know the babys weight and or age… If it’s a newborn, newborn diapers fit up to 10 pounds. Size 1 diapers fit up to 14 pounds….

Your description says sensitive but the box says baby fresh. Which is it????

There are options for you to choose. It has the complete clean, baby fresh and unscented. There are options as well for size.

Do these come with rewards codes?

It is bulk i have a newborn lasted 8 months still have for like a month or so use generously as well.

What do these smell like? Do they have the normal baby wipe small?

I think they smell weird. I don’t like the smell at all. And they are crappy wipes compared to huggies. I will never buy these again.

Is this false advertising? The title says pampers sensitive but the description is for the pampers complete clean wipes not the sensitive?

When i received them, they were the complete clean.

Does this kill 99.9% of bacteria?

No, they don’t. They do wipe away germs, but don’t kill them!

Why does the title says 12 pop-top pack and refills but the description says 8 pop-toos and 8 refills? It’a little misleading

It is misleading but when i received them i actually got 8 of each.

Where is the product made?

Our wipes are made in dover, de and green bay, wi.

Tiallitas húmedas para bebes

Very good

Does this come with a dispenser tub for refil packs?

It does not come with the tub.

The pampers team

Pampers, Baby Diaper Wipes, Baby Fresh Scent, 10X Pop-Top Packs, 800 Count AMAZON

Buy Pampers, Baby Diaper Wipes, Baby Fresh Scent, 10X Pop-Top Packs, 800 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Smell good

These are my favorite wipes. It would be nice if they’d come with a rubber band already round one side of the stack to help them come out one at a time though but other than that i can’t think of anything i’d change about the product.

5Expert Score
Love these!

Love the amount i get for the price. I love that i can use the refill packs at home and have the pop top packs for when we are out. Auto delivery every 3 months is a huge blessing!

5Expert Score
Oh my goodness i adore these!

These ar by far much cheaper than traditional baby wipes. Much bigger to cover way more surface area. My little guy hasn’t broken out at all unlike with the pampers sensitive wipes. They’re not overly wet and are very strong! Have a great hood when cleaning up running poop from my baby boy. Easy to pull out also. You don’t end up with half the package when you just need one. Was presently surprised to find them in the camping section of amazon. Definitely a great deal for the amount you get. 80 wipes per package is a wonderful deal. Will definitely be ordering again.

5Expert Score
Awesome product

Absolutely love pampers! These wipes are so nice and smell so amazing. Will purchase again. Thank you

5Expert Score

Love these, my lo is a bit sensitive to these water base wipes are wonderful. One ply goes along way, so these wipes can last for quite some time. It’s absolutely worth the price. Been the only wipes i’ve used on my baby an will continue to use it, so having a subscription where they just send it without worrying if you will run out is a added bonus.

5Expert Score
Favorite wipes for babies

Pampers has always been my go to for wipes. I started using them over 22 years ago and the quality hasn’t changed. My littles all had very sensitive skin and these worked great. No rash, no fuss.

5Expert Score
Love that it's fragrance free

My 4 month old has severe eczema and i love that it’s fragrance free plus they last a long while will buy again

5Expert Score
Great value and quality

Very happy with this purchase, we go through diapers like crazy and buying it in bulk takes so much off our plate.

5Expert Score

Great smell

5Expert Score

Great value and quantity. You can detach the latch and put it on a pack of wipe that doesn’t have one. Very soft moist and smells nice.

4Expert Score

These do the job but i’m used to the costco wipes and these are a lot smaller and thinner. The scent is good but have to get used to it.

4Expert Score
Not bad

I usually use huggies wipe ,for i use them myself. The pampers were too thin that i thought. But yes i‘d use on babies for i’ve had 3 kids myself . I just want to try pampers because it has good deals.

4Expert Score
Need separate container for freshness

Good except half the packages require a separate container to remain fresh

4Expert Score
Premium quality nice smelling wet wipes but are thin and small in dimensions!

Loved this product for its quality. It is definitely a premium one. Works for what it is designed for. Multi-purpose and great for babies. However, we felt the wipes could have been a little thicker and large in dimensions.

My 2 cents below:

– smells very nice with a fresh scent
– it has nice ingredients
– very good quality tissues and it is the premium category one
– very soft and great for daily use on infant babies
– no chemical or whitening agents are used in manufacturing these hence non-toxic and safe for baby

– i wish it has a larger dimension and was also thick as our previous one was

4Expert Score
Half of wipes sealed in packages

Half of the box had wipes with no opening on package. Have to slice them open and put in container so they dont dry out.

4Expert Score
These work. I love the smell of these.

These work. I love the smell of these. They are also gentle enough for my son who has eczema.

4Expert Score
Not all come with a pop top!

Wipes work fine, but i did not realize that only half of the wipe packs come with a pop-top, so you will need a wipe dispenser for the rest.

4Expert Score
These are ok

They are soft at first then get not so soft after a few wipes. They do leave cotton pieces on my face which i hate. Yes, i use these to clean my face, make up removal and morning cleansing. It was the best price for the amount you get but i won’t buy again as they leave cotton pieces and aren’t so soft after a few wipes. I would have given less stars but amazon blocks reviewers temporarily when you give a bad review. These aren’t ‘bad’ just not quilted soft like i would expect from pampers

4Expert Score
Been a while…

I have sensitive skin.. Really sensitive.. And i can use them.. They smell good and fresh. My gripe with them.. They overlap so much they are hard to separate with just one hand.

4Expert Score
Great price and soft wipes not harsh on baby’s bum.

I’ve tried many different wipes before, walmart parent’s choice brand and costco kirkland brand but this is the softest and priced reasonable. My baby’s bum doesn’t get irritated by it. Believe it or not this price is actually cheaper than the costco kirkland brand. I like how this set comes in half refills and half pop tops so i can go out with these and have them at home. The refill ones are super easy to open, i don’t even take them out of the plastic wrap completely when i put it in the wipe box; and it comes out fine. After the last piece is used my box is clean and i just toss the plastic wrapping. The only down side i think to these wipes is the pop tops is hard to pull out one piece at a time. When you pull you have to use your other hand to cut it off otherwise it just keeps on coming. One links to the other piece too tightly; when you have a baby poo mess you need your other hand to hold the babies feet up and pull wipes with one hand if a bunch of wipes comes out, you wasted the wipes. I don’t have that issue with the refills in the box at home. Over all i like these a lot and have been using them for a year now and just have them auto ship to me periodically. Would recommend.

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