Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Navy Blue, HX6462/07

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Navy Blue, HX6462/07 Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Navy Blue, HX6462/07 : Health & Household

What are philips sonicare protectiveclean 6500 rechargeable electric power toothbrush with charging travel case and extra brush head features?

  • Gentle yet effective to whiten teeth in just 1 week vs. A manual toothbrush
  • Protect your teeth with a pressure sensor that gently pulses to alert you when you’re brushing too hard
  • Always know when to replace your brush head for an effective clean with the brush head replacement reminder
  • Personalize your brushing experience with 3 intensities and 3 modes: clean, white and gum care
  • 2 minute timer with quadpacer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time and a consistent clean throughout your mouth. Includes: 1 handle, 1 charger, 2 diamondclean brush heads, 1 charging travel case
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Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Navy Blue, HX6462/07 AMAZON Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Navy Blue, HX6462/07 : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Is the toothbrush charged on a plug in base?

Hello! Yes, the sonicare protectiveclean 6100 charges on a plug-in charging base.

Is the handle rubber or smooth plastic surface?

Hello! The handle for this sonicare protectiveclean 6100 is plastic.

It says it’s a ‘whitening’ electric toothbrush, what toothpaste is needed to whiten our teeth?

The “whitening” referred to with this toothbrush refers to the optional whitening brush head and whitening mode option on the handle. These will only reduce extrinsic stains like coffee, tobacco, red wine, etc that are deposited on the enamel. They are not really effective against intrinsic stains that exist within the enamel like those caused by tetracycline. You can use any regular or whitening toothpaste you want. Many whitening toothpastes are more abrasive than regular pastes, so your dental professional might have advice on whether they are good in your case. Receeded gums with exposed roots may be one reason to use caution with or avoid whitening toothpastes, since root surfaces are not covered with enamel and are softer than the crowns of the teeth.

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Is the phillips protectiveclean 6100 waterproof or water-resistant and which one is it?

Hello! Yes, your philips sonicare toothbrush is water resistant. However, we do not recommend using it on the shower/bathtub. Follow cleaning instructions as per the manual.

Where do i buy replacement batteries? Have they been discontued?

Hello! We do not have replacement batteries for sale as the battery of philips sonicare toothbrushes is not replaceable. If you need further assistance, please call at 1-800-682-7664: monday – sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm est or chat with us through

I don’t notice the pressure sensor ever activating, even when brushing hard. Anyone else have this issue?

Hello! It may be that the pressure sensor has been deactivated. The instructions for enabling this feature can be viewed on page 19 of the user manual:

Is this gentle enough to use two times a day?

Hello! The philips sonicare protectiveclean hx6877/21 safe & gentle on sensitive areas, orthodontics & dental work
you can be sure of a safe brushing experience: our sonic technology is suitable for use with braces, fillings, crowns, and veneers, and helps prevent cavities and improve gum health.

Can i use a gumcare brush head on the clean mode without the toothbrush overriding my choice

Hello! Even if the brush head put on the handle changes the mode, you can always adjust it.

Is the sonicare protective clean 6100 dual voltage?

Hello! You shouldn’t have any issues charging this sonicare protectiveclean 6100 on your travels as long as the voltage of the outlet you’re plugging into doesn’t exceed 220v. The voltage for this particular sonicare is 100-220v, but it may require a plug converter in the country you are in.

How long does the battery charge last?

I contacted philips support about my new toothbrush needing to be charged every 5 days. I brush twice a day and was told that it was only possible that the battery would keep its charge for 2 weeks if i limited brushing to once a day.

Are the brush bristles soft?

Not they are not, they hard not soft at all

Is it okay to leave the brushy on a plugged-in charger all the time?

Only had mine for two months. I have it on the charger 90% of the time because the base is small and fits on the sink with ease. Have not needed to worry about charging before two trips.

Does anyone know the difference between this and the hx8911 sonicare toothbrush?

Hello! A side-by-side comparison of the sonicare units can be viewed here:,hx8912/02

How do i know the difference between a pulse that indicates i am brushing too hard and one that indicates its time to move to the next quadrant?

The change position buzz is higher pitched and short. The high pressure one kinda feels like the brush is trying to not overwork the motor. I think the change position pulse overpowers the high pressure one if you happen to be pressing hard when it’s time to switch.

My toothbrush arrived without instructions. This is my first ever electric toothbrush. I could not find instructions on your manufacturer’s website.

