PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Litter Tray Refills – Premium Blue Crystals, 3-Pack – Disposable Tray – Includes Leak Protection & Low Tracking Litter – Absorbs Odors On Contact

PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Litter Tray Refills – Premium Blue Crystals, 3-Pack – Disposable Tray – Includes Leak Protection & Low Tracking Litter – Absorbs Odors On Contact : PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Litter Tray Refills – Premium Blue Crystals, 3-Pack – Disposable Tray – Includes Leak Protection & Low Tracking Litter – Absorbs Odors On Contact : Litter Pans : Pet Supplies
PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Litter Tray Refills – Premium Blue Crystals: Product description each tray is pre filled with premium blue crystal cat litter, the disposable petsafe scoopfree original crystal cat litter tray works with petsafe scoopfree self-cleaning cat litter boxes. Just load the tray in the cat litter box with no scooping, cleaning or refilling for weeks! The crystal cat litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste quickly to remove odors. With the completely disposable tray and covered waste trap, you never see or touch smelly waste. Every few weeks simply replace the cat litter tray and your scoopfree self-cleaning cat litter box is just like new. Petsafe brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together. Brand story by scoopfree

What are petsafe scoopfree crystal litter tray refills – premium blue crystals features?

  • Easy, quick cleanup: no scooping required; when it’s time to clean up, simply remove the disposable litter tray and throw it away
  • Removes odors quickly: crystal litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste to quickly remove odors 5 times faster than clumping clay litter
  • Long-lasting: just 1 tray can last up to 30 days in a single-cat household—that means less time cleaning the litter box so you have more moments to snuggle with your cat
  • Leak protection: plastic tray lining creates a powerful extra barrier to protect your floors against leaks
  • Less mess: low-tracking crystals don’t stick to your cat’s feet and are 99% dust-free—designed for all the days you don’t want to sweep the laundry room floor (again)
  • Compatible litter boxes: this litter tray can be used with scoopfree self-cleaning cat litter boxes
  • U.s.-based customer care: our pet product experts are here to help you and your pet and are available by phone, email or chat if you have any questions
  • Quality promise: petsafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations since 1998 to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy
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PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Litter Tray Refills – Premium Blue Crystals, 3-Pack – Disposable Tray – Includes Leak Protection & Low Tracking Litter – Absorbs Odors On Contact AMAZON : PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Litter Tray Refills – Premium Blue Crystals, 3-Pack – Disposable Tray – Includes Leak Protection & Low Tracking Litter – Absorbs Odors On Contact : Litter Pans : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

Why has the price gone up on these over $30 since the last time i ordered them?

I don’t know about the price going up $30 (you may be looking at the 6 pack) but i do agree the pricing on the 3-pack fluctuates a great deal. When i first purchased, the 3 pack was about $42. The price when up each time thereafter, till it finally hit just under $50. Not to mention, each refill does not last one month, as advertised with the unit, even with one cat. I typically have to change mine every 2 1/2 weeks.

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I purchased a 6 pack of litter for $86 and only received 1 tray…and now i don’t see anywhere to contact the seller. Any suggestions?

You used to be able to get a 6 pack for $86?? Now they’re $150 in 2022. I may stop using this if it’s just going to keep going up in price! Outrageous

Why is this marked up ~50% from last month?

It has gotten ridiculous. We used to pay $70-90 for 6 (depends on what was on sale) and would buy 2 sets (so 12) at a time because that lasts 6 months for us.

I told my husband we are switching to a litter robot at this point if it’s still more than $100 after we use our last couple trays. It is crazy. Petsmart/petco aren’t even that much cheaper either. I noticed it started going up in august. Even if there was a chain supply issue, petsafe needs to release a statement or something.

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Is there a bag to put old tray in

I keep the lid under the new litter tray and when i am ready to switch it out for the the new tray, i take the wrappings from the new tray, including the cardboard, cello wrapper and plastic litter bag and put them inside the old litter tray and replace the lid. I then tape down the lid on all four sides with clear packing tape, and put the entire box in the trash.

