Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, Black HX3681/24

Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, Black HX3681/24 Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, Black HX3681/24 : Health & Household

What are philips sonicare 4100 power toothbrush features?

  • Removes up to 5x more plaque vs. A manual toothbrush*
  • Pressure sensor and two intensity settings protect sensitive gums from overbrushing
  • 2 minute smartimer with quadpacer ensure dentist-recommended brushing time
  • Brush head replacement reminder ensures your brush head is always effective
  • Long battery life with battery light indicator: one charge last for 2 weeks
  • Includes: 1 philips sonicare 4100 handle, 1 optimal plaque control (c2) brush head, and 1 usb charger (wall adaptor not included)
  • *srg, test report, cips918151 (2021)
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Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, Black HX3681/24 AMAZON Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, Black HX3681/24 : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Does it develop mold in the area where the brush head connects to the handle? My very old one does.

I’ve had mine for 4 yrs and no mold on it but i rinse the gap between the brush head and body every time i’m done rinsing the bristles. My husband has the same one that i purchased in the same order as mine and his gets funky because he probably doesn’t rinse it as well as i rinse mine.

Is this charger compatible with voltage range of 220v?

Hello! Yes, you shouldn’t have any issues charging this toothbrush on your travels as long as the voltage of the outlet you’re plugging into doesn’t exceed 220v. The voltage for this particular sonicare is 100-220v.

What is the difference between this toothbrush and the sonice 2 series?

Hello! A side-by-side comparison of the sonicare 2 series and protectiveclean 4100 can be viewed here:,hx6211/07

Why doesn’t the new 4100 model have a regular plug ? Why on gods green earth did they cheap out and put a usb plug in there ??

If the toothbrush could plug in directly it would need more components and the base would be bigger and more expensive. Usb is everywhere now! Not a problem to me.

What is frustration free packaging?

Hello! Frustration-free packaging is: recyclable and does not include excess packaging materials, such as hard plastic clamshell casings, plastic bindings, and wire ties. Designed to be opened without a box cutter or knife, while protecting products just as well as traditional packaging.

I purchased this in october and it’s already broken. The head won’t stay in place in the handle.what’s the process of getting a replacement or refund?

I’m confused why so many people leave comments expecting amazon to monitor the comment section of every product- which is impossible- or – they ask questions not knowing how customer service works.
Contact the company (amazon), tell them there is a problem and return it. Amazon’s customer service number is on this website, or google “amazon customer service number” and it shows up…then call it. Or use the help feature at the bottom of the page, click “need more help” and chose “chat with associate”. Unless you’ve been in a cave since 1990, this shouldn’t be this difficult. I hope this helps some people out, however firmly worded.

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How does it alert you if you’re brushing too hard?

Hello! The pressure sensor will alert you by buzzing slightly in a different tone than normal brushing.

This doesn’t come w/ replacement brushes? There was a whole empty part of the box. Is it missing these?

Hello! The philips sonicare protectiveclean 4100 plaque control, rechargeable electric toothbrush comes with 1 c2 optimal plaque control click-on toothbrush head.

Does it come with a case to cover the head when not in use, i don’t want my brush to be exposed when not in use at home.

Hello! Yes, the philips sonicare (hx6817/01) package will include the brush head cover.

What replacement heads are compatible?

Hello! All sonicare snap-on or click-on brush heads are compatible with the philips sonicare protectiveclean 4100 toothbrush. You can use sonicare brush heads like w, c2, c3, g2, g3 etc.

This toothbrush does not feel as strong as my previous one. Is this the way it was intended?

Hello! We don’t have enough information to answer your question. Please get in touch with us so that we can assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!
24/7 live chat:

monday – saturday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm et
sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm et
excluding major holidays

Where are these made?

Economics research consistently shows that around 85% of american manufacturing job loss over the last few decades was caused by automation, not offshoring. American manufacturing output has never been higher than it is today. Its share of gdp has stayed the same for decades. Companies have continued to grow despite all the job loss. They’re just doing it with robots. So when you ‘buy american,’ your money is going to fewer and fewer hands. If you want your purchases to support a dwindling number of american employee salaries alongside their ceos’ stock option packages, rather than help many times more people in poor countries raise their very low standards of living, then it makes sense to insist on american-made products. But if you really want to make a moral problem out of all your purchasing decisions, i’m not sure how you can justify supporting the salary of 1 human being over the salaries of 4 human beings, simply bc one is a different nationality than the others.

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If you use generic brush head, not the ‘smart sensor’, how does that affect use of this brush?

The toothbrush head if it’s generic still works just as good as the original.

