Portable Washing Machine – Foldable Mini Small Portable Washer Washing Machine with Drain Basket for Apartment, Laundry, Camping, RV, Travel, Underwear, Personal, Baby – (110V-200V) – Pink

Portable Washing Machine – Foldable Mini Small Portable Washer Washing Machine with Drain Basket for Apartment, Laundry, Camping, RV, Travel, Underwear, Personal, Baby – (110V-200V) – Pink

Yakibest.com: Portable Washing Machine – Foldable Mini Small Portable Washer Washing Machine with Drain Basket for Apartment, Laundry, Camping, RV, Travel, Underwear, Personal, Baby – (110V-200V) – Pink : Appliances

What are portable washing machine – foldable mini small portable washer washing machine with drain basket for apartment features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【please note】 our mini portable washing machine is designed for delicate and small things. Its small load can save water and electricity, but cleaning large items may damage the machine. The drain basket of our mini washing machine can make your items without dripping and avoid hand-twisting, but it can’t completely dry the clothes.
  • 【larger than others】 our mini portable washing machine is larger when unfolded 11.49 x 11.49 x 11.4 inches, smaller when folded 11.49 x 11.49 x 3.66 inches, light weight and easy to move. The mini washer can be loaded with 1.8bl, which is cleaner and more convenient to store in small space. Our small washing machine will be an amazing gift for people who love cleanliness, love food-healthy, travel frequently, live in school and family with babies, pets, patients.
  • 【food grade & durable tpe material】 our mini portable washing machine use tpe material, but others on the market use tpr material. Tpe is better than tpr and more resistant to aging, yellowing, high temperature and corrosion. Our portable washer machine of food-grade silicone material is a wonderful choice for your personal items, baby items, pets items, fruits and vegetables!
  • 【super saver & convenient】our mini portable washing machine use super quiet technology. The water consumption of our compact washing machine is 1/20 of normal washing machine, and our camping washing machine only needs 0.005 kwh of electricity for 10 minutes of washing. Optional washing time of 5 mins or 10 mins, and draining time of 6 mins. Excellent products and services can always save you more time, money, energy and troubles. Improve the quality of your life.
  • 【1 year hassle-free replacement】 we stand by the quality and versatility of our mini portable washing machine.your satisfaction is our no.1 priority. If you are not 100% satisfied our mini washer machine, please feel free to tell us, and we will provide you a satisfied solution.
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Portable Washing Machine – Foldable Mini Small Portable Washer Washing Machine with Drain Basket for Apartment, Laundry, Camping, RV, Travel, Underwear, Personal, Baby – (110V-200V) – Pink AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Portable Washing Machine – Foldable Mini Small Portable Washer Washing Machine with Drain Basket for Apartment, Laundry, Camping, RV, Travel, Underwear, Personal, Baby – (110V-200V) – Pink : Appliances

Looking for specific info?

What does this mini portable washing machine set contain?

Dear customer, this set of our portable washing machine and dryer includes:

foldable mini washer*1
110v-200v power plug*1
foldable dehydration basket*1
large travel bag*1
detailed manual*1

thanks for your question about our mini washer!

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Is this mini portable washing machine easy to use?

It’s very useful and clean, but only underwear and t-shirts can be washed. Heavy clothes can’t be washed.

What should i pay attention to before using this portable washing machine?

Please read the instructions and the following carefully before use our portable washing machine:
safety precautions:
1. When the washing machine is working, please do not put it on the cabinet or table, please put it on the floor to work. And tighten the gripping suckers of the bottom.
2. The water inlet should not exceed the maximum water level ‘h’ (this mark is on the side of the inner wall of the washing machine), otherwise it may cause splashing/the washing machine cover is opened.
3. Do not place the washing machine in a humid environment such as the bathroom.
4. Do not install or use the washing machine in an environment where the temperature is lower than 40f.
5. The portable folding washing machine cannot wash clothes contaminated by gasoline, paint, corrosive or acid-base chemicals.
6. Wipe the plug with a dry cloth regularly (dust accumulation or moisture, etc., may cause poor contact).
7. Children must stay away from washing machine and washing powder;
8. Do not shake or move the washing machine when the washing machine is running (it may cause water leakage, etc.)

