Plugable USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification)

Plugable USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification) : Plugable USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification) : Electronics

What are plugable usb digital microscope with flexible arm observation stand compatible with windows features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Hobby focused – useful and fun for students, collectors, testers, and anyone interested in exploring the microscopic world. Includes a microscope camera yet cannot be used as a document camera
  • High definition – 2.0 megapixels, up to 250x magnification (note: final magnification corresponds to monitor size)
  • Broad compatibility – electronic microscope uses a webcam chipset and sensor to support nearly any operating system using standard webcam software. Users with an oculus rift may require additional setup
  • Integrated lighting – led halo light with brightness adjustment control. The microscopes flexible arm stand with observation pad includes graduated marks for easy measurement or use as a handheld microscope
  • 2 year warranty – we love our plugable products, and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as seattle-based email support
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Plugable USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification) AMAZON : Plugable USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Is the 250x magnification fully optical magnification? Or is that digital? If so, what is the optical magnification range, without digital mag?

It’s all digital and it depends on your monitor size. To determine the magnification, take a photo of the base board while push the microscope down against it. Measure the distance between 2 grid lines on the screen. The ratio between that measurement (on the screen) and distance between 2 grid lines on the base board is the magnification. To get the best magnification out of it, set the digital viewer resolution to 1600 x 1200 and then read the photo from file folder after the photo is taken and measure the distance between 2 lines. I get 60x magnification on my 23′ monitor. If you have 100′ monitor, you may get 250x magnification.

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Is this good for looking at teh cannabis trichomes?

You must mean the trichomes as the amount of trichomes covering your plant increases, you should take a closer look at them, maintaining a light touch to avoid crushing the resin glands. Your best bet is to purchase an inexpensive 25x microscope and most (use search for this .. Pocket microscopes) pocket microscopes have a small light to help you get an illuminated peek at your trichome development. So, when you cut small buds from your plant to test them, you want to concentrate on the stalked glandular trichomes. The coloration of the gland heads can vary with different strains and maturity, but most start with clear or slightly amber heads that gradually become cloudy or opaque when thc levels have peaked and are beginning to degrade. Regardless of the initial color of the trichomes, with careful observation you should be able to see a change in coloration as maturity levels off. Some cultivators wait for about half of the trichomes to go opaque before harvesting to ensure maximum thc levels in the finished product. However, you will also want to try samples at various stages to see what is best for you. While you may be increasing the total thc level in the cannabis by allowing half of the glands to go opaque, there will also be a larger percentage of cbn, which is why some people choose to harvest earlier while most of the trichomes are still the short answer to your question is?? Yes goofball of course.. But would you really want to be attached to your desk and computer with this, no probably not, like mentioned above you’d be better of with a $10 smaller hand held scopes that are far more convenient and you can carry them in your pocket, they also have a light so while your staggering through your patch you can stop and check a bud and slush onwards, how do i know this, beats me.. Now you understand how trichomes develop on your plants and get your question answered and learned how to spell the.. And how to examine them as they turn from clear to opaque,edit: as a matter of fact i even went and looked for a pocket scope for you since i’d kind like one for myself hence the reason i even saw your question so here’s a nice one for $6.00 equinox led microscope – mini pocket lens lighted microscope – 20x – 40x zoom, but use search as i mentioned above, there’s a lot of nice ones, even one called the growers edge ha hayou thought you were being a wise guy/girl didn’t ya… Be safe.. I’m a card carrier myself..

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I want to see trichomes turn from clear to amber and be able to take still pictures of it happening , could this product help do that?

That’s probably on the edge of what this thing can do. I used it to enlarge parts of insects, which it did very well, especially when i projected it onto my smartboard. However, you are talking about something an order of magnitude smaller than that. Likely you could see it, but it would not some close to filling the screen.

Any suggestion on otg cable for nexus 5x? Will leds take too much phone charge and is using power bank must/recommended?

Manufacturer response: no otg cable is necessary for the nexus 5x. This is only needed for micro usb devices. What you need is a usb-c male to usb-a female cable such as this one:
no external power should be necessary, the microscope uses no more than 100ma with the leds at full brightness.

