Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee Compatible (Hue Hub Optional), Works with Alexa & Google Assistant – A Certified for Humans Device, White (Dimmable Only), 4 Bulbs

Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee Compatible (Hue Hub Optional), Works with Alexa & Google Assistant – A Certified for Humans Device, White (Dimmable Only), 4 Bulbs

Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee Compatible (Hue Hub Optional), Works with Alexa & Google Assistant – A Certified for Humans Device, White (Dimmable Only), 4 Bulbs – –

What are philips hue white a19 led smart bulb features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Simple to get started; control your philips hue smart lights all with just the touch of a button on your mobile device or your favorite voice assistant. Add up to 10 hue bluetooth/zigbee smart bulbs with the (free) hue bluetooth app. When ready to connect a voice assistant, just go to settings > add voice assistant in the hue app.
  • Lifetime: 22 years or 25,000 lifetime hours (based on industry average usage), energy star certified
  • Previous hue customers; this smart light, while bluetooth compatible, will continue to work with your hue hub and can be seamlessly integrated into your current hue ecosystem. With the hue hub, you can control up to 50 smart lights throughout your home (even outdoor). Create timers and routines to automate your entire smart home lighting setup. Control your lights while away from home or add accessories such as motion sensors and smart switches to further enhance your experience.
  • Certified for humans: struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—they’re actually simple.
  • Control lights with your voice: easily connect your philips hue bluetooth smart lighting directly with your voice using alexa or google assistant. Works with all echo smart speakers/displays and google nest devices, (hue hub required for echo (1st gen) and echo dot (1st gen)). For the full hue experience purchase the philips hue hub (sold separately).

Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee Compatible (Hue Hub Optional), Works with Alexa & Google Assistant – A Certified for Humans Device, White (Dimmable Only), 4 Bulbs AMAZON

Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee Compatible (Hue Hub Optional), Works with Alexa & Google Assistant – A Certified for Humans Device, White (Dimmable Only), 4 Bulbs – –

Looking for specific info?

Do you need a hub to connect these to alexa?

I have one that came with my echo show 10, it paired with the echo show and the other echos can control it no issue.
But you have to have an echo with zigbee function – that means the older echo plus, or the new 4th gen echo or an echo show 10.
If not, you’ll need to use hue’s hub and use the hue skill to link to your alexa network.

Of the choices, i recommend the show, because it gives you visuals when installing. However most my smart devices are wifi using the smart life app and intergrate using that skill.

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Do these bulbs use zigbee or bluetooth to connect alexa devices? Description mentions echo dot (3rd gen) which does not include zigbee hub.

I’m not entirely sure which dot i have, it’s not the cloth one though i think the previous gen, but it works with these lights even through a floor. I have it down in my kitchen and according to the app it’s connected to the echo dot in my office upstairs! I have 2 echo flexs downstairs that are closer but their bluetooth might be weaker? My place isn’t big so they’re not too far away, but it does work through a floor and wanted to make sure that was mentioned. Your mileage may vary!

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Can anyone explain what you mean when you say you need a hub to connect to alexa?

The hue hub directly controls the bulbs (one hue hub can control 50? Bulbs). Alexa can install a “skill” (an app/program) that communicates with the hue hub. The end result: you say “alexa turn on bedroom light’, alexa passes the request to the hue hub, hub turns the light on, alexa gets a reply that the request was fulfilled and lights are on. You can control the hue hub directly with an app, or you can use an apple or google smart device to do the same thing that alexa does.

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Will this connect to echo dot 3rd generation without a hub?

Yes. I have 2 of these hue bluetooth bulbs connected to 2 echo dot 3rd gen in 2 different rooms. I have had them for about a year. Only had an issue one time after a power outage. Had to reconnect to alexa. After that worked fine again.

Alguien me podría indicar si este producto es luz cálida o fría

Se puedo variar

Hola, el a19 bulb white ambiance cuantos lúmenes posee?

Hola el a19 philips tiene 800 lumens

What is the light output of these bulbs (lumens)?

The bulbs come in 800lm, 1100lm, and 1600lm choices.

How do i bridge alexa to the bulb?

You need the most recent alexa or you get the hub for the hue bulbs. I bought the hue and hub package.

Will this work in an e27 socket?

Actually it is an a19 bulb, pretty much a normal sized socket.

With just the bluetooth app (no hue hub), are 2 bulbs able to be controlled as a unit? Or, does each bulb need to be controlled separately?

