Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone – Black

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone – Black

Buy Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone – Black: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are powerbeats pro wireless earbuds – apple h1 headphone chip features?

  • Totally wireless high-performance earphones
  • Up to 9 hours of listening time (more than 24 hours with charging case)
  • Adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks for lightweight comfort and stability
  • Reinforced design for sweat & water resistance during tough workouts or running
  • Protect your beats with applecare-plus – add applecare-plus to your order and receive accidental damage protection and 24/7 priority tech support from the people who know your headphones best
  • Features the apple h1 headphone chip and class 1 bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts
  • Compatible with ios and android
  • Enhanced phone call performance and call handling from either earbud
  • With fast fuel, a 5-minute charge gives 1.5 hours of playback when battery is low
  • What’s in the box: power beats pro totally wireless earphones, charging case, ear tips with four size options, lightning to usb-a charging cable, quick start guide, warranty card
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Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone – Black AMAZON

Buy Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone – Black: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can you wear just one while running? Thinking of the safety of running w one ear free to hear around you.

Powerbeats pro feature class 1 bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts when connected to any bluetooth enabled device. Not only do each of your earbuds connect independently to your bluetooth device, but they also connect to each other. The earbuds are essentially communicating with one another with dynamic priority switching to provide battery efficiency, whether you are using one earbud or both. While designing powerbeats pro, beats engineers thought about how athletes, including runners, would use powerbeats pro earphones. The ambidextrous design makes it possible for you to use one or both of your earphones. When running, you can store the dormant earbud while listening to music on your other earbud.

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Which side is the bluetooth receiver on?

Both earbuds have the ability to switch priority position. Powerbeats pro feature class 1 bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts when connected to any bluetooth enabled device. The apple h1 chip allows for faster set up and a more stable wireless connection to your ios devices. Not only do each of your earbuds connect independently to your bluetooth device, but they also connect to each other. The earbuds are essentially communicating with one another with dynamic priority switching to provide battery efficiency, whether you are using one earbud or both.

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Can i wear them while running when it is raining or shower in the bathroom? Does this true wireless earbuds can be worked by touch control?

No,we suggest you’d better do not use it under the rain or your bathroom. It is only ipx4 waterpoof. Volume & track controls on each earbud by finger push not touch control. If you want the ture wireless workout earbuds with ipx7 waterproof and touch control on volume and music. I think this one called ggmm t1 is better and only for $59.99.

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Can this hook up to my samsung s10?

Yes. Powerbeats pro feature class 1 bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts when connected to any bluetooth enabled device. With the apple h1 chip, they’ll pair and get setup faster on ios devices. Simply use your device’s bluetooth setup to connect your powerbeats pro to your android or other bluetooth device. After your powerbeats pro earphones are connected you can play music from your device or take calls through bluetooth on your earphones. Your media is playing from your device and you are able to hear it through your connected earphones.

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Do they come with different ear sizes?

Yes, small, medium, and large. Fit is essential for great sound quality, which is why powerbeats pro include 4 eartip sizes. The medium size eartips might fit you perfectly right out of the box, but you may want to try the other eartips to see what feels and sounds the best to you. Once you find the right fit, insert powerbeats pro into your ear and then twist backward to lock them into place.

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How long is the wait to get these?

I am late to the game. I ordered mine on the 18th, and i was to wait for a month for it. Then amazon sent me an email to update on shipping date. It said i will be expecting delivery on june 3rd. I was all happy, until they cancelled that date. Now it just says will update as soon as they have a new date. 🙁

Why doesn’t powerbeats prep not work with android devices?

Beats wireless products are made to work with any of your bluetooth enabled devices, such as android phones, iphones, tablets, laptops, and more. If you’re having trouble pairing or connecting powerbeats pro to your device, try unpairing or “forgetting” powerbeats pro from your bluetooth list. Then try re-pairing. Simply use your device’s bluetooth setup to connect your powerbeats pro to your android or other bluetooth device. Powerbeats pro feature class 1 bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts when connected to any bluetooth enabled device. With the apple h1 chip, they’ll pair and get setup faster on ios devices.

