Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water Plus Energy, Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (12 Count)

Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water Plus Energy, Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (12 Count) : Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water Plus Energy, Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (12 Count) : Everything Else
Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water Plus Energy: All the benefits of protein with an energizing boost! Protein2o combines the sweetness of cherries with the tartness of lemonade alongside a delicious blend of blueberry and raspberry flavors without any sugar for the best low-calorie protein beverage in the u.s. We started with 15g of premium whey protein isolate and added an energizing boost of 125mg of caffeine, so you can power through your day. Uniquely created to give you a refreshing take on protein!

What are protein2o 15g whey protein infused water plus energy features?

  • 125mg caffeine per 16.9 oz. Bottle (naturally sourced from green coffee beans)
  • Certified ou-d kosher, gluten free, lactose free, no artificial flavors, preservative free and bpa-free
  • Provides all 9 essential amino acids and has a protein digestibility amino acid score (pdcaas) of 1.0, the highest quality score a food protein can have
  • 15g whey protein isolate, 0g sugar, 70 calories, 2g carbs
  • Made with whey protein isolate rich in bcaas, highest leucine content of any known protein, necessary for muscle protein synthesis
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Protein2o 15g whey protein infused water plus energy details:

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11.85 x 8.98 x 7.56 inches; 14.7 pounds

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Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water Plus Energy, Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (12 Count) AMAZON : Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water Plus Energy, Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (12 Count) : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Does this contain erythritol?

The cherry lemonade + energy and blueberry raspberry + energy do not contain erythritol.

Help you gain weight???

I drink is because i need the protein ,i don’t think it’s going to make you gain weight. At least i haven’t gained any weight from it.

I didn’t get any of the flavors pictured with my first order. How do i know what i’m getting

It should say as you’re ordering, and if you scroll down you should be able to choose what flavor(s) you want.

You said i could choose all of one flavor in drop doen menu in my question above but i do not see that from amazon anymore- but used to? Where?

I don’t know where to choose a flavor the. The flavor has its advertised is the rd and blue. I’ve ordered it twice via subscribe and save and haven’t received the same batch yet

Is this product dairy free?

Hey there! Thank for the question, at protein2o we strive to use the best ingredients, our protein source is whey protein isolate, which is a protein sourced from dairy, but we have formulated it to be lactose free to allow for those who are lactose intolerant to love our product as much as we do! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter, we have something exciting coming this summer 😉

Why isnt the pomegranate flavor not in any multi pack? You are not even selling them locally (eugene oregon) like i was told

These questions aren’t answered by the company, just by customers. Just buy them on amazon and stop complaining.

So is it like whey protein drink?

It has protein but it’s like drinking water. These two particular flavors shown also have caffeine. I love all of the flavors of water they have. My new favorite way to get extra protein.

What are the four flavors in the variety pack?

I only got 2 flavors in the variety pack. Cherry lemonade and blueberry raspberry.

Does this come caffeine free?

These two flavors only come with caffeine. There are many other flavors available that do not contain any caffeine.

What kind of sweetener does this have


Can i buy just the blueberry rapberry?

Yes! You can buy a full case of blueberry raspberry!


What are the four flavors in the variety pack?


Our protein+energy variety packs contain two flavors. Those two flavors are blueberry raspberry and cherry lemonade.

Thank you!!

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Is there a way to get all red in place of blue or lemonade and cherry lemonade in the pack?

Hello! Yes, you can order all of one flavor! Simply choose the flavor you’d like in the drop down menu.

Why did my ‘variety pack’ only contain bluberry & raspberry?

In the description on the order page of amazon
‘protein2o + energy protein infused water, 15g whey protein isolate
6 cherry lemonade and 6 blueberry raspberry (16.9 ounce, pack of 12)’

Do these work just as well as protein powder?

Thanks for the question! We developed protein2o as a light, refreshing alternative to protein shakes! Our energy line has 15g’s of whey protein isolate, which is the same source that is found in most protein powders. How are we better? No chalky aftertaste, 125mg of caffeine, and delicious refreshing flavors!

Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water Plus Energy, Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (12 Count) AMAZON : Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Infused Water Plus Energy, Variety Pack, 16.9 oz Bottle (12 Count) : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This is delicious nutrition!

I’ve had many protein infused drinks and they were always chalky or had clumps all throughout no matter if it was blended well or stirred. This drink is amazing, even my picky wife thinks the blue raspberry is delicious and i prefer the cherry lemonade so it works out perfectly! Also, the added caffeine is derived from green coffee beans so it’s naturally sourced which in turn gives sustainable energy over high sugar energy drinks like red bull or monster, no crash and zero jitters included! I highly recommend you try this if you’re looking for hydration, protein supplementation and naturally sourced caffeine, some say it tastes chalky but remember each 16 ounces contain whey protein and it’s barely noticeable! I really hope you try it! Thank you for reading!

5Expert Score
Great flavor

These taste amazing. I can’t drink protein shakes. The taste is just unbearable for me. These have a slight chalky aftertaste but it is nothing compared to other protein drinks. The flavor is great and they help curb my appetite when i have cravings. Definitely recommend. The chalky taste is also less when they are super cold and shaken up really good.

5Expert Score
I love all of these flavors

These are amazing they have helped me get my protein in

5Expert Score
Love this water

Love these ….i can drink 1 instead of eating every 2 hours.

5Expert Score
Excellent for those

Executive for those who have a low tolerance for caffeine…

5Expert Score
Buy it

I tried these from a local store and they are great. I love the flavor. I don’t always want a milky protein shake and these allow me to get my protein + hydration after wls. There is no gritty, chalky aftertaste. They are part of my monthly subscribe and save amazon order. I get all of the flavors

5Expert Score
Tastes great

Gives energy and stops binge eating

5Expert Score
Love it

I enjoy the protein 2o after every workout! It’s a delicious way to get some protein!

5Expert Score
Good drink still have some

Still have some good flavor

5Expert Score
Great product. Must buy

Great way to get protein and water count in. Flavors are amazing. Bit expensive but worth the purchase and will buy again

4Expert Score
Great price

The blue flavor is super good. Red not as good but not bad. But it will give you horrible breath

4Expert Score
Easy protein source

This stuff has to be really cold to be enjoyable, so it’s not an ideal “lunchbox” item, even with an ice pack. Contains 125 mg caffeine. I prefer the blue flavor out of the ones i tried.

4Expert Score
Better than other protein waters!

I tried all kinds of protein waters, but i have found that this one seems to be the best one. It doesn’t have that heavy protein texture or flavor. It taste best when it’s cold, over ice. I have even added sugar free flavored drink powders to it to make it a flavor i like. Other protein water brands have a weird after taste, and thick texture that didn’t agree with me well. This brand doesn’t have that strong after taste or thick texture. It does have a very light protein after taste, but it’s easy to get past if it’s cold, or poured over ice, and especially if i add a little of my favorite sugar free skittle or crush drink powder packets to it. Get your protein in any way that you can!

4Expert Score
Quality product with protein and caffeine

Extra little boost to your energy and gives you a little protein to rebuild. Subscribe and save the way to go. Very good on calories too

4Expert Score
Pretty good

They taste a little chemically, but if you can get over that taste, they are good chilled. Do not drink after leaving out of the refrigerator too long!

4Expert Score
Great way to get protein

Great way to get protein and stay hydrated! The blue is my favorite and wish it came alone.

4Expert Score
Quick protein source

Quick protein for source for those that need that extra protein intake. Taste pretty decent, no after taste, taste better cold when drunk room temp it leaves an after taste.

4Expert Score
Repeat purchase.

I love protein2o for the high protein / low carb content especially when i can get them at a discount. Also, although i hate plastic waste, these bottles are very strong so i reuse them as water bottles & ice packs many times before discarding them which makes me feel better about the plastic. I think i have tried every flavor over the yrs, tropical coconut is #1, grape #10, mixed berry & cherry are probably #8s.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Good product

Good price

Important information


Water, Whey Protein Isolate (Mil), Natural Flavors, Caffene, Sucralose, Blue 1, Phosphoric Acd.

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