Pint of Blood; Halloween, Vampire Blood; 16 Oz, Package may vary

Pint of Blood; Halloween, Vampire Blood; 16 Oz, Package may vary

Buy Pint of Blood; Halloween, Vampire Blood; 16 Oz, Package may vary: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are pint of blood; halloween features?

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  • Realistic effect – this fake blood gallon comes in bright red color that dries up on the skin and clothes in the same color close to the real thing. Complement your powerful performance or costume with a prop that screams nothing but blood!
  • Right consistency – gushing blood from your side with the knife still stabbed? Want to look like you just finished eating someone? Our vampire blood can give all these creeps. Fake blood on clothes may not be credible enough, so having a genuine blood consistency is the key!
  • No mess, easy cleanup – this fake blood is made of water-soluble ingredients that makes it washable and can be wiped from surfaces. It is not hard to clean up. You can still reuse your clothes and costumes minus the blood fake.
  • For all your fake blood needs – this blood is experts-approved stage blood. It can be used by screen and theater actors, cosplayers, trick-or-treaters, vampires, or spooky characters. You can make every portrayal, believable.
  • Use instructions – our zombie blood is made of reliable ingredients, but do check for allergic reaction and stop use immediately if occurs. It can be washed with soap and water. May stain porous materials.
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Pint of Blood; Halloween, Vampire Blood; 16 Oz, Package may vary AMAZON

Buy Pint of Blood; Halloween, Vampire Blood; 16 Oz, Package may vary: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can you put it in your mouth

Hello! This product is not meant to be consumed or ingested, so we would not recommend putting it in your mouth.

Does this fully dry on clothes? If it does, does it stay red or end up orangey?

Haunter tip- if you want blood that dries with a thick wet look, order a bottle of perma blood from pale night productions! Different materials may need layering but the stuff is immaculate.

Would this be good to use on a car for handprints and smears?

It is good if there’s no rain, check out my car i used this on. Instagram: x_gen_impala.. I’m currently waiting for my review to be approved so they can show my car on here

Does it take the paint off of a car?

I doubt it why you want it on a car

Do you know if it will stain a bath tub?

Can be washed

Can this be used in a snowglobe tumbler?

I don’t see why not. It looks real. My band used it in a video and it looks like real blood. It’s not thin you would have to water it down.. Pretty creative idea.

Is this made with latex?


How do you know what real blood looks like

Never ask the question you don’t want the answer to

On a scale of 1-10 how real looking is the blood?


If i poured/smeared it on a baseball bat, would it stay in place and look realistic??

Yes! But dont just pour it on. Drip it on the bat and smear it. Or spatter it on the bat for a more realistic look. Otherwise it will just look like you dyed it red.

Is this blood soluble in water?


How does it look on white polyester?

Pretty authentic! Pre soak before washing.

Does this stain your skin?

It does stain your skin just a little bit but it does come off with soap and water.

Any suggestions on removing it from skin? It slightly stained my skin after washing it off. Or suggestions on something to put under it before?

As weird as it sounds, shaving cream will really help pull it out of your skin quickly. I had horrible stains on my hands, rubbed shaving cream on them and washed it off three times, and it was completely gone.

Will this stain a bathtub or hair ?

Not in my experience. But you will have to clean alot.

How sticky is it. If i got in on a floor would it be sticky until i tried to remove it?

It does not stick to surfaces such as your floor. If you do drop it on your floor it will wipe right up. Make sure to clean it up right away so it doesn’t stain.

Can i put this blood in a spray bottle?

Yes but dilute it first. We used it in a squirter bottle. But remember a little goes a long way

Can this be used to dye wool fabric?

It will stain fabric. It does take a long time to dry though.

How long will it stay on concrete sidewalk for halloween?

I’m pretty sure it will stay on my a long time because i accidentally got it on my hard would floors and it took me a long time to take it out so a really long time i’m guessing might need a pressure washer

My bottle was red why was that

May be just a marketing thing.

Pint of Blood; Halloween, Vampire Blood; 16 Oz, Package may vary AMAZON

Buy Pint of Blood; Halloween, Vampire Blood; 16 Oz, Package may vary: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Got a great deal on the vampire blood. Easy to apply and wash off. The red is on the brighter side.

Product came well wrapped and is as described. We will be using the vampire blood for halloween. I did a test of the product and it is easy to apply.

5Expert Score
Shockingly came out of my white shirt

Looks great! Dries pretty quick really. And came out of my white shirt i sprayed w spray in wash. Very easily. Very pleased

5Expert Score
Used on cloth for props help nicely

I used on cloth so nothing got dirty or stained. Was only used for outdoor props

5Expert Score

This blood looks very realistic. Only thing i don’t like is how it flakes and peels as it dries. If you get this on any of your clothing carpet or anything with the fabric it’s ruined so be careful.

5Expert Score
Perfect fake blood

Literally exactly what i wanted for my halloween themed photoshoots. The blood definitely stains but with a microfiber cloth, some elbow grease and dawn dish soap you’ll be just fine! Would definitely purchase again in the future.

