Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Ground Coffee – Major Dickason’s Blend 18 Ounce Bag

Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Ground Coffee – Major Dickason’s Blend 18 Ounce Bag : Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Ground Coffee – Major Dickason’s Blend 18 Ounce Bag : Everything Else

What are peet’s coffee features?

  • Contains one (1) 18 ounce bag of peet’s major dickason’s blend ground 100% arabica coffee
  • Flavor and roast: dark roast. Flavorful, robust, full-bodied. Developed by mr. Peet and his most discerning customer, major dickason’s blend epitomizes the rich, flavorful taste of peet’s
  • Brewing methods: our ground coffee is perfectly suited to make drip or a pour over in your chemex. For other brewing methods – espresso, cold brew, or french press – consider our whole bean coffees and grinding at home
  • Sourcing with impact: the coffee you buy can impact the welfare of the people and planet. Peet’s is actively engaged in driving positive impact in communities where our coffees are grown
  • Freshness you can fact check: freshly roasted coffee means a more flavorful cup. We print the roast date on each and every bag for maximal transparency, and ensure you receive it within 90 days for the optimal experience
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Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Ground Coffee – Major Dickason’s Blend 18 Ounce Bag AMAZON : Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Ground Coffee – Major Dickason’s Blend 18 Ounce Bag : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Is major dickason ‘s blend ground coffee fine grind or good for espresso?

Thank you for your question and reaching out to us. Our ground coffee is our drip grind. Drip grind is best for k-cup refillable filters, pour over cone drips, cone/basket filters, and chemex. It is a finer ground. We carry espresso grind but drip grind can be used for espresso as well.

Why can’t i order peets coffee from amazon any more

You can order fro example, we have more than 10 different kind and type of peet’s coffee: welcome!

Is organic french roast free of mold and toxins?

We only source the highest quality coffees we can find, and great coffee is the result of exceptional care being taken during the growing, picking and processing stages of a coffee’s life.

We take great care to ensure no loss of quality from picking to the package arriving in your hands!

Is it gluten free?

All coffee is gluten free. Is this a for real question?

Do you have roasted and best used by date on the bags

Thank you for your question! Look for the roast date on the righthand panel of the bag along with the best by date, which is 3 months after the roast date. The freshest by date is the date that we recommend you enjoy your coffee by, however this is not an expiration date. The coffee is still safe to drink but it will not be at it’s peak flavor.

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Why is amazon selling peets coffee past peets recommend freshness date?

I buy direct from peet’s now.
The first ones i got were like that.
So it is not peet’s selling jt is a 3rd party doing this.
Order from peet’s direct.
Now keep in mind most other coffee you buy you never know when it was roasted. Could have sat in a warehouse for a long time before you get it you just have no way of knowing.
Peet’s is excellent coffee.
So is caribou coffee both are best ordered direct from each’s website and it will be very fresh.
Peet’s and caribou are 2 of my favorite so far.
Outstanding great coffees.
Happy brewing

How many cups for 90 cups of coffee?

Peet’s recommends two level tablespoons of coffee for one cup of coffee. For 90 cups of coffee-45 tablespoons coffee
for 90 cups water use 2.82 cups peet’s.

Besides bag color, what’s the difference between the ground french roast organic in the green bag vs the ground french roast organic in the brown bag?

From my experience, the green bags are decaf and brown bags are regular.

How much caffeine is in one tablespoon of coffee grounds?


Does the bagged peet’s coffee work well using keurig universal k cups?

I believe that peet’s is sold in k cups. Using universal k cups should only be a matter of matching the ant of coffee with the proper amount of water. In short, i see no reason for it not to work. However i still prefer pour over.

This says ‘peetnik pack’ but says 18 oz, & the ounce size is not displayed on the bag. Other ‘peetnik paks’ say 20z on the bag. Authentic product?

