PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones and Tablets – Black

PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones and Tablets – Black

Yakibest.com: PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones and Tablets – Black : Cell Phones & Accessories
PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones and Tablets – Black: Part stylish phone accessory, part opposable thumb for your phone. Popsockets popgrip lets you take selfies, text with ease, or stand your phone up on a table. When you’re done, it collapses flat. Did we mention each popsockets popgrip includes a swappable poptop? Switching out your poptop for another or remove it completely for wireless charging capabilities. Popgrips are compatible with popwallet+, otter + pop cases, poppopwer home wireless charger, popmount 2, popgrip apple airpods holder, popgrip lips, popgrip slide, popchain, and popthirst. Popsockets popgrip: will not stick to silicone, highly textured cases, and many soft cases. You spoke, we listened. Improved gel on all popsockets products, that even works on glass backed phones. Diameter: 1.5 inches (38.82mm), height: .29 inches (7.46mm) when collapsed, .97 inches (24.71mm) when expanded. Covered by popsockets’ limited warranty. See warranty below for full details.

What are popsockets: popgrip with swappable top for phones and tablets – black features?

  • Our durable pop socket compatible with iphone, samsung, and any other devices, we call a ‘popgrip’ is anti-drop, allows for one-handed use of your device, and the ability to prop up your phone wherever you go
  • A little life-changer people like to call: a cell phone holder, phone gripper for back of phone, phone holder for hand, or whichever you name you decide
  • Popsockets are compatible with all popsocket phone accessories including wallets, cases, mounts, slides and non-popsocket cases for phones
  • Change up your popgrip style without replacing the whole grip and swap out the top for one of our poptops. Just press flat, turn 90 degrees until you hear a click and swap
  • Stick on with the adhesive and reposition as needed. Pop sockets stick best to smooth hard plastic cases (may not stick to silicone, soft, or waterproof cases)
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Popsockets: popgrip with swappable top for phones and tablets – black details:

Product dimensions

1.56 x 0.28 x 1.56 inches

Item weight

0.317 ounces

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


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Included components

Popsockets popgrip black



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PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones and Tablets – Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones and Tablets – Black : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Is this the newest version that is partially removable for wireless charging?

As these reviews say… It is not!!!! I repeat not!!!! Compatible with wireless charging. I have one that you spin off and is compatible and they are not the same pop socket!

Are they strong enough to use with tablets, or just phones?

I have not tried it with a tablet. But i can say the grip it has on my phone is strong, so i think it would work with a small tablet or ipad.

How do i add a metal plate for use with a magnetic car mount?

It comes with a good sticky side for your phone. If you need the other end to be metal i would just glue a metal jar lid to it. A magnet will stick to that.

Can i return this after i’ve opened the package? I haven’t used it yet, but after i opened the package i realized that i got the wrong one.


Does it come with base or only top part?

The black popgrip is typically $10 with the top and base and $8 for the poptop only.

Does the top pop off the funnel cap?

No, it does not. But you will be able to swap the whole poptop from the back. Just press down and while pressing down, twist 90-degrees to either side, this will release the poptop from its base.

Agarra o pega bien en estuches de piel

Hola, eduardo. A pesar de que nuestros popgrips están diseñados para pegar en la mayoría de las superficies, no pegan en silicón o piel. Disculpe las molestias que esto pueda ocasionar.

Will that hold an iphone 12 pro max with the case?

Yes, please keep in mind popgrips do not stick to leather, silicone, smooth or textured surfaces, and iphone 11/12 pro and 11/12 pro max directly. We always recommend placing it on a hard plastic case.

I just bought what i thought was a removable top from the base but the top does not “click off” can you tell me an item number for the base only?

This is our swappable poptop, all that is needed is to press and twist 90 degrees for easy removal.

Will this stick to a kate spade case that has some rhinestones on it?

We do not recommend rough texture like rhinestones, popgrips do not stick to rough textures.

Do these expand? I’m looking for one that does not expand and securely stays up and in place.

I am not aware of any popsocket that doesn’t expand. There are many mounting accessories you can purchase to add to your popsocket that can hold it in one place, in non expanded mode, that may help you. I have one in my car that i use with my popsocket in the flat mode.

Looking for popsockets in bulk

Reach out to our site for more details.

Anyone know where to get a real pop socket. I can’t find one with one good reviews

It’s because they are inexpensive and will break after long term use and abuse. But cheap enough to buy again.

Can i remove my pop socket from my old iphone and put it on my new one? If so, how?

You can but it won’t stick as well after you remove it from that original application.

What material is it made of (hard plastic or soft rubber)? When you flatten it does it just telescope straight down or do you have to screw to lock?

Hello, popgrips are made of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. The button and base are hard the accordion is flexible to flatten just telescope straight down, no need to twist or screw.

Tiene magnético para sujetar en el carro?