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How does the wind noise while cycling compare to other headphones like jaybirds? Does their large profile create wind noise?

In very strong wind, you will hear the wind noise, but if you’re talking on the phone, the person on the other end will sound clear. They will, however, hear some of the wind noise.

Does the ivory color look like pure white or a mix between beige and white guys ???

Beige and white and gets dirty too

Can power beats used for connection to a laptop computer for conference call through the computer?


Powerbeats pro earbud replacement

Amazon sells them for $6.99/set of 8-prime delivery. Hope that helps you!

Is the microphone good enough for phone calls?

Yes, i’ve gotten several calls while listening to music while i was running without any trouble

Can you wear sunglasses simultaneously with these while running?


So many reviews -can’t possibly go through them all. My question is geared towards those who run 20+ miles/week. How are they holding up with sweat?

They hold up great ! They stay very snug in your ear

How far away from my phone an i be?

I’d say about 20 or so feet without objects or walls in the way. The more stuff interfering with the connection, the less range it has

This earbuds has a good sync with android devices (samsung) and tablet with windows 10?? Some people in review sad that isnt good for android devices

Yes i have a android and paired easily

Do these work on the peloton?

Yes, powerbeats pro earphones do pair with the peloton. There are online resources on the peloton website for help with pairing bluetooth headphones. Just go to the bluetooth settings menu on your peloton bike and follow the bluetooth setup steps to connect your powerbeats pro earphones.

Are they background noise resistant?

Powerbeats pro have been expertly engineered with an all-new acoustic design. Powerbeats pro feature passive noise isolation. Passive noise isolation decreases the amount of environmental noise, allowing you to hear your music and not outside noise. For your safety, not all environmental noise is eliminated.

Does this device comes with a sticker marked as 3480 or 3490?? Tks in advance

Not understanding your question. What does a sticker have to do with the overall performance? The sound is awesome!

Are they sweatproof

Powerbeats pro have been completely redesigned and feature all-new technology components and materials for revolutionary sound quality, comfort, and durability. Reinforced housing and venting enhancements improve sound quality and are designed to improve sweat and water resistance. Your powerbeats pro earbuds are sweat and water resistant, but not sweatproof or waterproof. Do not submerge them under water. The charging case features ventilation so your powerbeats pro earphones dry while recharging after a workout.

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Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone – Black AMAZON

Buy Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone – Black: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Solid product

Thoroughly impressed with this product. For years i have avoided mainstream electronic brands like beats, but now i am a believer. These things just work. They way that they’re supposed to. 90% of the time, which is good enough for me. I have used wireless earbuds from other brands, like jbl, sony, lg etc but none lasted very long or if they did, they did not work correctly most of the time. All had issues like connectivity, battery life, being plugged in but not charging for whatever reason.. Issues of which do not exist with these buds. I was fed up and went back to wired earbuds for awhile.. Until i ‘upgraded’ to smartphone with no audio jack. I got these specifically because they have a loop that goes around the earlobe so it can never fall out. This was important to me since i am a cyclist and bike for long distances at times, so need something that will stay in my ears. The audio is good enough for most people. Not quite audiophile level, but im sure they do not expect that from beats. Strong bass, crisp mids. Works very well for phone calls and people can usually hear what im saying, and i can hear them.

The only thing i wish i could change is the size of the case, its kind of big and bulky. If it was half the size that would be more ideal, especially for traveling, but honestly cant complain since the case actually charges the buds a number of times (not sure how many), and once they are full the battery can last all day long. Get them !! They are worth the money

5Expert Score
Almost perfect headphones.

I have had my powerbeats pro for about a week now and after a bit of a rocky start and an adjustment period, i find them to be almost perfect headphones. When i first put them on, i was wildly disappointed. They were uncomfortable and sounded tinny with no bass at all. I genuinely believed i would be returning them and getting second gen air pods instead. But, given how excited i was for the powerebeats pro to come out and the cost, i decided to put in a little effort and give them a chance. It wasn’t until about 3 or 4 days in that i decided to keep them.

