Portable Dryer,110V 1000W Electric Clothes Dryer Machine Double layer Stackable Clothes Drying Rack for Apartments, RV,Laundry,and More

Portable Dryer,110V 1000W Electric Clothes Dryer Machine Double layer Stackable Clothes Drying Rack for Apartments, RV,Laundry,and More

Yakibest.com: Portable Dryer,110V 1000W Electric Clothes Dryer Machine Double layer Stackable Clothes Drying Rack for Apartments, RV,Laundry,and More : Appliances

What are portable dryer features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Portable clothes dryer is a two-layer stainless steel structure, which can dry 15 kg of clothes at a time. When the clothes dryer is not used, it can be used as a wardrobe to store clothes.
  • Mini small dryer is an ideal solution for apartments, rv, families, camper and small apartments. The best portable washer and dryer combo,solve the problem of washing and drying clothes.
  • Dryer machine head adopts ptc high-efficiency heated, allowing the clothes to dry quickly without wrinkles. The 180-minute smart timer choose the drying time according to the thickness of clothes.
  • Energy-saving dryer adopts flame-retardant materials to ensure safety, intelligent temperature maintenance, and automatic power-off protection from overheating
  • If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, worry-free 30 days return and exchange, and friendly customer service.
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Portable Dryer,110V 1000W Electric Clothes Dryer Machine Double layer Stackable Clothes Drying Rack for Apartments, RV,Laundry,and More AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Portable Dryer,110V 1000W Electric Clothes Dryer Machine Double layer Stackable Clothes Drying Rack for Apartments, RV,Laundry,and More : Appliances

Looking for specific info?

Suitable for camping, traveling, rvs?

Yes, it is portable and easy to assemble

How hot does the circulating air inside get to? 120? 150?

It’s through the machine located at the bottom of the dryer and with the waterproof cover it causes a high heat with vents at the top and circulation throughout the inside

Does the heat blow out fast or slow

It blows out like a hair dryer, it’s a steady blow there is a nob on it that goes to like 180 mins something like that.

Can clothes be dried directly in the clothes dryer after washing?

Yes,but afterd ehydrationt he drying effect is faster and the time is shorter.

How does this work with blankets? My dryer is too small for blankets and i can’t always hang them outside

It work good just a little more time to dry it

Que herramientas se utilizan para desarmarlo?


What are the small black ridged hanger like things that it comes with?

This black shelf can be hung between two stainless steels to hang hangers, long skirts, and small towels.

What are the measurements of this dryer when it is assembled together and ready to use?

Dimensions after assembly: height: 55 inches, length: 24 inches, width: 17.3 inches

Este secador es plegable?

Not foldable

How loud is it when it’s running?

It’s surprisingly quiet. The same noise as a fan running.

Can plastic hangers be used?

Yes, other hangers can also be used

Can i buy just the cover?

No comes with everything the bars the cover the heating fan.

How expensive is this to run on a monthly basis? I have five sets of uniforms. Blouses and pants that i need to dry once a week.

The dryer is 1000w, and the power consumption per hour is 1 kwh. Assuming that it takes 1 hour to dry once a week, that is 1 kwh. If it is dried 4 times a month, it is 4 kwh. What is the local electricity bill per kwh? Can calculate the cost of one month.

Can it be plugged in to a regular home outlet or do you have to use the outlet other clothes dryers use?

Plug into a normal household outlet

What exactly does after dehydration mean?

It means to wring or spin dry the moisture on the clothes

Can the cloth dryer cover be washed?

You probably could but it is like a lower grade shower curtain….it probably would last long if you felt like you had to wash it often. You can wipe it with a cloth though.

How do i purchase a new cover?

Give me an address and i’ll send you a new cloth cover

Does it have a plug that we can connect to an outlet?

Yes, there is a plug that connects to the socket, an american two-hole plug, and the voltage is 110v.

Whats the difference from turning the dial on and turning the dial on minutes?

Turning the dial to the right involves selecting a number of minutes and engages the auto shutoff after the minutes are up. Turning the dial to the left turns on the heater/blower without the automatic timer shutoff.

Is this dryer easy to operate?


Portable Dryer,110V 1000W Electric Clothes Dryer Machine Double layer Stackable Clothes Drying Rack for Apartments, RV,Laundry,and More AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Portable Dryer,110V 1000W Electric Clothes Dryer Machine Double layer Stackable Clothes Drying Rack for Apartments, RV,Laundry,and More : Appliances

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Secadora excellent

Me gusta mi secador de ropa . Solo que mi poco espacio en el apartamento no puedo tenerlo en el medio por que hay que dejarlo estable cuando se arma , pero eso es personal el comentario . Igual me encanta , estoy enamorada de mi secador de ropa . Seca de maravilla . Lo recomiendo .

5Expert Score
Does the job

Super easy to put together. I’m 5’7, the top comes to my chin. Suitable for small loads of laundry. This comes with attachments to put hangers on, but it’s not really wide enough to use the attachments for such, you’re better off hanging the hangers directly on the bars.
Small load that consisted of 1 pair khakis, 1 ken’s shirt, 2 kids shirts and various undergarments & socks took 60 min to dry. A blanket and a sheet also took the same amount of time.
The zippers on the cover get very hot, so be mindful of that when opening it after it’s done drying.