Hola anaka, los popgrips no contienen imanes, pero si tenemos sujetdores (mounts) especiales para nuestros popgrips.

I want to use this on an older nexus 6. The back of this phone isn’t perfectly flat – it is slightly higher in the middle. Will this popgrip adhere?

As long as you have a 1 inch flat surface for it to stick it will. It popup is round so you need a 1 inch circle.

Does it stick to a rubber phone case

Popgrips do not stick to leather, silicone, smooth or textured surfaces and iphone 11/12/13 pro and 11/12/13 pro max. We always recommend placing on a hard plastic case.

Sí mi carcasa no es lisa ( es corrugada) se adhiere, me ha pasado con otros que no se pega a la carcasa.

Bueno la verdad no estoy segura la mía es lisa pero la verdad pega muy bien

Where’s the original non-swappable model???

We do not manufacture them anymore.

PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones and Tablets – Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones and Tablets – Black : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Just what i needed!

I was actually looking for a stick-on elastic strap for my new kindle paperwhite, like i used on my old nook. Very handy when reading in the tub! I came across the pop socket, having never heard of it before. I thought it likely a better solution as my elastic strap had relaxed, crinkled, and looked sad after 7 years. I also liked the idea that you can replace the top on the pop socket, either for a new design decoration or when it might fail, after a lot of popping!
I bought the plain black to match my kindle.
Initially, i was concerned that i could not separate the base and top, as some reviewers mentioned, but there’s a special technique to it. You have to collapse the top, push down hard and twist against the base. Similarly, when reassembling. It does take some mastering, but you don’t ever have to do it more than a couple times in a pop socket’s life!
I cleaned the kindle thoroughly with 70% isopropyl alcohol to remove the all-too common greasy fingerprints on that rubbery back material. I then applied the gel adhesive base and pressed down hard for 30 secs. The pop socket is certainly not going to come off easily.
Since i like to read in landscape mode, i positioned the pop socket accordingly; middle bottom. Now i can hold the kindle in my right hand and turn pages with just a tap of my thumb.
The only thing i found surprising initially was that the top does spin on the base. I thought that once locked in place it would not rotate. This means that when holding my offset pop socket, the kindle will spin under its own weight. No problem, as when i hold it, i use the friction of my hand/fingers against the rubbery back surface to stop that from happening.
I am pleased with my purchase. It blends in perfectly with the kindle, like it came from the factory. The pop socket works great with something like a kindle. I personally think it would not be that useful on a phone which you can hold easily in one open hand. It would also snag too easily when pocketing the phone.
I look forward to many hours of comfortable reading with this accessory.

5Expert Score
Love pop sockets

I love love pop sockets. I had upgraded my phone iphone 12 to an iphone 14 pro max so with changing my phone case i wanted a new socket. My old one was clear and i have this one in black. I will say for what ever reason my old one was more sturdy as when i pull this socket out and sit my phone on its side the socket folds back in but all in all i still enjoy it.

5Expert Score
I’ll always use a popsocket!

This is probably my 4th pop socket (i keep repurchasing when i get new cases!) and i think i will always use one. It makes it so easy to hold my phone and i love that i can prop it up as well. They always stay attached to my phone well and i have had good luck with all of them

5Expert Score
Love it.

I like how comfortable it is to hold. Some of the pop grips that i have gotten are hard with sharp edges. Of course that’s not comfortable. This takes the strain off my hand while holding my phone.

5Expert Score
Changed my entire cell phone for the better

You can’t go wrong! The best new function is the sealable tops! This is by far the best pop socket ever. I love how easy it is to use, durable and yet easy to clean when it’s time for a change. No sticky residue.

5Expert Score
Great can’t live without em.

Every phone i have must have one of these bad boys at this point. Without it i never feel secure holding the phones up. Always a great fair price and they last a while with normal wear and tear. Also it says that they’re not meant for silicone but from my experience it’s stuck to my silicone case just fine!

5Expert Score
Just like the one you’d buy in store except no tried stealing it

Title is referring to walmart if you know you know. Anywho the pop socket does it’s purpose just as it should! Would buy again!

5Expert Score
Every new phone gotta have a pop socket

Every new phone i get i add a pop socket to the case mail for a stand and not dropping the phone while holding.

5Expert Score
Great product!

The adhesive is very sturdy and the pop socket works exactly like it should!

5Expert Score

Stays on my phone – but is slippery to the touch

4Expert Score
Version 2? Functional with trade off

This is a different version that the one i used to own. The pop out part is on the cap (push down and twist like medical pill bottle to release) and not at the base (pop out 4 holding grooves to release). This version technically has wireless charging compatible (more on this later). If you have a lot of the older version popsocket, know that the caps don’t work on the new version.

Been using popsockets for at least half a decade now. Very functional with some minor inconveniences that i must work around, but overall worked well for me.