I first setup the bulbs as light 1, light 2, light 3, light 4 using an amazon echo plus, and i create a routine. I say turn off the lights and it runs the routine of lights 1 off lights 2 off lights 3 off and lights 4 off. If i say turn on the lights it turns on light 1, light 2, light 3, light 4. This is the only way i figured out how to control 2 or more lights with one statement. I do not think the app will do what you want. But maybe. You can also say alexa light 1 50 percent, and it will dim it to 50 percent or whatever percent you want, but it will not dim all 4 of them at once if you say lights 50 percent, it has to be each individual bulb. I know this doesn’t directly answer your question, but this is how i control all my lights with one sentence using the echo plus *has built in hue bridge*

Can this bulb be used for outdoor lights?


Can i use them for regular ceiling lights?

It depends on your definition of normal ceiling lights. This bulb will fit into a normal socket. I placed mine in a floor lamp and ceiling lamp.

What size socket do these fit into? The description says ‘any socket’ but obviously many sockets would be too large or small.

It is a regular socket, not in a small chandelier socket or a larger patio light socket..
It will fit in a regular lamp.

What is the power input for this devices? Because my home only support power input 220volt 5060hz.

Firstly, if you live in the us, you will always run at 60hz, and most of the rest of the world will run at 50hz. This has nothing to do with your home, and is entirely based on the power grid of your country.

3rd generation and newer bulbs all work both with 110-120v @60hz and 220 @50hz power grids. However, the older generation lux bulbs will only work with one or the other (depending on the region it was sold in).

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I’m wanting to put these in my outside barn lights with bluetooth can i set a timer or do i need a alexa in the barn? I have one in the house

Alexa is just one mechanism to control these lights. You do not need it to control them in any scenario, but you can use them for that purpose.

However, whatever you use to connect to them must be able to send a signal (aka be in range / connected) for it to be useful.

Compatible with 5g wifi?

These bulbs do not connect to any wifi network. They only support bluetooth or zigbee (hue hub) connections.

These new bluetooth ones still work with homekit, right? Thanks!!


Do these work with effects?

The short answer is: yes. I am using them with both hue labs and dynamic scenes and they work well.

Do i need to have the hub if i’m using apple homekit?


Will this work in japan?

Do you have light bulbs in japan? They work with if you have alexia ….the lights work on their own they are regular bulbs

Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee Compatible (Hue Hub Optional), Works with Alexa & Google Assistant – A Certified for Humans Device, White (Dimmable Only), 4 Bulbs AMAZON

Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee Compatible (Hue Hub Optional), Works with Alexa & Google Assistant – A Certified for Humans Device, White (Dimmable Only), 4 Bulbs – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Esto puede serles útil antes de comprarlo

Esta bombilla no es nada del otro mundo, además que no es combatible directamente con alexa.(no la bombilla en si) si no que lo tienes que compras con su extensión (ósea con interruptor ). Si lo puede apagar y encender con la aplicación que ellos tienen (vía bluetooth). Pero desaparece cuando pasan los ańos(el mío tiene 1 ańo y medio) y ya la aplicación se volvió obsoleta, intente que se reiniciara sacándolo y entrándolo, pero no cambió nada. Lo saque del bluetooth y luego lo conecte pero nada tampoco. Tengo que ir adonde está el interruptor para apagar y encender la luz, no debería de quejarme por que la bombilla sirve como quiera, pero con la aplicación podía regular la luminosidad cuando lo encendía por la madrugada.(por que la tengo en mi habitación y no quiero que me pegue muy fuerte la luz en mi cara). No se si puede extenderse el bluetooth de la bombilla si compran su interruptor, “que no se quien lo compre teniendo casi todas las casas de serie un interruptor”. Bueno en conclusión que la bombilla sigue funcionando pero lo que las diferencias de las otras desaparecen en 1 o 2 ańos. Estaba por comprarme otra,(para mi hermana). Pero no es compatibles con alexa no la bombilla, se que lo repetí, en fin cómprenla si piensan comprar el interruptor del philips, si solo es por el bluetooth como fue mi caso, le recomiendo que busque algo más mejor e más económico ya que es muy elevado para lo que ofrece.(ilumina muy bien y todo creo que la una de las bombillas con fuerte luminosidad nada que te deje ciego),”bueno esto es todo perdi como 30 minutos de mi tiempo diciendo que se dańo el bluetooth a esta (miércoles) pero bueno que por lo menos que sea útil o eso espero”. Un abrazo.

5Expert Score
Some oddities, but kids love it

The kids absolutely love these for sleepovers. Easy to explain the app to them and hand over the reigns. For some reason the app will interfere with bluetooth speakers, so close the app and it goes away. Lights dimmer than expected. Not very calming because every shade is flourescent. Good for party vibes or sleepovers- will not set a romantic mood bc so damn flourescent… Maybe a freaky mood lol but not candlight by any stretch of the imagination. The wake up feature is suprisingly effective- alarm is like a little tap and you already feel wide awake (practically the entire reason for the 5 stars). Be warned tho- if you set a wake up for your spouse and leave… It wont work. Your phone must be in the viscinity (sp?) so once you leave its just a light. Not sure what happens to the colors if you leave, havent checked.

