Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water, Flavor Fusion Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (Pack of 12)

Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water, Flavor Fusion Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (Pack of 12) : Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water, Flavor Fusion Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (Pack of 12) : Everything Else
Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water: Prepare your taste buds for a flavor adventure around the world with the protein2o flavor fusion variety pack. Featuring delicious peach mango, dragonfruit blackberry and wild cherry flavors, this variety pack delivers on refreshment. Every flavor in the flavor fusion variety pack is infused with 15g of pure whey protein isolate and crafted with simple, all-natural ingredients and only 70-80 calories.

What are protein2o 15g whey protein infused water features?

  • ‘shake well. Settling is natural.’ it is important this step is taken before opening the drinking.
  • Delicious fruit flavored protein infused waters: 4 bottles each of peach mango, wild cherry, dragonfruit blackberry
  • 15g protein isolate
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Only 70-80 calories and 7g carbs (2g net carbs)certified ou-d kosher, gluten free, lactose free, and bpa-free
  • We are currently updating our flavor fusion variety pack to include delicious wild cherry! Product may vary.
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Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water, Flavor Fusion Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (Pack of 12) AMAZON : Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water, Flavor Fusion Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (Pack of 12) : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

I thought i ordered 20g, it’s only 15g?

Some of the flavors are 20g and some are 15. So i would check which flavor you have. The grape is only 15. Hope that helps!

Why is it one price but more when i add it to my cart?


What is the ph?

Hey there! Thanks so much for the question! All protein2o beverages in pet plastic bottles are hot-filled and while the ph varies slightly by flavor, our beverages in pet containers all have a ph of less than 4.6.

My combo came with coconut which not described in the description, it’s the only flavor that is awful. How can i know that won’t happen again?

I always receive what is pictured, must have been an error on there part?

Which flavors really come in the variety pack? Different sections of the ad say different things.

The variety pack i ordered had the peach, dragonfruit and coconut ones. But that was a few months ago. There are some newer packs available now like a grape one and a cherry-lemonade one as well.

I ordered variety pal of protein 20water, received mango, dragon fruit & grape o was expecting a lemonade instead of grape, can you correct this

That’s not an answer a customer can give. This will require a response from amazon directly. I can tell you that i don’t believe you can choose the flavors in your variety pack. Whatever it says in the item description is the flavors you can expect to receive in your order. Good luck!

Is it overly sweet?

Protein2o is sweetened just right (in our opinion) 🙂 you can sure add water if you feel that it is too sweet for you!

I found the cherry flavor to sweet and unpleasant, any chance you’ll be offering with coconut again?

I bought the coconut/tropical and grape both were good the grape taste similar to s/f poweraid grape

Looking for a 12pk of fruit punch. Is it only in the variety pack?

There is no fruit punch flavor in this variety pack.

Can this be used for muscle gain?

Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps build muscle, repair tissue, and make enzymes and hormones. While not all protein supplements are created equal, our protein is filtered through reverse osmosis to eliminate impurities and create an easily digestible formula. All of our formulas have all 9 essential amino acids which are vital for tissue growth, energy production, immune function and nutrient absorption. Additionally the our hydrating formula helps to hydrate your body while powering you through your day.

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How do i pay for a food item with my snap ebt card

Go to payment options and it should be listed in there to be able to pick which payment you want to use.

Is this quality protein, does it have all 20 amino acids?

I found this on google and it says “each bottle of protein 2o is crafted with whey protein isolate. The purist form of whey protein that exists. It offers the maximum digestibility and contains all essential amino acids all by being lactose free and low in calories.” good question and i hope this helped with it.

Is this a gluten free product?


protein2o beverages meet the fda requirement of less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten and our beverages do not contain any ingredients that inherently contain gluten (i.e. Wheat, barley, rye). However, if you are extremely sensitive to gluten, it’s possible you may still have a reaction and we would recommend you check with your doctor prior to consuming protein2o products.

Please reach out to us directly at if you have any other questions. We would love to answer them for you!

Thank you!

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Why do these only have 15g of protein but the case from costco has 20g? They are the same size bottles.

They are different flavors. The costco ones are orange mango and strawberry watermelon. Different flavors have diff grams or protein. In these cases, they are only 15 grams. Another flavor i got had 20 before. So i think it just depends on the flavor.

Why is the protein only showing 10 grams, and not 15?

Good question. You’ll have to ask the company that. I like the wild cherry flavor and that has 15 grams. I don’t know what flavor you are drinking.

Does the multipack come with pineapple coconut or kawaiola coconut? Pictures show pineapple coconut but description says kawaiola coconut.

Thank you for reaching out to us! The variety pack comes with tropical coconut. Kawaiola coconut is not fully discontinued but will be soon. We will make sure amazon updates the information on their website! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us

Does this drink contain caffeine?

