Quakehold! 13-Ounce Museum Wax, Clear Adhesive, Reusable and Removable, Non-Toxic and Non-Damaging, Easy to Use, Great for Wall Art, Antiques, For Use on Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, 1 Pack

Quakehold! 13-Ounce Museum Wax, Clear Adhesive, Reusable and Removable, Non-Toxic and Non-Damaging, Easy to Use, Great for Wall Art, Antiques, For Use on Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, 1 Pack

Yakibest.com: Quakehold! 13-Ounce Museum Wax, Clear Adhesive, Reusable and Removable, Non-Toxic and Non-Damaging, Easy to Use, Great for Wall Art, Antiques, For Use on Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, 1 Pack : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

What are quakehold! 13-ounce museum wax features?

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  • Museum wax: used by museum conservators to keep collectibles and artifacts from falling and breaking. It’s great for securing antiques collectibles, heirlooms, vases, picture frames and other easily breakable household items.
  • Prevents damage: keep valuable items from breaking in the event of an earthquake natural disaster. Great for child proofing or pet proofing decorative items. This museum wax will not damage the finish of your furniture or your decorative items.
  • Removable & reusable: a great alternative to poster strips museum putty wall tacks wall tape glass glue tape and other wall adhesives that may cause damage or holes. Keep decorations or collectibles from sliding or toppling over.
  • Secures fragile decorations: secures crystal ceramics collectibles displays picture frames etc. The wax is a light opaque color great for use on all surfaces in homes offices galleries storefronts.
  • Easy to use: reliable and easy to use! A little goes a long way with the quakehold museum wax. Scoop a small amount and roll into balls or strips and apply to the base of the object. Press the object to the surface. To remove twist and lift from the base.
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Quakehold! 13-Ounce Museum Wax, Clear Adhesive, Reusable and Removable, Non-Toxic and Non-Damaging, Easy to Use, Great for Wall Art, Antiques, For Use on Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, 1 Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Quakehold! 13-Ounce Museum Wax, Clear Adhesive, Reusable and Removable, Non-Toxic and Non-Damaging, Easy to Use, Great for Wall Art, Antiques, For Use on Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, 1 Pack : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Looking for specific info?

Museum wax left a stain on my painted wooden table. The wood is painted with a flat (not glossy) finish. Wax left a slick mark on it. How to remove?

Wax will absorb into porous materials. Soft unfinished woods and fabrics. A citrus based wax cleaner remover such as goo gone or goof off could exfoliate the residue but it would inherently do the same with any natural oil finish you have on the furniture. Otherwise it might dull the finish.

Does anyone use this for anime figures? Does it peel the paint off? Is it good for finished wooden stands?

We have used this product successfully primarily for holding glass paperweights and ceramic figures on both glass and wooden shelves (both both ‘standard’ and polyurethane varnished)for over 15 years. It has had no tendency to remove or weaken the varnish. My wife is a collector of antique paperweights, so we use it a lot. The only ‘problem’ we’ve had is when using it in our travel trailer, setting items on a glass shelf in a window in the sun, it allowed some of the pieces to ‘flow’ and move (due to the heat and the vibration of the trailer). We came into the trailer after one days’ travel in the south and found a couple of the pieces had moved a couple inches… Toward the edge of the glass shelf (still well adhered, just not where they were placed). For us, a light towel over the pieces while traveling took care of the heat/vibration problem. We have used primarily the clear product. Hope this helps.

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Is this made in the usa?

Yes, ‘made in the usa’.

Will this work for lamps that have a manufacturers felted bottom and are sitting atop of glass tables? If not which product would? Ty!

I wouldn’t apply this to felt or any material it will leave a spot and most likely a waxy residue. It’s a waxy substance that becomes sticky when warm. I find it sticks to my fingers when i knead a little before using.

I use poster puddy (aka blue tac in england), to secure many things temporarily.

Can this be used for heavy stone objects?

Our quakehold! Museum wax will certainly help secure your stone object but would not have the strength to completely stop it from falling over, depending on the weight. We also do not suggest using our museum wax on any porous surfaces, but if your stone is ‘sealed’ or finished, it will work as intended.

Will museum wax hold a candle straight in a glass candle holder

Honestly, i’m not sure, but my brother, an antique collector, uses it and says it’s awesome. His son, an antique appraiser, is the one who tuned me in to museum wax. I would assume it would, but please don’t sue me if it doesn’t!

How do you clean around it?

I haven’t needed to change my cleaning methods. If the object is on glass then i use glass cleaner. If the object is on wood then i use wood polish/cleaner.

Would this product or the wax be better to secure decorative items (porcelin, ceramic, glass, and metal base) onto a wooden painted shelf?

