Portable Washing Machine, Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine 3 in 1 Dishwashers Ultrasonic Waves Suitable for Home, Business, Travel, College Room, RV, Apartment

Portable Washing Machine, Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine 3 in 1 Dishwashers Ultrasonic Waves Suitable for Home, Business, Travel, College Room, RV, Apartment

Yakibest.com: Portable Washing Machine, Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine 3 in 1 Dishwashers Ultrasonic Waves Suitable for Home, Business, Travel, College Room, RV, Apartment : Appliances

What are portable washing machine features?

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  • ▲【product material】: the mini washing machine is made of environmentally friendly pp and tpr materials. It is safe, non-toxic, and tasteless. It can be folded 20,000 times without breaking after experimental testing. Come with high-frequency ultrasonic cavitation , forward and reverse cleaning with the turbine. Adopting low noise design, no worrying disturbing your rest or sleeping!
  • ▲【ultrasonic cleaning】mini washing machine have high-frequency vibration cavitation accelerates the dispersion and emulsification of liquids and stains to achieve the purpose of cleaning.therefore, this product is very suitable for cleaning the mask and can effectively sterilize and disinfect
  • ▲【easy to use】: mini washing machine use usb power supply, dc 5v. After the washing machine runs for 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down and restart the usb plug after one minute. Note: please install the suction cup at the bottom of the basin or bucket, not the curved wall. Clothing cleaning can be more thorough. Carefully rubbing like hands, no hurt to clothing.
  • ▲【4-level adjustment】auto cycle cleaning, automatic positive inversion, ultrasonic vibration cleaning and bubble cleaning, you can use the included remote control to switch the mode.
  • ▲【usb powered and energy-saving】mini washing machine powered by usb cable, allows you to use it anywhere you want.any bucket, washbasin, hand-washing station can use it to wash clothes.and it will auto shut down after 30 minutes of operation.
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Portable Washing Machine, Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine 3 in 1 Dishwashers Ultrasonic Waves Suitable for Home, Business, Travel, College Room, RV, Apartment AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Portable Washing Machine, Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine 3 in 1 Dishwashers Ultrasonic Waves Suitable for Home, Business, Travel, College Room, RV, Apartment : Appliances

Looking for specific info?

Im looking at it wash undies, bras, swim suits and face masks is it up to the task?

No. I have tried washing bras undies and baby cloths. It does not do anything but vibrate the water does not move.

Does this clean the silverware?

I tried this in a basin and a sink. It was very hard to keep silverware from stopping the spin. It didn’t work at all for any clothing

Can this be used for washable dog pee pads?

In my estimation, this mini washing machine is not useful for your purpose. There is not enough power.

Does anyone know the maximum water temperature that this can be used? For greasy dishes, you need hot water. Is boiling water too hot?

I used scalding hot water and premium dish soap but it still would not remove grease of any sort.

What plug would be suitable to use with this usb?

Any regular 110 v/usb cord will work. I have a portable charger with usb ports that i use. It works great because i can use it in my shower where the 110 v outlet is too far away.

Does this clean dirty dishes?

Nope. It does as much as soaking them in hot soap water will do.

Plugged in red blinking light. Wont turn on? Wonder if defective

Yes mines don’t work amore

Could you use this for washing dishes in a sink?

Sure, but you’ll still have to use a cloth or paper towel.

I tried to return this product as i had ordered it by mistake. I printed the label that was provided but the package came back marked no such address

I tossed in the trash

Can you put in bottom of bucket

I don’t know. I purchased it for a friend but they didn’t like it. It had considerably less power than advertised.

Can this machine clean dishes like plate

Nah. It agitates bubbles and saves on dishliquid but doesn’t clear dishes of food, etc.

Will it work in a bathtub?


Can you use just the spin function and keep the ultrasonic off?

Yes, it rotates clockwise then counterclockwise. You can use that function without activating the others.

Que largo tiene el cable usb y que tipo de usb es c o b?

Es un cable mediano

What is warranty for the product? How long is it? One year?

They didn’t do anything for a warranty for me it broke within a week

How much water should be used

Enough to cover the machine but honestly it didn’t do much for me

Can you just use the turnine function and not the ultrasonic?