What android app works with this? Is there an official android app?

I do not know, but check here They were very helpful in hooking mine up to win7.

I’m using windows 7. I keep getting ‘the parameter is invalid’ when i open the digital viewer software. Nothing works. Anyone else get this?

Manufacturer response: this is generally a symptom of the camera being controlled by an outside application. If the software isn’t able to control the camera, it will throw this error when you try to change any of the camera’s settings (parameters). Please contact us at for help on resolving this!

Hi, mine did not come with cd. I downloaded and installed sw from website mentioned but i did not get anything to launch viewer? I tried all programs.

For most windows 8 or 10 users, the camera is added to the systems existing list of cameras. There is no launch window for the camera its self. Windows 10, it will be in the programs> camera location. Hope this helps.

Will this work with the google motorola nexus 6

It works for me if you can look at the monitor wile working takes a little get use to it but i love it.

Everything works except the camera button on the microscope. Any idea why? The camera feature still works in the computer just not the microscope itse

This is the first i ever heard of this trouble.check your connections,but if you have a brand new one send it back,for a new one,but there is very little that can go bad.

Will this work to take and post good, clear photos of gem stones?

I wouldn’t see why not. Can’t say i have tried it myself but the images i have taken of bugs and leaf veins and stuff are more resolution than i could make use of. Couldn’t see any pixels on my tablet until zooming in quite a bit. Should suffice for images of full gem stones. Might not work if you were trying to show inclusions and imperfections.

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Is the gooseneck 5/8′ compatible with standard mounts for mic stands, etc? I want to mount a flange on my desk surface and connect camera to it

Manufacturer response: all threads on the stand are standard 1/4-20 threads, which is the same as most standard camera mounts. This allows you to use just about anything on the market that would work with a normal camera.

Does anyone know what kind of warranty it comes with?

Manufacturer response: all plugable products include a 1 year warranty against defects.

Can you just plug it in to a laptop and see instant pictures.does it work without software-and you just plug it into android phone and see pictures?

Never tried it on the android. But yes when you plug in it should automatically work. It comes with a small disc so install it and you will get the pluggable digital viewer. The microscope is amazing, i was really happy with the buy. Of course you need to adjust the distance of the object, for example i was lookng at the house fly and had to adjust the distance, then i was like omg i can see the tiny hairs and wing veins in detail. Try not to have too much crap connected to your pc becuase this will create a conflict and it will not work. Just use the logic, if is too blury adjust the rolling wheel on top. If you don’t have the disc just download the drivers, just use logic.

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Can anyone confirm that this has 250x magnification?

I cannot confirm that it is 250x but i can confirm that it has a very high magnification mode when the object is right at the entrance to the clear cylinder at the base of the microscope. If they say it is 250x i would believe them.

Will it work with mid-2012 mac book pro, running the latest version of catalina (macos 10.15)? Some reader comments say ‘yes’, and some say ‘no’.

I hace a 2019 macbook pro, and a 2017 macbook air, and the camera works perfectly with both. That said, i have macos big sur, which might matter… But that said, this camera works perfectly with all my mac products.

Can this be viewed with galaxy note3?

Manufacturer response: yes, i have tested this on my personal galaxy note 3. You will have to use an otg cable.

Does this come with the otg adapter for android?

This one does not. The adapter can be bought separately, or if memory serves, there’s another listing that comes with that adapter versus this adapter.

It shows up as an oculus rift dk2 sensor in device manager and isn’t available in any software program as a camera, how can i get it to work?windows10

Bit on late side but if anyone else with this issue if you own a oculus device its casing the issue just unplug all oculus display and camera. Then will see one device listed under oculus as dk2 click it update device driver search on my computer pick from list. Select video device it will then appear under cameras as microscope you can now plug back in oculus devices

Can it be used to illuminate and inspect the gold contacts inside the ipod lightning jack 5-6 mm below the surface?

I do not know answer to this question but it is able to magnify anything on the surface of something at 250x and then takes a photo which you may be able to enlarge.

Could this be used to examine the tracks (grooves) of a vinyl record? I normally use a 10 power loupe, but i want something where my hands are free.