use and maintenance:
1. Do not touch the adapter plug with wet hands. Do not hold the power cord and unplug the adapter
2. Do not store gasoline or other flammable gases and liquids near the washing machine (so as not to cause a fire).
3. Do not pour or pour water on the lower body of the washing machine (it will cause poor electrical performance of the whole machine and it will not work).
4. Do not flush hot water higher than 145f directly into the clothes in the washing machine (so as to prevent the product from being deformed due to high temperature and causing the whole machine to malfunction).
5. Do not place the washing machine in a place where it may freeze.
6. Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight to prevent the shell coating from falling off or fading.
7. Due to the mini portability of the whole machine and the small diameter of the drain pipe, slow drainage is a normal phenomenon. Please wait.
8. It is recommended to use the top drainage method first, and then drain the remaining water through the bottom drainage pipe after the drainage is completed.
9. After the washing process is completed, please drain the sewage in the washing machine to avoid changing the water quality for a long time;
10. Before cleaning the parts, please make sure that the adapter has been disconnected from the socket and the whole machine.
11. When washing and drying, please ensure that the clothes in the washing machine are evenly placed horizontally.

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When i use this product, can i put it in the bathtub and washbasin?

Dear customer,
we do not recommend that you put this portable washing machine in the bathtub and washbasin, because when the machine is draining, it is easy for the water to overflow the host system at the bottom of the machine due to poor drainage. This can easily cause leakage and household power failure! We strongly recommend that you use it on a flat and dry floor, and be careful not to let the water exceed the suction nozzle at the bottom when draining water. If necessary, you can drain the water manually, or lift it up slightly when it is watering and draining to prevent water from seeping into the motor. And if you have any questions, please ask us. Thank you very much for your attention to our mini washer!

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The blue-ray washer means uv light washer, right?

Yes, i bought the blue-ray washer, and the disinfection function makes me feel more at ease, and i feel that many close-fitting clothes are indeed cleaner to wear.

I have one but the drying basket broke, how can i get the replacement for it?

Hello, please contact the amazon buyer support team first, if your problem is not resolved, then contact our store. Thanks!

Will this work anywhere in the usa? I do not know the voltage of my apt.

Yes. Anywhere in the us. It’s a regular plug for your outlet. If your vehicle or rv has a regular outlet, it will work with that as well

Is this eu power compliant? Does it need a power converter or just plug adapter for eu outlets

The voltage of this washing machine is 110v-120v. In the united states, there is no converter. In the european union, the voltage is 230v, and a voltage converter is required.

Will this drain if placed under sink?

I would think not. The drain tube is gravity feed. There is no pump. I use my unit on a drainboard that runs into my sink.

Where can i buy that little stool in the picture

Sorry, we don’t know either. But you can search and buy with the keywords you can imagine. Good luck to you!

Can this wash adult jeans and shirts?

Understand the following:
this in noway is a replacement for a washing machine
note the cup and its size: anything outside fitting into the cup creates a centrifugal force that shakes this gadget so much as being unusable
what this item works well for are cloths, underwear, t-shirts–items that will fit into the cup
i find it a nice way to keep down the amount of the above items, so a wash day can focus on big items, such as jeans, blankets, etc

Can this be used to wash cloth diapers?

Absolutely – i don’t see why not. Remember though – this process is quite manual when compared to a regular washing machine. You fill it up with water, place soap and, in this case diapers, (you could let them soak here), let it wash for 5 or for 10 minutes, then manually throw the water out, replace with fresh water, let it rinse 5 or 10 mins, then manually throw water out again, then place bucket and do a final spin for 6 minutes, then you’ll hang them to dry. The spin cycle is pretty good – i am usually unable to manually squeeze any more water out after it spins. In any case i’m sure it is capable of doing maybe one days (maybe 5 or 6) worth of diapers at a time. Good luck!

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‘1 year hassle-free replacement’ i need a replacement, what do i do to get a replacement? Mine stopped working. It won’t spin

Reach out to the manufacturer

Can this mini washer wash the clothes clean enough?

It’s very useful and clean, but only underwear and t-shirts can be washed. Heavy clothes can’t be washed.

Mine will change cycles and then turn off. It’ll barely spin. Is there a way to fix that?

Clean the dirty clothes in the washing machine, and then take them out and wash them by hand under the water tap.

How do i get intouch with the manufactuer? No contact info show in the description.

Just click on the seller info on the product listing or contact amazon to send message.

What can this uv washer wash?

