PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Mini Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel Whisk (Matte Black)

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Mini Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel Whisk (Matte Black)

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What are powerlix milk frother handheld battery operated electric foam maker for coffee features?

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  • Get creamy froth quickly – powerlix brings you its small, kitchen gadgets, portable handheld milk frother for frothed milk. If you love your morning coffee with lots of froth and foam, then you certainly want to have our kitchen gadgets powerlix frothing wand at home or your café style cappuccino.
  • Battery operated for perfect froth in no time – the mixer is battery powered so you don’t have to worry about cords and finding sockets. This coffee bar accessories, coffee gifts, kitchen gifts heats up the milk, just immerse the espresso maker into the cup and turn it on. The milk foamer will start creating creamy froth on the milk instantly. Within 15 – 20 seconds, you have a cup filled with creamy froth and ready to go into your coffee latte.
  • Quality you can trust – our milk whisk frappe maker is made of the best quality stainless steel. This coffee accessories has a powerful motor that gives you 19000 rpm and the dual spring durable long 18/10 food safe material stainless steel spiral whisk that won’t rust or break over time. It delivers double the power of other frothers and professional espresso makers available. The power button on top makes it easy to use. The low noise motor barely makes a sound.
  • Beautifully styled with versatility – the coffee accessories for coffee lovers, kitchen gadgets is beautifully styled in a variety of colors to fit into any modern kitchen. It is lightweight and has an ergonomically designed soft touch handle. It is easy to use and easy to clean. It can be used to froth other liquids besides hot milk. Use it to make froth milk for milkshakes for your kids or cocktails for your friends. It will work well with both hot and cold liquids.
  • 100% return/replacement warranty: the milk frother with the cup is so handy and useful that you can gift it to your friends and family too. Let them enjoy the convenience of making chocolate or cappuccino at home. We are confident of our product and know you will like it. This is why we back up our product with our no-questions-asked warranty. Order now and start to create thick and creamy foam for your homemade drinks
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PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Mini Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel Whisk (Matte Black) AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

Looking for specific info?

What is the warranty on this product. I’ve had it for 10 months and it stopped working, even after replacing the batteries.

I bought mine in 2017. It stopped working 3 weeks ago. I used it several times a day. I contacted seller and had a replacement within 4 days. It says lifetime warranty and i had no issues getting a replacement. Super friendly and quick back and forth before they replaced.

What type of batteries does this use? Couldn’t find a mention of that in the details.

This requires 2 double a batteries.
I’ve found that the battery life lasts about 30 days making 2-3 lattes a day. At that point they aren’t dead, but they have lost some whipping strength.

What makes this motor “stronger” than the single whisk model’s? (i noticed that both spin at 19,000 rpms, and i don’t see any other motor specs).

I don’t know the speed or the motor information but it seems to be about the same if not a bit faster than the regular single whisk. Perhaps the presence of two whisks make it more powerful because it foams up fast and thick

What makes this motor “stronger” than the single whisk model’s? (i noticed that both spin at 19,000 rpms, and i don’t see any other motor specs).

As the seller stated in regard to a similar question, this motor is now 2w, up from 1.4w. Rpm has very little to do with power. Rotational power is best measured by way of torque. A stronger motor just means it will be less mechanically stressed when it hits the resistance of the liquid.

Is double whisk really better than their previous single whisk model?

In my opinion it is yes – with their previous product i use a small container and it worked well, but was concerned about when i planned to get a large container for the milk. With the new motor/2 whisks, its almost too strong from my small container and i find the result is creamier than with the single whisk. If you are happy with the results from the single whisk, there’s nothing wrong to sticking with it, but i am happy that i got the new model.

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Could this be used blending eggs for omelets?

Absolutely! Works just fine blending eggs. Adds air to the egg mixture.

How does one register this product? I tried the website in the package and it goes to ‘messenger’.

Hello! If you have trouble registering your product, please contact us through the buyer messages here, and we will help you with that!

Can it froth cream?

Yes it froths cream, milk, coconut milk. I’ve even used it to make whipped coffee and a small batch of deviled egg filling. I love this little thing.

