Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Creamy Delights Poultry & Seafood Collection – 3 oz. – 24 Cans (1 Pack)

Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Creamy Delights Poultry & Seafood Collection – 3 oz. – 24 Cans (1 Pack)

Yakibest.com: Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Creamy Delights Poultry & Seafood Collection – 3 oz. – 24 Cans (1 Pack) : Everything Else

What are purina fancy feast wet cat food variety pack features?

  • Twenty-four (24) 3 oz. Cans – purina fancy feast wet cat food variety pack, creamy delights poultry & seafood collection
  • Multi-can variety pack makes it easy to stock up on her favorite entrees. Easily digestible varieties
  • Fish and poultry flavors your cat craves. Contains just the right touch of milk
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals to help support her overall health. Creamy sauces add flavor and moisture in select varieties
  • Delivers 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats. Packaged in a convenient pull-tab can for easy serving
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Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Creamy Delights Poultry & Seafood Collection – 3 oz. – 24 Cans (1 Pack) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Creamy Delights Poultry & Seafood Collection – 3 oz. – 24 Cans (1 Pack) : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Is the kind that looks like solid pack tuna when you open it? My cats like that kind only. No gravy or pate?

Yes it’s that kind – just flakes of “tuna.” there’s no gravy, but it is moist (which you know if your cats have had this before). My cat will only eat this flaked type (and brand) as well. I’ll try to post a review with pictures when i feed her later for anyone else who may have the same question since cats can be quite picky!

Has this been discontinued? I do not find it on the fancy feast/purina product home website

They discontinued the the flaked salmon and oceanfish. I’m so mad this is my cats favorite.

Is this pate’, or something close to it? My little guy won’t touch it if it is. Thanks!

My cats don’t like this at all. It’s no a pate but little flakes. What they do enjoy and will only eat is fancy feast medley’s. It is not a pate still has the little flakes and a little broth (not a gravy and not much of it).

Did anyone else notice that the price went up $2.00 in one month?

Keep you eye on something g you like prices vary sometimes daily on a lot of products. Depends on the seller, promotions, quanity, etc.
I’ve gotten some great deals! Love amazon!!

My cats only like the flavors with white wet gravy ~~ the combo/variety box had brown also ~~ which flavors are only white.???

The box of fancy feast creamy delights and the flavor tuna and chicken both have white gravy. I have one cat the only likes the white gravy and i’ve tried other sellers on other platforms and it seems to get a case of only those flavors is near impossible. Those 2 flavors do come in a variety pack of 24 of but it also includes a salmon pate and chicken pate with a touch of real milk.

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I am looking for 2 cases of dainty delights with a creany sauce. Do you have it?

No, sorry

Didn’t i get 2 of these?

Tell them

How do i find checkout?

Go to cart?

What is subscribe and save?

If you subscribe you dont have to do anything it will automatically come to your door every month and they give you a discount.its like a magazine subscription.

Made in usa or out of country?

Hello, usa

Why have i received a taped up box with different flavors that are supposed to be there? In the middle of the box??

Hello sidowy! How are you?
The boxes need be sealed on the factory without tape.
I haven’t yet sold this product on amazon, since i sent it to amazon.
Thank you.
Have a nice week!
Kind regards,

Has this formula changed? My cat refuses to eat this now. He loved it for years. Stuck with 2 cases now.

I have an older feral kitty that’s lived on my back patio for 2.5 years. She has 3 houses with heating pad this time of year. Used to she ate kibble but @ covid time she started out with other fancy feast wet flavors. Before our first snow/freeze i bought a few cans at grocery thinking ~ since new to her ~ she’d eat quickly and get back in her heated house. She ate it so well i ordered this case. She likes it mashed up a bit & i buzz her food in m/wave maybe 6 seconds to “get the scent up”. I do same for my two 8 yr olds in house. They get picky. The feral kitty has cataracts from “sunning”. A friend says she used to be fed by another family who moved away; she has a spot here. She’s a calico named callie: she’s got me wrapped around her finger. I do know they all (cats) love a flavor then turn off of it. Great to rotate. I’m sorry i don’t have an exact answer. Best of luck with your kitty!

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Why is my order taking 5 days this time when normally i get it the next day. I order from you often. Thank you.

Hello, although you are purchasing the same item, there are several sellers on this item, it may be coming from a different seller or the person you received it from may be backed up or even extended their time frame due to the global situation. Hope this helps.

The product page has a default selection ‘color’ -chicken flaked. Is this chicken and tuna or is it only chicken?

I actually received flaked tuna. I think what you are seeing is a default image.

Ads state 24-pack per order, yet receiving constantly only 12-pak for same price. Why???

Price gouging.

Why can’t i order these at reg price anymore? $58. For 24 cans of cat food is ridiculous & my cats love this !!

You can thank joe biden for the price of food for man and beast. If you can find it. Isn’t socialism great?

