Pyle XPB20-288S PYRPUCWM22 Compact & Portable Washer & Dryer, 0, White

Pyle XPB20-288S PYRPUCWM22 Compact & Portable Washer & Dryer, 0, White Pyle XPB20-288S PYRPUCWM22 Compact & Portable Washer & Dryer, 0, White : Appliances

What are pyle xpb20-288s pyrpucwm22 compact & portable washer & dryer features?

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  • Easy to use: the portable washer dryer features a convenient top loading system simply insert detergent and water into the portable washer dryer combo a power cord and drain hose are included
  • Rotary controls: the portable washer machine features rotary controls for wash timer, program and drain selector, as well as a spin timer
  • Mini washing machine: the portable clothes washer has a high-powered 250-watt motor and wash-load capacity-7.7 pounds
  • Spin dryer: the portable spin dryer features a 120-watt motor and a capacity of 33 lbs the compact dryer is perfect for smaller laundry loads
  • No installation: the portable washer machine makes it easy to start using it right out of the box the best portable washer does not require any special parts or plumbing
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Pyle XPB20-288S PYRPUCWM22 Compact & Portable Washer & Dryer, 0, White AMAZON Pyle XPB20-288S PYRPUCWM22 Compact & Portable Washer & Dryer, 0, White : Appliances

Looking for specific info?

How many pounds does the washer and dryer accommodate?

Average male 6foot, in one load i can do the following. 1 pair of jeans and socks and underwear, or 4-5 t shirts, or like 10 pairs of socks and underwear, items like bath towels are best done one at a time but that’s not time efficient so i throw a t shirt or underwear in to make up for it. The dryer is half of what you can fit but you only spin for 30seconds to a minute no need to do the full 5.

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I’m thinking of using this on my sailboat. Does it have to hooked up to a water source, or can i just pour water in and let it drain out into the sink

This machine can be difficult at best in a bathroom let alone on the boat. You can fill with a bucket, but it need to be elevated off the ground a couple feet to drain. Also it holds about 8-10 gallons of water

How does this model compare to its older version?

The upgraded version has an 11 lbs. Maximum capacity compared to the previous 7 lbs.

So what’s the upgraded part/ feature to this item in comparison to it’s older sibling?

From what i can tell they put a clear (see through) top on it and charged $20 more. But i am like you i want to know why it cost more and is labeled as ‘ugraded’

I want to use this washer on floor of my bathtub but will draining the water into the tub drain wreck the bottom of the washer?

You want the water to drain completely i would suggest maby flipping a laundry basket upside down to elevate the washer so gravity can fill drain the machine.

I see you don’t have to hook to a water source but how does water drain?

There’s a small hose to the right side of the machine, that’s on a hook, and comes down and drains the water. It’s a fabulous washing machine!

Can you use bleach in this?

My daughter has used bleach in it i bought this for her for a gift it is a washing machine so yes bleach can be added.

Can you wash with warm water or is it for cold water only?

Hi, yes you can use warm and cold water to this unit. You may check other details of the unit by visiting our website Type the model number on the search box pucwm22 for more details. Thank you.

How much would you say electric and water does this use? I rent and dont pay water?

Hi, we don’t have the exact information here about electric consumption. However, the water will depend on the number of clothes you wanted to wash. Thank you.

Does it have to be removed from the tub for showering?

Hi, that will depend on how big your tub is. If you feel comfortable that the washing machine is there while you’re taking a bath you may just leave it there. Thank you.

I live in apartment with washer and dryer hookups but we could only afford this. Can i use the washer hookups on this?

Nope! It attaches to your sink but it has to be very close to your sink. I ended up using it in my shower and filled it up via the main tank with my showerhead. That said, this unit is poorly made and will fall apart writhing 6 months to two years- many seem to have the first lifespan, and that’s when it started breaking down on me. I pushed it along for 2 years before it finally quit. I’ve opted for a hand crank washing machine, but i’m only doing my laundry.
If you’re handy with tools you can really push this thing along and the amount you save by hanging up clothes to finish drying after the spin ‘dry’ cycle and by the end of a year or two you’ll be able to buy a much better real washing machine with the money you saved from not going to the laundromat. It certainly paid for itself for me per load compared to my local laundromat!