I bought 20 oz. Bags of peet’s coffee (in several flavors) and all bags displayed the words peetnik pack on top and stated the no. Of ounces on both the top and bottom of the bags. I am certain that coffees i bought are authentic. I wouldn’t know if the item you are asking about is authentic or not, wish i could help you more.

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2 tablespoons is 30 grams of coffee. For a 6 oz cuppa! Could they mean teaspoons (1 tsp = 1/3 of tblsp) whch is ~5g ea?

Two t for a 6 oz. Cup can’t be right. I have a coffee scoop i use that i imagine is about 2 t (+?) and that’s for a 16 oz. Cup. It’s tastes right with the scoop so i’ve never measured it to see exactly how much it is. But i’m sure two t is too much for that 6 oz. Cup.

Is this coffee low acid and very dark? Is it very dark like starbucks french roast? Is peet’s french roast peet’s darkest coffee?

It’s dark , full flavored . No idea about acid or comparison to starbucks .

The grind is never easy to determine. Is this stuff coarse, medium or fine. If you don’t know there is no need to respond. Thanks!

Thank you for your question. This coffee is ground for drip, which is a medium to fine grind. Please find our faq here for additional information:

How can i be sure when i order today it will be fresh

Yes although i would not

How do i cancel monthly delivery?

Ah, i just did that, type in ‘manage subsciptions’ and ‘cancel’ is an option

Is this item returnable?

I’ve found that all food items are totally refundable on amazon- but they tell you to keep the item…. (but they give you the $)

Can you purchase holiday blend that is bagged?


How much caffiene does it have??

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. Caffeine content falls within a range, and will vary depending on individual preparation. In 6 ounces of coffee, there is about 100-200 mg caffeine.

Why has this coffee more than doubled in price?

Shortage and popularity

Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Ground Coffee – Major Dickason’s Blend 18 Ounce Bag AMAZON : Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Ground Coffee – Major Dickason’s Blend 18 Ounce Bag : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A tasty brew

I drink my dark coffee black with honey. My fav are peet’s major dickason and starbucks french. Both are great coffee, but a little on the expensive side. I go with the starbucks cause it is a little better value.

In an effort to save money i thought to try a cheap brand and gave folgers black silk a go and i disliked it so much that i’m ready to give the remains away to a less coffee sensitive drinker. Now i’m reluctant to trial other cheaper brands,

i enjoy the flavor right out of the cup and the aftertaste. The snob in me doesn’t enjoy that bitter aftertaste found in cheap coffee. Maybe if i drowned it with cream, i’d be less critical, but i don’t. I drink it black and sweet.
Packaging is fine and design for open storage is good.

I wonder what coffee a real coffee snob drink. I’d believe in their reviews. Enjoy…

5Expert Score
Peet's is consistently good

I think the whole ‘organic’ thing is a scam for people who are too dim to understand science but like to pretend that they’re smart. That aside, this is good coffee and it didn’t cost any more than their regular stuff. Peet’s does a consistently good job with their roasts and their stuff is always quite fresh. If you’re going to buy ground coffee, you want fresh and you want consistent. You pay for it with peet’s, but you pay less than you might and you certainly get what you pay for.

5Expert Score
Great coffee at a good price!

This is the only coffee we buy in our household. I love being able to get the larger bags at such a good price at amazon! It is a strong brew but not acidic and overpowering like some. My husband and i both love it.

5Expert Score
Easy on the stomach and tastes so good!

As another reviewer stated, walmart stopped selling the organic dark french roast, so i also came to amazon to see if they sold it…and they did! Compared to other places, it is a good price … But, still pricey in my opinion, because i drink two cups a day. I think currently, i bought it for $12 for 18 ozs. (it was $11 last month, but with inflation everything keeps going up). I keep getting it because it tastes good and most importantly, it is not hard on my stomach (i add creamer or 2% milk). I used to drink folgers and even with milk it hurt my stomach. I hope the price does not increase and that amazon keeps selling this.

5Expert Score
The best

If you like a full body coffee with great taste, this is it. We have been drinking this for years. While the price has gone up, it is representative of the price of coffee beans worldwide.