I think that this would be fine in addition to the different power sizes you can also control the brightness. On the grid that it comes with you can actually zoom in to see what looks like solid painted lines. I have not tried it with vinyl, but i would be very surprised if this didn’t rise to the task.

Plugable USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification) AMAZON : Plugable USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great for stamp collectors

Great accessory for the stamp collector!

5Expert Score
Wonderful. Just get it!!!

We have many of these where i work at individual desks and stations.
That’s where i discovered these little jewels. I have one at home as well. These microscopes are great for inspecting fly fishing tack, knots, etc. Use it to read mechanical markings as well on parts. Even used it to check a jewelers work. He’s good. You need this. Buy it. Thank me later.

5Expert Score
Luv it

Great for coin collectors

5Expert Score
This is the best usb camera of its kind on the market!

I am into ecospheres, mainly water-based jars and this camera allows me to run the lens along the glass and follow moving targets while using the focus button with one hand. I am about to order a 2nd backup camera. I have referred at least a few dozen folks from the ecosphere community over the past year.
I have 5 usb cameras like this ranging from $20 to $1200 and 4 of them are catching dust in the drawer. This one here is the true gem!

5Expert Score
The world of the small at an affordable price

I don’t write reviews often, but after purchasing this usb microscope (my first), i was compelled to share my experience for those who are considering purchasing a usb microscope and may be on the fence about the quality and usefulness considering the low price compared to other similar products. I was also skeptical considering the low price, but after reading the mostly positive amazon reviews, i decided to give it a try. I figured worst case scenario, it would make for a fun educational toy to show the kids if the quality wasn’t all that great.

The reason i purchased it was because i enjoy electronic circuits as a hobby and frequently solder and tinker with different circuits using various tiny components such as ics, transistors, surface mount components, etc. Some of these components have part numbers printed on them and are hard to see because of how small they are. Even with a magnifying glass and perfect lighting at just the right angle, it can be a challenge to read the numbers. Also, as a beginner to the hobby, i felt it would be a valuable ability to be able to take pictures of my soldering work and take videos of my work for later review to make sure i didn’t accidentally create solder bridges or not use enough solder and then go back and make corrections as needed.

I included some pictures and videos i took using this microscope and it’s viewer software. I have to say, i’m blown away with the quality of this device considering the price. It includes everything you see in the picture. The plastic board with printed grid lines is solid and sturdy and not a thin plastic mat that i thought it would be. The microscope suctions onto it and stays put with no issue. I really like the zoom control (the gray part). It has a rubber texture so it has a nice grip and it feels great when adjusting focus. It isn’t loose at all and the rotation has some torque to it so you can really fine-tune the focus with ease and not have to worry about losing it by removing your hand from it.

There is also a touch button on the back which was a welcome surprise, i didn’t know it had this until i received it. There is a picture of a camera on the back end of the microscope and when you touch it, it snaps a picture of whatever you are looking at while in the viewer software and stores it in a folder for later view. It isn’t a tactile button, just a touch-sensitive button which i really appreciate because i can take a picture of what i’m magnifying without worrying about shaking the microscope while snapping a photo. The pictures included in this review were taken using this function.

The videos were also shot using the software and shows a close-up view of me soldering some header pins onto a couple of different components. I was in awe when i viewed the videos after i completed my soldering work.

I really can’t say enough good things about this microscope, its a great piece of kit for the price. I don’t have anything to compare it to since its my first microscope, but if the more expensive ones can do things better than this one can, they must truly be magical devices because its hard to imagine anything doing it better than this one. I would have paid double the price knowing what i know now. Even if you are questioning whether or not you’re going to use it a lot, just buy it. The uses this tool will provide will present themselves.

5Expert Score
Plugable usb digital microscope with flexible arm observation stand

I really like this camera, very clear and easy to install. I use this camera to coin roll hunt, find errors, and varieties on coins.

5Expert Score
Entry-level price, small image file sizes, some reflective glare, works on all usb2+ platforms, onthego capable. Recommended.