Ah! Congrats! It’s very easy, the small white base is the charger. Just plug t in and place your brush on top and it’ll charge! The brush head just pushes into place (you have to push it in with some strength) but ones it is almost flush with the base you’re set. You have a few settings (clean modes) so just choose which one you like (i leave it on normal clean) and click the power button and start brushing. It’ll beep every thirty seconds to remind you to move brush locations and it’ll in after two minutes. Enjoy!

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Does this come with the charging base?

Hello! Yes, the philips sonicare protectiveclean 6100 navy (hx6871/49) includes a charging base.

Is this drop proof?

Hi, philips sonicare protectiveclean is not drop-proof.

Does this tooth brush come with an adapter? I ordered one from the 3000/4000 series and it had no adapter and said i had to order one from philips.

I am sure the paperwork that came with your tooth brush will help.

I bought genuine philips hx6064 w2 replacement heads, but they fall off while brushing. What’s going on?

Did you put it on the correct way around? Did you push it down hard enough, mine “clicks” into place.

Is the quadpacer for 4 areas?

Yes. It divides total recommended time into 4 timed ‘recommendations’ for each quadrant.

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Navy Blue, HX6462/07 AMAZON Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Navy Blue, HX6462/07 : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Feels like you just got a dental cleaning every day

Comfortable grip. The vibration works great and it feels like i just had a dental cleaning every time. It’s easy to switch between the modes (clean/whiten/etc.) and the built-in timer is convenient. It holds a charge for at least two weeks and it comes with a really nice travel case that you can also charge up to keep the toothbrush charged while you’re traveling. The travel case isn’t too bulky either. I had another sonicare before this one for several years and really liked it as well. I will suggest that you take the toothbrush head off and rinse underneath every few days, otherwise it gets grimy and difficult to clean. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Phillips sonicare 6100 toothbrush

My dentist recommended the phillips sonicare electric toothbrush for me at my last checkup. I looked at the different models available on amazon and choose the 6100 because it had a travel case, usb charger, and has a pressure sensor to let me know when i’m pushing in my teeth too hard. It gets my teeth whiter, and makes my mouth feel cleaner then with a regular toothbrush.

5Expert Score
Philips is awesome

I bought this for my husband who was still brushing his teeth with a regular toothbrush and he says he feels like he just went to the dentist ! His teeth are so clean !

5Expert Score
Love the feel and the power. And it makes my teeth feel soooo clean.

Ever since i started using an electric toothbrush years ago, my dentist appointments have been a breeze. I can’t live without one. My old one was dying so my husband recommended the one he found via consumer reports. After two months i finally broke it out last night after the old one gave up the ghost. (it was a different brand). When traveling i usually make due with a regular toothbrush. I think i may actually try the travel case with this next time. Either way, love the action.

5Expert Score
Buy no other auto toothbrush

If you want to get rave reviews from your dentist at your semi-annual appointments, buy this toothbrush. It actually reversed gum disease in my lazy granddaughter’s mouth. She is delighted and has learned a valuable lesson early in life, while she has all her own teeth. Buy no other toothbrush. The rotating heads on other brushes do not do the job.

5Expert Score
Arrived on time and as ordered

Ha e been using this brand for 20 years. My teeth feel much cleaner than manual toothbrush. Love the timer.

5Expert Score
Item received is exactly as advertised.

Well made product. Lots of options to chose from

5Expert Score
My favorite electric toothbrush!

Nothing to dislike about this product. We have been using this brand of e-toothbrush for 20 years. When a battery died few years ago we tried two competitor brands and were dissatisfied. I recently bought this philips sonicare e-toothbrush again and found it deep cleans teeth and gums even better!

5Expert Score
The best electric toothbrush

I’ll tell you’s the best one out there. Stop debating and get this one. You will have zero regret.

5Expert Score
Initial evaluation

It cost a little more than others but my teeth are very important and worth it. The first philips sonicare tooth brush i owned was given to me by my dentist and it lasted for many many years before the battery gave out. So long ago i can’t remember how many years. I am thinking it was 5 – 10 years ago. I know it was more than 4.

I would like to clarify my rating ‘for deep cleaning’, i would have to rated it low for ‘deep cleaning’. It is not intended for deep cleaning so i assumed the question meant for deep and through brushing thus my response to the question, there is a difference. That is the problem with some of the questionnaires. I want to convey the truth. For ‘deep cleaning’ i go to my dentist. It is a ‘toothbrush’. As a toothbrush it is the best i have found.