5Expert Score
Great lights, just expensive

The alexa i ordered already came with 1 phillips hue white, decided to get a 2 pack of colored ones when the white worked so well. Grouping them really does kind of hit or miss but i guess that just dependant on how versed you are with alexa.

We can’t get it to recognize the groups bedroom lights, only bed 1 and bed 2 along with bathroom.

Aside from that the lights are great though, no hiccups over a month later (so far). Really nice pre set light options too, they can get really bright like the sun is shining right into your room and the dim settings are perfect for me and my girlfriend, not too dark that you can’t see on 1% but can still nap.

5Expert Score
Some of the best smart bulbs on the market!

Ever since i went to a large electronics retail store near me to get something totally different than these bulbs and saw the philips hue demonstrated in concert with what i was looking for, i was hooked on them. I have them throughout my home and have them in my office at work. I have about 30 of them in my house and 10 of them in my office. To say the least, i am more than satisfied with the philips hue products.

Now the review…

Philips have been making bulbs for many years and then when they broke into the industry of smart wifi bulbs, they became quite the hit. Pair the hue bulbs with the hue bridge and the app, one’s creative side can really shine.

The build quality.

These bulbs have a little heft to them whereas there is a lot of technology that needs to be crammed into a space the size … Well the size of a light bulb. The build quality in my opinion is pretty solid and done well. The illumination part diffuses the leds used in these bulbs are very smooth and do not see any hot spots whatsoever from the leds inside. The colors produced from the rgb leds are pretty rich and vibrant but as in every rgb style bulb, the light output will vary from color to color and different white temperatures. Case in point. If you choose the bulbs to light up in blue, the overall lumens factor will be less than if you choose to use yellow or other bright colors of the spectrum. But if you go with the white ambiance aspect, the whites will pretty much be equal in lumens factor from the lower temperature like 2700k to the higher temperatures like 6500k.


These bulbs are full of them when you connect them with the hue bridge. You can have them turn on and off with the use of google home, assistant or alexa. You can turn them on or off with the use of the user-friendly app and even turn them on or off when you are out and about as long as you have the app connected to the cloud server set up within your smart home. You can set up various different scenes as long as you have multiple hue bulbs. Scenes really don’t look great or seems simplistic if you have just one bulb. To get the best results, i recommend 5 or more of the hue bulbs in a room to get the different color scenes to show off well. (refer to the bedroom pic i posted with this review.)
the latest versions of the hue bulbs can be operated via bluetooth on the dedicated bluetooth version of the hue app. So, with bulbs having the bluetooth technology, you do not need to have the hue bridge. The downside to that is you will not be able to set up multiple rooms and you can only control 10 hue bulbs via bluetooth vs. Up to 50 hue bulbs with using the hue bridge.
If there is anything that would be considered a downfall to these bulbs, is they are a bit on the pricy side. I have a few thousand dollars invested in my hue echo system and love everything about these bulbs. That would be the only flaw i can find with them.

The recap.

These are some of the top of the line of smart bulbs. Can you find cheaper bulbs as far as costs is concerned? Yes, you can. But the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” and that holds true with these bulbs. If you are willing to invest into the hue system, you won’t be disappointed.

5Expert Score
Perfect for what i wanted it for

I got this light because i am not a morning person haha. I wanted it so that i could have it turn on with a colored light when my alarm goes off for work. Its great for that and i use it all the time anyway – it is nice to not have to get up to switch off the light

5Expert Score
Super cool

I literally have no idea what i’ll use this for but it was easy to set up and it is really cool. Hopefully i’ll find a practical use for it other than just changing the color of my office lamp while i’m bored on an online meeting and seeing if anyone notices.

5Expert Score
Buying these to replace other brands

These lights were the first smart buy for my apartment. Later i bought other brands trying to save money but ugh, integration has been a pain. These lights always work, almost always respond. Keep in mind they’re an off white yellow a little tricky for bathrooms and the kitchen. Also, when flipping on the switch they take a second or two to turn on.

5Expert Score
Best smart lightbulbs

Great lightbulbs that work perfectly with our alexa’s. I’m hoping to eventually switch all lightbulbs in the house to these. Also, so far the lightbulbs have last for 3 plus years and still going strong!

5Expert Score
An easy bright and colorful display.

