Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Steak

Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Steak Pedigree Small Dog Complete Nutrition Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Grilled Steak and Vegetable Flavor Dog Kibble, 14 lb. Bag : Everything Else

What are pedigree small breed adult dry dog food features?

  • Contains one (1) pedigree small dog complete nutrition small breed adult dry dog food grilled steak and vegetable flavor dog kibble, 14 lb. Bag
  • Pedigree small dog dry food features a delicious steak and vegetable flavor that provides antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Pedigree food for dogs features whole grains, protein, and accents of vegetables to help support digestion
  • Complete and balanced nutrition provides optimal levels of omega-6 fatty acid to nourish skin, and help keep your small dogs coat shiny and healthy
  • Proudly made in the usa with the world’s finest ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and no added sugar
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Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Steak AMAZON Pedigree Small Dog Complete Nutrition Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Grilled Steak and Vegetable Flavor Dog Kibble, 14 lb. Bag : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Why did the price go up right when i needed to reorder ?

Why did this product go up $10 since my last purchase 4/6/22?. I am a frequent customer and should not be priced this.

Expiration date, please

10/30/20. All the dog food i have bought from amazon has been good, none of it had expired dates. I buy all the time too.

I recently purchased some of these. But i have heard reviews on youtube saying it’s unhealthy for dogs, is this true?

Well if the first ingredient is corn and our dogs don’t need that at all i would say no that’s not healthy. And the meat they say that in it is byproduct meal. I feed my cat and dog rachel ray brand. No grain ingredients

I would like to stop automatic delivery

. Go to your orders. Click not yet delivered. Find subscriptions and click on the one you want stopped. Cancel auto delivery (subscription). Call amazon if you can’t find your item under orders/subscriptions.

I can’t find how to add this to my subscribe and save?

You purchase it and before checking out you should see two options to by.

How much does it weigh?

15 pounds

How does this ship? Usps,ups, fedex?


How do i add this to subscription? I buy it once a month at the same time so automatic shipment would be great!

When you are preparing to put product in your cart scroll down just a little bit before you push add to cart and there is a subscribe & save option

How many cups in 15lb bag

I don’t know exactly but i feed my dogs 3 cups a day and the bag lasts about 23 days so i would guess about 70-75 cups.

15 lbs pedigree small dog food how much?

Yes there it runs about $11. I do subscribe & save and get 2 for 20 every month on auto order delivered to my house

How do l cancel this subscription

Go in to your account settings and click subscribe and save. You should be able to adjust how often an item to be sent or cancel the subscription

Can i buy now to be delivered on the 3/27/21

I believe so.

What is the customer support number? I need to cancel my subscription

Cancel thru amazon

The grilled steak & vegetable is marked down to $9.52 is it because the expiration date is soon to expire?

A question for amazon

Is this dog food shipped by amazon?

Yes, to my door.

Where is this food made?

Dog food factory

Does this food contain chicken?


Food that was in the green packaging that was proactive health for small breeds?


Is there any realmeat in this or is it all ‘by products’?

Our chicken by-product meal is muscle and internal organs that have been cleaned, dried, cooked, and ground. In addition to the superior quality specifications we set for our suppliers, we take additional steps to ensure our chicken by-product meal is the best. We put it through a proprietary screening process to further improve its protein quality. This quality assurance process costs more, but it is part of what makes our chicken by-product meal different.

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What happened to the zipper closure? My dogs food is not as fresh, harder to store

There’s is no zipper on any of the bags no matter how large. Your best bet is to pick up a storage container. I found one cheap with wheels and a measuring scoop. It keeps the food fresh and the girls can’t break into it because it has a latch. I have had the same one years so well with the investment.

Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Steak AMAZON Pedigree Small Dog Complete Nutrition Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Grilled Steak and Vegetable Flavor Dog Kibble, 14 lb. Bag : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My dogs love it and they are gaining weight finally!

My two dogs love this and one is a bit older so i switched to smaller bites. But they both eat every bite and they are doing well weight wise finally after several different other dog foods failed to keep them healthy looking. I love this brand so far.

5Expert Score
Lucky she's cute

My papillon/pekingese is super picky. I’ve tried all kinds of expensive brands and pedigree is the only one she will eat multiple days in a row. The plus side of this is that i can find this brand everywhere and it’s affordable.

5Expert Score
Good price. Fast delivery.

My shih tzu has always liked this food. Even after losing a few teeth (she’s 13), she is still able to eat this. My in-laws chihuahua also eats this food when she comes over (and she’s down a few teeth as well). Great dogs.

