Pelican 2 Pack Marine Series – IP68 Waterproof Floating Protection Phone Pouch / Case (Regular Size) For iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 13, 12 – Detachable Lanyard, Universal Compatibility – Black/Yellow

Pelican 2 Pack Marine Series – IP68 Waterproof Floating Protection Phone Pouch / Case (Regular Size) For iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 13, 12 – Detachable Lanyard, Universal Compatibility – Black/Yellow Pelican 2 Pack Marine Series – IP68 Waterproof Floating Protection Phone Pouch / Case (Regular Size) For iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 13, 12 – Detachable Lanyard, Universal Compatibility – Black/Yellow : Everything Else

What are pelican 2 pack marine series – ip68 waterproof floating protection phone pouch / case regular size for iphone 14 pro max features?

  • ipx8 certified waterproof protection: 3.3 feet/1 meter ipx8 certified professional floating waterproof phone pouch perfect for swimming, pools, beach, kayaking, fishing, surfing, sailing, skiing, boating, snorkeling, tubing, rafting, shower, sauna, and other water park activities. Keep your phone full functionally with 100% protection from water
  • hd side design & sensitive touch: the pelican (marine series) waterproof cell phone pouch’s innovative design on the side of the case allows users to easily access the phone’s side buttons. High-quality soft tpu material exclusively made for delicate touch and response, softer than pvc.
  • full protection: lightweight with a detachable lanyard for hanging around the neck. Quality tpu material makes it easy to touch and swipe the screen; clear window design on the front for viewing videos and checking emails free. A secure lock mechanism, open and close the pouch with just a simple snap, keeping the pouch completely sealed underwater. Its universal design and style makes it best fit for any type of product up to 6 inches.
  • taking pictures underwater: snap images wherever & whenever you want. The transparent material enables you an extra direct and good contact with the touch screen and camera. Sensitive screen touch was able to use our phones as underwater cameras, photos taken through cellular bags came out sharp and clear, kept your phones dry, and get great pictures and videos.
  • uncompromising: we build for the perfectionist who demands quality, both in equipment and experience, and knows that the pelican case is the last case they will ever need.
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Pelican 2 Pack Marine Series – IP68 Waterproof Floating Protection Phone Pouch / Case (Regular Size) For iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 13, 12 – Detachable Lanyard, Universal Compatibility – Black/Yellow AMAZON Pelican 2 Pack Marine Series – IP68 Waterproof Floating Protection Phone Pouch / Case (Regular Size) For iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 13, 12 – Detachable Lanyard, Universal Compatibility – Black/Yellow : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Does it fit iphone 13pro?

yes. The iphone 13 pro will fit in this pouch. The dimensions of this pouch are: height- 8.27, width- 4.53, depth-0.53. I hope this helps.

Will this pixel 6 pro

For me any size

Does the regulars size pouch fit iphone 13 pro max?

I was able to fit my iphone pro max in with my case on. I have a silicone case with ring on back

Does the regular size fit the 14 pro max?

Hello, yes, this will fit an iphone 14 pro max. I hope this helps.

I did tissue test and there was water at the very top near opening ,is that normal ?

No that’s not normal – perhaps the tissue was trapped? Mine is perfectly water tight

Will the regular size fit my iphone x ?

yes. The regular size will fit the iphone x.

I have an i phone 11 pro with the pelican shield case. Which pelican marine pouch will fit best?

Make sure you buy the xl version and not the regular sized case. Xl fits with the heavy duty pelican case on and i have the iphone 11 pro not the pro max. I test fitted at a verizon wireless store before purchase and can confirm that you will need an xl if you own any kind of pelican phone case

Will this fit a samsung ultra 22?

Hi there! Yes, this will fit your device. I hope this helps.

Will this work with a samsung s20 fe 5g phone? What about with a case on the samsung s20 fe 5g?

here are the dimensions for the pouch. Height-8.27in, width-4.53, depth-0.53. Yes, the samsung s20 fe 5g would fit in this case. I hope this helps.

Does it really fit a 14 pro max? Thanks

we would recommend the xl size for the 14 pro max. I hope this helps.

Will this fit a galaxy z fold 2? I’m concerned about the thickness. Thanks

yes! This pouch should accommodate that case. We also offer an xl version if you would rather have it larger.

Does the regular size pouch fit a galaxy s10e?

yes, this should fit the galaxy s10e.