5Expert Score
Don't know how they do it.

Peet’s is one of my favorite coffees. I just wish i could get the same deal on the whole bean version.

5Expert Score
Best cup of coffee i've ever had

The local walmart decided to stop selling my regular brew, seattle’s best 6th avenue bistro so i went to amazon to see if it was worth it to order from here. Someone in the comments mentioned peet’s major dickason’s blend & gave it such high praise, i decided to try it. It may very well be the best cup of coffee i’ve ever tasted! It’s rich & dark, but smooth as silk. Given the high price, that’s good & bad. But coffee is one of the joys of my life & the older i get, the more i feel i should make the most of it if i can. I also purchased the french roast, but i haven’t tried it yet. Major dickason’s will be hard to beat. Can’t wait till morning to get another cup!

5Expert Score
Amazing flavor for americano

This is my favorite coffee. There is none off the shelf like it. I buy it for my self and family. I refer others to it as well. That is how good this is for american drip coffee. It has a great coffee flavor – more than others, with a smokey wood flavor and is great with milk.
This is beyond anything else.

5Expert Score
Peet's is the best!

There’s nothing quite like peet’s. It’s smooth and rich and never disappoints. It’s my favorite coffee by far. Glad i can get it on amazon.

5Expert Score
Fair price on great coffee. I can't always find it in the store.

I love peet’s coffee and can’t always find it in my local grocery store. Awesome to be able to purchase through amazon and have it show up at my door. Try it!

4Expert Score
Money's worth

Not worth the price per ounce.

4Expert Score
Good solid flavor but not a stand out

Very good coffee, if you like dark roast coffee this is a good one.

4Expert Score
Goof coffee for the money

A rather light roast and a bit sweet for my taste. But then i love a dark roasted strong coffee.

4Expert Score
Peets – a national standard

Many years ago when i worked in berkeley, i would go into peets which was then just a small local coffee roaster. Now they have a full line of coffees and teas. They are absolutely top drawer, although i prefer another brand for being slightly less sharp in the french roast but still being full and robust – but that is just my personal taste. From my experience, peets usually costs a bit more than s**s so i marked it down for value. It stands among the top widely distributed coffees.

4Expert Score
Excellent deal!

Delicious coffee! Just purchased a second time.

4Expert Score
Good coffee but all packages expired or within 1 month of expiration

I love peet’s french roast coffee and really appreciate the cost and convenience of ordering the organic version through amazon. Probably best to buy in smaller quantities unless you drink a lot of coffee. I ordered five 18 oz bags. One arrived having expired 9 months previously, and the remaining four arrived with only five weeks left before expiring. I still think it is a good deal, just check the freshness dates.

4Expert Score
Grind your own if you want top flavor!

Bought this accidentally as it was on my ‘buy again’ list even though i never by pre-ground coffee.
Its ground too fine for a press and isn’t as flavorful as when i grind my own beans. This is a wonderful
flavored coffee with caramel tones, so i will buy whole bean from now on.

4Expert Score
Beware the grind

The price is right but the grind is less than 5 which is my preferred level

4Expert Score
Great coffee

This coffee has great flavor and i’ve gotten so i don’t like any other brand. I’ve been getting this coffee from amazon for a couple years now and this is the first problem i’ve had. Unfortunately, the latest shipment was terrible. I didn’t notice until after i made my first pot, but i received two bags that were 7 months past the “best by” date. It was absolutely undrinkable! Amazon refunded my money, so am happy with the result. Hopefully this month’s delivery will be back to usual.

4Expert Score
Great taste, but lacks freshness

Seems made from high quality beans, perfectly roasted, but clearly lacks freshness

edit: just adding that i got the organic french dark roast as well, and that is five stars — excellent taste and freshness, perfect even for my cheap espresso machine. Really happy with this quality and price, a rare find in the ever-growing mountains of garbage products so common here on amazon.

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