Do e-series brush heads fit this model?

Hello! No, this sonicare protectiveclean 4100 only accept snap-on sonicare replacement heads.

How do these models hx6810/50 & hx6817/01 differ from hx6815/01?

Hello! They are all philips sonicare protectiveclean 4100 toothbrushes. They only differ in color. The hx6817/01 is white/mint, while the hx6810/50 is a combination of black and white; lastly, the hx6815/01 is in deep pink.

How many vpm does this toothbrush get

4700 plus or minus 20%

Will this take the simply clean c1 style brush head?

No, the brush heads are specific to the unit. You can order a set of 10 replacement brush heads on amazon, that’s what i did.

Can i charge the toothbrush when it is wet (because i just used it)? Would ‘wet-charging’ damage the circuit inside?

Hello! No, make sure that the toothbrush is dry before putting it on the charger. Do not place the charger where it might risk contact with water.

Does this tooth brush work with the diamond class charger?

Hi! No, this won’t charge with the philips sonicare diamondclean charger.

How many brush heads??

Hello! The philips sonicare protectiveclean 4100 (hx6817/01) includes one brush head.

Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, Black HX3681/24 AMAZON Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, Black HX3681/24 : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great toothbrush, definitely not possessed!

I am so happy with this toothbrush. I had the older model (also pink, because gums are pink, and i need healthy gums), and it was good, but it was so loud and vibratey. In a stroke of luck, my old one became haunted and started buzzing in an uncontrollable and random-seeming manner, and then it would beep if i tried to turn it off, so i wrapped it in a towel and put it in my backyard to scare away pests and let the battery die. In the meantime, i purchased this newer model, which is so much quieter and lighter and does not suddenly vibrate against your countertop in the middle of the night scaring the soul out of your body.

For real though, my teeth are legit whiter than they were when i used a manual toothbrush, and my dentist says my gums are much healthier (i mean they’ve always been like a b+? But these are ivy league gums now). Buy this toothbrush if your favorite color is pink and you value good dental hygiene and not being haunted.

5Expert Score
Game changer

Great toothbrush. I used to brush with manual toothbrush and wow switching to electric i feel a lot cleaner. Didn’t know it would make this much of a difference. The battery life is amazing too i didn’t charge it at all since i got it (i don’t expect it to come fully charged) it’s been almost a month and i just had to charge it. I love how it buzzes while you brush to tell you to move to the other side of your mouth. And i love that it tells you when you need to change the brush head too. Overall it’s a great purchase. Highly recommend. Your teeth (and dentist) will thank you!

5Expert Score
Perfect brush for lazy toothbrushers

I am not enthusiastic about toothbrushing. The feeling of fresh, clean teeth does not excite me. I know many people bought this brush because they’re all about dental wellness — and i am absolutely not one of those people.
This brush does 98% of the work, and i really like that. It tells me when to switch to a new quadrant of teeth, and i love that too. It’s easy to hold, easy to use, and has a rechargable battery. It isn’t the greatest model when traveling, but that’s very minor. This toothbrush lets me be lazy, and i joyously let it do nearly all the work of cleaning my teeth.

5Expert Score
Good replacement for older sonicare

This is half the size of the last one i have, which this was the replacement for. Iv been a sonicare user for almost 20 years.
I like the 2 intensity options as i use the more powerful option.
I also used the previous plug in charger from the older unit.
I also use the brush heads that have the rubber backing as they have more bristles on the brush head.
If you never used a sinicare id advise you use the lower setting so you get used to it.
Sonicare toughen your gums, makes them healthy and definitely a better clean over manual, plus i use a water flosser with 25% alcohol free mouthwash and 75%water.
With the flosser and sonicare your gums , teeth and over all dental hygiene will improve and stay healthy!

5Expert Score
Just the best

I love everything about the sonicare 4100.
I have an older model (still working going on 8 years). I thought i would try oralb and i did and sent it back immediately.
I love sonicare’s timer and the fact it turns itself off after 2 minutes. And the quadrant timer is perfect (couldn’t get quadrant timer to work on oralb). And i appreciate the fact that all sonicare toothbrush heads have a plastic cover on them (oralb does not).
Go for sonicare you won’t be disappointed.

5Expert Score
Recommended to all my friends!

I got this as a recommendation from my dentist, upgraded from a quip, and there is a noticeable difference. There is such a big improvement in how my gums feel and look, and the sonic vibrations help clear out everything between my teeth and stuck in divots. If you brush aggressively the pressure sensor will help you lose that habit and the automatic timer helps make sure you brush long enough and not too long!