So, if you are like me and think your new powerbeats pro sound like garbage when you first put them on and you wonder if all the positive reviewers are high, experiment with all the tips before dismissing the headphones as crap. In-ear buds need a good seal to sound good. I have freakishly small ears so i always start with the smallest tip available when trying out new headphones which usually works for me. Not this time. It sounded awful and i was briefly outraged that i had paid $250 for garbage. It was counter-intuitive, but i finally tried the biggest tips instead which gave me a good seal and let me wear the headphones without having to go as deep into my ears which made them more comfortable too. Once i found the right fit with a good seal, i discovered that yes, in fact, these things do actually have some nice ear-thumping bass. I think the bass is better than original air pods but also not overwhelming as beats products have a reputation for being. It’s satisfyingly skull shaking without being distorted and is balanced out nicely by clear highs. I’m not an audiophile by any means, but i won’t listen to any old crap either. I like a little bass and good clarity and the powerbeats pro deliver.

My biggest issue with these is comfort. As i mentioned, i have freakishly small ears and while i have been using air pods for a couple years, i was doing so with discomfort. I put up with a little paind because of the convenience of function. I love the automatic connection, the ability to use one bud at a time and charging on the go in the case. So, when i first read about the powerbeats pro, i was expecting something that would have the convenience of air pods with better comfort and something that wouldn’t fall out of my ears all the time. Generally, i do okay with headphones that have different sizes of silicone tips so i was expecting the powerbeats pro to be a comfort upgrade. Initially, they actually hurt my ears more than air pods, especially my right ear. I fully blame this on my freakishly small ears. I’m one of those people who often finds ‘one size fits all’ to be laughably ridiculous. Again, i was determined to love these things so i tinkered a bit to find an acceptable level of discomfort. The largest tip allows me to get a good seal without having to put them in so deep, relieving some pressure and cutting down on pain. When i first tried them, i could only last about 20 minutes before the pain forced me to take them out. After adjusting to find a good angle and replacing the silicone tips with comply sport tips, i’m a lot more comfortable and can last 2 or 3 hours before i feel discomfort. Even then, i would call it discomfort and not outright pain. It’s discomfort i can live with and not any worse than what i experience with air pods. Also, my discomfort is only in my right ear instead of both like i get with air pods. Since i go with one bud a lot of the time, i’ll just use the left one. No biggie. I can’t blame the manufacturer for my tiny ears which is why i’m not taking away a star.

On the plus side, the fit is very secure. I have worked out in them several times and they don’t budge. I never could work out in air pods because they fell out all the time. I can also wear these while laying down which i couldn’t do in air pods without them falling out periodically. Also, the connection is great. Original air pods used to randomly lose connection or not connect when they were supposed to. The chip upgrade in the powerbeats pro seems to have resolved this little annoyance. They connect faster and after a week, i haven’t experienced a drop or glitch once.

The powerbeats pro do come with a tradeoff when it comes to the size of the case. If you are used to carrying around air pods in your pocket in their tiny case, forget about it with powerbeats pro. The case is significantly larger. It goes in a bag or purse without taking up a ton of room but it’s too big to fit comfortably in a pocket. The extra battery life for powerbeats is nice though. I frequently use one bud at a time and used to drain an air pod and have to switch ears regularly. I’m using the powerbeats pro the same way and haven’t drained a bud yet. I’m okay with the bigger case since the better battery life makes me feel secure about leaving the case at home when i need to go bagless.

So in summary, these are the best sounding buds i have used. They are super convenient, easy to connect and won’t fall out of your ears. If you have normal human sized ears, they will probably be comfortable and the battery life is great. You have to deal with a bigger case but the positive improvements over air pods make the size trade-off worth it. If you don’t hear the bass, try different tips and twist them around a bit before you give up. Hopefully you won’t have to work as hard at it as i did to find your happy place with powerbeats pro but the effort has been worth it. These are really great headphones and worth the price.

5Expert Score
Great ear buds!

I upgraded to these from my airpod pros. My left airpod was cutting in and out, and sometimes turning off completely, so i donated them to my husband. I often had difficulty with the airpods staying in my ears, no matter which set of adaptors i used. I’m happy to say i finally found a good pair in the powerbeats that not only sound great, but fit perfectly in my ears. And, i’ve tried other earbuds prior including bose and samsung. I didn’t have good luck with them staying put. But, these do! The ear wrap-around feature seals the deal.