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Can you wash a queen size comforter?

No, mainly for regular every day clothes, works very good !!!

Does this dryer mashine dry towels completely?

No. It’s not a dryer so much as a spinner. While it does spin things nearly dry, they still need to be hung or put in a dryer for a little little while or a few minutes.

It’s still a fantastic machine and well worth the investment.

What is the capacity of this washer?

I fill it up using a small pail. Based on the size of the pail, i would estimate it takes about 10 qts, which is considerably less than a full-sized bucket. By comparison, my old kenmore, which i had to empty of water, when it broke down, held at least 10 full-sized buckets of water.

Can i use this wash machine in 110v for usa

Yes is 110 ac but use a good quality extension cord or plug in the outlet direct

How can i remove the spin dryer spin basket? I believe some wool is caught that is not allowing it to spin

Hi, first you have to unscrew the top cover of the unit. After that, unscrew the spin basket then pull it out so you can get the wool that stuck there. For other concerns and inquiries kindly call our technical support department at 718 535 1800 press 2 then 1 from monday to friday 9 am to 5 pm est. Thank you.

Could this be used to wash baby and kids clothes while on vacation in a travel trailer?

Yes. As long as you are able to plug it into a standard outlet and have a place with water to fill it with you can use it pretty much anywhere. I found the little fill hose that it came with too short and too small to attach to my bathroom faucet so i use a detachable showerhead, but i have also just filled it with a bucket. I have mine on a shelf next to my bathroom sink so that i can fill it and drain it without having to move it around and it works great. You’re not supposed to have it sitting in water when you use it, so i would be hesitant to place it directly into a shower stall when plugged in, but you can always set it on a bench. Kids and baby clothes will fill just fine, i’m able to wash adult sized jeans and full sized sheets in mine with no problem.

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Can you wash with warm water or is it strictly cold wash only?

Hi, yes you can use warm and cold water to this unit. You may check other details of the unit by visiting our website Type the model number on the search box pucwm22 for more details. Thank you.

Can you use scent beads ?

I will not recommend this to my enemy or friend. Me and my wife only used it once and it gave us so much headache, jumping in the bathtub. I was unable to return it because i lost the box. It was waste of money

Can this item be hooked up to a red your hook up for a full size washer ?

Sorry, i don’t know what ‘a red your hook up ‘ is. My guess is no. If you are asking if you can hook it up to hot water, then probably but there is no water shut off so you will have to watch the water level then turn it off when it gets full.

Pyle XPB20-288S PYRPUCWM22 Compact & Portable Washer & Dryer, 0, White AMAZON Pyle XPB20-288S PYRPUCWM22 Compact & Portable Washer & Dryer, 0, White : Appliances

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

I wish i’d bought this years ago! Does a great job, and my clothes dry usually within a single day.
I was pretty skeptical about it, especially when i first opened the box. After reading several reviews, i didn’t even bother trying the water hose. I place it in my tub and use my showerhead to fill.
I cannot express how great it has been to have constant access to clean laundry again, without having to haul everything downstairs and to a laundromat.
I anticipate still going to do heavy towels, blankets, etc in a standard machine, but having to do that only a few times a year instead of monthly is a great relief.