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Do they deliver the pack of 6 one by one or all six in one package? I only received one so far. Confused!

Same thing just happened to me, only recieved one. Only way to get the other 5 is if i return the one i have and amazon will send me the 6 together in one package. Seems like a waste of resources to send a tray back for no reason, but that’s what they told me.

How does the dye-free crystals compare to the regular blue ones? I am interested in knowing because the price has risen $10.00 for the blue.

I like the blue better only because i can see them better on the floor than the dye free, which look like shards of glass to me. They both work the same for me. And both track less than regular litter.

Is there a difference between dye-free and regular crystals? Contemplating switching over with the price increase.

The dye free doesn’t have the smell good fragrance added. I have used both and find the lavender is the best. It smells better and lasts longer than the blue. We also scoop it every week when trash is picked up so i know when the crystals need to be replaced. We have 2 cats and one tray lasts 45 – 60 days when scooped every week and the heavily soiled crystals removed and replaced with fresh litter (i use the dye free for these spot changes). I know it defeats the purpose of scoop-free, but i just wanted something to keep my house from stinking like cat pee that i don’t need to scoop daily. It is also more economical to scoop every week than every day or completely change out the expensive litter every month. Also, our cats’ feet don’t turn purple like some have reported. If their paws turn purple, the litter is soiled with pee or somehow got wet and needs changed more frequently. Otherwise, no issues with purple or blue paws.

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Do you have to use these boxes? Or could you use a plastic or glass tray that fits the space and just refill the blue crystals? I’m ok with that.

Yeah. I am switching to a reusable tray, but you need one the same size as the disposable ones or the auto scoop doesn’t work right. Our male cat is blind and often misses and eliminates outside the tray. We have the box inside a cat litter credenza so it is contained, but the disposable tray is wet when i replace it. The reusable tray just needs rinsed and dried!! Make sure the tray is dry before adding more litter or the litter will turn paws blue/purple.

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Does anyone know what the crystals are made of? Is it non-toxic?

Hi, these blue crystal litter is made of a silica gel. The crystals are non-toxic and perfectly safe for people and animals. Hope this information helps! Thanks

Is there any way to have this delivered by ups or fedex. We have a little old lady for a post-person and she cant lift the box. Real pain for everyone

Asked the seller.they might be able to ship by either carrier.

Why has this stuff doubled and tripled in price? We werr buying the 2-packs for $20 just a few months ago.

Right?! I was paying $14.99 per tray, when buying 6. Now it’s $23 a tray no matter how you buy them. I’m thinking about switching.

How many boxes of litter do you get for $44.95?

Great question! This listing is for a 3 pack of disposable litter trays and litter.

My last order of dye free litter came with the white boxes that don’t last as long as the brown (recycled) ones. Did you change them?

Hi dharma! We have not changed our packaging, but we do want to improve your experience as much as possible! For further inquiries about the dye-free litter and for product assistance, please reach out to petsafe directly.

Lately the liner of the trays has been peeling up and the litter gets stuck underneath and/or the rack gets stuck. Seems like a supplier issue?

I wonder if it’s the supplier you are getting the refills trays from. Make sure your litter is spread evenly across the tray. I’ve never had that problem but i have noticed that i do need to take mine apart and clean the metal scraping grate some, at some point. Also, i think my cover needs a good cleaning. I have one cat and i normally change it after it registers 16 or 17 usually. It starts to smell at that point. Still worth every penny.

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I purchased a 3 pack and there were only 2 packs inside the shipping box. The 3 pack wrapper was torn open inside. How do i get my other pack?

Thank you for your review. We’re sorry a tray was missing from your order. You may find it most helpful to reach out to the seller or amazon customer service directly for assistance.

Can any other type of litter be used with this litter box?

Hello linda, the scoopfree litter box and trays are specifically designed to work together. If other litter and trays are used, it may result in a damaged rake.

How many tray’s are included?

Three trays are included.

So how much is everyone paying a month for refills?