How long should this frother last? 1 year? Mine quit working after a year and a half… Not used every day

Mine lasted less than 6 mos. Company says they give a lifetime warranty. That’s bs. I wrote to them and response i got was for me to adjust the battery contacts in the handle. That worked for several more weeks. Then it stopped working again. There is nop question thi thing has a design flaw. Another thing i don’t like is that the start button must be held down during operation. Aerolatte that i had lasted 3-4 years and has an on/off switch-much more user friendly. For my next opne will look for one with an on/off switch. Btw i saw no difference between the double ring whip and the single one. It’s a marketing thing.

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Hi, the end of the handheld part cracked after a few uses. My return window ended in october 2020. Can i please return or replace it?

The handle is not cracked. The battery cover doesn’t stay on

Where is it made?

It’s made on china

Can the whisk be removed from the handle? Also can this whisk be used to mix lip gloss?

Thank you for your question. The wand is permanently attached to the handle and cannot be removed. Moreover, the frother can be used in mixing any liquids that have the same consistency of milk or cream.

What is the difference between this model and the one with cup beside cup and holder?

I dont see a difference.

What type of battery does it take?

Double a

Does anyone know how to contact the seller? (my frother stopped working, and i need it replaced.) thanks.

I replaced mine, and it stopped working after one or two months. I gave up!

Per response for mary at powerlix. I ordered this on may 1 and it stopped working within 3 months. How do i get a replacement?

I am looking for the same answer.

How do i request a replacement

You should be able to go back to the order and click on contact the seller. If not, contact amazon.

Can u use it with regular ground coffee to get a froth?

You might get a minimal foaming. You need either a dairy product (ie. Milk, half & half, heavy whipping cream) or oil(mct) to get a froth.

What is the whisk diameter?

The whisk diameter is 2 cm.

Can you use this to mix a smoothie?

No! Too weak to mix anything! I sent it back.

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Mini Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel Whisk (Matte Black) AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love this. Read if you like to make cappuccinos or lattes….

I’ve had this for about two years and am just now leaving a review. It still works. This little tool is super affordable and useful. My husband will use it to mix up pre-workout or a protein shake. I use it to create big milk foam for my cappuccinos. If you heat up milk on the stove, in a steel pot, you can use this to create huge milk foam that looks fabulous in a cappuccino, or coffee drink of your choice. It’s very important to use 2 percent or whole milk, as other types of milk will not foam up as good. Do not burn the milk. Use low to medium heat. I whisk the milk first, then once it’s hot enough, i use this device for just a few seconds to create that really big foam that looks so good in the mug lol. I definitely recommend this. It’s a great price, clearly lasts a while, and it’s easy to use/clean. I just rinse it off with very hot water and wipe it off with a paper towel.

5Expert Score
Works great

I love this simple one. Already had a stand so it sits in that without having to pay extra price. Works way better than the dual beaters one that i recently ordered. The simpler the better in this case!

5Expert Score
Not too heavy or bulky

Absolutely love this little blender. Easy to use takes batteries. But the kids can use it and it’s just fun. Perfect for blending hot coco might i add.

5Expert Score
Coffee never tasted so good!

Great little frother. My husband froths my almond milk for my morning cup of coffee (#spoiled). Works wonderfully. So easy to use and just rinse. And with the accompanying stand, it’s a nice addition to my counter.

5Expert Score
Great kitchen gadget

Use this primarily for whipping coffee creamer. Does a great job.
Purchased this before and it stopped working after 3 months, but this one has warranty.

5Expert Score
Coffee perfection

This little gadget takes a good cup of coffee to a great cup of coffee. The kids love it for chocolate milk too.

5Expert Score
This product is esy to use ,easy to wash and practi6

I use this product for my instant coffee or milk , i like it ,very powerful ,lightweight and easy to use

5Expert Score
Great for stirring my coffee and they will honor their lifetime warranty!

This review is for new double whisk + improve motor – powerlix milk frother (milk pro), which replaced a similar device that had a few week lifespan (purchased from that major department store chain from sweden). Despite having the 19k rpm motor (overkill for my usage), this design works great for stirring my tea/coffee (especially my paleo recipe that includes coconut and unsalted butter). On the milk pro model, the button on this unit must be pressed to keep the motor active, this allows you to quickly stop stirring before anything spills over the top of your cup. I also found the stand fits perfectly on top of an expresso saucer (to catch the drips falling off the double whisk). The stand is a nice addition as our prior device had the shaft end up ever so slightly bent from laying it on it’s side using that same saucer to catch drips.