You can wash any intimate clothing or washable items you want to disinfect. But please remember not to exceed the load of 1.8 pounds~

Does the pink color of this portable washing machine look pretty?

Absolutely pretty! Love it so much! This pink washer is very sweet and cute, it’s the perfect gift for female friends!

Besides normal clothes, what interesting things do you usually like to wash with this washer? Any surprising discoveries?

I can only wash four or five underwear and one or two t-shirts. The coat can’t be washed with this washing machine.

Can this be used to wash masks?


Portable Washing Machine – Foldable Mini Small Portable Washer Washing Machine with Drain Basket for Apartment, Laundry, Camping, RV, Travel, Underwear, Personal, Baby – (110V-200V) – Pink AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Portable Washing Machine – Foldable Mini Small Portable Washer Washing Machine with Drain Basket for Apartment, Laundry, Camping, RV, Travel, Underwear, Personal, Baby – (110V-200V) – Pink : Appliances

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Useful small load & washed clean

This is a modal window.

No compatible source was found for this media.
As a blogger in the field of home and kitchen, i would never recommend hard-to-use things to my followers, otherwise it would have a big impact on my reputation and career in the future.

Therefore, among many ‘portable washing machine’ suppliers who want to cooperate with me, i chose this product. I have studied its source manufacturing, the authority of the brand and technology, the quality and design of the product itself, its practicality, the authenticity of the advertisement, the strength of the supplier and the after-sales service.
In addition, after more than 30 days of continuous use, i believe i have enough right to speak here now.

1. The manufacturer has absolute manufacturing and innovation capabilities. From its establishment more than 20 years ago to the present, it has more than 100 international patents, more than 20 product lines, and a daily production capacity of more than 100,000 units.
2. Moyu is the brand of this washing machine, registered by the manufacturer. This store has obtained a formal product authorization and sold as an agent without any infringement incidents.
3. This product won the silver award of topdigital ‘product design award’ in 2019. I am very happy that i have access to such an excellent product! And in the process of using it, i found that many designs are very user-friendly, detailed and caring.
4. The original intention of this portable washing machine was just as its advertisement said, ‘for the important small objects in your life, and for the sake of healthy separate washing.’ its small load helped me a lot, saving more electricity and water.
5. When unfolded, it is indeed larger than other brands, and really small after folding! I have taken it to camp 3 times, which can save a lot of trouble~ it is also very convenient to clean and store, just use some paper towels to dry it.
6. It can wash one piece of my underwear, one set of morning jogger fitness quick-drying suit, one pair of socks and one towel each time. It’s small but it’s really can wash clean. I usually wash it once with laundry detergent in a 10-minute mode, and then wash it with clean water in a 10-minute mode. If you like cleaning more, you can work with laundry detergent a few more times. The drain basket is also very helpful, avoiding the trouble of hand twisting and dripping everywhere. All in all, advertising is authentic and credible.
7. The supplier provides ‘free replacement service within 1 year’, and it can be seen that he is very confident in this product.

the only con i have about the machine is that the words on the manual are a bit small, which is inconvenient for me who are short-sighted. I contacted the customer service of the store, and they quickly replied to me with an electronic version of the manual. You can zoom in and out at will, and it can be permanently stored in the mailbox or computer. Compared with paper manual, it is not easy to lose. In the subsequent use process, i communicated with the customer service several times, and their replies were very quick, professional, patient and detailed, how excellent! They can be trusted.

1. Buy what you really need. If you really need to wash delicate and small things often, this is indeed a good choice (after all, in special times like now, everyone has some masks to wash)
2. Before using this mini washer, please read the instructions and precautions carefully. If you have a product problem, contact the store customer service, attach photos and order number, and you will get faster help.

5Expert Score
Does the job better than a regular machine

Check the title. That’s all you need to know about this product! Just keep in mind that this is a portable washer machine, so you have certain restrictions like you can’t wash a lot of cloth, you have to tun a few spin cycles to make sure your cloth is going to be rinsed properly, you have to find some space to dry whatever you’ve washed. Again, this is a portable unit! It’s just great for something you can literally put in a backpack.