I buy the 3-pack for $46.95 (prime) same price at

How do i change my debit card in your system?

Account settings should allow payment method changes

Is this good for multi-cat homes?

Hi there, this is great for multiple cats! The litter tray can last up to 30 days for one cat, 10-15 days for two cats, or 7-10 days for 3 cats.

PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Litter Tray Refills – Premium Blue Crystals, 3-Pack – Disposable Tray – Includes Leak Protection & Low Tracking Litter – Absorbs Odors On Contact AMAZON : PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Litter Tray Refills – Premium Blue Crystals, 3-Pack – Disposable Tray – Includes Leak Protection & Low Tracking Litter – Absorbs Odors On Contact : Litter Pans : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Another win

This product has been by far my #1 go to out of all the different litter’s i’ve tried at the minimum it absorb’s 2 times more than the average litter you see everyday and the smell like what smell !?
From the typical litter box’s the smelly treats left behind are little too none and is very time efficient on cleaning and replacing for this i will never go back to the standard litter. Yes it’s pricey as your purchasing it and in all actuality the long run i’m saving a lot more money best product ever i tell all my friends and neighbors about it and they all have considered it or have gotten one them selfs.

5Expert Score
Only liter i use!

I got this to help with the smell in our mud room. I have been having it delivered once a month. It comes in a pack of 3. Very easy to change the liter box. Just put the lid back in and i put it in a trash bag and toss it out. The smell of urine is hidden with this litter. If my cat poops i smell it right after but once it’s raked into the back i don’t smell it. I recommend this litter

5Expert Score
Kitty perfect

This is been the best kitty litter i’ve used over the years. I have one cat and litter does very well up to three weeks however can go to four weeks but that’s pushing it.

I’ve recommended it to friends and they to agree the best ever. I highly recommend it.

5Expert Score
No litter box smell

I have used these for years and they really work well. It keeps the litter box odor to practically none, even when it is full and time to change. The particles do stick some to the cat’s feet and it tracks, even with mats outside the litter box. The pieces are a little sharp, so i always pick them up if they get on the hardwood floors. Wish the refills weren’t so expensive though.

5Expert Score
Lifesaver for anyone who is no longer able to lift heavy stuff anymore !!