Let me start by saying the pluggable support model is hard to beat. I had issues in using this model at its full resolution and they were very accommodating in working with me to debug the situation and come to a positive compromise before they cut me loose. Support alone would get six stars.

This is a value-priced camera with both led-lighting and suction-cup mounting arm. You assemble it to the supplied board by suction cup, rather than a more stable screw connection, but maybe that gives you more flexibility in the long run. I found the pluggable software for mac os a challenge and was never able to get it above 640×480, so i suspect some of the positive reviews mentioning software are talking about the windows version. If using the full 2mp of the rating isn’t important, this camera works very nicely out of the box. I quickly moved my unit to a chromebox and loaded the ‘camera’ app from the play store and it takes decent pictures.

In the sample photos, you will notice that smooth surfaces reflect the light from the leds, so to eliminate that i would tilt the item being photographed so the reflection didn’t come back into the lens. You can also just turn off the led and let the software adjust the light levels, but that might not look great depending on your room lighting. Non-reflective surfaces are no problem. Tall items, like the jumpers on a breadboard, cause you to choose between which portion is in focus – in my case the top of the transistor would be in focus but not the bottom.

This is very good for showing details and i am looking for other parts to hack together a more stable stand, but for the price, it’s a great way to get started with imaging of very small things.

I later tried the debut software from australia and was immediately taking 1600×1200 images so i’m not certain what the issue is that prevents me from using digital viewer above 640×480.

2018-07-14 update: i’ve improved the rating to 5-stars. I recently purchased the fosmon otg cable so i could connect this to my pixel phone and i’m in love all over again. I use the very simple otg view software, free from google play store, and i am taking this usb microscope everywhere and capturing high-resolution images well away from my desk and my workbench. I think the major limitation of the device is the provided digital viewer and once i moved away from that i’ve become more impressed with its platform portability every day. I know it will drain my cell phone battery pretty quickly, but having the option of taking a high-resolution close-up of things where only your cellphone goes is a really high-value opportunity. Kudos to pluggable for (1) really engaged product support, and (2) a really standard device.

5Expert Score
Excellent for the price. Works with linux

I purchased the plugable usb microscope for some soldering work and mostly out of curiosity. Like all webcams, it has a little noise in the picture at lower light levels and definitely does best with a brightly lit subject. The flexible support stand is surprisingly solid and holds its position well. The suction cup requires a perfectly smooth surface. A finished wood table was not smooth enough, but it does work well with the supplied pad. For $36, i think the magnification is great. With the microscope on the included stand and extended as far from the work surface as possible, the distance from the end of the plastic shield to the surface is about 10 cm and the viewing area is about 2 cm x 2.5 cm, or about the size of a quarter. With the microscope’s plastic shroud touching the work surface, the viewing area is about 0.5 cm x 0.6 cm. The focus ring is plastic, but it is very snug and precise and operates smoothly.

I wish it had two additional features. It doesn’t come with a plastic cap to cover the end of the lens when its in storage, which would be nice. I’ve also seen other, much more expensive microscopes with a polarizing filter which really helps with lighting glare. It would be great to have that feature in this price range.

For the other linux users, the microscope does ‘just work’ with linux. When you plug it in to the computer, it does nothing (i’m using linux mint). But as soon as you start the video capture program and select it as the active device, the led light come on and the microscope works. The youtube video for linux users from plugable recommends using it with the program cheese. It does work with that program, but the on screen image lags movement a lot. A much better option is a program called ‘guvcview’. It is much faster and has a host of image adjustment options. Also, the touch button on the microscope that captures an image does work.


5Expert Score
Hace lo que ofrece

Es sencillo hace lo que ofrece por un muy bajo precio

5Expert Score
Simple period!!!!

I have always wanted to get something to help me see my solderring as im doing it or after to check my solder joints etc… Until now i had never used one of these type of digi scope and im simply blown away in every aspect of this little gem, i absalutly can’t stop using it for everything i see mostly i use it for fpv quadcoppter builds i have only had it 1 1/2 days and it saved me about $150 on motors/flightcontroler/vtx!!! Poor eye sight makes solderring a bit of a challenge but with this little gagite to look over my work when im done is pricless one just simply cant go wrong with this tool ifr you solder tiny circute boards this is must have tool thanks and yes i am going to buy and recomend this to everyone i know and buy them for xmas gifts dosnt get no better than this……

4Expert Score
Good for the price

It’s great for the price, picture is clear and the app is super easy,the only con is the stand.. It’s had to make it focus while it on the stand but you have to do it on the stand so you can get a proper focus, so that’s an issue but overall, for the money it’s a good deal and i would recommend it.