This unit has 4 settings. A setting to cycle through all functions. When you click the button again you go to the oscillating functions only, which is what i think you are asking me. It rotates clockwise then switches to counterclockwise (like a standard washing machine.) the next selection is the sonic vibration only and last setting is just bubbles. So it gives you the option to set to all or each individually.

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Ok, who else thinks this might be fun in a baby pool for your feet or just sitting around? (idea not for kids/babies)

Bad idea with this product. I don’t think even a fish will notice it.

Portable Washing Machine, Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine 3 in 1 Dishwashers Ultrasonic Waves Suitable for Home, Business, Travel, College Room, RV, Apartment AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Portable Washing Machine, Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine 3 in 1 Dishwashers Ultrasonic Waves Suitable for Home, Business, Travel, College Room, RV, Apartment : Appliances

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Convenient and easy to use.

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Let’s start by saying this isn’t advertised as a $500.00 washing machine. It is in the $20 range and for me, worth it. They describe it as a ‘dishwasher and washing machine.’ i’ve used several items like this or very similar. This one seems fairly sturdy and functions as described (i’ve used this one once so far.) i’ve used these types of washing items for washing small, lightweight clothing as well as similar item to wash dishes. For small lightweight clothing it functions the way a standard washing machine does as it agitates the clothing and water. The difference is that you have to do the rest such as rinsing and wringing out.
This item has several modes. Automatic (goes through all cycles), agitate only, (rotates), ultrasonic vibration only (used in some dishwashing items) and bubbles only.
For small lightweight clothing, the agitating works great. When i use as a dishwasher, i sometimes use automatic (but since it doesn’t have a fan guard, sometimes the dishes bump into the rotation.) i also use the ultrasonic vibration alone for dish washing with soapy water. While this doesn’t clean like a standard dishwashing unit costing hundreds of dollars, i think of it like i’m soaking the dishes in a ‘super soaking’ mode. This allows me time to do other things in the kitchen while the dishes are getting fairly clean. I’ve also noticed similar items that are advertised as ‘portable sink dishwashers’ that only have the ultrasonic vibration feature and sells for more than double. So for me, this is fairly priced and seems to do a decent job.

5Expert Score
Gracias por todo

Muy servicial en el hogar eficiente en su trabajo también desde que lo vi me enamoré de ti y dije ese aparato tiene que ser 1000 gracias

5Expert Score
Perfect for what i got it for.

Well i had 3 short clips to add and it only allows 1. I got this to wash my compression gloves i wear to work so i don’t have to find clothes to wash 3 times a week. It worked perfectly. I just used a mixing bowl for my gloves. I think i’ll try it out on my daughter’s dresses that we would rather dry clean then put in the washer. I don’t think it will hurt them. And her blanket she drags around everywhere. I have a feeling this will gain a lot of use in our house and save on the water and electric bill. Plus my teenager thinks it’s ok to run the washer for 1 item. Guess what honey problem solved. So far i love it. Totally worth the money.

5Expert Score
Really? This is gonna clean your dishes? Yep.

Look, this looks tiny and simple and just silly. But i don’t have a dishwasher, i’ve got health issues that prevent me from standing for a long time, and i needed something to help. My only complaint is that my sink is a little shallow! I stick it on the side of the sink and if the sink isn’t full of water, it thows water out of the sink! But it does clean. It’s just an agitated soak, really, but i can fill the sink and let it run, and then all i really have to do is a quick wipe and rinse. This helps so much and, for the price, you can’t beat it!

5Expert Score

Works as designed! Small and handy.

5Expert Score
Worth the money!

One of the best amazon finds you could buy! I don’t have a washing nor dryer at home. And due to busy schedule i always just have the laundromat do my whole laundry except my undergarments. I wash my undergarments by hands but i really don’t have enough time sometimes, this saves me a lot of time and easy to use! It also helps me wash a quick shirt or tanktop that i needed to wear right away! Can be store easily and very light weight! Will definitely recommend and buy again!! Worth all your money!

5Expert Score
Little washing machine works!

I received the mini washing machine today and tested washing the kitchen towel rag to see if it cleans. Holy smoke, it actually works. I run it for about 20 minutes with the automatic 3 cycle. I give it a 5 star.

5Expert Score
Better than i expected!