Will fit a phone amd key fob

I would say no, i was able to slip in tidal charts and weather notes, but nothing as big as a fob.

Will the regular fit the iphone 13 pro with pelican shield case? Dimensions are 6.25 height 3.25 width

Just used mine for 10 days in alaska with my iphone 13 and it worked splendidly.

Can you use your fingerprint to open phone (vs putting in your code)?


What are the interior dimensions when closed? It is not possible that the exterior and interior dimensions are the same.

The dimensions for the regular size is 6 inches and for the xl is up to 7 inches.

The product is marked ip68, but the description says it is ipx8. Which one is it?

Hello, the marine pouch is ip68 rated for underwater submersion and to withstand dust, dirt, and sand. I hope this helps.

Will a passport fit in it?

the width of the xl pouch is 5.43in. I hope this helps in determining if your passport will fit!

Does your phone over heat in the bag?

no, your phone will not overheat in the bag.

Marine waterproof floating pouch is this pouch suitable for samsung galaxy z fold3, or should i buy xl? What is the inner size of this pouch?

Hello, thank you for your question. I would recommend the xl pouch for the samsung galaxy z fold. I hope this helps.

Pelican 2 Pack Marine Series – IP68 Waterproof Floating Protection Phone Pouch / Case (Regular Size) For iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 13, 12 – Detachable Lanyard, Universal Compatibility – Black/Yellow AMAZON Pelican 2 Pack Marine Series – IP68 Waterproof Floating Protection Phone Pouch / Case (Regular Size) For iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 13, 12 – Detachable Lanyard, Universal Compatibility – Black/Yellow : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A little cellphone insurance

You can imagine how tough it is to take a group kayaking. The most important thing i forgot was my cellphone case which was waterproof and floated. We got to the destination and i had to buy a ‘cheapy’ but felt i had no choice. As my luck would have it, the very first rapid i was not prepared for and flipped my kayak, and lost everything! The crew putting us in the water rushed us and said we could get everything situated on the gravel bar. I was unfortunately given too hard of a push-off and went straight into the first rapid, cell phone in hand. I lost my phone within 5 minutes of the relaxing trip. Be prepared and never leave without the marine series – ip68 water-proof floating phone pouch.

5Expert Score
Perfect for a day on the water

This was a great purchase! I have an iphone 11 plus with a case and a pop socket. It fit fine and still had space so i’m sure it would work for slightly larger phones too.

This actually saved me money! I went tubing on a vacation and the place rents gopro cameras for $50. I was going to do it to save the memories, but when the guide saw this phone case he said i didn’t need the gopro because i have a camera and the case having a lanyard meant i was allowed to take it with me. Got some great and fun videos!

Kept my phone dry while tubing and the touch screen still works and the camera clarity was great! The only potential issue was the front facing camera being slightly blocked. It’s an easy fix. Just squeeze/pinch the top to scoot the phone down some. Then the camera isn’t covered.

5Expert Score
Fabulous waterproof bag!

I bought this for kayaking with my s22 ultra in the case, and it’s great! It was completely submerged and came up dry, no leaks! Yhe touchscreen works great too
2 minor items that aren’t even negatives, just a mention if you’re thinking of buying- 1-the touchscreen doesn’t work underwater so you can’t take photos of anything below the surface, like fish, friends swimming, etc.; and 2- the plastic bag magnifies the heat inside the bag, so keep it covered up and out of direct sunlight, my phone overheated in the bag with it around my neck. So i stored it out of sunlight for the return trip without any issues. Again, not a negative at all, just an fyi! The bag is exactly as described!

5Expert Score
Keeps the phone dry !

The touch screen part gets 3 stars only because sometimes it took a little extra pressure to get the phone to register what you are typing or entering. Everything else is great ! The case floats in the water when the device is in it which makes a heck of a difference! Phone stayed dry and secure during all water activities. The case does not distort or make pictures blurry when you try to take pictures with the phone in it.

5Expert Score
Good for snorkeling but with some issues.

We purchased 2 for a snorkeling excursion on a cruise. Both fit apple iphone 13 and 12 pro max with cases but was a snug fit.
My son didn’t have issues using underwater but i did. Had to bring phone out of water to record and get it to work. Picture was clear and the lanyard was convenient and strong. It does float too. No selfies as it covers the top of the screen which was a bummer. My son turned his phone around to get his selfie. Overall it’s a good buy but others are larger allowing for easier use.

