Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food, Gravy Swirlers – 22 lb. Bag

Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food, Gravy Swirlers – 22 lb. Bag

Yakibest.com : Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food, Gravy Swirlers – 22 lb. Bag : Pet Supplies

What are purina friskies dry cat food features?

  • One (1) 22 lb. Bag – purina friskies dry cat food, gravy swirlers
  • Chicken and salmon flavors cats love. Savory gravy baked in for added flavor
  • Tempting texture entices her to her dish. 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition formulated for all life stages
  • Essential vitamins and minerals for the everyday nutrition cats need. Antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system
  • Essential fatty acids to help support healthy skin and coat. Checked for quality and safety to provide added peace of mind
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Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food, Gravy Swirlers – 22 lb. Bag AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food, Gravy Swirlers – 22 lb. Bag : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

Do you add a little warm water to this?

It depends on the age of your cat. I’m taking care of several rescues and ferals which includes various age groups the youngest group being 9 weeks old. They eat the food both ways but it’s preferable that they have wet, prevents ut issues. Veterinarians will tell you that either way is fine but wet is better because they primarily get their ‘water’ from the food they consume in the wild. If your cat isn’t drinking water then give it enough water to make a thick gravy, don’t soak it.
If hydration isn’t an issue then you can moisten it lightly with a spray bottle for an occasional quick treat.

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Where is this shipping from?

Honestly, i do not know. This is the only dry cat food that our feral cats eat without getting sick and spitting it back up.

Is thus corn and grain free

I’m going to say no, it isn’t. It’s basic commercial cat food at a great price. It’s nothing fancy, but my cat loves it.

How do i buy a 22lb bag of friskiest gravy dry cat food?

The only way i can see is to buy 7 3.15 lb packages.

Does friskies gravy swirlers come in smaller sizes? Last order in july, i ordered less than 10 pounds.

Yes it comes in 3.15 lbs. And 16 lbs. Bags.

Friskies cat food what is the price, i hate hunting for prices makes me sick!?

When you click onto the item, it should show you the price, if not click onto details! Hope this helps you! God bless!

Does it come in a smaller bag?

Yes i believe it also comes in 3.5 lb bags and 16 lb bags.

Does anyone know if the bag is waterproof? We had a small amount of flooding in the corner where the bag was sitting, wondering if it’s still safe.

Hi, we use the bag as a container for our recycle material. I wash out cans and other containers and just through them into the bag. The bag is in my kitchen next to my stove and we have never had a leak from the water that may have remained in the cans, bottles, and other plastic containers that i was out and just through in the bag. We keep the bags once they are empty only to use a fresh one when needed. We have a group of feral cats we are feeding. We use several large cans of cat food daily that are put into the bag for recycle not counting other recycle containers. Never had a leak from the bag. Hope this reply helps you.

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When will this be available to buy again?

You can always buy again, unless it is out of stock, but you will be notified when it is available again! God bless!

Is this small bites?

These are medium sized bites. I have a dwarf sized cat and she has no problems eating it. All my cats love this dry cat food. They will not eat anything else.

How do i add this to subscribe and save

So easy! Just go to main menu and click onto subscribe and save, then subscribe to the item! You choose how often you want it to be delivered….i have all my sub. And save coming every month! Hope this helps you and god bless!

Why has this specific cat food become so hard to find?

I never have any problems buying it from amazon.

Can you use in a automatic feeders ?

You probably could use in automatic feeders …the cat food is cut a little too big, i think…wish they would cut the kibbles a little smaller.

How do i cancel this after this month

Don’t subscribe but you can go to your app and select your account and you will see the list for subscribe just go to it and cancel subscription

Is the vitamin b12 in this product from natural or synthetic sources?

I have no idea….i would ike to think it is from natural sources but am leaning more to think it is synthetic..

Me pueden informar que medidas tiene la caja donde empacan la bolsa de 22lb?

Height: 24 width: 15 lenght: 4

Does anyone know why the price more than doubled?


Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food, Gravy Swirlers – 22 lb. Bag AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food, Gravy Swirlers – 22 lb. Bag : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Friskiest cat food

Been using meow mix for over 15 years +/-. Cats over the years seem to like liked it. Well, money has not been so plentiful for awhile so i, tyler(cat#1), nigrito(cat#2), joshua(cat#3), and hopalong(ferrel cat#4 with bad hind leg who has befriended our cats through the screening) all had a chat over our midnight feeding. I explained how much prices have increased, how much they meant to us, and how much they all 4 are costing us every month, and yes, how much my big mouth was included in the chat. After loosing their attention (25 seconds+/-) we decided to try friskies as the ingredients was approved by all 5 of us. We’ll, they seemed to like it as much as meow mix and joshua liked it so much he fell asleep next to the food bowl one night apparently on guard duty i assume. I could go on but yes, it seems to be what we are going to get from now on to save cash. The only thing that was agreed upon by them 4 was if they were cutting back, no more daily reese’s cups for me. After threatening to drop them off at the animal shelter, they allowed me 1 peanut butter cup every saturday. They seem to have more energy lately and i’ve lost 5 pounds. Guess we all won. Now they are on front porch wrestling around and i’m digging to they back of the fridge today (wednesday) to sneak a bite of of a hidden reese’s.