5Expert Score
Excellent countertop washer

I got this for super dirty socks and filthy play clothes. The type that are in the mud. I always rinse them off of major debris/dirt caked on but i don’t like to put them with my clothes in the washer, don’t want the residue to ruin ky front loaders. This is a great way to wash all items-bras, socks, gloves, a stained shirt etc. I wash with oxy in here, let it sit, run again. I put clean water the. Wash again no soap. The spin basket works where you empty out the liquid and then spin it to get out most moisture. It is not a strong spinner but does enough. It’s not something i use for the sole wash but i wash here then put it with my laundry. Otherwise socks etc don’t get clean in the high efficiency washer. When i say muddy socks i mean kids walking in streams and mud puddles all day. So this has worked well! I have also used it to handle stains where i need it to soak. Then agitate and soak. It’s a fantastic machine-it’s definitely something you could take with you away or in an rv or something where you have electricity and need to wash underwear or a swimsuit or something. It’s big enough for 2 adult tshirts. It doesn’t all fit in the bag. Bc basket is much bigger than the bag. The rest fits in drawstring bag. Hose works well but takes a while so i tend to dump it out bucket style then drain w the hose to get water out. Some water remains bc the lip of the basin prohibits all water from being poured so i leave it open for evaporation or put in the sun. Good item for a dorm, hotel, for parents of babies. I would imagine good to clean items you don’t want in your washer or small items that can hang dry.

5Expert Score
Good for small stuff

Bought this for a cross country trip where i was able to do small items (socks, underwear, etc.) nightly, spin dry, and hang the semi wet laundry by the ac and it’s nice and dry next morning. No way will it handle jeans for an adult but if you can diligently wash your small stuff daily it’ll drastically reduce what you need to carry in terms of clothing especially in the summer. I find it works best with synthetic fabric like workout shirts that are quick dry, cotton tends to absorb a lot more water.

5Expert Score
Compact washer – well worth the money

We needed a compact washer for traveling in our travel trailer. I don’t like being at the mercy of laundry mats and i have allergies to scented detergent and dryer sheets. I use clean, natural products. This machine has been so worth the money. It works surprisingly great for a small machine. I was pleasantly surprised. Very light and compact. I can wash one bath towel, a pair of jeans, or several undergarments, lightweight running shorts or one or two shirts. Depends on the heaviness of the fabric. Don’t overload it and it does great! I highly recommend! So much so, i bought another to do more laundry at a time.

5Expert Score
I love it!

So convenient and portable. U can even fit a twin size sheet in there. I definitely enjoy it for quick things like socks, tee shirts and undergarments. Definitely recommend

5Expert Score
Y’all!! This is awesome!!

Oh. My. Gosh y’all! This little washing machine is perfect for tiny loads! We took it on vacay ( even though we had a facility on the property) and used it for the baby’s bibs etc. And other small items. It works fantastic! We were really surprised at how well it does work and it’s so easy! We also enjoy camping so we will be taking this little rockin washer on camping trips as well! I’m truly so excited about this machine, the ease of it, the tiny size of it and how well it gets the job done! Look no further if you need a compact little washing machine!

5Expert Score
Works well to clean laundry

I have had the item for a few days and have tried it on several different items.

Since instructions say water should be 3cm above washing articles, it would probably fit a few underwear’s or bras, 2-3 light shirts, one pair of pants, or a few towels.

You have to fill water, do wash cycle. Then drain dirty water and refill with clean water. You may need to do more than one time to thoroughly get out detergent. Then you have to drain and do spin cycle. Try getting powder detergent or something not very sudsy.

Overall, product works well for cleaning. Would be great for camping or living in dorms or apartments where you don’t have laundry easily accessible.

5Expert Score
Washes good

This washes clothes just as good as any washing machine. Only issues i have is it has the smallest drain hose and takes forever to drain. The spin cycle is a joke. Don’t buy it for the spin cycle it doesn’t help drying at all. Just a waste of time. I live in a dry area so this wasn’t very important for me. The basket is small and worthless. I just removed the basket and the clothes still agitate just fine. It is much better than having to make stops just to do laundry while in the rv.

5Expert Score
Better than expected

The washer has two cycles, the first one lasts 5mins the second one lasts 10 mins. The water drains with a small tube and doesn’t leak. The lid is useful for draining as welland has holes in it to ease drainage. I could effectively wash baby clothes, small items like gloves, t shirt or several pairs of socks. It does amazing job. The basket for centrifuging is small and only fits items like those i mentioned. The lid is again useful to prevent splashing. The foldiing aids storage and the cable is just long enough. I love the purchase.