5Expert Score
My dog very like to eat

My dog is very like to eat this dog food. My dog is small, this small size dog food is good for my dog. I will buy again next time.

5Expert Score
It's the only food brutus will eat.

Brutus didn’t used to be so finicky but in his old age (15), he won’t eat anything else. The price is great and i can get it in less than 48 hours. What’s not to love about that,?

5Expert Score
A very good product for small dogs

We feed our cairne terrier a mixture of dry and moist food each meal twice a day. She likes the flavor of this product and it is a good value

a very good product for small dogs

john j. Hogan

5Expert Score
My dog loves this

My dog who is very picky loves this kibble.

5Expert Score

Only dog food he will eat.

5Expert Score
My kiddo's love the yellow bag!

I have smaller dogs and they really prefer this brand. I’ve done all the grain free stuff but i keep coming back to this brand and flavor over and over. I have a gang of 5, one of which i suspect is a clydesdale in a bassett hounds body but i now buy 2 bigger bags a month.

I have no idea if the bits each have a distinct flavor but i have one girl that scatters it to find certain bits. Those are the only ones that she will eat. Her brothers clean up anything that she refuses so this works for us.

My only gripe is a big one for my household. No resealable bag?!? Come on, it’s 2020!! Give us a zipper!! I don’t pour my bags out into the airtight container i keep the bags in because of possible recalls. Also i have to buy another kind of special food for another of my crew and it needs to be in the same container so i just keep them in their separate bags and make it work.

I don’t feed this dry. Some of my crew prefer it that way but i always add a wet topper that is homemade and let them pick and choose what they eat. I can say because of this practice that this will not make its own ‘gravy’ with just water. It does soak up water very nicely if you have an older pupper that needs that. Also it heats well. Yes, my dogs are that spoiled. Don’t judge me.

Now let’s be real. Poop!!! With my 5, i’ve seen all kinds of poop. I’ve had dogs my entire life and i’m not shy about talking about it. If you’re squeamish, scroll now.

This food can make pooping a bit hard for at least one of my gang. He has to has this food moistened considerably or pooping becomes almost impossible. I don’t add enough water that it’s like a sponge in the sink or anything but wet enough to be noticeable.

As for poop texture, it’s not the same as grain free poop. This is a bit…sturdier poop. It’s not rock hard but it definitely has a bit more weight without noticeable changes in volume. I’m not breaking out the kitchen scale with every deposit but it looks similar but feels heavier.

Smell is also a bit different and a bit stinkier. Yes, i know all poop stinks but you get used to certain smells and you know the difference.

Cleanup is another thing that must be talked about because that’s just life. This poop doesn’t ‘melt’ away in rain like grain free poop has a tendency to do. I clean my yard every night before dark instead of cleaning up after each walk. I can do one whip around with my pooper scooper and bucket and be done in under ten minutes. After a good rain, i have more to clean up than i used to with grain free food.

Pricing makes this much more affordable when feeding multiples and my vet actually likes this food. I worry about cardiomyopathy and want to avoid any possible link to something that might hurt them. I’m not advising that you follow suit. I am begging you to talk to your vet. Liver failure happened to one of my kiddo’s almost overnight. It’s horrid and terrifying. Talk to your vet please. Check and double check that your kiddo is healthy no matter what you choose to feed them.

5Expert Score
Dog loves!

My little chi-pug mix can be quite picky with his food. This food he was not. He’s always ready for his meal. As a matter of fact his food disappears for his bowl like magic.

4Expert Score
My dog died

I never tasted it so i can’t say anything about taste. It had a light scent of dog food. The dog would eat it

4Expert Score
Dry dog food

My dogs dry dog food.

4Expert Score
My dogs love the flavor

My dogs get crazy for this brand of pet food so i guess it means they love the flavors

4Expert Score
Almost adiquit ‍

Vet says it’s like mcdonald’s for dogs, should be used in mistreation.

4Expert Score
My pups eat it better. I’ve never tasted it myself.

Dog food of course.

4Expert Score
My regular small bites dog food is not available so i switched to this brand.

My shih tzu seems to like this brand reasonably well. Not as much as his regular brand but he does eat it and that’s what matters. A good value for the price.

4Expert Score
Very affordable

Very affordable,ingredients could be better but then the cost would also rise.kibble size is perfect for my chihuahuas.

4Expert Score
Ok food

Food came fast! Dogs like it but no “tender bites”. All pieces are crunchy and round. Nice fresh food though. Very nice packaging.

4Expert Score
Good food!

My dog likes this. It’s small bites and easier for her to eat. Great buy!!

4Expert Score
Dog food

Used for smaller dog

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