4Expert Score
Excellent toothbrush, cheap case

I’m going to review the toothbrush and case separately.

my favorite toothbrush to date and i have used quite a few including all the major brands. Brush heads are not bulky like some other brands. Makes for a more pleasant mouthfeel, especially if you have a smaller mouth. The vibration is not unpleasant and doesn’t irritate your gums. I had some receding gum issues due to the aggressive nature of oralb brushes. It is lightweight and yet feels very well made. Battery life has been excellent and charging it is quick and easy. If you’re wondering what brand to buy just get this one. The extra features may or may not be worth it to you. Really, i only use the normal cleaning mode, so those other features are not worth it.

Travel case:
i bought this model because i wanted the charging travel case. In the past we always forgot to bring the charger and ended up with a dead toothbrush toward the end of the trip. As a charger the case does excellent needing only a usb cable.
The case does fall a little short it its design. It is a very bulky large case. The toothbrush is smaller than my last one, but the case is considerably bigger. It is made of a very cheap feeling plastic which feels awkward given the high-quality feel of the toothbrush. There also isn’t a place for the cable to be stored. For the large price increase to get this case one would assume it would be very high quality. It is not. It does its job but feels like a cheap knockoff product.

4Expert Score
Easy to use, not as long lasting as i would've hoped

Bought this almost two years ago and had initially loved it, but soon within a year it started to break down a little. The metal tip to insert a new brush head started to loosen up within a year and now it’s completely lost any steadiness. For the price, not really worth having it for just under two years and not much support on here to be able to fix this.

4Expert Score
The case is not what i expected

This is a great toothbrush, but i was expecting that the case had a battery in it that could charge the toothbrush. It doesn’t. You still need to plug the case into a power brick to charge the toothbrush. That makes paying the extra amount less appealing. On the plus side, the battery life is fantastic!

4Expert Score
It's noisier then some

It’s noisier then my sisters brand.

4Expert Score
A good product

A good product but takes some getting used to if you have always used a toothbrush.

4Expert Score
Only lasted 2 1/2 years

The previous toothbrush lasted me about 10 years, this one that i use to replace that one only lasted 2 1/2 years. The metal shaft that goes into to do with brush fell out. Quite disappointing

4Expert Score
Easy to miss interval timer notices

The toothbrush had a reminder to encourage the user to move to the next section of their mouth. The reminder is the toothbrush takes a slight pause before moving on. Unfortunately, the reminder is very easy to miss. Please add an audio cue.

4Expert Score
Works well

Does a great job as a toothbrush so says my dentist. Wish they lasted longer though. I’m on my fourth one.

4Expert Score
Rdh discusses pros & cons

After spending hours diligently researching the entire us electric toothbrush market, i chose this sonic philips 6100 model. I would have also tried an ultrasonic toothbrush but found that most were “currently unavailable” and/or offered by small companies with service issues. Sonic and ultrasonic are different but are often confused in review articles, even in some written by “experts”. All of the current model philips sonic toothbrushes operate with 31,000 brush strokes per minute, so they will all remove plaque and do an excellent job of cleaning. The sonic technology creates perceptible micro bubbles that circulate between teeth and below the gumline which assist in making my mouth feel extra clean. Various features are important to different users and influence pricing structure.

Having been a hard brusher for much of my early life, the pressure sensor was theoretically one of the most important reasons that i chose this toothbrush. In my opinion, one has to press unreasonably hard while brushing to elicit the pressure sensor’s vibration change. So in its current version, i do not think this feature is realistically very helpful.

The whitening feature is real, but people should realize that it is not intended to be a whitening treatment to change the actual shade of the teeth. It can help minimize / remove extrinsic stains from coffee, wine, etc if used appropriately.

For me, an important positive not usually mentioned is that this toothbrush will lie stably on its side on a flat surface vs rolling around. So if you want to lay it on a countertop and apply toothpaste, it will stay in position and not roll over, spilling toothpaste.

The finish is rather slick, and it can be hard to keep a grip at times. The addition of a rubberized grip strip could be an improvement. I wrapped a rubber band around the handle which is tempering the problem.

Overall, this is an excellent toothbrush with quad pacer timer, 3 intensity levels, smart brush technology and a brush change reminder.

4Expert Score
Keep them clean

The oral-b brush i used for years finally stopped taking a charge. I did a battery change and that helped for a while, but now i needed a replacement. I’m not keen on the spinning head units so i looked into the sonicare brushes.

I’m happy with my purchase. My unit came without it’s brush head but after a call to customer support (in india) i was able to get some sent out. Fortunately i had ordered some replacement heads with the original purchase so i was able to begin using it right away.

I like to multiple speeds and intensities, though i tend to stick with one after setup. The 30 second buzzes makes a good reminder to do each quadrant of your mouth. I only wish is would stay on after 2 minutes as sometimes you need a little extra.

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