5Expert Score
Glad i waited for the powerbeats pro!

I want to preface this before i say anything about these headphones: i primarily use headphones for music and podcasts while i am cycling, running, or sitting at my desk at work. I use spotify for music, and i am not an audiophile. I am not comparing these to a pair of sennheisers with a lossless audio format as my source. I also am using an iphone 7+ and ipad air 2 for my devices in this review.

I have been waiting on a getting a pair of truly wireless headphones because none seemed to be worth it to me. The battery life is usually dismal for obvious reasons, and most had complaints of cutouts between the earbuds. Some friends of mine have air pods and they all said they didn’t have cutout issues and battery life was pretty good. But, i just didn’t like the design of the air pods and they sounded “hollow” to me. But i get their appeal.

I am so glad i waited for the powerbeats pro (pbp)! I was using the jaybird x3 before i got these, and i think the sound is on par with them. One of my main annoyances with the x3’s was that the cord would tug once sweat built up on my neck while exercising, and i couldn’t use the cable shortener they provide because of the way my helmet is. I went for a bike ride yesterday with the pbp’s, and they were fantastic! It was a little windy, so i did get a little wind noise. I am hoping comply makes some tips for these because i think that would make the noise isolation much better. My ride was around 2 hours and i still had 80% left on the pbp battery.


1. The case: it’s actually smaller than i thought, but would still be uncomfortable in a pocket. I think the 9 hour battery life on the actual headphones make this acceptable, but this may be deal breaker for some.

2. Ear fatigue: i didn’t have any fatigue during my ride, but my ears were definitely a little sensitive where the hook was resting after i took the headphones off. I’m hoping this gets better as i wear them.

3. Like the air pods, the pbp’s can only be connected to one device at a time. They will pair to all apple devices on your icloud account, but if you want to switch between devices, you have to go into your bluetooth settings and select them. On android you will need to pair each device separately.

4. I usually listen to a podcast when i go to sleep. These are not comfortable to lay on if you are side sleeper like i am. Also, the button the headphones will get pushed by the pillow. The button doesn’t require much force, which is great because your not shoving the headphones into your ear. Not a huge deal, but just thought i would mention it.


1. Great sound for truly wireless, i think.

2. Great fit for exercise.

3. Pretty good sound isolation, but like i said, i am hoping comply makes some tips for these.

4. Actual headphones are smaller than i thought they would be, and they don’t look weird on you when you are just walking down the street.

Bottom line, if you use an ios device and use headphones while exercising, i can’t recommend these enough! In my opinion, the $250 price tag is worth it given where other truly wireless headphones are priced.

5Expert Score
Once i learned how to use them i love them

Once i figured out how to wear them right and changed the buds to the noise canceling ones i started loving them. I got these ones because i workout a lot and my bud always falls out. I’d roll back on a bench with weights and it’d pop out. I’ve never had airpods but i love these headphones so much with my iphone. They pause and start when you take them out/ put them back and they read your notifications. Love them.

5Expert Score
Great purchase!

I love how they actually stay in my ears. The noise cancelling is great. The sound is not as clear and crisp as the air pods but still a nice sound. The blue tooth for calls is not as crisp for the other person on phone call with me. They stay connected to blue tooth over 50 feet! Overall great purchase

5Expert Score
Best beats yet

I work out a lot. When people ask me what is the most important piece of fitness equipment, my ranking is 1) shoes, and 2) beats wireless.
I’ve used (and completely worn out) powerbeats 2 and 3 and these ones are my favorite so far. I have a hard time finding earphones, most kinds either don’t fit securely in my ears or they chafe. I originally tried powerbeats because i wanted the over-ear hooks to hold them in place. These work great.
Big upgrade from the last model as well: i love being truly wireless. The wire between the previous powerbeats would catch on my hair or clothes, sometimes enough to pull one of the earphones out. Not anymore!
I also like how they power on and pair automatically instead of doing it manually every single time.
The only possible negative with these is that they don’t block out all ambient noise (although that may be because i use the tiniest rubber tips, ymmv). You could probably wear them jogging outside and still hear the traffic.
Overall i’m thrilled with the purchase. Definitely worth the price.