4Expert Score
Good little scope

In order to store it you must disassemble it & reassemble it for use. The stand it sits on could definitely be a little bigger . But all in all good value for the money

4Expert Score
I thought perhaps i could photograph miniatures with it

I’m a miniaturist, and recently started working in smaller scales – 1:144 and 1:48, to be precise. I had a really hard time taking photos with my cell phone. I was hoping to find a macro attachment for it, but most of them seemed to be designed for use with phones with the camera in the top corner, and my camera was centered and lower down. I came across this digital microscope while i was searching for other macro options, and thought, ‘why not?’

the microscope was easy to assemble, and the free digital program was fairly straightforward. There were not a lot of adjustment options in the program, and hardly any on the device. One twist controls the focus on the device, another controls the led light.

For looking at flattish surfaces, like skin, or a penny, or leaves, or something, it’s great. The detail is amazing. The led light isn’t nearly sufficient enough. I got yellowish photos, even with an led desk light, until i switched to an ott light.

For taking pictures of 3d items from further away? It wasn’t great. The stand was bouncy, and i had a hard time getting the suction cup to suction properly, and would have to hold it steady while attempting to save a photo at the same time.

The lack of zoom meant i’d have to physically move the device to fit what i wanted in the picture, and given the specifics of what i was attempting to photograph (tiny items in a tiny room) it was sometimes impossible.

I was also dissatisfied with the quality of the photos, but that could just be my computer not cooperating with the device. I was getting obvious scan lines in saved images, (it’s a bit hard to see unless you scroll through the multiple shots i took) but by that point i decided it wasn’t worth the effort to troubleshoot. My computer just read it as another plug in device, so i’m sure it will work with plenty of other programs.

Trying to get the microscope to do what i wanted it to do did give me several ideas for how to make my cell phone camera work for me, so the experiment wasn’t an entire loss. I had no idea these things existed, and am considering getting a more kid-friendly version for my niblings, who i hope are as nerdy as me when it comes to looking at things really close up.

(yes, that is a regular penny in the background of two of the photos and in the fourth photo, and those are seed beads on the middle shelf.)

4Expert Score
Helped with some amateur soldering.

While i do not claim to be a person that knows what he’s doing when he’s soldering small electronics, this digital microscope was extremely helpful in seeing the small resistors i accidentally knocked off.

While i may have botched my repair, the microscope held its own and was not to blame for the failed repairs. It was easy to hook up to my m1 macbook with a usb-c to usb-a adapter. It was immediately recognized as a webcam, which allowed me to utilize any application that would typically display images from a webcam. Including facetime and the photo booth apps.

Since the microscope is recognized as a webcam, it should work well for recording pictures to send to those to help diagnose an electronics issue, or if you’re looking to start up a youtube channel. Since micro-soldering doesn’t seem to be my thing, i’m thinking of using it to finally start my onlyfans page.

4Expert Score
Budget microscope

The light can be a little bright for the camera when objects have plastic coverings but can be adjusted to get an adequate view.

4Expert Score
Better than expected.

The best feature is the price and decent picture for the price. The cable connection at the camera is weak, after a month of usage the shielding is sticking out, needs better pressure relief. I wire tied the cable to the arm. The arm is not very flexible, but it does work. The ring holding the camera to the arm is very flimsy, if you are aggressive in moving it around the camera will come off. The suction cup base is worthless, i dilled a hole in a $4 spring loaded shop table clamp to attach to and clamp it on my desk edge, but the arm really needs to be several inches longer. Focus can be a challenge since the arm is not that stable while moving the focus and you end up using two hands with one holding the top of the camera that leads to a different issue. The button the top to take pictures is sensitive and if you grab the camera near the top it will take a snap. I end up with a lot of extra garbage pictures to delete. The app works but it isn’t great. You can’t delete pictures in the app. You can see thumbs of the pictures but you can’t view them in the app. If you click on the thumb it opens the picture in the default picture viewer for your os. In my case ms picture viewer where you can delete the picture and then you have to close the viewer and repeat to delete the next. Faster to use the os file system to delete maybe. The light works fine and nice it is adjustable but leads to the same two had problem as the focus. It can bee too bright also, causing glare at certain angles on some things. The diffuser could maybe be more opaque to diffuse more.

