PRAVETTE Unisex Beanie Hat with The Light Gifts for Women Men Dad Father USB Rechargeable Hand-Free 4 LED Headlamp Cap A-Black

PRAVETTE Unisex Beanie Hat with The Light Gifts for Women Men Dad Father USB Rechargeable Hand-Free 4 LED Headlamp Cap A-Black

PRAVETTE Unisex Beanie Hat with The Light Gifts for Women Men Dad Father USB Rechargeable Hand-Free 4 LED Headlamp Cap A-Black – –

What are pravette unisex beanie hat with the light gifts for women men dad father usb rechargeable hand-free 4 led headlamp cap a-black features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 100% acrylic
  • Ideal christmas birthdays gifts ideas—ultra-soft and excellent insulation acrylic blend material perfect gifts for men dad him father husband boyfriend handyman.
  • Quick winter warm and cozy—this one-size-fits-all beanie hat with light is made from an ultra-soft acrylic blend that provides excellent insulation against cold winter air.
  • Light your way—unisex knitted hat with 4 built in and removable rechargeable led light.10 hours runtime, offer a standard usb port for charging battery, you can charge it in car charger, computer or portable power bank, no longer re-purchase and charge batteries.
  • Ready to go—provides enough light for finding your way in the dark or completing tasks in poorly lit environments,meanwhile the knitted cap can keep you warm in the cold winter when you go outside.
  • Need it anywhere—beanie cap hat with led light is ideal for dog walking, jogging, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, handyman working, grilling, auto repair and home improvement or any other activity needing hands-free lighting. It’s also a great halloweens/christmas/new year’s gift for your family members, friends and anyone you love.
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PRAVETTE Unisex Beanie Hat with The Light Gifts for Women Men Dad Father USB Rechargeable Hand-Free 4 LED Headlamp Cap A-Black AMAZON

PRAVETTE Unisex Beanie Hat with The Light Gifts for Women Men Dad Father USB Rechargeable Hand-Free 4 LED Headlamp Cap A-Black – –

Looking for specific info?

Does it charge when it is flashing

Yes, it will flash when charging.

Will you be coming out with replacement lights or seperate- buy battery powered lights for this beanie? Pretty please????

the light can be seperate from the beanie. This light is rechargeable so we do not provide another battery.

Can charge battery if not fully dead and not hurt battery to charge in full later ? Some batteries require fully dead battery to charge full later.

I’ve charged the batteries with some charge left and they seem to work fine. I try to wait until they are dead for optimum performance.

Can these hats, containing lithium batteries, be mailed (not via air)?

I would assume so.

Can i run with this and have the light not fall out?

Normally, the lights won’t drop when you run, unless your hat is dropped.

Can you tell me how many lumens this light has?

Hello, the theoretical lumens value of this lamp cap is 120 lumens.

How do you charge the battery?

The light pulls out from the backside of the hat.
Take the black light cover off and insert the exposed usb plug in to a usb charging port. I know it doesn’t look like a usb plug but it is.

Where are these bean hats made?

I do not know. But i would guess in a land where its people have very small heads.

Is this made in usa?

No, the tag says they are made in china. However, it is a great product. The hat is rechargeable and has 3 lite settings…low, med & hi. I bought 20 for the guys in the warehouse at work for christmas. Can’t wait to see their reaction

What is the real world run time in the highest brightness. The description says 10hrs and assuming that is at its lowest brightness.

At the start of my walks it is fully charged and lasts for about 2 hours. Then it slowly goes dimmer. I charge it every night.

Which way does it plug into the usb port ? One way the light flashes.

The self-contained flashlight has a removable tip that uses a usb port to slide into a power bank, notebook computer, usb power port, etc.

Plugged into usb port. Solid red light. Is it charging, or is it fully charged?

Hello, when you connect the power, it will light up (for example: red light, green light, blue light), it will jump to another color after it is fully charged (these colors are not fixed). I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please contact us and we will deal with the problem for you as soon as possible.
Have a good day!

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Does it matter which way you plug it in to usb port for charging? Nothing lights up?’

Hi, it comes with standard usb port, you can charge it with usb charger,laptop or power bank. You may see the red light on, flashing light or white light on when charging, it has three charging mode. If nothing lights up, please contact us via your order, we will solve it or send you the replacement.