5Expert Score
Good sound quality…great for running…long battery life…

I looked at quite a few [in ear] buds to find something that i could use for running that would stay in my ears and provide a good sound seal. I settled on the powerbeats pro because it met all of my requirements for good sound, relatively inexpensive and connected easily to my iphone. Of course you never for know sure if the reviews you’ve read will meet your use case, but the pro did. The volume controls are easy to use during running and if i get a phone call, the music stops and i can answer the phone. So i can highly recommend these buds for runners and non-runners alike. The battery lasts forever so that is a major plus.

5Expert Score
As good or better than apple ear buds!

I have now bought three sets of these because i had to get some for friends they are that good. The sound is amazing for the size and i have given up using my over-the-ear headphones for these. They run for a long time on one charge and except for the occasional hiccup when pairing they are a dream come true.

5Expert Score
Great product for joggers

I bought them for my husband. He runs 4-6 miles 3x a week. He is wearing them everyday. Holds battery cancels white noise. Finally they are not stressful. I’ve bought a few before and he has been upset that they either fall or he he can’t use his cell when because of the wind.

4Expert Score
Amazing wireless earbuds

These are really amazing wireless earbuds. I’m gonna do pros and cons along with some other thoughts about this product. This review is written 4 months after using this product.

1. Battery life. The battery life is amazing. I never had these die on me except when i play video games all night. They also have fast charging which is very useful if you need to charge them real quick.
2. Fit. The fit is really perfect. They feel comfortable and they stay in my ears perfectly. I exercise a lot and these earbuds always stay in my ears when i’m at the gym and when i’m running. If you are looking for some workout earbuds, then these will give you reliable and beautiful performance.
3. Sound quality. The sound quality is amazing. Nice, clear and crisp.
4. The apple features. The extra features that the powerbeats have when using with apple devices are nice but don’t let those features discourage you android users from buying the powerbeats. The features aren’t important enough for you to decide not to buy them (not gonna list out the features in order to make this review shorter)
5. Range. The range is amazing. I can be listening to music on my phone and leave my phone in my room and walk anywhere in the house and still be able to listen to the music. The music starts cutting out depending on the amount of objects blocking the signal.
6. Ability to wear with glasses. I can wear these with my glasses with no problem at all. I can take my glasses on and off and have no trouble.
7. Good microphone. I use these earbuds for phone calls and video calls and the person can hear me pretty good. I can hear them perfectly fine. My brother tells me that i sound muffled but he can still hear me good.

1. Pain. After wearing them for a couple of hours, i start to feel slight discomfort. This only happens after many hours so it isn’t something i’m complaining about. Just felt like i should mention it so everyone is aware. The pain that is the problem is the major pain that comes after weeks of regular use. I’m not sure what is happening but it’s like the powerbeats is making the skin inside my ear peel off. I think this is happening because they are too tight in my ears. This has happened i believe 3 times and the goes away after i left my ears heal. As i’m writing this review, i am experiencing the major pain and i adjusted the left earhook so it’s not as tight in my ear as before (problem is currently only in my left ear). I’m not sure if i’m the only one who experiences this but if you can deal with this then don’t let that discourage you from buying the powerbeats (it isn’t that big of a problem for me).
2. Bluetooth connection on windows 10 computers. I’m not sure if this also happens on other versions of windows and android devices but sometimes there would randomly be a 1-2 second cut in the sound about every two minutes. This doesn’t happen at all on my iphone. I would also experience random disconnections on my laptop. Another thing about the connection is that it is weaker on my laptop than on my phone. Not sure why.
3. Bulky case. This doesn’t matter to me at all because i usually have a bag that i carry with me when i go to places that i can slip the case into. I’m just mentioning it so people can be aware. You can put it in your pocket if you want but it will look weird because there will be a giant bulge in your pants.