Wheat gluten, meat by-products, soy flour, soy protein concentrate, artificial and natural flavors, potassium chloride, added color, xanthan gum, ?

The question is – why? Xanthan gum alone is not good.

Is this pate?

Thank you for your question. The fancy feast wet cat food – senior 7+ – chicken minced in gravy food is made up of tender bite sized pieces of minced chicken in gravy, and is not in a pate form. We hope this helps. – the fancy feast team

Why did i pay 15 or so dollars in december for 24 cans of fish and shrimp and now it’s over 40 dollars?

Yea, i paid the same… Won’t be paying $30 for the same amount… Next!

Is this discontinued or just out of stock?

Out of stock maybe? It’s very popular item which is why i ordered a case of it from amazon.

Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Creamy Delights Poultry & Seafood Collection – 3 oz. – 24 Cans (1 Pack) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Creamy Delights Poultry & Seafood Collection – 3 oz. – 24 Cans (1 Pack) : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
What is in this stuff?

My cats love this creamy tuna flavor. It looks like hot tuna casserole without the peas and noodles. I am now at the mercy of my cats, who refuse all other wet cat food. Thank you purina for making this.

5Expert Score
My cats absolutely love this food!!

I love buying my fur babies this food not only do they love it…its at an amazing price! Great value and excellent delivery!

5Expert Score
Happy cat

My cat loves this brand of food and eats it all. Some other brands he either won’t eat or only eats part of it.

5Expert Score
The cats love it

This is my cats treat before they go to bed and they love it. I get the creamy kind. The cans are small but it makes a nice treat for them. My cats are 17 and 11 so they have been on this brand a long time and have thrived so i think they will keep eating it.

5Expert Score
My black cat loves his chunky chicken !

Love that my cat cleans his plate every time he’s served chunky chicken but price is really creeping up there to where i may have to find something else.

5Expert Score
Stray cats love it

Products are for the stray la i feed

5Expert Score
Thankful to have found this

This is definitely a vendor who is selling this amount of catfood at a fair price, the same price you’d find at walmart. I had when i have to pour through vendors to find something i need where they’re definitely overcharging. Some vendors charge the same price as this buy they’re only selling you a 12-pack. So for the value, i’m very happy with this purchase. All 6 of our cats love the chunky kind of fancy feast so, as you might imagine, it’s been difficult to find what i’ve needed at grocery stores. This has the same consistency as paté wet catfoods except there is smaller chunks of turkey or chicken in the mix as well. My cats love this chunky turkey & the chunky chicken as well. This shipped here in a reasonable amount of time, given the current state of affairs, & arrived safely. I do recommend this kind of fancy feast to other cat parents, as long as your kitties have at least a few teeth to chew the chunky bits up.

5Expert Score
I feed stray cats annnddd….

I was using this to feed a group of stray cats i fell in love with and they loved it. For them to be strays, they’re extremely picky when it comes to food yet they loved these and often begged for more.

5Expert Score
Fancy feast tuna and mackeral cat food

Cats love it , not sure how it taste i have not tried to eat it.

5Expert Score
That my cat love it which means less waste.

Can’t really say that i ate it myself but it does look tasty. According to my cats chowing down on it, it mush taste good to them. It’s the right size portion per meal and according to the cat size. Money wise it okay.

4Expert Score
Best way to get cat food right now

I live in a remote area, so it’s been very helpful to get cat food this way especially since the price has skyrocketed and there has been a questionable amount, sometimes little to none that my cats like that can be found

4Expert Score
Cats happy

My cat loves all of the flavors but one. I wish they were all in a creamy sauce because she loves it. Also some pate and some chunky and my cat prefers soft food.

4Expert Score
Cat refuses to eat the pate

Purina fancy feast wet cat food variety pack, creamy delights poultry & seafood collection – (24) 3 oz. Cans- my cat loves most of this food but refuses to eat the pate, not even one bite. This is a waste of money for me, and kind of disappointing.

4Expert Score
The cats like it

For my cats and they like it

4Expert Score
For cats that love cream or milk

My cat likes a variety of cat foods. So i use this once or twice a week some of the cans are creamy and other

4Expert Score
My two cats liked them

My two little divas liked them. I dont give them this every day, but when i open a can, they like it. Like the variety of flavors and the value.

4Expert Score
Price changed a lot

Was happy to see it. One if my cats likes it. Price was decent for 24 pack. Have 4 cats. Went to order it again. Thank you, no. Was too expensive

4Expert Score
Good for sensitive tummies

I am not over excited about the ingredients. My cats think this stuff it is great though. One of my kitties get sick often seemingly from hairballs and there’s food in some thing i can give her in moderation and i notice she gets sick a little less.

4Expert Score
The cat loves it and the cost is right!

Cat food, the cat loves it and the price is right!

4Expert Score

Adult cat won’t touch it but kitten will eat it.

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