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What are prostaff 3s 10×42 features?

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  • Multilayer-coated kenses for brighter images
  • High-reflectivity silver-alloy mirror coatings for a bright and clear view
  • Turn-and-slide rubber multi-click eyecups
  • Water proof and fogproof
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PROSTAFF 3S 10×42 AMAZON : PROSTAFF 3S 10×42 : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

What does fog proof mean?

Fogproof binoculars are sealed and purged internally to prevent moisture from entering. Fogging may render a binocular useless. To prevent this, fog-proof binoculars are purged of air and filled with dry nitrogen or argon that does not condense on internal surfaces during rapid temperature changes or extremes.

What is there close focusing distance?

10 feet

Are these fog/waterproof?

They are waterproof and fogproof.

I am near sighted and wear glasses. Does this have a focus relief to adjust so i do not have to wear my glasses when using them?

The right side lens has a diopter adjustment if that is what you are referring to as ‘focus relief’. The eye relief is quite good on these as well. Unless you are near legal blind level nearsighted, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Does $106.95 package include carrying case?

Yes, binoculars come with a neoprene carrying case, which has an attached belt loop & velcro closure. Separate carrying strap for binoculars themselves.

I specifically wanted to know from people who need to wear glasses—do you find these binoculars comfortable and effective with glasses on?

The binoculars are not comfortable with my glasses on.

Would these be to big for a 10year old? Looking for good binoculars for wildlife trips with my son

I think they will be okay but to be sure you should take him to a sporting goods store to try them or another full size binocular

Are these made in the united states or china? Description says united states but in 2016 somebody stated made in china. Im not sure which is correct

I looked all over them and the paperwork that came with them and i don’t see anything saying china. They are really great, but nothing positive on where they are made.

Difference between 7s worth it?

No really. Better coatings on lens and prisms but you probably will never notice the difference. The 7 is also heavier.

Do they float?

I do not know – i am not about to submerse them in water. I would never assume something will float because it is marketed as waterproof. Binoculars specifically for ‘maritime’ use might float.

Este binocular es bak4

No, no lo son. Y es mucho la diferencia en precio, los que mencionas andan en +/- $1600, y estos están en $6900. Aparte son nikon, la calidad de la óptica es lo que convence.

Does this come with a neck strap?

Yes…neck strap, case and lens caps as pictured

Weight? The comparison chart shows 4.8 oz. But that seems too light to be correct.

Weight of binoculars without strap or caps is 1 pound 4.4 ounces

What are the dimensions of these?

Do not know. See amazon site for details.

Do these have a life time warranty?

nikon does have a limited lifetime warranty

I need a binocular or an opera glass for concerts and musical. Would this work for low light environments?

They are a little too big and powerful in my opinion for indoor use, but they have excellent optics and are very comfortable.

What is standard packaging

These glasses are shipped in their carrying case, which is packaged in a cardboard box.

Is this good for the eclipse

Yes and no. While it would enhance the eclipse permanent eye damage can result from looking at the disk of the sun directly, with binoculars or a telescope even when only a thin crescent of the sun or baily’s beads remain. The 1 percent of the sun’s surface still visible is about 10,000 times brighter than the full moon. Staring at the sun under such circumstances is like using a magnifying glass to focus sunlight onto tinder. The retina is delicate and irreplaceable. There is little or nothing a retinal surgeon will be able to do to help you. Never look at the sun outside of the total phase of an eclipse unless you have adequate eye protection.

Thank you,
outdoors gears

Does it come with a case?

It comes with a soft case

In the manufacturers link it says these are 5.0×5.1×2, further down in your description it says they are 3.23 x 6.14 x 7.09 in. Which one is it?

I have a pair of these nice binos and i can guess why there are two different measurements= inside or outside the pouch. Inside the carrying pouch, appears to be very close to the larger dimensions you mentioned. Outside the pouch, mine measure about 4′ x 6′ x 2′. The latter will vary as you open or collapse them for optimal eye width.

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PROSTAFF 3S 10×42 AMAZON : PROSTAFF 3S 10×42 : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

Nikon quality is just as good as it always has been. Good mid price binoculars. Clarity good enough for deer hunting and probably bird watching. Used at almost 400 yards and could c how many points was on the deer.

5Expert Score
Great binoculars

This a great piece of my hunting excursions, second pair i’ve bought. One for the truck and one for the pack. Only buy nikon scopes also

5Expert Score
Surprisingly powerful!

I was looking at binoculars priced between $75 – $500 for an upcoming trip. And because an older pair i use for backyard birdwatching isn’t as powerful as i want.

This pair, though priced very reasonably when compared to others, is impressive. Its field of vision is wider than my old pair, its optics are clearer, and its magnification stronger. Of course, i haven’t looked through more expensive brands but this felt like a big step up for me, at a modest price. So, i’m happy.

5Expert Score

Easy to use

5Expert Score
What a great deal!

I love my new binoculars!

I was a little concerned i might not be steady enough to really enjoy using these, but it is a non-issue! I figured if the focus and steadiness were to fine for my older, shaky hands i would give them to my wife.