I also like this better then the other models where the button is on until you push it again to turn it off. While that is probably great for frothing a large volume of milk or whipping eggs, it is not a feature i want for stirring coffee in a cup were i may need to cut power quickly to avoid slinging coffee everywhere.

The battery compartment does not require a screwdriver to access, and the cover snaps closed without issue. It uses 2xaa batteries for power. Hopefully i’ll never have to use the lifetime warranty, but it’s nice to know it has one if i do need it for some reason. If any issues arise, i’ll update my review ** see below.

4 week update – we are starting to see issues with the activation button. Sometimes it does not work at all when pressing the button, other times it acts like the battery is almost dead (even with a fresh set) and stirs very slowly and sometimes eventually getting up to speed (but not always). Device is probably used 4-6 times a day to stir coffee/tea.

Update: life happens. Along with lots of folks around the world, 2020 became a personal financial disaster for my family, and required our full focus on other things. Following up on a whisk was quickly forgotten until this month when i finally got around to emailing power-lix customer service ( support@power-lix.com ). For reference, that was 1year and 2 weeks after my original purchase on amazon. They responded the next day and even before we discussed any details – they assured me they would do whatever it took to take care of my issue, and they specifically stated that they were happy to send me a replacement right away. One more round of emails over the next two days (needed my amazon order # and address info), and my replacement was on the way at no cost to me. In total, it was only six days from my initial email until i had the replacement whisk in hand. *it would have been much shorter had i just included the amazon order number and my address information in my initial email.

Even though the initial device failed, i’m still upping my review to 5 stars because they honored their lifetime warranty. I think it’s fair to give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume my initial experience was a one-off issue. If this one fails, i’ll update my review accordingly.

5Expert Score
Worst item

Power is very weak almost to the point it doesn’t work. On/off position is on the side. It should be on the top to push and hold. Overall, very cheap looking. I threw them away and bought another one with 1900 rpm.

5Expert Score
5 stars on power

Milk looks like foam after 15 seconds. I recommend this product.

4Expert Score
Good little blender, wish it had a stand!

Works really well. I wish it came with a stand, not sure how much i enjoy just having it laying around

4Expert Score
Frothed wand

Powerful mix wand for coffee and mct oil.
Quiet and mixes well!

4Expert Score
Home latte fun

Update: i contacted the seller directly (amazon makes that tricky) and they offered to replace the unit. Then the seller saw this review and offered to do the same thing. A replacement arrived in 2 days and works beautifully. Hoping this one sticks around for a while. This really is a game changer when making home coffee and tea creations. Thank you!

I have had this double whisk frother for 7 months. It replaced one (same brand) that died after 2 years. At first i was delighted as it whipped my latte milk like a pro. But for the past 2 months it has been ineffective. Sometimes the whisk will move tightly which does a great job. More often it seems to whisk really wide which does not make froth, just splashes milk all over the place. I can’t seem to find a way to contact the seller but will keep looking. It is a nice idea but if it won’t last more than 7 months, i suggest you try a different brand.

4Expert Score
Good bang for the buck

It worked well for almost 2 years. I will purchase another.

4Expert Score
Great product

Was actually true to photo,works wells and very affordable

4Expert Score
I would buy again

It is worth the price

4Expert Score
Nice, just wish it had a stand.

Works fine, just really should come with a stand.

4Expert Score
Doesn't come with a stand. I will buy another with a stand

Worth the money, but i didn’t notice it said no stand. Wouldn’t buy this one again.

4Expert Score
Strong motor

Typically i have to replace these every month or two due to the motor going out and the mixer not mixing enough. This frother has never let me down.

4Expert Score
Great cheap milk frother

It does as advertised-it froths milk. However, milk with less milk fat (1 or 2% compared to whole milk) is easier and takes less time. However, if you are needing a milk frother to perfect your coffee with some milk, i would highly recommend this (or the ikea produkt, which is essentially the same as this for less).

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