5Expert Score
Great for small loads

I absolutely love this little washer/spin dryer combo. I’m a 90 lb weakling and i can lift this to set it on the table to wash. I place it on top of a throw rug which helps keep it quieter and less likely to shimmy (you could use a rubber mat, too.) it is just a bit too big to fit on my kitchen counter and because the power cord and the drain tube are low, near the bottom of the machine, putting it in the tub is out. I fill it with a bucket. I drain into a bucket; it drains with gravity. All of this is worth it to me so that i do not have to go out to do laundry. It will handle 4-5 pairs of leggings; or 4-5 short sleeve shirts; or 3 long sleeve knit shirts with some smaller items like socks. It’s great for socks and underwear, night gowns, pillow cases. I use it to wash my dishcloths and dish towels–with bleach (bleach is ok in this machine.) i use it to wash hand towels and thin bathroom towels. I emphasize thin bath towels. I have seen reviews of people claiming they wash heavy jeans and towels in this. I’m sure you can, but you would need to reduce the size of the load to compensate. I don’t cram the washer full. One of those enormous plush bath towels might be a load in this machine. The directions say to use cool or warm water, not scaldingly hot. I usually rinse twice. (rinsing is just filling the washer with cold water, letting it agitate for a few minutes and then draining.) a whole, filled to the ‘h’ line load only takes at most 1 tablespoon of detergent. (most people use too much detergent even in a full-size washer.) i usually set the washer to 9 minutes, but none of my clothes are heavily soiled. The spin cycle it is about as loud as a blender. The wash is about as loud as a relatively quiet vacuum cleaner. I wring the rinsed clothes by hand (over the stopped washer tub as it is draining and pack them evenly in the spin dryer. The ‘lid’ for the spin dryer will fit; you have to angle it to get it in, then it should be firmly shoved down on top. It is loudest as it is powering up and down. If you hear a really loud racket the load is probably unbalanced and/or the lid is not in place. The clothes come out really clean and the spin dryer really works–1-2 mins of spinning and the clothes are almost dry. I can wash lightweight items in the morning and they are dry by evening (this depends on the humidity of the room, of course.) if you must wear a uniform every day–this is an ideal way to care for them. This was well worth the purchase to me for its convenience. I will still use a commercial laundromat for bedspreads and other really big items.

5Expert Score
Money well spent

I got this because my washing machine broke and laundry was piling up waiting for the tech to come out (it is a samsung washing machine – stopped working after only 3 years of use in a 2 person household but that is another story). I researched as best as i could and i settled on this one. I love everything about it and i am extremely impressed. I kinda feel like this washes my clothes better than my front load washing machine!! I kinda want to wash all my small items in this and use my washing machine for jeans, blankets, towels, etc. The spin cycle on this is really good. It leaves my clothes almost dry. There are only two things that i do not like. 1. Although i received my package well wrapped in plastic and it looked new, both drums looked slightly dirty. I had to wipe it down with some bleach and run a cycle just to make sure everything was clean. Don’t know whats up with that. 2. The drain pump is good but not the best…i often have to reposition the drain tube but the drums do eventually drain completely. The water input hose doesn’t fit my pipe at all. So, to get water in the drum i put the washer in my tub and use my shower massage attachment and filled the drum that way. Overall i am pleased and would definitely recommend it.

5Expert Score
Me gustó es perfecta

Excelente estoy feliz

5Expert Score
I absolutely love it!!

My apt doesn’t have a washer/dryer connection & this is so easy to use. You have to wash small loads but it works! And the spin dryer has your clothes almost dried

5Expert Score
Cool washer!

Just turned it on and it works great! No more trips to the laundry, especially with the high prices plus winter coming, now i can stay warm and save money! Got my clothes done in an hour. Thank you for a fantastic product!

5Expert Score
Update mid august

This is my second review just because i am so pleased with this washer. First demographics. Single physically disabled woman with five cats. I use this washer maybe 3 times a week and i find it is easy to operate. I can spin a large bath towel but it try to be careful not to overload the spinner. I’m still trying not to use too much detergent but it’s great if i do cause i can add as many rinses as i need. Some things need to presoak? Put them in, wash a minute and let them sit. Can’t do that at laundromat. Overall my clothes are getting clean, i manually wipe out cat hairs and hang clothes outside or dry at laundromat. Great investment! I got this in april and it’s now augustin i am very satisfied. Make sure when using the spin cycle to place the plastic disc on top of your clothes. I lost my favorite bra under the spin basket. Wish i’d found this sooner definitely recommend!

5Expert Score
Very sturdy machine. Washes and spin dries very well.