This turned out to be really easy to use, lightweight, and quiet. As someone who struggles with mental illness the smallest tasks seem to be too much all the time. I’ve had a pile of undone dishes but i popped this bad noi in the sink and it helped get most of the grime off of them 10/10 would recommend and buy again

5Expert Score

We bought this because our dishwasher broke down, just to help us keep up until we get it fixed. It’s a life saver! The cycle is short, only 30 minutes. It definitely works best with small loads and light weight items, so we’re sticking mostly to plastic dishes and utensils where we can. But even when the dishwasher is fixed it’ll be awesome for my hand wash items. And bonus, it can be used for small loads of laundry in a bucket too.

5Expert Score
It worked great to clean my workout gloves

I did have to empty the sink water twice but i do that hand washing anyways. Its nice to not have to stand there wash my gloves twice a week and i don’t like to waist a whole washing machine full of water for just two gloves every week. Love the device!!!

4Expert Score
Works great for small items!

I got this little machine to help clean my white socks. Regardless of how clean my laminate floors are, my white socks always end up super dirty. I found a great way to whiten them (called the “miracle whitening solution”; google it to get ingredients). I normally soak my socks in the sink with the soap mixture, but i use super hot water and don’t like submersing my hands. So, i filled up a bucket with water, the whitening solution and this thing. It swirls my socks around – which is exactly what i wanted. After it’s done, i wash my socks with the rest of my white clothes that don’t need the miracle solution. So, it’s good enough for my needs.
You’ll definitely need to be realistic about what it can handle. Small items (socks, underwear, masks, light blouses, etc). It’s not going to wash jeans or sweaters.
All in all, does what i wanted it to do. I’ll probably also use it when i have a load of cleaning rags that need to be washed, but i don’t want to run a whole cycle in the washing machine.

4Expert Score
Works as expected!

Not sure what other reviewers were expecting. You need your dishes to be placed in your sink in a way they‘re all spaced around enough for the sonic action to hit them. It’s not going to clean a pan of baked on lasagna or an over packed sink of dishes, but does great with small batches of dishes

4Expert Score
Wash stuff

I bought this fun lil underwater electrically-safe fan because my kitchen floor plan won’t accommodate a dishwassher. Here’s this lil thang you suction into the sink. Makes your detergent go further. You plug it in. And the first time you use it, you may not feel ok with the water being safe, but it is. I have a gfci near my sink, and the rotor is watertight. It’s a bit of a wonder. Fill your sink (3/4 full), snug the washer down via suction cups, so it won’t twirl in the water. And let it run a 4-part cycle. Turn it off and rinse before draining. There may be particles, but they swish away. A fun toy for the kitchen. Saves work. And not too pricey. I’ll give it an overall 4. Ps- if you have a mixing bowl to wash, just suction it inside the bowl and let it do its magic.

4Expert Score
Check the size

I did like the product, it worked well in the sink to leave things soaking. Make sure you check the size before buying. This is suitable to for smaller increments. Loved the different settings!!

4Expert Score
Lo más importante para mí es lo útil q es esta muy bueno gracia amazon

Es muy bueno me encanto gracia por su servicio q es muy bueno y rápido

4Expert Score
Great for washing your delicate laundry!

This little gadget is super easy to use! It’s small and lightweight so you could use it even in a small bathroom sink. It’s great for your delicate lingerie. Great little device for the amount of money you pay.

4Expert Score
Great product for the price

The reason i’m giving 4 stars is because it’s so powerful that it could potentially get messy. Do not leave it unattended or make sure it’s all the way at the bottom of the sink (so the water doesn’t overflow) i use this to wash my lightweight dresses and under garments. Works great!

4Expert Score
Only had it a couple weeks and it isn’t working properly. It is noisy and won’t always spin.

I use it for dishes and it worked well but now it isn’t working properly

4Expert Score
Totally worth it

You still have to rinse everything, and sometimes if the food is really stuck on you have to scrub a little, but overall a real time and effort saver if you have to hand wash everything. Best 30 bucks i ever spent!!!

4Expert Score
Works but don't expect to wash heavy laundry.

Works well with 2 or 3 shirts in a tub basically light weight clothing and in small batches of 2 to 3 or 4 at most. No heavy clothing like jeans please.

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