5Expert Score
Good case but clumsy – touchscreen not super sensitive

The case did keep my cell phone dry as advertised. But if you want to take pictures or shoot videos, the touch screen is not very responsive at times and it can be difficult to see the screen. Best for keeping your phone dry but limited doing most everything else.

5Expert Score
My pelican swims with me

Long story short – sat aug 27, 2022 – i was on a boat when my cell phone jumped into the waters just north of the verrazano-narrows bridge, never to be seen again, gone forever into the depths, so i got a replacement phone and a padded waterproof pelican case, the best! Ever … It is padded and floats, so even if i drop it in the water, it floats, now i swim with it tethered to a belt around my waist, i stop and take photos and videos, i cannot tell you how happy i am … Thank you! So much … From one very happy mermaid, love my pelican!

5Expert Score
Just what i needed

Bought this for a lazy river/camping trip and it worked very well for when i fell off of my tube. There wasn’t a single drop of water in the case. I didn’t test to see if it actually floats but i kept it around my neck the entire time so i wasn’t too worried. The touch screen worked as well as it can considering the plastic is pretty thick. I’d rather have it a little harder to use than leaking water though so i didn’t mind.

5Expert Score
Fits my iphone 11

It fits! My phone fits in the cover perfectly and it has a window on the back so you can still take pictures. I used it in the hot tub and had no issues with the tough screen or it fogging up. I would buy another one.

5Expert Score
Great for snorkeling!

Used this product to protect my phone while snorkeling. It allowed me to use my iphone to take pictures underwater while snorkeling in hawaii. It also allowed me to keep my phone secure by not leaving it in the car or on the beach while in the water. Not a drop of water or a grain of sand got into the case. The only issue i noticed was if the phone stayed in the case while out of the water the it tended to get hot if you used it for extended periods. This was an easy problem to work around, just take it out when you get back to your vehicle.

4Expert Score
Not great for larger phones, but it'll do. Used for iphone + samsung

I bought a 2 pack of pelican waterproof phone cases for myself and my mom to take kayaking with us. I tested them the day before to ensure they worked, and this left the camera a little bit blurry due to the water drying on the plastic i guess. But they are waterproof, and they do float. I got mine soaked for quite a few hours, and it never got into the case. We were in the hot sun too, and it didn’t melt which impressed me. That plastic is notorious for being melty.

The camera works well with it, i took several pictures that look great and you can’t tell it’s in a plastic case. I will say that i have a larger phone and the selfie camera was an absolute no go with this case. It cuts off the top of the photo and you have to actually try and manuever the phone downward for it to even halfway work, but there really isn’t enough room. It is definitely a tight fit. My mom’s photos also looked good, i’m not sure about her selfie camera. The only thing is you have to make sure the plastic is cleaned and no water is dried near the camera.

I have a samsung s21 ultra and i did have to remove my unicorn beetle supcase, which is similar to the size of an otter box case. It did just barely fit with the case on, but i was not confident about it staying closed and waterproof with the case so i just removed it and it worked fine. I had no problem using my phone in the pelican case, and it was able to keep it safe from harm (i dropped it, whoops). Overall i would rate this product higher if not for my mom’s experience.

My mom has one of the newer iphones, i believe a 13. She has just a regular small case on hers and did not have to remove it for it to fit inside the waterproof pelican case. She mentioned that it was difficult to call and had to remove it from the pelican case to call, she was having issues with the touch screen, she mentioned that her phone overheated and wouldn’t allow her to use it a few times, (mine didn’t do that, i don’t think samsung does that. But i also was getting mine in the water so that might have been cooler.)

overall, this product does what it says it does, it is completely waterproof and does float for a time. I don’t think it would float forever because of the way it is designed it would probably eventually run out of air pockets and sink, but you would have a good bit to get to it if you dropped it before it drowned. I like the brightly colored lanyard for high visibility as well, i am just glad i made this purchase overall.

4Expert Score
Does the job

Overall did the job well. I liked how it floated and the strap was bright with a solid clasp on the case. Most others have a very flimsy clip but this one didn’t worry me. The touch screen was pretty finicky though. I mainly had to use the side buttons to start and stop filming or take photos. Quality of images were pretty good and i would recommend for underwater adventures!

4Expert Score
Everything i had read about this was true.

So this case truly is a fantastic built case for extremely large phones like a galaxy s22 ultra with an otterbox defender case. If you’re unfamiliar with that phone, let me just say for reference it’s like a huge phone and a really huge case! I bought the xl model and its very important that you choose the xl model if you plan on putting a huge phone or huge phone case in it!!