5Expert Score
Umm, yumm?? I guess that is what they would say..

It is cat food.. The cats we feed actually will not eat the expensive stuff.. Ironic that the stuff that is multiple times more expensive, they will not eat.. But this stuff they will eat.. I just have to get a variety of flavors or they get tired of the same one over and over.. The only thing that beats this stuff, is the canned stuff.. Or freshly cooked real meat that has not been processed.. What is there to complain about?? Not enough fresh meat?? Lol

5Expert Score
Huge bag for the price

I foster cats and i’m not even halfway through after having it for a month and a half. The cats i’ve had who eat dry food have loved it.

5Expert Score
Cat food

I can’t comment on the flavor but the cats seem to like it. Great price

5Expert Score
Good deal

This is often out of stock or backward and that’s the only thing i don’t like. I can’t tell you the flavor cause i haven’t tried it i guess i can… My cats like it a lot they can tell the difference when i give them this brand and flavor when they have been eating at everyone. It’s a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

5Expert Score
Cats loved a new flavor, i loved the price!

I like trying different brands, and flavors of cat food for my furry friends. We have outdoor cats along with feral cats that like to appear at meal times. I don’t like eating the same thing over and over, so i’d like to give our cats different foods at times. They seem to really enjoy this one, and when i bought it it was on sale. I must admit i try to find the least expensive cat food, as we are feeding so many cats. They have loved this flavor! Would definitely recommend, just keep watching amazon as different cat food to go on sale at different times.

5Expert Score
Cats love it too!

Cats love t!

5Expert Score
Exactly as described

I was surprised at how much arrived. I have switched both my outdoor and indoor cats to this as the vote is unanimous, they both gobble it up. I give this to them along with their wet friskies pate.

5Expert Score
A real 'purse n' boots'

I support a ferrell cat colony in my neighborhood. The quality of friskies keeps them healthy and out of the trash cans. They look forward to my help. Thanks

5Expert Score
Cats love this

I feed my cats and feral cats !! They all love this food

4Expert Score
Average food

Works well for feeding a lot of feral cats not the best food but it keeps them full

4Expert Score
Not bad

My acts like he’d rather have his meow mix, but he eats it, and looks healthy.

4Expert Score
Boxes destroyed during ship<ent

Boes destroyed during shiment < product intact

4Expert Score
5 star flavor – 5 paws up per my missy!

My ragdoll missy- well she’s beautiful, gentle, loving, and oh so sweet, but lord, she’s a picky eater. I got her by chance- a friend died unexpectedly and her son couldn’t keep all three of her cats, so missy came home with me. Anyway she was the third cat, at her old home, and was skittish to eat because the two male cats intimidated her. The first time i gave her a little bowl of tuna she absolutely refused it, she ran from the bowl. Tried giving her treats, gently tossing them at her, and she would literally run from the room. Tried food after food with her, she would take a few bites and then bolt away . I bought the most ecpensive, best ingredients , and would waste nearly the entire bag. I bought her the freeze dried , pricey raw stuff you put on top of her kibble, she threw it up. I know this food isn’t t the best as far as nutrition , far from it, but hey, she gobbles it! Finally, a winner. For variety, i give her chicken, tossing it and she literally grabs it mid air. I also give her a treat of really pricey wet pate food twice weekly and some nutritional supplements. I think this food got her on the right track to eating sgain, and she’s probably gained a pound of two, her beautiful china blue eyes are wide open and alert, her cost is more silky and luxe, and she’s running around like a mad man! Winnning!

4Expert Score
My cat likes it

Not so sure about how it taste exactly since it’s for my cat but he seems to be eating just fine. The price for that size bag was perfect to me and i definitely recommend it.

4Expert Score
Good quality catfood

Love the price and my cats love it too

4Expert Score
For outdoor cats

They most certainly didn’t eat is as readily as what they had been accustomed to (purina cat chow) but they did eat it nonetheless.

4Expert Score
Makes our cat poop super smelly!

Yes, it’s great quantity for the price!
Yes, our cat loves the food apparently because her bowl is empty more frequently than usual when she had the more expensive healthy brands.
But, oh my, the whole laundry room where we keep her litter box is now super smelly, we can’t bare to step in there to do laundry at all. Since we got her from when she’s a kitten, we’ve always been giving her healthy more expensive cat food, and her poop was never this smelly at all. She would most of the time not cover her poop with litter and it is not even half smelly as now after eating this brand.
Decision: we gonna let her finish this bag we ordered, then switch back to the old healthy more expensive brands. Just really can’t stand to live with the super smelly laundry room, especially since we do laundries everyday now we have a newborn baby.

4Expert Score
Cats love it

My cats love the flavor. It’s hard to find in walmart and grocery stores, even petsmart. So amazon is my go to place now.

4Expert Score
Great bag material (won’t rip) and the cat loves the stuff.

Let’s be honest…..this isn’t the best food out there but it’s the only food that my moms cat will eat (or so she claims). I don’t judge…i just make the purchase for her. The bag is huge but because of the material, it won’t rip or come apart until you cut into it. The cost is well below anything you can buy in the market and when you buy through amazon, you don’t have to carry it. I buy one package every few months, transfer it into her huge food container and she is set for a few months. Easy peasy.

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