Pokémon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces

Pokémon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces

Pokémon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces + Free Shipping
Pokémon Assorted Cards: Your best value on pokemon cards: look no further for the best deals on assorted pokemon cards. Lots of random cards from all series: you will receive a variety of regular and energy cards. Duplicates may occur. Boost your collection: with random cards from every series, each lot is a surprise.

What are pokémon assorted cards features?

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  • Your best value on pokemon cards: look no further for the best deals on assorted pokemon cards.
  • Lots of random cards from all series: you will receive a variety of regular and energy cards. Duplicates may occur.
  • Boost your collection: with random cards from every series, each lot is a surprise.
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Pokémon assorted cards details:

Product dimensions

3 x 2 x 0.75 inches

Item weight

0.8 ounces

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Manufacturer recommended age

7 years and up

Is discontinued by manufacturer



Trading card games



Pokémon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces AMAZON

Pokémon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces + Free Shipping

Looking for specific info?

As of january 2016 the description says ‘no duplicates’ but many reviews say otherwise. Has anybody purchased these recently and received duplicates?

We purchased 3 packs on 5/31/21. So many duplicates, triplicates, and quadruplicates within each pack. One pack had 2 sets of 4 in addition to several triplicates and duplicates.

Is this a good starter deck of cards for a 5 year old who has no other pokémon cards or anything?

No, i wouldn’t recommend! I thought it would be a good starter pack for my 7 yr old who had none. There were 22 identical cards of one character, 8 cards of another, 4 cards of the same and every energy card had at least 1 duplicate, most were 3 to 4 of the same.

Are these in a box?

Came in a regular envelope inside plastic bags.

Can i get this without any duplicates in my order?

If you purchase from northwest card games there will be no duplicates. You’ll receive 50 unique pokemon cards from a variety of sets.

Are these cards in the original wrapper? The picture makes it look like it’s just loose cards

No, they are not in original packaging. They have been kept in plastic card sheets since purchase but they are not in original packaging.

Will their be any evolvstions

Bird lover,
we always include a variety of basics as well as stage 1 pokemon. There may even be stage 2 evolutions! You will also notice that there will not be any basic energy cards. This means you

Are these still coming as nothing but duplicates?

We (tcgexchange) actually try to put these together so you get little to 0 duplication in our lots. Most cards come from 2016 to today (so lots of sets), with a few energy and a couple trainers, but mostly pokemon.

Is it 50 cards for the price?

Yes. You get 50 cards.

Are there any ex?

No ex. Lowest valued cards provided and some with no value.

Description says a combo of regular and energy cards. Why did we only get regular cards? This is basically a pack of bad cards that no one wanted.

My grandson was quite satisfied although a number of them were duplicates of what he had.

I saw someone else ask the question but if i got a couple of these is it possible to get them without trainer or energy cards as well?

Yes (probably depends on the specific seller). Please message us once the purchase is made and we will be able to customize it!

Would it be possible to purchase these cards today, and to purchase these cards without any of the training or energy cards? I would like to buy today

Sure-i can add character cards and eliminate trainers and energy.

Could i get mine with no energy or trainer cards?

I would also get two if i could get them without energy or trainer!
Trying to get as many 1995’s as possible. Not interested in the newer pokémon, so let’s hope i may get some winners!!

Couldi get mine with just face cards?

Sure. No problem.

I just order this pack, and i see everyone has asked, but could i receive mine without energy or trainer cards.

Yes if it’s from r and j games, i don’t see a order from you through us.

Are these real cards?

You will receive real cards if purchasing from planet comics. You can find us online at http://www.amazon.com/shops/planetcomics

Are there any trainer cards or energy cards?

Hi there. There are no more than two trainers and two energy cards per pack. If you would like to request more or less send a message with your order number. We will do our best to accommodate.

Is it true this is a scam because i would really like to buy these and i have been saving my money upto get some cards but all are scams!! Help!!!????

I bought 3 for my son, he’s 10. He loved them. They were all different. He’s not a big collector so i’m not sure if there were a ton of duplicates, but he had zero complaints. I’m actually buying them again because my daughter wants some. I hope this helps.

Does it include raichu?

No. Not at all, every card was an energy card & duplicates of the energy card.

Did anyone else have to pay the post office just to get this envelope because the seller didn’t put enough postage on it?

The seller sent them to me as scheduled and nobody else had to put extra postage on it.

Pokémon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces AMAZON

Pokémon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces + Free Shipping

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Pokémon cards good for starting

My grandson is new to pokémon collecting. He is seven years old. I remember purchasing them for my children years ago. I am happy that he got a nice selection although there were some that were repeats. But he didn’t mind. They were wrapped in a sealed clear envelope and protected very nicely. I would recommend for someone who is giving as a gift to a younger collector who may not really understand the whole dynamic of trading them. He still trades them though. Happy seven year old.

