Paxcoo 1mm Elastic Bracelet String Cord Stretch Bead Cord for Jewelry Making and Bracelet Making

Paxcoo 1mm Elastic Bracelet String Cord Stretch Bead Cord for Jewelry Making and Bracelet Making

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What are paxcoo 1mm elastic bracelet string cord stretch bead cord for jewelry making and bracelet making features?

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  • Value pack of elastic cord – paxcoo bracelet string comes with a roll of 100m/ 328ft elastic cord, ideal for bracelet making, jewelry making, beading, necklace making and other art craft projects
  • Flat elastic string – the elastic string is approx. 1 mm in width and 0.7mm in thickness. 100m/ 328 ft per roll. It is easy to tie knots and the knot is strong and small to make your beads secure and you can hide the knot easily
  • Elastic for bracelet making – this bracelet string is made of elastic polyester spandex and it is crystal looking, which is sturdy for use and beautiful looking. The stretchy thread is great for beading projects
  • Bead string for jewelry making – the elastic cord is perfect for bracelet, necklace, bead weaving and other jewelry craft projects. Especially fit for using with seed beads, gemstone beads, glass beads and other beads for jewelry making
  • Product warranty and customer service – we provide 48-days money-back and 24-months warranty. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question
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Paxcoo 1mm Elastic Bracelet String Cord Stretch Bead Cord for Jewelry Making and Bracelet Making AMAZON

Shop PAXCOO at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

Has any one had the string split when you cut a length of the string off? I did.

No. Thank goodness, this clear jewelry stretch cord has not split on me.

Is it really flat like it says? I’m looking for a round elastic string

It’s definitely round. I restrung a beaded apple watch band and it worked beautifully

I’ve found that some stretchy cords easily break apart over time, even if they weren’t used. Any such problems here?

So far i’ve order these twice. I make waistbeads, bracelets with constant use and stretching the will break but my clients havent complained yet and i made 2 anklet one been on my feet for 7months and it’s still going… So give it a try and tell me what you think … I will definitely keep ordering for sure.

Can i use this for glass beads?

Hi. Yes, you can absolutely use the string for glass beads. I do this often. I suggest using glass beads that are not too heavy. This stretchy string holds up pretty well. I only use it to make bracelets & anklets. It works just fine.

Would you recommend this for windchimes? And would the 1mm be the right size? Thanks 🙂

I would not recommend using elastic bracelet string cord for wind chimes, based on my experience with non-elastic wind chime cord…but be as creative as you like.

Couple of questions for a newbie: do you think it could hold heavier clay or ceramic beads (the 1mm) & what kind of needle, tool, or hand to string?

I think it can hold heavy clay beads and i string it with my hand. It is very durable.

Does this stretch out once add beads, charms and wear it for awhile?? If so what brand do you use that does not?

So far the bracelets i’ve made with this elastic string have not stretched out after putting beads and charms on and wearing for awhile !

Does this break easily when stretched? I find that many elastic bracelets break very easily when slightly stretched and i don’t want that to happen.

I made a bracelet of black tourmaline using this cord, and have been wearing it in a wrist stack every day without a problem, for over a month. It stretches when getting it on a off, but hasn’t stretched out.

Is this latex free?

My spool just says ‘stretchy string’.

Wat color is the cord? Crytal transparent or white?

This elastic bracelet string is white.

Is this good for shirring?

I believe this elastic is ment more for jewelry making such a bracelets.. But i do feel you possibly could if what your creating is not going to be associated with a washer or dryer. This elastic isn’t all that strong either.

Is this good for making bracelets out of? Does it over-stretch after wearing it a couple of time?

I believe making bracelets is the original intent of this product. I use it in a paper craft. It is in a tension (stretched) mode when i’m finished making the craft, and it bounces back nicely when my craft is opened (it’s a flat box the pops out into a cube when a paper drawer is opened).

I want to make my son a teething toy with silicone beads ranging from 12-20 mm, will this string work, if so what is the best size? Thanks!