I’ve been doing several washes a day, over about two weeks, now. The washer and the spin-dry tub unit work very well and the unit seems quite sturdy. It is rugged enough so that both the washer and spin dryer could be used at the same time, which the manual suggests. That tends to balance the machine, too. It weighs about 26 lbs, when empty and has handles on either side, for lifting.

It washes items very well, cleans and spin dries very efficiently. The wash cycle is adjustable, usually about 10 min and i’ve found that 1 min of spin gets things dry enough to hang up to dry, without dripping (& much drier than items that came out of my 30 yr kenmore washer). The unit does vibrate. Not sure how much it would vibrate on a floor – i have a few feet up, on a wooden stereo cabinet. If you put the unit on something, to raise it, it needs to be a solid substance like a fairly heavy table – it shakes too much, if you try to put on empty cartons. When you run the spin, be use to include the round plastic disk inside, on the top, for it cuts vibration down considerably. Even so, i hold the unit during the 1 min spin dry, for it vibrates enough to move on the wooden surface. I might buy some furniture place holders for to get it from moving. I consider this just a minor problem. Also, it has a built in hose inlet, but it is on automatic shut-off, so you need to stay around to shut it off. I have to use a pail to fill it – it takes maybe 3⁄4 of a large pail, which i have pour in incrementally, since the basin is at shoulder level, on the wooden cabinet. I don’t regard it as big problem for me, since i can fill it in maybe 5 pouring motions. It takes way less water than a full-sized washer and cleans even soiled bedclothes very well, mostly in 1 wash, sometimes in 2, at the 10 min cycles that i use.

There are some built-in limitations that people need to consider before they buy it. It has no built-in drain pump and the manual writes that the drain tube could not be raised more than 8”, otherwise it would not drain. So, you simply can’t put the drain tube in a pail and think that you’re good to go. If you drained it into a basin, it would be too heavy to lift and you’d have to transfer it to a pail, first. If you raised up the machine, it could drain into a bathtub, or left on the floor next to a shower stall. The manual recommends not keeping in bathroom due to moisture, so if you keep it in a bathroom, you should always cover it with a towel, when you take a shower…at least, that’s what i’m doing.

I like the machine a lot, and hope to get several years of use with it.

5Expert Score
Cleans really well, easy to use, worth the money!

Works really well! My first load was mostly socks and undergarments and the water i drained out at the end was so grey and dirty!! I couldn’t believe i got my clothes that dirty! Filled it up again, washed, then finally rinsed out clean water. ….then i decided to wash a handful of clean garments out of sheet curiosity…..same thing! Never again using my apartment complex’s *expensive* and dirty laundry room machines! ($4.50 per load for what i now learned was not a good clean at all!)
needs very little detergent and is perfect for one person. A bot tedious since i fill it with a gallon jug since the hose is too short for my sink, but im really happy with my purchase!
Gotta go wash my entire apartment anew…..i don’t even want to think about the water that’ll come out of the bedsheets! I can’t wait to sleep in clean clean and pristine sheets again!

5Expert Score
Perfect for apartments or rv's that doesn't have washer and dryer

I gave it a 2 star on value because on ebay i found one for $44.99 brand is haier which i am familiar with. Comes with free shipping 60 day return policy. If you want to purchase their 3 year protection plan its an extra $5.99. It ships out of ny and it arrives in less than 2 wks.
I had to wait a month for mine but that is because it is coming from china. I paid over $120. If i would of seen that on ebay i would of purchase it for that price. But i guess at the time i was looking that seller probably did not offer it at the time of my purchase. What i purchased was actually the cheapest price for the washer machine with spinner. It is a great machine just make sure you put a tablespoon or a little less of detergent. I learned my lesson i had to do 3 rinse cycles to remove all the suds. The spin cycle is amazing when you place the wet clothes in the spinner it actually comes out damp almost dry. If its a hot sunny day i would say it would line dry in less than one hour. It’s not heavy feels like 10 lbs to me. Btw, if you purchase it keep the form lid and bottom that comes inside the box tape it together and place the machine on top raising it a little so the hose can drain the water out faster and easily. I got that idea by a review. I will see if i can attach that photo for you to see. If not just don’t throw away those two items it comes in handy if you can not find something to elevate the machine at least 2 or 3 inches high.

