Personalized Two Name Puzzle With Engrave Message Gift for Baby Boy and Baby Girl Handmade

Personalized Two Name Puzzle With Engrave Message Gift for Baby Boy and Baby Girl Handmade Personalized Two Name Puzzle With Engrave Message Gift for Baby Boy and Baby Girl Handmade : Handmade Products

What are personalized two name puzzle with engrave message gift for baby boy and baby girl handmade features?

  • Free engraved message on the back. Make your gift unforgettable. We will write your wish on the puzzle and keep the memory of you and your gift for many years. Absolutely free
  • Useful learning toy. A personalized name puzzle is a hand-made toy that combines the montessori technique, helping toddlers to learn how to spell their names, learn colors and develop motoric skills.
  • Nursery decor. A cute decor element for a nursery, playroom, or children’s party . Add a stand to use as decoration or baby shower.
  • Creative personalized gift. A colorful wooden name puzzle is a unique gift for any occasion: birthday, christmas, baptism, easter, 1st birthday new born gift… Perfect for all ages.
  • Safety and quality. We use only high-quality wood and water-based children’s paint for manufacturing. Tested in an independent laboratory. The safety of children is the most important thing for us.
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Personalized Two Name Puzzle With Engrave Message Gift for Baby Boy and Baby Girl Handmade AMAZON Personalized Two Name Puzzle With Engrave Message Gift for Baby Boy and Baby Girl Handmade : Handmade Products

Looking for specific info?

Is there a way to order this with correct capitalization and not all caps?

That would be a nice option. But at this time, the maker does not appear to offer that choice.

However, i suggest you contact the seller directly, an option amazon offers. They are fluent in english and may be able to help.

So i can only get a name with five letters or less?

No, my first name had 6 letters and the last name had 7.

Can i request that white not be used as a letter color?

Not positive but i’d say message the seller or write a note with your personalization. Mine did have one white letter.

Is there a stand offered with this?

No there is no stand with this.

Where are these made?

These are made in ukraine, and ship from that country. The materials are excellent, as is the workmanship. No rough edges or splinters. (i still think they should drop the light pink and the white colors, because there is too little contrast with the light beech plywood.) the shipping–in my case, to hawaii–was surprisingly timely, and the puzzle was packaged well. As a bonus, the puzzle itself is shrink wrapped, ensuring that the letters won’t fall out. The option (free) of engraving on the back makes this a memorable gift.

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Personalized Two Name Puzzle With Engrave Message Gift for Baby Boy and Baby Girl Handmade AMAZON Personalized Two Name Puzzle With Engrave Message Gift for Baby Boy and Baby Girl Handmade : Handmade Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great gift

I bought this name puzzle for my great-nephew (and his mom!) when they flew in for a visit i held it up as a ‘sign’ like a chauffeur as it cam wrapped in clear cellophane. The colors are vibrant and i think it makes a cute bedroom decoration as well as being a puzzle. Our personalized message was inscribed into the wood on the back. This will be a great keepsake. Not inexpensive, but certainly high quality and well done.

5Expert Score
Perfect for my little niece

I got these as a puzzle for my niece to play with. Then, when she outgrows it, we can hang it as a sign on her door or wall. It came out even better than i thought it would, and i had some pretty high expectations. She loves playing with the different letters with the different colors (she hasn’t quite realized they are meant to be put back in order but keep sorting them by color). Honestly i would buy this again for any new baby in the family.

5Expert Score
Beautifully made toy and keepsake

I purchased a personalized puzzle for my son as a first birthday gift. I ordered well in advance as i was unsure how it would turn out or how long it would take to arrive (it is coming from the ukraine after all!). I’m so happy i took a chance! This puzzle is beautifully made, with easy to arrange, large colorful letters. They also offer the feature of adding a personal message. This addition elevates this puzzle from a cute toy to a keepsake. For a friend or any additional family members, i would purchase another!

5Expert Score
Cute, sturdy gift for a child

We ordered this puzzle for our one year old granddaughter. She loves it and plays with it daily. It is sturdy and colorful – i would recommend it.

5Expert Score
Name puzzle is very nice!

Going to be a very happy little girl when she see’s this puzzle. It looks great! Message written on back is nicely done. We are very pleased with it. Thank you!

5Expert Score
Very great priduct

It’s helping my autistic daughter learn how to spell her name 🙂

5Expert Score
Excellent to teach your child how to spell his/her name.

The only thing i would have loved was knobs.

5Expert Score
Adorable gift

This was a great gift! Lovely work!

5Expert Score

Exactly what i wanted for a gift. Adorable and well made. Love giving a personalized gift over something generic. Thrilled with purchase.

5Expert Score
Love, love, love!

I ordered a 2 name puzzle with pegs and engraved back. Everything exceeded my expectations and this will be a treasured gift for years!

4Expert Score
Good product, not so great customer service

Ordered a name puzzle and a stand on 1/21. Received on 2/2. The puzzle is great, a solid 4 star. Thinner than it appears on the website pictures, but pretty big and well made. The stand that i paid extra for was incorrect. Received a small stand so the puzzle kept sliding off. Contacted the seller and they agreed to ship out the correct one asap. However, they somehow forgot to send it. Contacted them a few more times and they finally shipped it and i’m expected to receive it on 3/2, a month after i received the original order! Wish their customer service was as good as their product.

4Expert Score
Would order again!

The personalized plaque on the back was very well done!
Loved the colors & received in a timely manner.

4Expert Score

Perfect gift for my newest grand baby, her name isn’t one of those you will find on a keychain. So this is perfect.

4Expert Score
Shipping and puzzle colors

Ordered for my son’s first birthday. The shipping took forever. I ordered on july 1 and did not get it until august 10. The colors were nice except the white “o”. It probably would have looked better on the light background if the white was more opaque. Other than those two things, i’m pleased.

4Expert Score
Nice, i like custimizations

I like, very nice, but a litlle thin.

4Expert Score
It’s okay

I wish the depth of the letters/letter holes was deeper. This is a nice looking puzzle, but it’s not easy for my kid to manipulate.

4Expert Score
Quality was ok. Product thinly made.

The board the letters go in are somewhat on the thin side. The beauty of the letters, the board and the engraving is remarkable. They are very nice. If the letters and the board had been thicker i would of gave a 5 star rating. I’m still ok with the product in general.

4Expert Score
Good gift

Board and letters are a little thin but otherwise i really like it.

4Expert Score
Nice quality

The puzzles were beautiful. Something they can keep forever

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