Pokemon Battle Academy 2 Board Game

Pokemon Battle Academy 2 Board Game

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What are pokemon battle academy 2 board game features?

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  • 3 complete pokémon tcg decks (60 cards each)
  • Each deck includes a powerful special pokémon: cinderace v, pikachu v, or eevee v
  • Eevee deck includes 2 copies of an all-new promo card featuring galarian obstagoon
  • 1 instruction sheet to help you set up to play
  • 2 tutorial guides to lead you through the decks
  • 1 two-player game board
  • 3 deck boxes to keep the cards organized
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 large metallic coin featuring cinderace, pikachu, and eevee
  • 1 set of damage counters
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Pokemon Battle Academy 2 Board Game AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Pokemon Battle Academy 2 Board Game : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Hi nice too met you, which is the weight?

The box weighs approximately 2.77 pounds or 1.26 kilograms

Me gustaría, saber si sale en español el manual ?

No. Todos los textos en cartas, tablero e instrucciones están en inglés.

What age is it for? Is it easy for a 6 year old

The game is rated for 6+. It is an introduction version of the pokémon card game

Saludos, me gustaría saber si esas 60 cartas que trae son las misma que están en lo sobre de colección o son de cartón del juego?. Gracias

Son cartas normales de juego de uso legal

First time buying something like this, this is like the full on set board that allows you to play the card game correct?


Where is this product made from? Usa? China?

The box states this product is printed in the usa and the coin is from the usa.

Are the cards included in this game real trading cards or just cards made specifically for this game?

They are real pokemon trading cards

Can you play battle academy 2without battle acedemy 1?

Yes, it can be played without the first version.

Anyone else missing eevee v?


What is the difference between this product ‘pokemon battle academy 2’ and another similar product on amazon, ‘pokemon battle academy 2022’?

This is for vanilla players. Comes with a game board, coins, and rulebook. Of course there’s a ton of cards. It’s a pretty good value.

What does it mean that these cards are numbered? Are they exactly the same as what you would get in card packs?

They are the same but with an added symbol. Each of these cards have a number next to the deck symbol so it’s easier to know if you have all the cards or not.

Is the game board cardboard or paper?


Is this board game a way to easily learn how to play pokemon cards

Yes. It does not teach on a tournament level. You will learn basics about what to do during your turn. It comes with three pre-built decks of 60 cards and each card is numbered 1-60. There are three instruction booklets to go with each deck . It walks you through how to set of the board , draw your starting hand of cards and then walks through about 5 turns for each player before letting you play
on your own.

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What’s the difference between pokemon battle academy 2 and pokemon battle academy?

I think the main difference is the different deck of cards in both games. The rest is pretty much the same.

Hola, queria saber si viene en español? Desde ya muchas gracias.

Se pueden ordenar en español. He visto en mi tienda local.

Can you mix in cards not included in the game to play with

The cards are just a specific set of cards from other releases. You could mix and match other cards into the decks and play as normal.

Las instrucciones están en español?

No, están en inglés.

Would kids in the 10 – 12 age range enjoy this game or is it too simple?

Its easy to pick up but takes strategy as well. I would venture to say yes depending on the kids’ interests. Its pokemon as its pretty much always been, this is just a fantastic starter kit. Similar to magik, and even d&d tabletop games.

Pokemon Battle Academy 2 Board Game AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Pokemon Battle Academy 2 Board Game : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Grandson loves it

It was a little overwhelming at first but then i used the online how to video and was understandable. Need to be sure you keep your cards in order as instructed for the training part.

5Expert Score
Great starter set for anyone

Packs designed for game use; about 1/3 pokemon, 1/3 trainers or ability cards to use in game; and 1/3 energy cards.

All 3 vmax cards were in place, pikachu, cinderace and eevee.

Easy to learn but some specifics may be up to the family to decide (though im certain there are official rules somewhere, box had enough instructions to get started but not enough for specific questions, like do you always have to have a pokemon in battle or can one wait while you boost with energy?)

other than that the only con is i somehow got 61 cards for cinderace and 59 for pikachu. I assume it was just a trainer or energy card missing from pikachu, though i do wonder if zeraora or morpeko is sopposed to be able to evolve from pikachu’s deck?

None or the decks feel particularly overpowered over the others and makes for great board game fun

overall 9.5/10

5Expert Score
Fantastic to get started and beyond

I played this with my kiddo, who currently has a short attention span and does not suffer sitting through rules explanations well at all. We went though the 8+ minute video that walks you though the first few turns and played along. The game was easy to understand and we have already opened the third deck.

5Expert Score
Want to learn how to play

With this product you also enjoy the 120 cards you get as well. They are numbered to help with initial game play too. Warning don’t shuffle when you open for the first time. They are in a particular order to help with initial start of the game.

5Expert Score
Great gift for kids

My son is a huge pokemon fan so this was a big hit. It is a great gift for his friend’s birthday parties. Always gets a big reaction from the kids.

5Expert Score
Great gift!

I bought this as a gift for my kid. They loved it, and we have had hours of fun playing the game together.

5Expert Score

It’s a xmas gift for my grandson

5Expert Score
Misleading product title, great pokemon tcg beginner box

This is a great way to learn the pokemon trading card game. Comes with three full decks, damage counters, a (comically oversized) coin, and a board for playing on. The board is very nice quality; it’s not a thin plastic or paper mat, but an actual board game-like board. The board has a little ‘what you can do on your turn’ list on it for each player, which is great for learning. The instructions also feature a ‘learn to play’ section which guides you through several turns card-by-card, which again makes learning super easy. Finally, the decks are rated a 1 out of 3 on complexity, so the cards themselves do not feature any particularly difficult game mechanics. Difficulty of rules/cards seems appropriate for 6-7 year olds (at least the kind of 6-7 year olds that are interested in this type of game to begin with).

I haven’t played the pokemon card game for probably 20 years, so i have no input on whether the included cards are particularly good, but they are at least a full deck with a rare and a foil ‘v’ pokemon each. I got it for $14 which seems like an amazing deal.

5Expert Score
Great set. Very polished way to learn.

I bought it for the battle decks, but it has a board game quality playing surface and an extensive set of instructions.

Would recommend for anyone who’s kids are getting into playing the card game.

5Expert Score

Adecuado para principiantes y quienes quieran aprender y jugar una partida rápida, completo, sin detalles

4Expert Score
Hope it's complete

Bought the pokemon battle academy 2 board game before reading the reviews about incomplete sets & missing cards. Since the set is for a gift, did not open the box so fingers crossed the game has all the cards & pieces.

4Expert Score
Perfect for my son

My 10 year old already knew how to play but wanted the decks that come with this set. He was not disappointed.

4Expert Score
Cute intro

Getting niece and nephews into pokemon this is a nice intro for them.

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