4Expert Score
Great for rv life

Got this portable washing machine for the sole purpose of washing cloth menstrual pads. We are a family of 5, two of which are teenage girls who’s cycles aren’t on the same schedule. Since we rv full-time, we choose to use laundromats once a week for our laundry so we can get everything done at the same time. Unfortunately, cloth menstrual pads are so small that it can cost a lot to do multiple loads a month for such tiny loads. This product gets the job done and is perfect for what we needed it for. There are a couple of drawbacks. The first (and most irritating issue) is that the power cord isn’t a tight fit when you plug it into the machine. If it’s not situated just right, it either pops out or it doesn’t turn on the power to the machine. The other is that the spin basket/cycle doesn’t get all the water out. I still have to wring water out by hand. This issue doesn’t bother me much. The final issue is that it says not to use water with a temp more than 60 degrees in the machine. While it’s not a deal breaker for me, i think i’ll still end up taking the cloth pads into a laundromat once in a while for a nice hot sanitary wash. Overall, i like the product after three days of use.

4Expert Score
Unexpected customer service

After my initial review of the product. Which still stands. The customer service i received was excellent. They were sorry to hear i was unhappy with product and explained a few things to me. And then provided a full refund. This was excellent. This throws water everywhere and does not drain water itself and clothes stay full of soap. Not pleased – but have learned that they will make instructions more clear moving forward. Give the product a try!

4Expert Score
Washing works great

I bought this mainly for bras and whites because i don’t have a lot of whites and hand washing bras are pain in the ***. So i bought this mostly for the washing aspect but i like the spin cycle option so i ordered this one. The washing part is fabulous absolutely love it.(don’t put too much in) the spin part is an epic fail. Which for me is not that big of a deal since it’s mostly for whites maybe one or two white t-shirts and bras and maybe some doggy paw towels, for those muddy months. Maybe the company should think of a lid on the basket that lock the clothes down. That might improve the sping aspect.

Hand ringing out a couple a of bras, tops, and hand towel is not a big deal for me.

Tip on spinning- squeeze water out of clothes by pushung them down in the tub before putting in basket. Push the clothes down good in the basket or else they come out and knock the basket out of postion. You still need to sqeeze some water out.

4Expert Score
Nice for a studio apartment

So hopefully it keeps working time will tell. I saw this had pretty mixed reviews but worth the cost of laundry mats constantly going up figured i’d give it a try. And i injured my hand so hand washing in the sink just isn’t really possible right now. Pros. It seems to clean very wells. I didn’t even treat a couple spots just tk see if they would come out on there own well. For my size womens m shirts 6 to 8 pant size here what i can fit in. Two tank top and two pairs of under wear. One night gown. Obviously 2 bikinis. Two tank tops easy. A t shirt and par of pj shorts . 1 pair of light weight khaki style. Denim shorts not great it turns a. It slow so i think it would be hard on the little motor. But these things it seems to move the same. Does take a while though by o run through drain etc. The spin is meh though for under garments funny enough for my shirts and shorts it tends to work better. Cons it’ over priced for what it is i even got it a little on sale which was clincher but probably should more around $80 dollar value tbh. As far as wash rags not great which was specifically what it sad. They hold water i think are just two heavy for this little machine. It is time consuming but honestly so is going to the laundry mat and i would say if i wash all my delicates and light weight stuff it cuts about a load a week for me so then i’m just down to doing denims with a few random and load of towels with my sheets so all i am happy with it if it keeps working it will pay for itself over time and is nice if want to wear something i can throw it in and hang dry and wear it because it will be dry by the next day

4Expert Score
Works wells

It washes welli wish the spin dryer spinned a little faster to get the water out of the clothes i had to spin the clothes a couple of times.

4Expert Score
It does work

The product is very nice. Packaged well. It works well for very light items. Not enough strength for kitchen hand towel. Drying basket kept coming off. Just wrung out with hands. And a little over priced.

4Expert Score
Ya se me rompió

Literal no me duro no 5 meses. De un día a otro dejo de funcionar.

4Expert Score

As a truck driver this is really handy.

4Expert Score
Small and easy to use!

What i like about this product is that i can do some laundry in my home. The only thing is .. It’s small. You can probably only fit a few clothes in there.

4Expert Score
Good purchase

Spin basket too small. A bit noisy and unstable during spin cycle.. Overall good purchase for washing small itens

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