5Expert Score
Innovative, easy to use!

I purchased this as a temporary dryer because my regular dryer broke and was still deciding what ‘real dryer’ to buy.
So far i am pleasantly surprised and will probably use this for a long time instead of a traditional dryer.
Here are the pros:
quiet- this doesn’t make a sound!!! I live in a townhouse where the drier is near the living room. I used to not be able to hear the tv with the drier on.

Energy efficient- small plug. Not an energy guzzler.

No venting or adapter needed-you can use it anywhere. No adapter. It is a forced air dryer.

Portable- no venting, and it’s on wheels and super lightweight.

Large capacity- holds a full load of laundry.

No ironing- if you put your clothes on wire hangers, they will come out like the dry cleaners! Love. It.

Simple- turn the knob. That easy.

Small spaces- it’s actually about the same width as my old dryer but because of the wheels it will work anywhere.

Other stuff- no drier sheets needed because the clothes aren’t tumbled. Also no lint to clean, no lint traps. Also for some reason the clothes smell alot nicer- that dry cleaner smell. Blankets and towels come out super warm and really fluffy in a way i can’t explain.
time: can take a bit longer, but not by much.
Forced air placement: the forced air system on this model is supposed to balance on the bottom bars. Which means you have to get real low to turn it on. Also, my machine didn’t balance on the bars, so i placed a large cookie sheet and put the machine on it and that seemed to work.

Anyway. I feel like the pros outweigh the cons for me and it was certainly cheaper than buying a traditional dryer right now as i am enjoying the novelty and efficiency of this one. I’m really happy with it!

5Expert Score
Love this portable dryer!

5Expert Score
Perfect for tiny apartment

This dryer is awesome. It fits in a tiny space it is super quiet and energy efficient. I have a portable automatic washer .9 cubic feet and the clothes can go right from the washer spin cycle into the dryer and 2 to 3 hours later, everything, even heavy blue jeans is dry.
So that is the good part. The only negative part i found was assembling it. I kept trying to slide the poles through the vent holes up top. However, the poles actually go into slits in the corners. The failure there was probably due to my own lack of understanding.
The instructions state that you should leave room for air circulation, don’t overpack the dryer and i can testify that is vital. When properly loaded this little dryer outperforms my old tumble dryer.
Perfect, awesome, cheap, space saving, energy efficient – yeah!

5Expert Score
I love it and recommend this to any mom like me!

I can fit a medium load of mine and my 4 sons clothes, towels, and throw blankets and they are dry with in 90 min usually. However the thicker/ heavier the clothing the longer it takes to dry! Living in a town house that doesn’t have a w/d this is a lifesaver in so many way and i absolutely recommend this to any mom in my same situation! I bought a small portable washer and then bought this and it was the best decision. The clothes are not wrinkled after sitting in there after it goes off like a normal dryer, it fits in a little closet when set up so very spacious which is needed in a apt. And if you go on vacation you can pack it up and take it with you very easily! Direction were per simple as long as you fully read and pay attention to what it says!

5Expert Score
Really useful

It’s really easy to assemble you just can’t push the poles all the way into the plastic frame until you have full-size attached to all three pulled make them semi even throughout and then apply pressure pushing them the rest of the way in which they will be slightly uneven if you don’t do that first and then they won’t attack probably making the whole frame base hard to put together. Do not put the whole frame together until you have the canvas over top of the upper part of the structure then assemble the base and don’t put the last layer of the frame on until you have the canvas attached all the way down then attach the base and then it closes up perfectly making this staple for the heater to sit on if you don’t work exactly the way that the instructions say it’s going to be hard to put together now you can’t pull too hard on the canvas either because if you’re like a sturdy person like me and you might rip it

5Expert Score
Love it! It works!

This thing works like a charm for me! I love it! I used it paired with my twin portable washer in my apartment and i won’t be going to any laundromats or paying to wash here anymore! Paired with my washer and how well it spin dries, it takes but 30 minutes and my clothes are fully dry. Not to mention this dryer makes your whole living area smell soooooo good! I highly recommend. Assembly wasn’t too bad it’s not as hard just follow directions. It helped to separate the taller and shorter legs. Absolutely a good purchase overall!

5Expert Score
Works like a charm!

I have used this a lot. It works amazing. Drying clothes and towels. I recently bought a washer and dryer, i won’t need this now but i’m definitely keeping it just in case. Worth the money and dry time is usually 2-3 hours for tshirts, underwear, socks. Hoodies, jeans and towels about 2-6 hours depending on how much is hanging in there. I use fabric softener and my towels are soft when i dry them with this.

5Expert Score

I have no dislikes i love it and i think everyone should purchase one

4Expert Score
Compact and portable!

Okay, this dryer is cute. It definitely doesn’t take up a lot of space. I am 6’2′ and it comes up to my mid-chest for height reference. I have read other reviews/faq saying that there were no instructions for assembly and people have torn their tent, however, mine did come with instructions and they were fairly easy to follow. I actually don’t have the wheels on my as i am keeping it in the same spot for now.