I don’t notvrhink it is a good idea to use beads as a teething toy as it can be hazardous it it breaks baby can choke on the beads if swallowed

Does this fit through 2mm beads?

Yes it will fit.

Hi i had a question is it a good product is it hard to tie knots with?

It’s not hard to tie knots but if you don’t pull on it tight enough to make the knot, it will not hold the knot. I use it for “pop up” boxes (when you open a paper box, a smaller flat box pops up bringing smiles to the recipient). It also doesn’t deteriorate like rubber bands can.

How long is the whole thing?

‘paxcoo bracelet string comes with a roll of 100m/ 328ft elastic cord…’
328 feet

Where is this made?

Glad you asked. It’s made in china and i will not buy it again. Period. I bought it two times and i didn’t look where it’s made. Thanks for asking.

Is this narrow enough for 10/0 seed beads?

Yes, it looks like you could get seed beads on it.

What is the texture of the string?

It is smooth and thin. I bought the string to redo bracelets that were too large. It worked perfectly and is strong enough to not break.

Can i use this for weaving with beads?

Hi. Yes, it can be used for bead weaving, however, my suggestion is that you don’t utilize heavy beads for your project. 3mm- about 6mm gemstone beads should be fine. You can use larger beads if it’s plastic beads or lighter types of beads. I hope this helps you a little bit. Happy beading!

Paxcoo 1mm Elastic Bracelet String Cord Stretch Bead Cord for Jewelry Making and Bracelet Making AMAZON

Shop PAXCOO at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Good quality

I love this i have made lots of bracelets out of it. None of them have broken so far. I highly recommend it.

5Expert Score
Good quality in my opinion

I like that my bracelets didn’t break apart from using the string

5Expert Score
Product great

I’m do grateful to have a great product and a driver that follows instructions

5Expert Score
This isn't for necklaces, cord is gooey-long

I made the wrong choice thinking this was something different. I need something that is perhaps nylon and semi-durable. I’m looking for something like the cord that keeps tennis shoes together in a pair in the store.

5Expert Score
Worked great!!!

I really like this elastic, it stretches great, and it’s super strong. When i tie off my knots i pull really hard to ensure it won’t come undone and this elastic stands up with no issues. I add a drop of glue to the knot and my bracelets never come undone. Awesome elastic for an awesome price!!! Highly recommend!!

5Expert Score

Worked great on my granddaughter beads

5Expert Score
It holds knots really well and is very durable

I have been using round elastic cord for a long time and this flat cord makes my projects last so much longer and, the knot blends well with the desings.

5Expert Score
Well needed

Me and my significant other wrestle a lot so i’m constantly repairing the bracelet she gave me since i won’t take it off

5Expert Score

I use this all the time

5Expert Score
Great for beading with grandchildren.

Looks strong enough for doing necklaces & bracelets with the grandkids.

4Expert Score
Nice stretch, easy to use

Easy to make bracelets with this stretchy string. I don’t remember the cost so it couldn’t have been too pricey. This was my first experience with elastic string, would definitely use again.

4Expert Score
If you make bracelets etc buy

Purchase this after buy a bead kit not enough elastic string . I have more than enough now for such a great price so worth it

4Expert Score
Tangled to start

Rough start to the thread and sometimes it frays but still somewhat manageable to use.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
I will buy again

Nice for crafting

4Expert Score
It's usable

I doubled the string for more durability. However that’s because that’s what i wanted. The item is usable for regular use

4Expert Score
Not stretchy

I was really excited to get this package because none of my string fit in my bead spinner so i was really excited to get this but i am a little disappointed because it is not stretchy so i can only make necklaces not braceletes sadly.

4Expert Score
Good quality stretch cord. It doesn't look and feel like 1m, but it is.

It stretches very well, and seems to be real strong. There’s a lot of cord on that spool.

4Expert Score
Great quality

Perfect for making bracelets and such

4Expert Score

Ok product

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