Power Up Trail Mix Gourmet Nut Bag, Mega Omega, 14 Ounce

Power Up Trail Mix Gourmet Nut Bag, Mega Omega, 14 Ounce

Yakibest.com: Power Up Trail Mix Gourmet Nut Bag, Mega Omega, 14 Ounce

What are power up trail mix gourmet nut bag features?

  • Our mega omega trail mix is a delicious blend of nuts, fruits and seeds. Walnuts and almonds provide you with omega-3 ‘heart-healthy’ fatty acids, while mango and cranberries offer a great source of antioxidants. We add a dash of protein and vitamin b rich pumpkin seeds so you’ve got the perfect, healthy snack!
  • Project verified non-gmo, no artificial ingredients, gluten free, vegan, certified kosher
  • Made from only the best, most premium whole nuts, dried fruit and seeds, our delicious trail mix does not contain sulfites, or other preservatives. Our mega omega trail mix is a unique and satisfying blend of crunchy walnuts, crispy almonds, sweet cranberries, tangy mango, and nutritious pumpkin seeds.
  • Our mega omega trail mix is perfect for on-the-go snacking. You can also top our delicious trail mix on your salad, oatmeal, or yogurt. Make power up a part of your next adventure!
  • Allergen information: tree nuts
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Power Up Trail Mix Gourmet Nut Bag, Mega Omega, 14 Ounce AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Power Up Trail Mix Gourmet Nut Bag, Mega Omega, 14 Ounce

Looking for specific info?

What is the expiration date?

Expiration dates are stamped on the back towards the lower part of the package (under the clear opening to view product).
Beware of this when you get your shipment! I ordered 2 packages and immediately opened mine to have some without checking the date and the stale odor hit me in the face!! Just received 01/25/2021 and the best by date is: 05/12/2021. Still a little time left doesn’t necessarily mean they will still taste good!!!!

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Does this contain sugar?

The label says the dried mango contains sugar but that is the only mention of sugar in the ingredients so it must be a very tiny bit. You can see the label on the amazon site. Happy eating!

Keto friendly?? This is false advertisement. 18g of carbs, only 2g of fiber, 11g of sugar, and 2g of added sugar… Far from “keto-friendly”…

Was not very fresh

Why do you claim it’s keto friendly when it’s not?? It’s deceiving. Only 2g of diet fiber, 11g of sugar, rest is carbs. That’s not keto!!!

Better go back and re-read …..mostly natural sugars !

I need to contact the seller. I received a bag with spoiled mix! How can i find the details?

Gourmet nut – brooklyn, n.y. 11218
is printed on the package.

Not recieved

That sucks. Got mine they were delicious.

Expire on??

The packages i have received have a ‘best by’ date of 03/08/21.

How can this be ‘keto-friendly’? Ingredients list shows first 3 ingredients are cranberries, mangos, and sugar.

Nothing is “keto” friendly until you read the nutrition label yourself and figure out your carbs yourself and how many you can have. These have 14 net carbs (which is what you count on keto). You get net carbs by subtracting the fiber from the carbs and alcohol sugars (some) you subtract also.

I am on a medically supervised 800 calorie a day diet and i can have up to 20 carbs so 1/4 cup for 14 carbs is great for me!

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I purchased this because it says keto. But this has 18g carb and sugar?? I don’t believe that is keto?

I i don’t know either. It’s good and healthy for you but temper your consumption because it’s high in calories and the fruit (bananas, mango and pineapple) are sugar coated.

What is expiration date !!!!!!!!

You would have to look on the bag. I do not recall and wxpjration date. The product was fresh when i received my order.

Why ruin it with *added* sugar??

Not sweet at all …. Really great tasting

Whats the expiration date is it good for at least one year ?

It has been within the year of receipt. I just got some a couple weeks ago, the expiration date is august 2020

Dear seller do you have packages of this that say the year 2021? Mine say 03/2020. Thats only 4 months to eat it not even good for one year.

And you better hurry as the walnuts get stale quickly

How often can i order ?

As your wish, if we have the stock

I love these nuts! But i can’t find the expiration date?

It should be in the back.