4Expert Score
Overall i like it, critical review

I must say for the price i am happy. I wanted to get this to review some coffee equipment. Reviewing espresso grinder burrs and coffee ground quality. As soon as i opened the box, my 2 daughters immediately started hauling anything and everything over to me to look at through the microscope. We looked at ants, fruit, coins, etc. I eventually used to look at espresso grinder burrs (why i bought). We will be using this off and on quite often. Best and most unexpected part was how excited my young kids got!

The main downside for me is the arm for the camera is almost too short. I have lots of issues getting the camera aligned especially when really close to an object. The lights is also fairly poor. I have a light ring that i usually use for my product reviews.

Pictured: espresso burrs, ball point pen, fuzz on a kiw, pocket knife blade

4Expert Score
Pretty good for the price it seems

Only worked with it for an hour or so, but overall it’s pretty good for the price:
the good
– image quality seems to be very good
– wide focus distance range from 20-30 centimeters to right up to the plastic guard
– worked with win10 built-in camera app
– downloaded app from pluggable installed easily and worked well
– obs was able to grab the video output for multi-stream recording, etc.
– seems to be built well
– 1/4-20′ thread on the ends of the flexible arm so easy to adapt to custom mounting hardware you can cobble together from your local hw store or standard photo equipment threaded holes

the not-so-good
– focusing is very very slow (maybe that’s ok at really close distances), especially when changing from far to close
– built-in led is not very bright – especially when the distance to the object gets farther away (like 20cm or so)
– flexible arm is kind of short, limiting it’s flexibility to move around
– connection of flexible arm to the camera body is via a somewhat flimsy piece of plastic that might not last
– video resolution not very high

it seems like it’s worth the $ to me, we’ll see how well it continues to work

4Expert Score
Simple way to zoom in and get the detail you need

I use this for small electronics repairs. For anyone familiar with surface mount devices (smd’s) the leads are tiny or the devices are directly soldered with paste to a small pad. Aligning these parts on these pads is a chore, and without some magnification, even someone with perfect vision will struggle.

The zoom is great, works fine, and i do like the way the light can be dimmed, which is particularly important with solder which will produce a glare.

The picture quality isn’t great, as the resolution is somewhat limited, which means on a large display, the images are going to be very pixelated. However, it’s still very useable.

The only real complaint i have is with the the mounting arm and board. The suction cup mount will only fit in one spot, and is really easy to pop off. Second, the arm it’s self uses small indentations on the side of the scope to hold it in place. So when you move the scope around, it tends to pop out of the mount really easily.

Overall, i’m still pleased with my purchase, but it could be better.

4Expert Score
Really fun for hobbyist

This is fun for a reasonable price. I found a tiny bug dead on my windowsill. I put it under the microscope and was amazed at the detail. See pictures – 1mm fly and weird worm thing (~2mm) in pond water (worm size estimated by putting ruler under the microscope and gauging how a millimeter appeared under that particular magnification); also, pictures enhanced in apple photos. Then i got some moss and pond water and found several critters. I could see tiny creatures moving around, probably paramecium. Then i found a striped worm-like thing – a grub, maybe? – and was impressed i could see that.
It’s tricky to focus because you have to touch it and it’s very sensitive to motion (like binoculars are). And it uses a *lot* of ram. I have 8 gb in my 2021 imac and when recording videos, it made me force quit a couple of times. (only other app open was messages). But now i know to get more memory.
Overall, you’re not going to see microscopic creatures in great detail, but still, you can see them, and that’s pretty cool.

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