No they don’t contain caffeine. The ingredients listed are: water, whey protein isolate (milk),cane sugar, natural flavors, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), stevia leaf extract. I have been drinking this brand for around 3 months and enjoy it very much. Hope this helps!

Is it water soluble ??

The whey protein is already diluted in water, so no necessary at all to add water. But you can water it down if you want to

This order was cancelled. I am only at this location in the summer. What do i do?


Is it thick?

Protein2o is not thick. It has the consistency of water .

Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water, Flavor Fusion Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (Pack of 12) AMAZON : Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water, Flavor Fusion Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (Pack of 12) : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Cloudy with floaties!

There is a scary amount of floating bits in the peach flavored water. I have purchased this protein water tons of times. I shake it and it is completely clouded with detritus! Like way too much to just be called ‘settling’! It’s unacceptable and i’m afraid to drink them. Even my twelve year old son pointed it out to me! I didn’t taste it, i’m afraid to!!! The only other time i’ve had an issue is when one bottle tasted moldy! This issue is with all of the peach bottles.

5Expert Score
Superior to all like products!

If you need extra protein in your diet, you must try this product!! It is the best. Superior to all like products! I even mix my protein powder in for extra protein and its amazing!!

5Expert Score
This is a great way to get your protein if you're on a protein diet and don't care for the shakes.

I am on a protein diet and have required fluid intake. I don’t care for the shakes, so this works for me. The flavors good. Blue berry is my favorite, but has gotten a bit pricey for me.

5Expert Score
Better than i thought

I prefer the peach & also prefer cold. There is an aftertaste however, not that gritty nasty aftertaste. More like a water enhancer aftertaste.

5Expert Score
Great source of protein

It’s a very tasty product. I was surprised. It’s just like drinking juice. No bad taste or chalkiness. It’s terrific.

5Expert Score
Great for adding protein to my mom's diet!

My 97 y/o mom was placed on a clear liquid diet for several weeks for a health problem. I wanted to add some protein so that she wouldn’t lose very much muscle and found this product online. I got the mixed flavors case for variety. She was not crazy about one of the flavors, so i just added it to her usual drink mix and she still got the extra protein. She is no longer on clear liquids, but as she doesn’t eat very much and has to drink a lot of fluids, i still add 1 or 2 bottles to her raspberry lemonade drink mix in the pitcher. She’s happy and i’m happy! And so is her md.

5Expert Score
Delicious and packed with tons of protein and vitamins

This was perfect for my post-surgery diet which called for clear (not cream or milk based) protein drinks. Satisfied my hunger and were delicious!

5Expert Score
Great flavor

Great flavor, high protein with minimal sugar & low after taste

5Expert Score
Good flavors

Easy way to get extra protein and love this flavor variety

5Expert Score
Healthy & tasty

I like this protein drink.

4Expert Score
Nice buy

2 of the flavors was great when cold. The worst one was the cherry based on my pallet.

4Expert Score
Better than the other brand

I had been drinking the peach and tropical punch flavors from a different brand. I’m switching over to protein2o. Of the three flavors in this package, cherry gets two thumbs-up from me. The dragonfruit blackberry is light-tasting; it deserves a one-thumbs-up as it’s also good but could use a little more flavor mixed in. I was slightly disappointed with the peach mango – the flavor had a nice balance, but i felt it had an aftertaste. I wish the company could get space inside the supermarkets or warehouse stores!

4Expert Score
Tasty protein source

I’m preparing for a sleeve gastrectomy and need additional protein sources. This is great for something other than plain water. I dislike artificial sweeteners however this has no aftertaste. I’m pleasantly surprised!

4Expert Score

Got these for hydration after sleeve gastrectomy. Taste is pretty good, but i don’t see myself using these after the initial post-op period due to low protein by volume vs other sources.

4Expert Score
Taste ok

I like the product but it’s way too expensive for proteined gatorade. All of this kind of stuff is so overpriced it’s ridiculous

4Expert Score
Good, overall

I did not like the peach mango flavor! I really like the wild cherry flavor. The acai flavor wasn’t bad. It’s less expensive than purchasing the small packs from the stores.

4Expert Score

So i bought these because i was having bariatric surgery and i need a way to get protein into my body these worked out great my favorite flavor was the tropical coconut and the orange mango

4Expert Score
Taste good, a bit on the pricey side.

Taste good.

4Expert Score
Dragonfruit flavor is best

Bought these for my 11 yrs old dancer to supplement her protein intake. She seems to like them. Dragonfruit flavor is her favorite.

4Expert Score
Slight aftertaste.

The flavors are okay. Depends on if you can tolerate a slight aftertaste.

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