5Expert Score
This blood 🩸 is perfect for my halloween decor

I will buy it again this halloween coming up i like how it looks on my decorations outside.
Lo comprare de bueno en este día de las brujas que se aproxima me encanto como me quedo en mi decoración de afuera .

5Expert Score
A theatre vampire's best friend

I got this for my teenager’s theatre makeup practice (and halloween). It has worked just as expected. I then needed it for a setting photo that required a rather significant amount of blood, and i’m happy to say that it worked perfectly and cleaned up easily (i did test a small part of the floor before pouring it out).

5Expert Score

My daughter was carrie white for halloween. The blood looked realistic. She accidentally got some on the outside of our car and it even smeared like real blood.
It didn’t stain her face nor body like some people are claiming.. We have good soap lol.
The blood is a perfect consistency. I am a phlebotomist so i know blood, this can pass.
If you pour it over the head (like we did) it’s not going to splash around absorbing like water, it kept dripping slowly from her head after it was poured giving it time to look like real blood, which is great because we didn’t have to reapply. It does get messy so make sure you’re outdoors.
It’s not thick like a syrup for those who want to know.
I would say it’s like a pina colada mixer consistency. (if that makes any sense).
It did stain her dress and that was to be expected. It was easy to wipe off surfaces. Overall we are happy with our purchase.

5Expert Score
Good value, looks like blood, not easy to clean though.

It looks good for the price and flows as real blood does. However, don’t let this get on anything you don’t want with a pink little stain. A few times i used this it left a stain if left on for more than five minutes or so but if you take away any time to dry and clean immediately it won’t leave a trace. Don’t let my review keep you from buying though i stand by this product and will still use it in the future but just leaving this as a warning to not let near kids or use it irresposibly.

5Expert Score
Highly recommended

I used this for a film project, and it’s incredible. Doesn’t dry pink on white vinyl and keep its consistency very well for over 3 days. Washes off concrete easily, so i’m sure it would wash off other surfaces too.

4Expert Score
Perfect for carrie costume

Poured this all over a dress for my carrie costume. Didn’t stain my hands but it, unfortunately, did stain my shower (which is where i poured the blood on the dress like a fool). A good bleaching should hopefully get it all out. Don’t be like me and just bloody stuff outside like a person with common sense.

4Expert Score
Realistic, but stains easily.

Bought this for a student film i was working on. While it worked fantastically as fresh blood on set, the product almost instantly stained skin and clothes, and we had to be very conscious of where we used it as a result. While this product did leak in shipping, i think it’s more of a manufacturing issue, as it must be stored upright at risk of leaking again. Cleaning out the package and bag this came in really sold the realistic experience, it was a bloody mess, but one that looked very convincing. Stains lasted for about 3 days on skin, and while i avoided contact with clothing intentionally, a small test of scrap fabric never recovered from the staining.

Great if you’re using on stone, concrete, metal, or other non-porous surfaces that you can give a good scrub. Not so good for human skin or anything porous that you want back. Flows realistically.

4Expert Score
Unrealistic blood

I used it with another make up kit and had to add another blood to create realistic look. This blood has nice texture but color is too light for fresh wound makeup.

4Expert Score
So far so good!

This product does stain clothes skin concrete and rough surfaces and cloth. I am making a short jurassic world film so i tested it on a soldier and it will stay on your action figure until you rinse or wash it off i was not able to film any scenes with this blood bc my yard got fertalized so have not tested on dinosaur. This fake blood looks and does act exactly like real blood looks great defiantly recomend for special effects and action figure films i wold not recomend puting in mouth. But just dont ingest it at all! Does not stain grass either it works great for slatters a pool of blood and dripping/flowing have not tested in water yet bc there are not any puddles in my yard yet.

4Expert Score
Good buy

Works if you’re trying to make bloody blankets for halloween or whatever event!

4Expert Score
It's pretty good

It has a really nice color and if you want to do the drip effect it’s really good for that. My only problem is that it’s a bit too watery and if you leave it on it stains a little bit but other then that i like it.

4Expert Score
Great color

This blood is what i was looking for. The color is great a nice burgundy red. As it gets less on the body the fake blood becomes lighter. Its thick where it drops slow enough. But not so thick where it’ll stay in place as a clot. It does stain your body. The picture i took i had the blood on my finger for 2 minutes at the most and wiped it off, shower and all, it still stained on me. Its not a problem with a soaking warm bath it should fade.

4Expert Score
It stains

Ok, so overall i give this a 4/5. It is very very good, looks real, and has a good consistency. But it stains really really bad. I’ll put a drop on my hand and leave it for 5 seconds, then wipe it off, and it all ready stained. I put vaseline on my skin before hand, and it didn’t stain. I like this, but i wouldn’t buy it again.

4Expert Score
Very good product

Easy to use and clean

4Expert Score
Gets the job done

I got this to be a bloody bride on halloween it is really thin ( i once had some that had a little bit of a jelly consistency) this is more like water. Pro: it washed completely out of the white corset and tutu skirt i had, i mean back to pure white. Con: after a few hours the blood dried and peeled off i had to reapply every couple of hours

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