5Expert Score
I didn't get a single dupe. I might order more.

This was a great starter pack to boost my new collection. I collected pokemon cards as a kid and lost all my cards, but recently started collecting again… And i must say wow, the price on these is amazing for all the cards you get. I got zero duplicates and only 2 energy cards. It’s a fantastic deal and i had to stop myself from ordering 5 more packs immediately, so addicting.

5Expert Score
Good customer service

We ordered the first pack, it arrived with in a timely manner, actually before the estimated shipping date. The product was as expected and we where happy as a beginner in pokémon. There are duplicates, but for $5 if you’re a beginner, this pack is worth it.
Because we where pleased with the first pack we went ahead and purchased a second pack. Unfortunately there were unforeseen shipping issues and the cards never arrived. But the seller wasted no time and refunded me right away to purchase another pack or to order else where. I was pleased with their quick action to refund me and take accountability for an issue that was probably not theirs but actually the shipping facility.

5Expert Score
I know nothing…except

My grandson was very happy with this assortment. I can only go by his reaction as i do not have any idea about these cards or what they even mean. I will use this seller again anticipating the same reaction.

5Expert Score
Great starter pack

Great gift for beginners. My granddaughter and her girlfriends love to trade cards as well as learn how to play the game. We’re looking forward to other valued-purchases in the future.

5Expert Score
Will buy again!

Awesome for a starter! Bought these for my 6yo who has recently became interested and we received a wide variety of cards!

5Expert Score
Amazing set. Would buy again.

This was a really great buy. No duplicates. Even had one hologram card. Look at the seller when buying because that probably makes a big difference.

5Expert Score
Lots of different cards

Gift for my grandson- he’s six – starting to collect as best he can learn

5Expert Score
Great starting pack

I must say i did not let my self get driven by the bad reviews of 50 cards of one type or that there were too many duplicates. Our pack did have a few repeats and also had some great cards the quality is great we will be getting some more

5Expert Score
I was unsure

I was unsure but for the price i decided to take a gamble. The reviews were mixed. Overall i was happy. I did not get any of the same cards, however, i only got one pack. I did not get any super rare cards, but again if you are just starting out these are prefect!!!

4Expert Score
Great start to your pokemon journey

I would totaly recomend this to any people who are just starting their pokemon collection. I was kinda disapointed when i opened this up to see that i had alot of repeats and i only got commons and uncommons, but it’s totaly worth the price, and i would toltaly recomend this to beginers.

4Expert Score
Good product

My som really liked them. Can’t beat the price.

4Expert Score
Just as described arrived fast only had a couple duplicates.

Just as described arrived fast only had a couple duplicates great gift or starter set would recommend

4Expert Score
No energy

Bought for myself as i am collecting to eventually be able to play the game with my son, and out of the 5 decks i bought i had zero energy out of 250 cards. Lots of duplicates though. Was hoping for more gen 1 or 2, but good cards to build with.

4Expert Score
Decent for the price

I bought this pack for my 7 year old pokemon fanatic. We received more duplicates than i had expected. He only got 1 fire pokemon and no electric pokemon. Which is what he was hoping for. Pikachu specifically which i know is a rare find, and told him so. The cards were new and in good condition. They are good quality, not cheap looking. All in all a decent buy for $6.99

4Expert Score
Decent for the cost

32 unique cards, 18 doubles, so it is actually 50 cards total. 2 sets of triples. 7 energy, 10 trainer cards. 3 stage 1 and 30 basic.

Ok purchase for a young kid just starting out to play with, wanting some random cards, or to use for pokemon craft or something if you need some extras.

4Expert Score
Decent stuff

Decent for the price, i got a couple reprints but not overwhelming. Nothing special, all regular prints but still very nice for collecting .

4Expert Score
Not so good

Lots of commons duplicates and way to much energy’s you might get lucky with a good pack

4Expert Score
Great stocking stuffer


4Expert Score
Nice, basic cards

Like new cards. Nothing special, just your basic kinds of cards. No holos or v/vmax/etc. But if you’re just looking for cards to add to your playing decks, not a bad deal.

Important information

Safety Information

Keep Away From Small Children

Legal Disclaimer

50 Pokemon card Collection This lot will include 50 Random Uncommon and Common Pokemon Cards. Perfect way to start or grow a collection! 50 Random Pokemon cards from random sets; these could include cards from any set from the beginning up through the current set. This lot will include duplicates and is made up of English cards that are a MIX of commons, uncommons. These lots are in NM through Played condition. The number of duplicates varies from package to package and is not guaranteed to be under or over a certain percentage. The lots are filled at random. Lot includes a MIX of the following conditions: NM Cards: Cards that are Near Mint, not perfect. LP Cards: Cards that have Light Play or Wear. Played Cards: Cards that have some form of wear or damage. Cards are repackaged from varying sets.

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