That’s it about the pros and cons. Now it’s time to talk about the problems i had with the powerbeats. I’m having flashbacks of the problems i encountered while typing this part of the review. Problem 1. This only happened once but i will still talk about it. I was connecting the powerbeats to my iphone and forgetting them in the bluetooth settings because i was enjoying the animation that pops up when you pair them with your iphone. Then all of a sudden they would not pair again. Man i thought they were already broken and it was the day i got them. I thought my $200 dollars went down the drain. But luckily i managed to get them to pair again after a long time of research and trying different things. What fixed the problem was charging the case because apparently since it was at i believe 30 something percent, it couldn’t pair. Problem 2. This was the worst problem. I’ve had this problem happen twice in the last month and a half. One of the earbuds would not pair and sound would only come out of the earbud that was paired. I had to switch back to my other pair of wireless earbuds that i previously had until i figured out how to solve this problem. It took days of extensive research and multiple solution attempts before i finally managed to fix the problem. I was about to return them but luckily i solved the problem before i did.

Final thoughts: despite the cons and problems i encountered, i would still recommend these earbuds to anyone. If you encounter any of the problems i did, i hope you can easily solve them and if you don’t, you can reply to my comment and ask me for my solution. Hopefully amazon has a feature where you get notifications when someone replies to your review. If you read this whole thing, thank you and i appreciate it. If you didn’t then thanks for taking a look at it.
Update: i no longer experience the major pain in my ears and the skin peeling off after i adjusted the earhooks to get the right fit (update written on 8/18/21).

4Expert Score
A short review, if you're trying to decide on buying this…

I’ve been a music junkie for decades and have had many headphones/earbuds.
I’d give these a ‘4 1/2 stars out of five’

on the good side:

1) i use tidal with boom on my iphone and i have over 200 gb of music on my phone. I had to tweak the sound settings on the boom equalizer to get sound setting i want. Out of the box, i’d say the sound quality is good but not necessarily exceptional. But if you have an equalizer, odds are higher you’ll be satisfied.

2) i’ve found that the battery life is indeed about 9 hours and the charging time is about what they advertise.

3) as for the fit: these are not going to fall out or slip (unless someone walks up to you and physically tries to pull them out). The fit is perfect. (see my notes further down for the ‘comfort’)

4) i’ve rarely had problems pairing. I’ve used these nearly every day for a year and a half and have rarely had pairing issues with the iphone. I can’t speak for android, as i don’t use it.

Ok, the ‘not so good’ side:

1) the charging case does not support wireless charging.

2) the charging case is a tad large (in fairness, these buds are larger, hence the better battery life). You ‘can’ put it in your pockets (pants) but you’ll notice it.

3) ok, on the comfort: the human ear isn’t designed to have something stuck into it for hours at a time without feeling the pressure. Yes, there are some buds that fit in a way that you won’t feel the pressure, though i have to wonder what the downside is, as far as secure fit and seal.

Having said that, if i have these in my ears for more than 90 minutes, i sometimes need to take them out for a few minutes, just to let my ears ‘breathe’.

Overall, give this 4.5 stars out of 5. The three things i mentioned are not ‘deal breakers’ for me, but they might be if you are looking for something that will feel comfortable for hours. As much as i love these (and i do love them), i do need to pull them out for a few minutes.

Also, there is no anc. Yes, there’s ‘noise reduction’ but not cancellation. I’m mainly in the suburbs and really don’t have the need for anc. However, it’s always a personal choice, and if you spend a great deal of time in a noisy city/transportation system, you might want to look at the newest bose.

So – these are not perfect. But they are very good and i’m happy with them. I love the battery life, the secure fit, and overall sound quality (after some tweaking). I listen to tons of jazz and classical and 70’s rock and am happy with these.

I had a few wireless buds before these, and was always wondering if ‘the grass is greener’ with another set. I have to be honest, after buying these, my interest in finding better ones down the road is much lower.

Most reviews i’ve read are positive on this product. Yes, a few negative ones, but mostly positive. I bought these when they were a bit pricier, and even though they’ve dropped the price a bit, i’m not angry – i really like them a lot.