Yes, that’s what this product is used for. If you’re concerned about it being sticky enough to pull up the paint, don’t worry, it won’t. This product is wax so i’m not sure what you mean by ‘this product or the wax.’

What color is this

Our quakehold! Museum wax comes in an transparent neutral color that turns nearly clear when pressed against a surface. It’s ideal for glass, china, or crystal objects.

What temperature limitations does this have? Will it hold in temps above 90 degrees?

We do not recommend using our quakehold! Clear museum wax outside, in areas that receive direct sunlight, or areas of extreme cold / heat including temperatures above 90 degrees, as the wax’s seal will be compromised on the object you’re attempting to secure. We recommend using the wax indoors with room temperatures.

Is the wax a derivative of beeswax or is totally a chemical creation?

The label says blended microcrystalline.

Is it supposed to be the color and consistency of vaseline? I think i got a fake product. It looks nothing like the photos. It’s yellow.

Museum wax can have a yellow hue but should not be viscous like ‘vaseline’. If you feel you have received a defective product please return it or contact customer service. If you are securing glass or crystal we suggest clear quakehold! Gel

I need to attach a plastic led candle to a church pew for our christmas eve candlelight service. Will this work?

I use it to keep things on a shelf in my rv. It is not glue, so if the candles are small, light and on top of something it may work. If you are hanging them on the side of the pew, maybe not.

Why does the image say made in the usa but it says made in china under the product description?

The product description will be revised. Museum wax is made is the usa

Can this be applied on a object to protect it

The intended purpose of our museum wax is to be placed on the bottom of an object to help secure it to the surface so that it doesn’t tip or fall when nudged or during an earthquake. We cannot guarantee this product will work for your purpose as it is not the intended use of our museum wax.

The video shows a white color and i want clear so which is it please?

For clear application quakehold! Museum gel is suggested. Copy/paste b0000v0720 in your amazon search bar for the listing

I have a lamp base that is open and you can see the cord. Could this putty attach the cord along the side of the lamp base?

Although i haven’t ever tried something like this, it might be possible as long as the cord and the lamp aren’t moved much.

Is it flammable?

Non flammable

I live in the desert where temps routinely hit over 110, will it hold at those temps?

In response to another question, the seller said it is not recommended for temps over 90.

Does this product dry clear or close to clear? I’m securing crystal wine glasses to a glass shelf and don’t want it to be noticed.

Our quakehold! Museum wax dries in a near – clear color but might be noticeable through crystal. For your purpose, we would suggest our quakehold! Clear museum gel specifically designed for glass and crystal. You can find our clear museum gel here:

Quakehold! 13-Ounce Museum Wax, Clear Adhesive, Reusable and Removable, Non-Toxic and Non-Damaging, Easy to Use, Great for Wall Art, Antiques, For Use on Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, 1 Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Quakehold! 13-Ounce Museum Wax, Clear Adhesive, Reusable and Removable, Non-Toxic and Non-Damaging, Easy to Use, Great for Wall Art, Antiques, For Use on Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, 1 Pack : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Huge container

Such a large amount even for me. I don’t think i’ll use this entire amount in a lifetime. It was only bought to secure my funko figures and other display items to my tv stand so my cat doesn’t keep swatting them off. Not sure if i have a use for it anywhere else. I think a container half the size of the 13 ounce would even be enough for a lifetime. I barely made a dent in the container but for the value, you can’t go wrong. Especially with how easy it is to remove.

My only complaint is how sticky it makes my fingers when kneading into balls/strips for my items. However any residue comes off with a napkin/paper towel very easily.

5Expert Score
I love this stuff

It’s so handy if you happen to have a cat that likes to knock things over like mine. That’s why i got it as i have a lot of knickknacks. But honestly you can use it for literally anything. Like i’ve used it to hang something on my wall, and i put a bit on the corners of my bathroom rugs to keep them in place with the floor! It’s really easy to clean, soap and water and a scrub is all you need if that. It stays out until you don’t want it to. It’s just a good diy item to have in the house, and the jar has lasted me forever because you don’t need to use a lot. No wait on drying. It’s just good.

5Expert Score

We use it simply to hold display items like fake flowers in small pots on surfaces that they would normally slide off of. Its easy to take the item off and remove the wax.

5Expert Score
Works excellent

This item works amazing but it leaves a film and ripped the top part off of the stand i put it on. Maybe i should of read a little more into the material it should go on.

5Expert Score
Using these to attach my chinese vases

I have a daredevil cat, that loves to explore. And i almost lost my beautiful big chinese vase because of her curiosity. This holds good, so far – no issued. It is easy to remove when not needed.