What i love about is it that it provides better grip when holding the phone. Now if i use a phone without it in public, feels like anyone can snatch my phone off my hand at any second, or i’m afraid i may accidently slip off my hand and drop the floor

can get better reach with fingers while still providing grip on the phone if you carry a larger phone.

Also great as tabletop/kicks stand when i need it. Tend to use it all the time when watching steaming videos while eating or on casual video calls. No need to bring additional stand accessory

there are some official accessories for it that i use, but also made some diy ones. For example, if you have magnet attachment phone mount, you can disassemble the popsocket and put the metal plate inside with tape, and make it attach to magnetic surfaces (this only works with older version and not this one)

this version can wirelessly charge if you attach it on your phone directly with no case. But the charging speed is not as fast than without popsocket

adhesive works well on all phones case surfaces i currently own. Heard from a co-worker that it didn’t work for them when they used it on items with waterproof surfaces

if you have accessories that holds the popsocket in place; i wouldn’t use the popsocket on them for at least 24 hours so it doesn’t peel itself off due to gravity during initial adhesion period.

Extremely strong. Unless you intentionally use excessive force, it won’t fall off. Peeling the popsocket off can leave stains depending how long you had it on. With some cleaning tools can scrap it off without leaving much residue. Use hand sanitzer to take off the residue, better than using soup or just water.
To take it off once it’s stuck on you must use fingernails (will not work if you have long nails) or a thin flat head screw driver around the circumference

they are durable. Aside from paint wearing off overtime, the first one i own still works like it did day 1. I’m not rough with my popsocket or phones so may want to take that under consideration (?)

-cons of the popsocket can be worked around.

It adds thickness. As thick or slightly thicker than your phone without a case, making it 2x thicker at one location. If you wear tight pants/jeans, there will get a budge, especially if you put it in your back pocket.

Seeing the bulge is not uniform can wobble when typing on phone on a flat surface.

If you stick the popsocket on the phone directly, may interfere with some of its functionality such as wireless charging (if you have the older version). That’s why i always opt to put it on a case.

Never happened to me, but my co-worker said it get snatched onto things when trying to pull it out of her purse. Maybe she has way too many stuff in there, or the fact that i always carry my phone in my pocket or dedicated pocket in my backpack.

Overall, despite the negatives i find it very useful for daily tasks.

4Expert Score
Love but there’s a con

I like it but the only thing i didn’t like was that it spins so it can be annoying to hold. Especially since i bought this for my kindle.

4Expert Score
Sturdy and snug

I read a lot of bad reviews saying that this popsocket doesn’t stick or falls off easily, but i decided to give it a try anyways. I have a clear phone case and i didn’t clean the back before i applied the socket. It sticks wonderfully and fits my fingers very nicely. I have small fingers and this pop socket is nice and snug. My old pop socket was awful and always fell off, but this one is very nice and sturdy, so taking chances with this pop socket is worth the risk.

4Expert Score
Standard pop socket

This was a very standard pop socket. Exactly what i expected

4Expert Score
Great pop socket

Great pop socket
easy to hold
very grippy

4Expert Score
Simple and sturdy

Just wanted a simple but sturdy popsocket. This hasn’t fell off. Strong adhesive

4Expert Score
Base is great

Great stick on the base. The pop out has insert tabs to take on take off that kind of loosen over time.

4Expert Score
Adhesion depends on your case

I ordered two of these, one for my wife and one for me. This pop socket works perfectly on my case which is one of the plastic spigens. This however will not work great on my wife’s case, which is also plastic but is one of those cases where the back is see-through. For whatever reason, it seems to not stick on to that well. We have been able to stick it back on but after a while it’ll just pop off, usually when we put it on the car pop socket mount (i don’t have this problem with mine).

4Expert Score
My favorite version of popsockets

The first one of these i bought was a resident evil umbrella corporation logo one and it stuck perfectly to my case and it came off just as it said it was swappable. But if you do want to buy this solid black one, i’ll let you know that it has stuck to my new phones case for a good 3 months and i don’t see it coming off anytime soon, very stickable. Only thing that is a con for this solid one it that it actually is not swappable. I was sooo ready to take it off and swap my re umbrella corp symbol onto it, but it didn’t twist off. Other than that it’s is very stickable, unlike the other reviews say. You have to put it on a flat surface case and don’t wet it, or just take the plastic off, ya lunatics (/j, /j). It’s sturdy and not bendy like the other types of popsockets are which is what i’ve reeally been looking for. Plus, it’s a nice plain black colour and it’ll suit any type of pattern or solid colour phone case you got. Thanks for giving me a ready!

4Expert Score
Snapped off and product number is fraud beware

The actual piece that pops out snapped off after only a couple months use. Tried calling the product phone number that amazon offers when you want to contact popsocket company – total scam , that number should not be there. The guy started yelling for my name address and credit card number. Clearly there’s some issues with amazon’s quality control and accuracy there.

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