The bulbs are so simple to install and setup. And to connect to my alexa, well, it did it without any help from me. Kids love the color and i like how bright it can get. Well done!

5Expert Score
Not sure yet on how i feel.

The new bulbs auto register with google, but alexa has to have each one programed in. Also alexa app for them rarely works. ????? I’m sure it’s not the bulbs fault, but the fault of alexa, who never answers properly amd gives bogus data. Plus, she spys and speaks when not spoken to. The bulbs could be a bit brighter for my taste, but are working properly.

4Expert Score
Occasional issues but like the idea of smart bulbs.

Occasionally we lose power and when it’s restored all the bulbs come on and stay on. This is a drag when we are away from the home for several days at a time or when it happens in the middle of the night and we are awaken to bright lights. We have to wait for the echo’s to power back on and then connect to the wifi before we can turn off the lights with a voice command or get up out of bed and turn off all the lights manually. We do love the idea of being able to turn the lights on and off with voice commands along with the dimming of the bulbs. There has been a few times that i needed to delete the bulbs from the echo’s and reinstall them because they became unresponsive with alexa.

4Expert Score
Rgb never felt so cozy…

Phillips hue might not be the brightest, however, its the most flexible. Installation was a breeze, both physically and digitally. I installed two bulbs into the ceiling fans, and poof, they paired quickly inside the app and i was tuning the rgb in a matter of seconds.

Not really much to say here, its all pretty straight forward, these aren’t the brightest bulbs at this price range, but they don’t need to be, they deliver and ease of access is what makes getting more of these, incentive enough.

4Expert Score
Hue is the best! Just wish it wasn't $$

Love hue lights have them set up all around my place. I would reccomend these to anyone who want the top notch smart lights. If you’re okay with losing a little bit of quality there are a whole lot of other lights that do the same thing very well for way cheaper.

4Expert Score
Voice control lights are the future.

Very cool light color changing and dimmable by voice. Many pre set color combinations

4Expert Score
In the long run, the hue bulbs are worth every penny

When i started incorporating smart devices into my home a few years ago, one of the earliest devices i added was a philips hue bridge and two hue color bulbs. As the years went by i added more devices from other brands, including other-brand wifi color bulbs that were much less expensive than the hue bulbs. However the cheaper wifi bulbs started showing their cons, as i would experience random lost connections, every few months i had to reset one or two of them, and of all the other devices i had in my smart home, the wifi bulbs were what gave me the most trouble.

Then i realized – this whole time that i’ve been using smart home devices, i never – ever – had an issue with the hue bulbs! With that in mind, i decided to pick up a pack of 4 hue bulbs to finally get rid of the cheaper, unreliable wifi bulbs that i couldn’t stand anymore. Sure enough, with the hue bulbs installed, i have had zero issues with the lights. If i had just stuck with hue from the beginning i wouldn’t have wasted about $80 on inferior wifi bulbs. So if you want reliable, high-quality color bulbs for your smart home, go with philips hue. They are indeed worth the premium price.

4Expert Score
A good gift for mom!

We gifted these bulbs to my mother in love, hoping they would prove effective and easy to use!
She has as very happy to receive them; living on her own and occasionally traveling means the remote operation of lighting in her home can be easily arranged whether out of town or unexpectedly coming home after dark.
I had concerns about integration with her echo dot (3rd gen, i believe) but she reported that once the bulb was installed alexa immediately recognized it and was ready to go!
The bulbs arrived quickly and we’ll packaged. They seem to be quality, neither appearing too light and chintzy nor bulky or too cumbersome for average light fixtures. Philips is a brand most know and trust; if the bulbs continue to function as promised i will consider this a gift well given and not hesitate to use or gift them again!

4Expert Score
Not bad

They could still be a lot brighter, even the bright setting isn’t very bright. The color’s are about less than half of the ‘brights’ brightness

4Expert Score
60w is a little dimmer than standard

Ok, so i tried to use these (60w) in place of a three way bulb. Unsurprisingly, they were way too dim. I put them in another spot where we had regular 60w led replacement bulbs and they were a little bit dimmer than the other standard 60w led bulbs. We kept them because we loved the cool factor of being able to change the colors.

Later we purchased the 100w version to put in place of the 3 way bulbs and they worked like a charm. The whites and colors are all super bright. Love them.

4Expert Score
Expensive but good

Philips hue is always too expensive however, i still find myself buying their bulbs. If you already have a few of their products, it can’t hurt to buy a few more. The quality is there but the price is just a bit too high.

4Expert Score
Great bulbs and app

Excellent lights and the app is great. My only criticism is that the price needs to come down a bit. Feit has smart bulbs that do the same thing and you get 3 bulbs for less than $20.

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