5Expert Score
Wont go back to manual for teeth cleaning

I really love the power of the 4100. I originally had gotten one of those 20-dollar cheapos at cvs and thought it was all the same, but i was wrong. The cvs one had a head that did really fast clockwise-counterclockwise rotations. The sonicare 4100 does a side to side ‘flicking action’ – think sport of curling in the winter olympix. This movement is great for cleaning out the spaces between teeth, while the rotational motion is good for the gumline.

The motor output is very good even at the lower setting. When i first got this tootbrush i fully charged it and that charged lasted me about 14 days before the led started lit up as yellow.

I never had a rechargeable toothbrush and was greatly impressed at how the charging process was designed. The battery compartment is completely sealed from water ingress and there are no metal contacts on the outside, and no usb of any type. The 4100 uses induction charging. The brush gives off a brief buzz when its sitting on charging pedestal correctly.

Never gonna go back to a manual unless i wanna clean the tongue.

5Expert Score
Great bargain!

I got a pink one and it works right away! I didn’t know electric toothbrush has a life span of no more than 5years – even you change the tooth brush head – the tooth brush itself is no longer working that well! Luckily i got this one and immediately ditched my old philips! Teeth is way more important and worth all the investment!

5Expert Score

Pasar de un cepillo manual a esto es increíble. He comprado 2 para mi esposa y para mi, ambos estamos encantados. La calidad de los materiales es muy buena, la batería dura semanas, la sensación de limpieza que deja en la boca nunca la habíamos sentido antes. Antes lavarme la boca era una molestia, ahora lo espero con ansias jaja. Lo único negativo que le encuentro es que el precio de los cabezales de repuesto oficiales es un poco caro.

5Expert Score
Wow! Amazing 😉

I love it! I have been buying just regular manual tooth brushes and then started to buy drug store electric ones.however nothing would have prepared me for the clean you get with this one 😉 forget about drug store electric…no no. At first i was not used to the intense vibration on my gums. It tickled and i could barely stand it. Not a laughing sort of tickle but the sort of tickle that sort of makes ya just wanna get your hand in there and. Sort of …. I don’t know. Grab them and make sure they are still there. I joked with some friends “this thing will brush the teeth right off your gums if you’re not careful!” that said …. I am now used to it and use the heavy stronger setting because i just could never again fathom brushing my teeth without having used it. It cleans so much better… And it does not tickle or itch my gums anymore. I love it and will never again be without mine! I bought the pink on and its cool. As for the charge, i just keep it on the charging pad becausei don’t like leaving it just laying around in the bathroom and the brush itself is slim and easy to pack aroundnd but that thinness makes it need a place to stand and on its own without the charging pad, it will just fall over. It is however as i said, tall so it will not fit standing up in a regular sized medicine cabinet. We had to make room for it on the wall shelves rather than the cabinet. It is probably about 8 to 9 inches approx when on base and standing upright. Tall and thin. 😉

4Expert Score
Good product but no wall plug (only usb plug)

I like the toothbrush a lot, but it comes with only a usb plug. You’ll need an adapter to plug it into a wall. They also include a piece of paper saying that by not giving us a wall plug, they are saving the equivalent of putting 19 plastic bottles in the ocean (with silhouettes of 19 bottles so we’ll know what 19 looks like). They say ‘if you need a wall plug, contact us’.

That’s ridiculous. I have usb slots on my computer, but that’s under my desk, not in my bathroom. I bought a two-pack usb-to-wall-plug for $9, so that raised the price (and presumably added 38 plastic bottles to the ocean). I don’t like supporting this kind of cheapness, but for the money it’s a good electric brush. Just realize that you’ll need to add an adapter to plug it into a wall outlet.

4Expert Score
Good enough.

It’s smaller than my original sonicare and doesn’t seem as powerful. I chose this because it was a best pick on one of my trusted sources for reviews. I should have read more of the amazon reviews. Our original sonicare had a stand for 2 brush heads and a uv cleaning device attached. The original lasted over 10 years. I didn’t stop working we thought we would upgrade because of cosmetic issues (the rubber coating was pealing off). Looks like we may have made a mistake buying the new version.

4Expert Score
Pretty good but….

I got this to replace a much more expensive sonicare brush that went wonky on me. Crazy thing started turning on by itself. First time it happened was in the middle of the night. The noise woke me up and i couldn’t figure out what is was. It then turned off. I walked into the bathroom and the crazy thing turned and started bouncing around. It scared the bejeezus out of me and had me trying to remember the number for ghostbusters.