Ha! Not a chance, lol!

We are avid birders and my old pair were just frustrating. These are amazing quality! They are lightweight and shaped comfortably. I have severe ra and numerous other issues. My love for birds is still outweighing the pain however. These are smaller and well balanced. They are a dream to adjust, too. I have very strong glasses & have no issue with them in regards to comfort.

The other great thing, is the close focus is excellent! I am actually bed bound often and we have tons of things in our yard for me to watch on the days i’m stuck. Our room opens to the yard and much of what there is to see is just 10 or so feet out, especially the beautiful, tiny warblers. Now i can watch them with ease.

I typically research the heck out of every purchase, these were no exception! Finally, i narrowed it down and these won. I am so excited to have chosen a regret-free pair.
I would not be able to afford a high end binocular. These will do me great and if something does happen to them, i will not be completely devastated.

5Expert Score
Great but big

Got these for my dad (mid 60s) because i thought he needed a new pair that were bigger for deer hunting. Crystal clear, great in low light conditions (dad says it seems brighter when looking through them than looking without them lol), and you can count the tines on deer standing in the woods about 150-160 yards. Worth the money if you have a stand. They are big so keep that in mind if you want to pack light or don’t have much room in your stand.

5Expert Score
Good value!

Bought these for our two week trip out to the great northwest. I really didn’t want to take the bigger binoculars i have, because of their size and weight, so i went looking for others and found these. We were able to see mountain goats way up on the glacier at many glacier in gnp. Also we were able to see orcas from the ferry we took from the us to victoria island (to the port of sidney). I had asked attendant before getting on ferry if we would possibly see any orcas. He said no. I was discouraged but still took these nikon’s with me out of the car and up on the deck. At one point i saw a group of 3 boats close to an island we were passing. They were a long ways off. I pulled out the nikon’s and sure enough, those were whale watching boats and i was able to spot the orca’s fins and watch them blow out their blow hole. I guarantee, no one else on the ferry could have seen that without binos. They are lighter than the standard binos, which is what i wanted. They are not compact, (pocket size) so they are kind of an ‘in between’ size. I would definitely take them on other trips. If looking to buy in this price range, give these a test.

They came with a neck strap and lens covers, along with a pouch. The covers can come off easily, but honestly, just be careful and you won’t lose them.

5Expert Score
Brings in the view.

Very nice quality. Easy to use. Brings in objects close.

5Expert Score
Bright and crisp lens.

Good for the money. Bright and crisp images and light weight.

5Expert Score
Prostaff 3 binoculars bring it closer

I’m pleased with the prostaffs. I have 2 pairs of nikon binoculars, the other is from nikons aculon line, and both strike a good price/quality balance for me. The view through these is crisp and vivid. They could be a little lighter, but by no means are they heavy. I’ve had more expensive binoculars that i wasn’t any more impressed with. Nikons, for the cost, are just right and hit a sweet spot, for me anyway, between something like a pair of leicas and and inexpensive but pretty acceptable plastic binoculars. For spying on birds and watching the street these are good, the optics look good to my eye, and they feel solid and durable.

4Expert Score
Better than the price would imply

The edge clarity is outstanding. Focus is a bit twitchy to get nailed.

Did not like the loose lens cpas and the way the eyecups easily shifted after setting them where you wanted.

Put on a set of flip up lens caps to replace the cheesy stock caps:
no more loose caps.

Added two large o-rings between each eyepiece cup and the body to stop them collapsing all the way. That adjustment stop has them always right where i want them.

4Expert Score
Good for money

Very clear

4Expert Score
Excellent value for a very good pair of binocs

I have older binocs by a higher rated manufacturer that cost more than double this one does. They were wearing out so decided to buy this binoc since i saw good ratings and the price was very reasonable. Can’t tell the difference as far as image and these are much lighter. Been using several months now and the only issue i have had is the adjustable eyepieces are not tight enough and tend to drift around, causing me to have to screw them back to where they need to be. Good choice for those who can’t afford higher priced binoculars.

4Expert Score
Good set of glasses

They seem to hold up.

4Expert Score
Some side vision issues but can be ironed out

I like using this item but as soon as i bought it i wished i would have gotten the singled eyed version

4Expert Score
Great binocular

These are great value for the cost only reason for 4 out of 5 is the lens caps are terrible. The front caps fit great but dont work well in use due to how they mount on the straps. The rear cap does not fit at all its too loose. Still would recomend these binoculars however.

4Expert Score
Good buy

These are easy to use and have great optics. I would suggest that the eye pieces be attached so you don’t risk losing them

4Expert Score
Pretty clear view

I like the clear view and the item look solid. The only complaint is that the caps of the lenses are easy to lose.

4Expert Score
Very handy for birdwatching

I bought it for my son, who has picked up the hobby of bird watching. He seems happy enough with it.

4Expert Score
Good value

There is some color fringing specially with strong side light. Good value for the money. Nice to keep in your car.

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