I adore my cats, but after having a major illness and being treated over several years with different types of chemotherapy i just could no longer muster the strength to lift and to even to scoop the litter box anymore. I thought that by having my traditional scooping litter delivered right to my door that my litter box struggle would be considerably less. I was wrong. I could just barely manage getting down on my knees in order to scoop the box, but what i could not do was carry out the heavy bag of scooped clumps and remaining dirty litter in the box or lift the heavy bag up over the side of the dumpster to dispose of it. I also could not manage to wash and sanitize the box every 7 or 9 days as i always have. I was becoming very concerned about the health and happiness of my pets and myself. I worried about the bacteria that was multiplying at an incredible speed, the odor, and more than anything that the cats would either hold their urine or attempt to find alternative places to eliminate because i was unable to properly dispose of their obviously filthy and smelly waste or keep their litter and box as fresh as possible. Enter the fresh scoop box, and wow has it changed my life and my cats lives! Now when it comes to the litter box, essentially it scoops itself. After 12-14 days i lift the very light housing up away from the disposable litter tray, take the litter tray box top out from under the litter tray which now contains the dirty litter and cover the used litter tray with the clean box top. I then take 4 pieces of inexpensive packing tape or two of giant rubber bands and tightly secure each side of the box. It is amazing to me that approx 14 days of used odor free litter ( produced by 2 cats) is contained in a (after taping it closed) compact, clean, approx size is 25’x15 and approx 2-3′ thick (deep),extremely light weight, and in white unmarked box. I can carry the box outside under my arm and can with absolutely no effort at all drop it right into the dumpster. I used to have layer 3 new stretch scented trash bags inside of each other to make a reinforced bag that was certain not to tear with the weight of the used litter, get on my knees next to box and try scoop the very thick, sludgy, wet, and heavy globs of used litter twice a day. The trash pick up is three times a week, because the urine odor attracts rats, i would have wait with an extremely heavy stinking garbage bag with 2-3 days worth of dirty litter until just before the garbage pick occurred to throw out the dirty litter. I would always panic when i had to rush around after hearing the dump truck coming down the street trying to get the very heavy garbage bag outside and in the dumpster before the truck arrived. Many times, even if i could use a small cart to carry the bag out, i just could not lift the bag up into the dumpster. The whole issue was just becoming a huge problem and worry for me. I am so relieved and happy to say, that thanks to the technology of scoop free litter box and efficiency that amazon offers concerning shipping and delivery, i am no longer worrying or struggling just trying to take care of my pets. It is really awesome!! The only downside and i hate to point out any negatives with this lifesaver, is the price. It is really expensive for me now that i am on a fixed income due to my health. I worry about the price continuing to escalate at a rapid rate over time. As for the product 5 stars as for the price i wish that there was a better lower price offered for buying the 6 pack of refills or a refill program or club that the company-not amazon- offered for a significant savings for consistent consumers. I will say that the best and cutest added bonus of the scoop free litter box system is that the cats love to race over to the box after they hear the ‘arm’ mechanism engage, and they wait crouching down until the ‘show’ starts. My smarty pants bengal has figured out how the whole thing works. She will round up her trusty, but less smart partner in crime, step halfway inside of the box and with over exaggerated scratching movements attempting to ‘set off’ the cleaning mechanism. After a few seconds of wild movement, she quickly backs up and out of the box then crouches down with her buddy on the mat waiting for the show to start. Hilarious! I highly and definitely recommend this litter box. This box especially addresses concerns for anyone who struggles daily ( due to health, mobility, age, living arrangements, etc) or simply really dislikes the whole process of lugging home crazy heavy boxes of dusty litter, scooping the box religiously, disposing of the dirty litter, the odor produced from the litter box, and suffering from allergies as well as extra dusting/sweeping around the home due to the dust processed from even the newest scoopable litter.

5Expert Score
Easiest thing ever

I have very sensitive allergies and regular cat littler i can only tolerate for about a week before i have to change it again. This specific type of cat litter i can go for an entire month, before i have to change it.

Best thing ever, my allergies don’t bother me, and pearl loves it too

5Expert Score
Great litter for petsafe automatic litter box

When using with the automatic litter box, it keeps odors down and is really absorbent.

5Expert Score
These chrystals are better than clay

I was worried my 3 cats would refuse to use this type of litter. But they had no problem. The blue crystals absorbs the urine and eventually turn green. It takes the liquid out of the feces so there is no smell. I use one box for a whole month because every week i scoop out the poop.

5Expert Score
Doesn’t smell like lavender

Only problem is that it doesn’t smell like lavender. Seems the same as the blue stuff just purple. Works well tho!

5Expert Score
Mmm… Lavender

Well, if you’re on this page it’s because you already own the device to use it (petsafe automated litter box)… So with that being said i would say this litter is better than the blue (original) one they have purely based on smell and appearance of the litter after a few uses.

At least in my one year of ownership i have used about 4 blues and the rest have been lavenders … I can not discern any difference other than cosmetic and smell.. And to which i can say that this does definitely smell like lavender.

And when the litter gets old i personally feel like it masks the smell better than the blue (original) litter.

4Expert Score
So happy with this litter!

Yes, it can be pricey, especially with all the inflation these days, but this litter (and the self-cleaning box) is worth it.

Like many parents, i am so busy and wear a lot of hats, and it’s difficult to find and use life hacks that just give you back a few precious minutes in your day.

I admit: when my husband said he wanted to get a kitten so it could grow up with our daughter, i immediately groaned in my head. I knew i was being signed up to maintain the littler box, and take care of the kitty altogether. He did promise we could get an auto-cleaning box, so that’s what allowed me to get excited about having a cat again. Love cats-not so much a fan of litter boxes or how they stink up a house.