Seller: this would be the schizzle if it had a hi and low and then a red mode!!!! That’s it. Three modes. ??

Has high, low, and flashing. No red.

What led bulbs do you use in these?

It comes with batteries, and it is still working. It is stored away in my camper. Sorry i cant help further.

Would this be too big for a 12 year old? How about for a 7 year old?

Our lamp cap is elastic. Generally, a 12-year-old child should be able to wear it, but a 7-year-old child cannot be sure.

Wheres my package ? Delivery guy was careless

Ask amazon customer service. Find out if it was a prime delivery or was it sent via usps. Good luck.

My light does not hold a charge. How do i replace it ?

Does the website offer replacement lights? Or ask for a referral for a replacement.

Several reviews mentioned it doesn’t qualify for returns – is this true? If so, why?

Don’t know – maybe because of transfer of some type of scalp issue or skin issue.

My light is dead and won`t take a charge. Only a year old, and hardly used. How do i get a replacement for it??

Have you gotten a hold of the company? When you put it in the charge does the light go on showing it is charging that is all i can say i am a consumer only

PRAVETTE Unisex Beanie Hat with The Light Gifts for Women Men Dad Father USB Rechargeable Hand-Free 4 LED Headlamp Cap A-Black AMAZON

PRAVETTE Unisex Beanie Hat with The Light Gifts for Women Men Dad Father USB Rechargeable Hand-Free 4 LED Headlamp Cap A-Black – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Pravette beanie hats are a great christmas gift! Don't forget to buy one for yourself.

I purchased 5 different colors of the pravette unisex beanie hats as christmas gifts.
The colors are as seen on amazon… Very nice.

Pravette led beanie hats actually do have a longer battery life than other brands.
After my packages arrived, i quickly wrapped one up and brought it to a friend of mine as an early christmas present to use for ice fishing. He opened it up, tried it on and said that the hat was warm and comfortable. I tried it on also and loved it. Why didn’t i think to buy one for myself? Lol.
Next, we did the light test. He pressed the light….
Oh my gosh the led light almost blinded us!! Actually, the lowest of the three levels was still bright enough. And yes, it actually does last10 hours as advertised. No kidding.
Whether you are out ice fishing or walking your dog you’re going to love the convenience of wearing a pravette led beanie hat. The perfect gift for anyone, anytime!

5Expert Score

Bought this for my husband, who is bald headed. Works great when he’s walking our dog at night and needs to lean over to pick up the dog’s “presents”. Frees his hand for having to hold a flashlight while simultaneously holding the dog’s leash and a poop bag.

5Expert Score
Perfect for seeing dogs at night

Bought this for my husband . With daylight savings it’s been hard to clean up after the dogs . This is easy to wear and really brightens up the yard making scooping poop very easy .

5Expert Score
My wife loves using it!

Nice little lite for my wife who uses the hat for reading her book. She always complains that it’s too dark to read on our couch. So a got it for her as a joke, but the hat light is very bright. My wife loves using it!

5Expert Score
Good gift idea!

Perfect for the holidays and stocking stuffers. Got this as a gift for my father and he says that it’s super easy to use and actually really comfortable. I like the sleek look of the black against the lighting part. Worked great out of the box!

5Expert Score
Functional chic

I gifted this to my boyfriend because he does fieldwork that sometimes the mornings or late afternoons are dark. The brightness is on point and has a far radius of light coverage. Also nice and chic as a black simple style 🙂

5Expert Score
Christmas gift

Bought this for my husband for when he works on his car, or simply takes the dog out. He says the light is pretty bright, and it beats always having to put a toque on and a headlamp. Feels nice and soft and warm

5Expert Score
My son in law loves it! Sorry he didn’t want me to take his picture!

Christmas present! He’s so hard to please! And he’s always out at night fixing water main breaks! So hey he forgets where his flashlights are so this way his head is warm and he has a lot got right there when he needs it!

5Expert Score
Was a gift

Gave as a gift and she loved it! Uses it when she has to take the dog out to either walk or just to potty when it’s dark outside.
It was delivered when promised and good value for the money.
Would purchase again.

5Expert Score
Nice and bright

Great hat and the light is very bright. The light has 3 different settings so that’s nice when you don’t need it really bright. Fits great and like any other beanie.