Are the nuts raw?

From the label on the package roasted cashews (sunflower and/or canola oil). Walnuts are just listed as walnuts so raw. Visually and taste wise walnuts are raw to my palate.

Haven’t received my order need a refund

Do you think this is where you get help for that? And how do you think they’d know your information; name, order date & number….try customer service.

Why do they have to add sugar to something that should be healthy?

To enhance the taste

I need to maintain energy during dirt bike races, is this a good choice? Thanks!

I use this product in my protein shakes after working out.. Try it what do you have to lose? I think it’s great for the stomach and there’s a lot of protein in it.

How is it high energy, with 12 grams of sugar, and just 2 grams of protein?

Not sure.

Power Up Trail Mix Gourmet Nut Bag, Mega Omega, 14 Ounce AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Power Up Trail Mix Gourmet Nut Bag, Mega Omega, 14 Ounce

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fresh and healthy

I started buying the power up trail mixes from marshall’s and tj maxx and loved them. The protein packed variety is my favorite and has been harder to find near me so i ordered on here where it’s been more available.

The protein packed is so good and i like that a lot of salt isn’t added to these mixes to keep these as healthier snacks. Some of the other mixes have too many of the pumpkin seeds but if they were all combined together, they’d be a heck of a mix and less of the smaller seeds in comparison!

5Expert Score

I’m not usually a huge trail mix person but this one is awesome. Wish it has a bit less sugar because it tastes so good i want to keep eating it. Very fresh an yummy. Please don’t change it!

5Expert Score
It's so fresh and filling!

I love the sweet and savory flavors in this mix. I also need omega in my diet. If you’re fond of walnuts and dried cranberries, then you’ll lobe it. The pumpkin seeds are also so beneficial. 10/10 in my opinion.

5Expert Score

Or at least that is what my husband said. I got them for him to snack on, if anything, the only complaint is that the bag is now empty…

5Expert Score
Healthy snack

I can’t stop eating them! That should tell it all! I’v placed several orders of this. Maybe i should just get a case next time!

5Expert Score
Not a bad price…

This stuff is good and it don’t got a bunch of other stuff you don’t need… Just don’t sit around and eat the whole bag ….

5Expert Score
Taste so good

I love this mix of fruit and nuts and seeds . It makes a great snack for hiking , camping, or after school snack for your kids .

5Expert Score
Love this trail mix

This stuff is so good, great crunchiness, lots of nuts…almonds, cashews, salty great snack.

5Expert Score
Good trail mix,

I think this is a good product. My first bag was awesome , since then the mixture hasn’t been quite as delicious

5Expert Score
Excellent product, super tasty, good price!

Work has been busy and i often don’t have time to stop for a proper lunch. This stuff is perfect for on the go nourishment and is soooo good!! I love them all.

4Expert Score
Taste great

This is a great mix but i wish it came with more walnuts. I ended up ordering a separate bag of walnuts to mix in with this so i could go more protein and less sweets with each handful. Other that that it taste good.

4Expert Score
My favorite trail mix

But this seemed a bit stale, and i ultimately found a better price in town so have not re-ordered

4Expert Score
These taste amazing!

I don’t know how many times i ordered, but these are fye = amaaazing! To me! Yummy!

4Expert Score
It’s ok

I probably won’t order again, but it is ok. Maybe i should have read closer, but it lakes in flavor. The nuts are plain, no salt. However, if that is what you are after this would be great. Just not for me.

4Expert Score

Good mix, good flavor and fresh

4Expert Score
Good power up snack

I eat a handful a day for a snack in between lunch and dinner to hold me over

4Expert Score
These are excellent… Have started purchasing about a month now… Great healthy snack

These are excellent… Have started purchasing about a month now… Great healthy snack
would highly recommend..

4Expert Score

Taste great

4Expert Score
Sounded good

Got this for my wife. She liked it but said it was missing chocolate. Luckily she was easily able to add her own chocolate chips. I don’t believe she benefited from the ‘energy’, but the contents of the bag disappeared, so she definitely likes it.

4Expert Score
Very sweet

The dried fruit is very sweet to me. Otherwise it was ok.

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