4Expert Score
Long term review charging/conectivity

I’m giving a 4 star but would give 3.5 if i could. Sound quality is ok not great, they stay in place and battery life is very good. Biggest issue i have had is one earphone dropping bluetooth conection or both disconnecting. Second issue has been charging which many here have complained about. After charging complete and then finding out that only one earphone charged and one is dead. I have found a solution for some unexplained reason if i charge while the power case is plugged in sometimes only one will charge but if i unplug the power case both will charge completly.

4Expert Score
Second pair

This is my second pair of the powerbeats pro- i use them everyday for workouts, phone calls and while i’m around the house. My first pain lasted for 4 years with daily use before the battery started to hold less charge and the earpiece buttons began to fail. The new pair is great- functions exactly as the original. The only difference i notice is the “connect to bluetooth” when putting them in is less consistent- meaning 5/10 times it doesn’t pair automatically with my phone. I do find this annoying. Otherwise they are great!

4Expert Score
As expected for the price

I have had a pair of these earbuds for about 1 and a half years. I would say they are worth the price, but a few small complaints. About a few months ago, i started having an issue with having both earbuds charged coming right from the case. This causes one to usually be uncharged and it’s annoying to have to wait a few minutes for it to get some decent charge. However, i love the battery life in general. You can go easily a week without having to charge the case. Plus the sound quality is great and they are incredibly comfortable in the ear due to the piece that fits around your whole ear. Overall a great quality product and would recommend.

4Expert Score
Very good but not always comfortable

These are my second pair of earbud style beats and the sound quality is excellent. I use these all time and i really like them. The battery life is also excellent. After using them for a year or more i’ve found two downsides. The battery pack is much too big to put in your pocket so i usually carry it in a pocket in my backpack. The other thing is that the headphones are not very comfortable if you are trying to lay on your side with your head on a pillow. I find that the battery in each headphone is just a bit too big and after a few hours of use (in any position) my ears feel sensitive.

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Great sound quality, but button got stuck

I purchased these beats earbuds 2 days before a trip and the ‘b’ button got stuck in the pressed down position while on the flight, so i haven’t been able to even use them a week. After doing some research, i’ve found that this has been a common problem, particularly when using on flights due to the air pressure. As for the sound quality, the definitely hit the mark.

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Best running earbuds

I have tried several different brands of running earbuds and these are by far my favorite and worth the money. They stay perfectly in place even during a 20+ mile run. The sound quality is great and they fit well enough that they seem to somewhat cancel sound. They pair seamlessly with iphones/apple products and i use it with my garmin 245 music watch without issues. My only issue with the earbuds are that occasionally when i place them in the charging case the charging prongs won’t sit exactly right and therefore one of the earbuds won’t charge. I usually don’t realize this until i go to use them the next time. It’s always disappointing when i am ready to go on a run and one of the earbuds isn’t charged; however, i usually can get a quick charge once i recognize the issue.

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Not bad. Just expected better!!

Once i got the correct rubber ear insert (confess with a few different sizes)the sound was good. Not great. Just good. Volume was on par. Nothing super loud. The bass, once i found the size insert for me, was good.
Comfort is really good. Stay in ear no matter what i’m doing thus far. Working out, washing car, or mowing lawn, they stay put. The sound surprisingly stays consistent throughout moving around. This for me is a plus. Others i have personally tried lost volume pressure as i moved around forcing me to adjust to get better sound. No so with these so far.
They are very comfortable. Had them in for over 3 hours with no soreness.
Battery seems to be really good. Used then for 3 hours straight and still had over 70% left when i put them back.
Connection to phone is not the greatest. Drops more often then other one i used prior.
Ear buds do not like to be away from phone out side more then a few feet. They are fine in the house 15 feet or more away from phone but outside? Nope. I don’t walk away to far out buds will completely disconnect and shut down forcing you to go back to the clam shell charging station to reactivate…
These are very good ear buds for $75. These are good ear buds for $100. But for nearly$200? Not good at all. Sound quality is not amazing. Build quality is okay. Connection to the phone is not that great. When compared to a $50 pair i picked up very hard to see/feel/hear the difference. They’re not bad but for the price i guess you’re just paying for the name, disappointed.

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Almost perfect

Everything about this product is good except they are very uncomfortable to wear. I can only wear them for maybe 30 minutes to an hour at a time and never both at the same time.

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