Once i figured out it wasn’t possessed and wasn’t going to go back to working correctly i ordered this toothbrush. I’m not going to lie, the fact it was pink played a huge part. I knew i wanted another sonicare so easy choice. The brush comes with a charger that plugs into a usb instead of the wall which is the dumbest idea ever. In order to actually use your toothbrush charger you have to buy a separate adapter. Just an absolutely terrible idea. Whoever thought that up and whoever approved it should be fired immediately.

I contacted the company and asked if the charger for my previous toothbrush would work and they said ‘yes, no problem’. So, i pop it on the charger and it does show it’s charging and it does charge. Sort of. The old toothbrush would fully charge overnight and show a full charge in the morning. The new toothbrush said it’s still charging three days later. When i take it off the charger it shows partially charged. Put it back on and a couple days later it shows ‘charging’ while on the charger but ‘charged’ when you take it off. All this is indicated by little lights and their color and flash or solid light. Basically it’s just a crapshoot. I’ve started using it until it says it needs a charge then putting it on the charger overnight and using it until it says it needs charging. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The toothbrush has some basic features that the instructions say you can turn on/off by pressing the buttons. Another crapshoot. The only thing i got to work was the high/low brush vibration feature. The rest i gave up on. You don’t need them anyway.

So the charger (if you can call it that) is stupid because you can’t plug it into a wall without buying an adapter. The programming is a mess. The bright pink color looks more like a piece of chewed up bubblegum that’s been stuck to a dirty city sidewalk for 4 years, not the pink you see in the pictures. I’m super happy they offered pink but it’s like the worst pink you can imagine.

There is a lot to dislike about this toothbrush but…..when it comes to brushing your teeth, it works extremely well so it’s a win i guess. Had this thing cost more than it did, i wouldn’t be able to recommend it but all the bad stuff aside it’s great for cleaning your teeth which is all that really matters. You’re going to have to buy an adapter to plug it into your wall so go ahead and order one if you choose one of these toothbrushes. Then write the company and tell them they are idiots. It is what it is.

4Expert Score
Began rattling loudly 3 mos after warranty expired but philips replaced the unit anyhow!

Worked fine for just over 2 years then suddenly began to have a loud rattling noise when operating just beyond the warranty expiration.
Update: i called the customer service line and was able to speak with a very nice agent who took all my information and said that they would apply a 6 month extension to the warranty and will send me a replacement unit. This changes my rating to 4 stars. The oem replacement brush heads are rather expensive and i don’t want to trust my teeth to a cheap imitation.

4Expert Score
Increased sensitivity

I like this toothbrush a lot however i noticed increase in sensitivity to heat and cold after i had been using it for a few days. Do not put any pressure when brushing. Also the beeping is unnecessary. I realized after i stated using it, i do not brush my teeth in quadrants of 4. I am almost certain that would be the same for others but i can only surmise. Really for me it was such a useless feature. I liked the sonic thing, this was my first electric toothbrush though so i have never owned a spinning one to compare it to. The battery life was incredible. I was reading that leaving it off the charger extend the battery life so i do not put it on the charging stand every night. Lasted a month with (mostly) 2 brushes every day. In conclusion good for the price but has some minor issues.

4Expert Score
Great toothbrush, poor brush head

At first i was thinking of sending it back because the brush head was so small you could barely get any toothpaste on it and it didn’t feel as if my teeth were really clean after use. Then i bought the philips sonicare genuine c3 premium plaque control replacement toothbrush heads. Hx9042/65 and it changed everything for the good. Brush head is bigger so it holds more toothpaste and the sonic motion cleans really well with these brush heads. I only gave it 4 stars because of the small brush head that came with the electric toothbrush. Great toothbrush for the money.

4Expert Score
Lasted 20 months.

My dentist recommended this product. This was my second one and a newer model than the first one. After 20 months of regular use, it would not turn off and kept vibrating until the battery died. I liked using this product and it worked well. Just didn’t last as long as i’d hoped.

4Expert Score
Good value

One speed is so rough i feared my teeth would break but i got used to it. The battery lasts a long time. I think it’s been at least a month since the last charge. Perfect for travel because it comes with a sturdy cap and the charger is easy to carry

4Expert Score
Easy to use

Having never used an electric or sonic toothbrush, i didn’t know what to expect. It’s taking me awhile to get used to it but my teeth are clean and i haven’t been electrocuted. Not sure yet how much better this is than regular, manual brushing but i’ll keep using it.

4Expert Score
Broke when trying to change toothbrush head

I tried to change the toothbrush head and it completely pulled out the entire metal piece the brush sits on. I’ve had this for about 5 months and need a replacement already. I have used sonicare electric toothbrushes for years and have never had this issue before.

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