4Expert Score
Good headlamp

This is no where near as bright as my battery operated headlamp but i still love it & would buy it again!!

– rechargeable! The usb is not encased but charges just fine. The striped part goes to the inside of the usb port
– it’s a hat, too! Less gear in the winter
– there are 3 different brightness settings
– omits soft, white light
– comfortable

– not nearly as bright as traditional headlamps.
– doesn’t point downward, to the ground like other headlamps. You have to look down to illuminate the ground in front of you.

I bought this to walk my dog in the winter, when the sun sets so early. The brightness is fine for my needs. If i were hiking, camping, or otherwise away from the city streetlights & level ground, i would opt for my brighter, adjustable headlamps.

4Expert Score
Works… And its cheap chinese what else do you want

For the $4 i paid for this i couldn’t ask for more. The cap itself is worth the $4. It fits comfortably and is warm enough for my needs. The light is fine for doing stuff in the dark where just a little brightness can make the difference (i used it while hanging christmas lights and that was fine. I’ve had it on while messing in the yard at night and going in and out the shed. Installed a sink with it.)

since the light can’t be adjusted and is facing straight from, it can be less than ideal for true task lighting. I will still use my coast headlamp for real tasks (did two days worth of mechanical work with my coast and still has battery left).

Battery life can be an issue if you want it for anything more that two hours or so. The mid and low level light might be ok for indoors but outside you really need full brightness with this.

Over all. If you are paying less that $5 go for it. Over that price you should start considering the 2 for $19 costco has on lighted beanies.

4Expert Score
Does the job at a good price point, but not perfect

I use this on my nighttime walks to make myself more visible, and secondarily to illuminate the sidewalk. Every once in a while i use it for extra light when crafting.
It does the job. The light is easy to remove for charging.
A few minor quibbles:
the beanie is on the small side. I don’t think my husband could wear it. It’s tight enough to be a little uncomfortable depending on how sensitive i’m feeling.
The light does not snap snugly into a usb charger. There is a lot of give, and it will fit both the wrong way and the right way. There is a charging indicator light, but it took me a while to catch on to it.
Battery life is somehow a little less than i’d hoped. Despite using it only about 30 mn or less per night on the highest setting, it noticably dims by the 4th night or so.
I won’t be able to use it once the weather warms up. I’ll need a different solution for after dark walks in the summer.

4Expert Score
Great hat for walking

I ordered this hat in white because i walk before and after work and it is very dark in the fall and winter. It is a bright white hat. I am female and this hat fits well and it is warm. The light is awesome with 3 settings. Very bright and eliminates the need to carry a flashlight. It does not come with directions, but it is very easy to charge once you figure it out. I had to revisit the amazon product page. The light is removable and simply slides right into a usb port. It has an indicator light red for charging and green for ready. It needs to be charged about every other day, depending on use. For washing i pop the light out and place the hat in a delicate bag and toss in the washer and hang dry. Good hat for the price. Would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

4Expert Score
Not too bright

The brightest setting is not as bright as it said it would be. It barely shows light more than 18 inches in front of me. Hat is warm and the light pops out for charging very easily

4Expert Score
Love it!

I sometimes lock my chickens up after dark and need something hands free and holds my hair in place while i pick up all their feed for the night and this does the job. It has 3 brightness levels that are plenty. Battery life isn’t the longest, i charge it every 4 or 5 times that i use it. I also use it for looking for bad bugs in the garden at night like tomato hornworms.

4Expert Score
Runs a bit tight for men

The light is perfect for going out at night with my dogs and but i wish there was one more brighter option to help me find their poops with out having to crouch so much. The black beanie specifically runs on the smaller side and more suitable for anyone with smaller heads. My husband wears a size 7 7/8 baseball cap and this beanie is way too tight on him. We have a grey one too from this brand and that one fits him perfectly. I wish they made the black beanies with the same fabric/cut as the grey beanies.

4Expert Score
You might look like a minion….

Not the most stylish hat, but amazing for late night walks with the dog to find and pick up the poop. Easy to charge too. Win!

4Expert Score

Works for what we purchased it for, only wish it was a little brighter.

4Expert Score
Keeps head warm

Great to use when walking a dog as you can see what you need to pick up with one hand and the other hand is free to hold the leash

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