It is on the pricier side, but the value is there. For our cat, each changeable, laminated cardboard box with litter can last us 2-3 weeks. No more daily digging into and cleaning the box. All the waste is raked under the flap on the electric part of the box.

The litter is highly absorbent, and seems to masks smells very well. It also becomes very clear when it’s time to change the litter.

It comes in a laminated cardboard tray. It’s very convenient. I put on gloved, removed the used tray from underneath the rake, i carefully slide the entire tray into a garbage bag, careful not to tear the bag.

I then take the new tray, set it down, dump in the new litter, then i put the electric part of the box with rake eight over the top of it.

It’s so easy and timesaving. Far less disgusting, too!

We now have a little 1.5 year old mini tiger, who has become my little girl’s friend, protector, and she’s been the perfect addition to our family. It’s just the cherry on top that i don’t have to waste precious time on constant litter box maintenance!


4Expert Score
Great but pricey

These are great if you hate scooping cat poop! But! And there’s always a but right? They are on the pricey side especially if you have 2 cats…they barely last 2 weeks for mine. A smart person would scoop the poop out after a week but that defeats the purpose of it so i just change it just under the 2 week mark even with the subscribe and save savings its still a little to pricey but i hate scooping poop and they deserve a clean box so i do it for them!

4Expert Score

Love this litter verse’s the scoopable litter. I really like not having all the extra dust & cleaning. Theirs makes my life much more manageable.

4Expert Score

The first version was better, as the rake actually raised the feces up and into the holding compartment. This one just pushes it to the end. However, after trying and returning the litter robot, i came back to the scoopfree. While having shortcomings, it is the lesser of the evils for fulfilling it’s purpose. I appreciate the comparative simplicity of managing the excrement of two indoor cats. (i have two boxes). The cost of the trays is obscenely overpriced imho. They may become prohibitively overpriced in the near future for this retired cat owner.

4Expert Score
Great product

This litter is the best!!! It keeps smell away and is so easy to clean up!!!!

4Expert Score
Keeps odor down longer

This litter works great but used to last longer to keep the litter box odor free, i believe that there was a formula change.

4Expert Score
Pretty good

Never smell our cat anymore and his litter is always clean. Only downfall is that it advertises that it will last about a month for one cat. Our cat must poop a lot because it barely lasts two weeks. Other than, we love it and our cat doesn’t seem to mind when it starts cleaning the litter (machine portion that the litter goes too)

4Expert Score
Easy but expensive

I hate scooping litter every day but can’t stand the smell either. The system automatically ‘scoops’ after the cats use it. The disposable trays are very convenient for disposal but kinda over-priced though. $60 for 3 trays (6 weeks worth of litter with 2 cats)
you can get the reusable tray for $40-50 one time, and litter crystals at walmart for $15 for 8 lbs (enough to fill the tray twice). Not as convenient for switching out the litter every 2 weeks, but so much cheaper.

4Expert Score
It’s easy to use a child can do this!

It’s keeps very well i have three cats and it can keep up to one week.

4Expert Score
Super convenient, but you needs changing more often than advertised. Pricey.

I’ve been using petsafe crystal litter in my automated litterbox from the same company for years now, and i’m super happy about it! It does feel more wasteful than using typical litter, as i’m tossing out this whole box and a cover each time i change it out. The convenience factor more than makes up for it, having to change it only once every 6 days. Therein lies the rub; it doesn’t last long.

Petsafe claims the following changing plan for the litter tray:
1 cat: 20-30 days
2 cats: 10-15 days
3+ cats: 7-10 days

i have 2 cats, and have to change it every 6 days. Before they were on wet, canned food, i only had to change it every 7 days. Neither are close to what the company recommends.

You may be thinking: ‘well, you’re changing it too soon’, but i assure you that at the end of 6 days, my 2br apartment wreaks of cat urine, the crystals in the box are nearly all saturated, and the poo compartment is bulgingly full.

I recommend this system – the petsafe automated litter box and refill trays, but want people to have realistic expectations about how often to change it and, therefore, how many refills they’ll have to buy. And they’re a pretty penny…

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