4Expert Score
Excellent for single outfits!

First, what i dislike: 1)hard to balance spinner
2)washer holds 2x the spinner
because neither of these bothers me, i love this washer!

Hints: 1)wash shirt, unders in the first load. Wash denim (one pair jeans or one skirt or one light dress) second, with socks.

2) use 1/2 teaspoon or less detergent! Some items may not need any detergent!
3) rinse with fresh water, drain, spin, and rinse a second time!
4) pour fresh water through washer, allow to drain, then unplug. Wipe out the washer and spinner.
5) leave lids up when not in use, to prevent mold.

I also like that this machine is so light! I live in a small apartment, and i operate this in my bathtub, but i set it on my toilet while i shower or bathe. I did have to buy an extension cord, and the inlet hose isn’t usable because it is so short, and doesn’t fit my faucet. Not a problem for me, i just use an 8 gallon pail. Even if i wash once and rinse twice, 24 gallons is still less than washing by hand or using a full sized machine.

4Expert Score
Works as advertised

Just got this, first runs seems great. Little loud on the spinner. But works as advertised so far

4Expert Score
Strong motor

Seems good so far. The motor is strong, despite its small size. Hopefully it maintains this power throughout it’s lifecycle.

4Expert Score
Great little washer for a small place.

4Expert Score
It’s a decent product

It’s best to lay it on a padded mat to tune out some of the noise when using the spinner dryer. Overall the product is good as long as you’re not overusing it. Especially the spinning drum.

4Expert Score
Pretty impressed

I received my washer today and so far i am very happy. Very easy to set up and user friendly. The spin dryer dries very well. Cotton t-shirts come out a little damp. The machine is very quiet. The only thing i was somewhat disappointed with was the length of the power cord and water tube. We made it work though.

4Expert Score
Water outlet doesn't fit faucet

Its nice and compact and quiet. It was awkward trying to figure out how to situate the machine since it is gravity drain. And the water outlet provided doesn’t fit my faucet or tub. Overall i’m sure it’ll do fine

4Expert Score
Does a good job for such a small machine

I live in an apartment that is too small to have a regular washing machine, nor is there a hookup for one. This little portable machine does a great job; it gets the clothes as clean as a regular machine and the spin cycle gets them dry enough that i can hang to dry. No more need to go to a laundromat! I’ve had it for about a month now and so far, love it.

You can only do small loads, such as one queen size sheet or a couple t-shirts at a time, so it might not be the best option for someone who has kids and thus lots of laundry. However, it’s more than enough for my partner and me.

A couple cons:
-the electrical cord isn’t very long.

-the hose to fill it up doesn’t fit well. We add buckets of water to fill it up so it’s not too big a deal.

-the spin section is smaller than the washing section and so a full load might not all fit when you do the spin.

Because the water outlet is near the bottom of the machine, if you don’t have a hole in the floor to drain it, you are going to have to put it in your bathtub or shower. Because it doesn’t sit flat in our tub, it makes a lot of noise on the spin cycle. The spin cycle only needs to run for a minute though, so again, it’s not a big deal.

We figured out that the cost of this machine will pay for itself in laundromat expenses within a year, plus it saves us from having to go out and we don’t have to worry that the machines others use might not be clean. It’s definitely worth the buy.

4Expert Score
Tubes and plug too short

Does what it says it does except the it doesn’t leave you much of an option for where you want to place it given that the drainage tube is about as long as the machine itself in height, same goes for the plug and the intake tube for filling up the washer. Don’t buy without considering additional accessories like an extention cable / extention tubes.

4Expert Score
Convenient for apartment living

I like having this in my apartment i can throw my sweaty workout clothes in immediately after exercising.

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