So everything that i heard and read about this case is true. Here’s what i have so far:

• it floats .
• it has a tether strap.
• it keeps the phone dry.
• it holds extremely large phones if you buy the xl model.
• using the screen while in the case is pretty easy. On a level of 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, i’d rather it a 7.
Here are a couple things i didn’t know about this case though that i want to make sure to share with you:

• my phone will overheat in the case if i’m using the camera while out in the sun at the same time. I ended up having to let the phone and case float in the water to cool if off to use the camera again.
• the tether works just ok. Around my neck it worked allright but i noticed that it’s still easy to loosen up the tether it i pull on it. I was still worried about losing my phone since the strap loosens.
• the black case is hard to see, especially in darker water or green water.

I will say that i am happy that i bought this case and i feel like it provides the most protection and flotation on cases that i’ve used so far. I still feel like it could be a little better tho. I really think that the strap needs to be made to where it will not loosen at all if pulled on, and i think that the case would be easier to see in the water if it was a neon case instead of black.

4Expert Score
Snorkeled with it!

Bought for our group -various makes and models of phone. Worked for everyone. My phone stayed bone dry while i snorkeled
that was the assignment
only reason i’m not giving it 5 stars
2 cons
1) while on land more than person complained that their phone overheated – so be careful of that
2) while underwater i couldn’t get the touch screen to work to take photos. – solution! On iphone you can squeeze the up volume control button to take pics. I tried starting video above water then going under … That didn’t work. Video recording would stop.

A little pocket or pouch to hold a credit card/money would make this even better!

Overall a great product

4Expert Score
Made for my phone…

Going deep sea fishing and want to make sure i didn’t regret it. This od green ‘regular’ appears to be made with my phone in mind, as it fits perfectly (pixel 5). I included a pic of my dog that i took with the case on. Touch reacted well and focus didn’t seem impacted. Of course, this may all be different if in water or using wet hands. The seal seems sufficient. I don’t plan to ever intentionally submerge my phone, so this is more insurance. I replaced the lanyard hook with a thin caribiner, as it doesn’t look trustworthy.

4Expert Score
Fits a samsung galaxy s22 ultra with a case!

Of the many pouches i’ve tried for my phone this is the only one that both floats and fits my s22 ultra with its case on! The only down side is the above water pictures come out very blurry so i kept having to take the phone out of the pouch to take pictures. If your only priority is to keep your phone from sinking and keeping the water out this is an excellent product. If you want to take pictures while doing water activities i dont think this product (or any pouch product) is the way to go. As far as pouches go this is the best one i’ve tried but doesn’t serve the purpose i had intentions for.

4Expert Score
Don't let all the air out.

Tested it without any air and it sank. Obviously slower than if it didn’t have the case, but it still sank. Might save thr phone if you’re willing to jump in, but it won’t float unless you leave air in it.

4Expert Score
Good protection but problematic usage

– the pouch does a good job of protecting the phone. It has built in buoyancy which was a nice feature given i was on a river trip.
– the lanyard design made it easy to quickly lash to my life jacket or my swim shorts.
– the windows for both the screen and the camera lenses are flexible plastic. Water would gather on the camera lens window and create artifacts and distortion when taking pictures. The interior would also sometimes get condensate on it, causing issues with interaction and lens clarity. It would be better if it were a rigid piece with a hydrophobic coating.
– hard to see the screen to control the phone and take pics.
– the pouch has a ‘1 size fits many’ design to allow for large phones. I have a mid-size phone, so it would phone would sit at an angle due in the pouch. Combined with the difficulty seeing the screen, this would result in crooked pictures. I fixed them with cropping, but sometimes this would sacrifice some of the image and would have been better to have a level image to begin with.

On balance, i would recommend this product, but i wish pelican would redesign some aspects of it to make the performance better.

4Expert Score
Not for snorkeling

I thought the touch function might work in 2-3 feet of water snorkeling. Not the products fault. My fault for assuming incorrectly.

4Expert Score
Good case for kayaking

This case kept my phone dry and we needed the larger case for our iphone 12 pro max phone. Able to take nice pics of the family while out in the water. The case does hold heat (from direct sunlight exposure) and at one point the phone had shut down due to heat. I haven’t tested the case for flotation yet but we only travel so far in a shallow inlet. I will add info after we test for flotation.

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