What i like:
— it’s not too loud. Think of someone blow dryer their hair but in next room but with door closed. Sometimes i forget that it’s even on!
— quietly auto shuts off, there isn’t not dinging or sounds letting you know that it’s finished
— doesn’t get hot to the touch. I like that i can open the zipper and feel how the drying it going to see if you need more time or not. You can also put plastic hangers in it as well
— time ranges between 15 min and 180 min (3hrs)
— surprisingly you can get a few items. For one drying load, i was able to fit 6 shirts, a hoodie (all on hangers) and a pair of jeans and 3 pairs of shorts (all laid out) both racks.
— super light weight (maybe weighs less than 10 lbs when it’s empty)

what i don’t like:
— yes, it takes a long time but sometimes, if you over crowd it you may have to put it on for 3+ hours.
— bottom shelf is too low for shirts (unless they’re kids or xs/s size), i wear an xl/ 2xl and about 1/4 of the shirt was laying/ touch the bottom.
— some inconsistencies in drying. With the same load i mentioned that i was able to fit, mostly everything on the top rack (that was hung) was pretty much dry but the bottom rack was a little bit different. I had a hoodie and the part that was hanging was completely dry but whatever touched the bottom was still damp, the same goes for my jeans, they were still damp altogether. This is after a 3hr drying time
— the motor is on the bottom and it’s in the middle of the bottom rack so it’s not really that accessible once you put clothes in it. (i have to basically lay on my stomach on my floor to turn it on)

4Expert Score
It works good enough

It works fine. Don’t put too many clothes in and they’ll dry fast enough.

4Expert Score
Not too shabby

Okay, okay, so this is a fairly confusing product to build. I recommend you sort out the pieces by size first before building (because it doesn’t come with labels for which piece is where) but after that it’s not too difficult.

It’s also a bit smaller than i thought it would be. I’m in the 5-6ft area in height, and the machine meets up to my shoulders once fully assembled. This worked out in my favor though, cause of how small my apartment is, it fit perfectly in my closet area to complete my mini laundry room.

I was worried about wether or not i could touch the fabric it was made of due to an issue i have with coarse fabric textures but surprisingly enough i didn’t have too much of an issue with it.

Onto how well it works, this dryer is actually really fast with shirts, socks, and boxers. I have yet to try a full load in it due to how busy work has been although, i’m pretty optimistic about the results.

On a side note if you have cats, i would recommend keeping this dryer zipped up while not in use. The heating vent can get very hot and possibly hurt their paws. (i also recommend wire hangers instead of plastic, as well as waiting for the hangers to cool down of course.)

all in all i haven’t had any complaints and i’m really excited to keep using this to do laundry at home for once.

4Expert Score
So far, so good

Hopefully it will work well when it’s cold

4Expert Score
It’s okay

The assembly was a little confusing just because the bars aren’t liable in size. The cloth or wrap that keeps the heat in is a very cheap material and the zippers are weak. The stitching on the fabric is lacking but it does do it’s job (as long as you keep it zip and not opening and closing it). The product is very quiet as well. Another thing about this product is you can use it as a heater. The little box heater is portable, has a timer on it (works in mins. Not secs) and is detachable so that’s great! It definitely has its pros and cons though. It’s not very tall in height. I’m 5’5” and it’s height is probably a 4’10”. The width and length is about 2’. The pictures make it seem wide and tall but it’s not. The clothes do not slide out, you can only pull clothes from the front. I honestly don’t think it’s worth $80 but to each their own. Hopefully this help!

4Expert Score
Unique but really cool!

I’ve never seen a dryer like this (i’m american so that’s probably why lol) and it’s super cool! I did have some trouble putting it together cuz the rods are very specific in length and don’t like to be shifted once put together. So putting on the zip up overlay was tricky and a struggle (ended up ripping a hole on the corner but it’s fixable!) a bit shorter than i expect but not a bad thing for small spaces!
It does take a bit to dry the close but i’ve only used it once so far so i’ll check back in once i start drying heavier items like towels and sweat shirts!

4Expert Score
Hard to put together

I had to take it a part twice. The plastic covering is a little small. But it dries items pretty fast

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Easy to use

Works best if clothes are rang out really well dries in about an hour and a half

4Expert Score
I'm pleased

This is a good concept. I totally appreciate what the seller is trying to do. I thought it was a bit confusing to set up but once it was up i tested it on dresses that i wouldn’t put in the dryer due to shrinkage. I found this to work well for that purpose. The dryer all made sense once got it all the way done. I’m glad that it’s not too big but then again, being small makes it only functional for a few items. The dryer is cleverly made well. It’s sturdy and again once up, i didn’t experience any wobbling or shaking. It performs at a whisper but i actually enjoy the ‘white noise’. We have it in the garage and i will permanently use it for my husband work shorts because his shirts always fade other cloths in the wash and dryer. This will totally prevent it. Overall, i’m pleased with it.

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