5Expert Score
Great stuff.

Holds everything that should stay put. Reusable- just knead and put back on. Hasn’t left a residue. Good for seasonal decor too.

5Expert Score
Fantastic stuff especially for the pesky kitties

Love this stuff. Can’t say yet how the removal is but it warms up nicely between your fingers, doesn’t feel too grimey, and for any knickknacks you don’t want your cat knocking down, it is perfect.

5Expert Score
Earthquake & cat security

We have earthquakes. Mostly small, a few rattle your blinds or make furniture vibrate. We also have two cats who like to watch gravity do its thing. This stuff secures breakables, and even some candlesticks that didn’t quite fit the candelabra, without leaving a residue. I suggest using multiple, small pieces around the points on which the item rests rather than one large blob or two for maximum efficacy. Also, my cats are very lazy and won’t bother things which don’t move after a half-hearted go at them. If your cats are highly motivated, most of your fragile items are probably already broken, and you won’t need this anyway.

5Expert Score
Great deal for massive amount

Modeling displays.
It can keep figures from sliding on smooth surfaces.
Add to inside of hands for better grips of accessories.
Easy cleanup with cotton swab or water.

5Expert Score
Would highly recommend!!

Works great to keep photos in place on the wall and does not do any damage to them.

4Expert Score
You get not what's advertised… But you can make it work.

I was very confused by the polar reviews – some 5-star it and say this wax is heavy duty, others give completely opposite feedback. If you look at the video of this product, the girl holds a jar with super clear substance and you can see that it’s very firm. What i have received, is nothing like the product advertised (other than packaging) – it is white and soft substance, more like hair gel, exactly what is shown in 1-star reviews of other customers.

I decided to not give up and tried putting it in a freezer hoping the it can firm since it’s wax. And it worked! The balls hardened and i was able to anchor my organizers in drawers. I wonder, however, if the temperature inside goes up, will i end up with melted messy wax in my drawers?
Will see how it performs…

I was about to also rate it 1-star. Since i made it work, it was rated 4-star because false product is advertised.

4Expert Score
Very sturdy but leaves a film

I had to use goo gone to get the residual stickiness off of my bookshelf, but it does work very well to hold items still. I had a toddler in the house and was worried about glass/pictures being knocked off the bookshelf and possibly hurting her. She did bump into it a few times, but everything held!

4Expert Score
Amazing sticky power

The product arrived with a broken lid. It was a side piece so all is well but i still keep the jar in a baggie. As for the product itself, so easy to use and it sticks so well.

4Expert Score
Not great in extreme heat

I actually really love this product. But i bought it specifically for use in our rv. Well, the temps here in wi are 90 and above. Temps that high turn this wax to an almost liquid state. Fine print on the instructions do state that it’s not intended for use in extreme heat or cold. I’ll gift it to a friend.

4Expert Score
Benefits & drawbacks of wax

Living in earthquake country, securing anything hanging is a priority, so i have extensively used wax, putty, and gel throughout my home. How things are used determines the product. I prefer using wax for securing pictures (after they have been properly hung). Wax is soft and easy to work with, and it is easy to “softly” reposition pictures on small balls of wax until they are just right. Then a nice, firm push on all four corners at the same time, and the picture is held securely in place. No more crooked pictures, and no broken glass on the floor when someone accidentally brushes next to a picture. The photos and plaster items on the pictured wall continuously get knocked into and messed with by small children. Nothing has moved yet.

I prefer their “solid” style wax when compared to their wax that already comes in balls. It’s a small hassle to have to dig out the wax, but different weights and sizes of pictures demand different sizes of wax, so the solid allows for any and all sizes and configurations.

Wax is great for hanging up temporary posters too. It won’t pull paint off walls or damage surfaces such as wood, and it’s easy to place and remove the posters without damaging them.

Wax definitely has its drawbacks. It gets dirty by holding on to dust, and it’s hard to clean, so if it’s used in a place where it can be seen, it needs to be replaced from time to time. It can also be a major pain to clean up some surfaces such as stucco. But wax is also semi-transparent, so it becomes a tossup at times whether to use wax or putty. I prefer this particular brand of wax because of its qualities. It’s soft and pliable when you work with it, but it hardens up afterward making it a little easier to keep it clean longer.

While this is advertised as “quake” hold, this stuff is invaluable to anyone who’s experienced the benefits of continuously straight, undamaged pictures, even with small children running rambunctiously through the house! I also use it to secure some items to my mantle.

4Expert Score
Bit stickier than expected

Works like a charm but it’s a bit harder to use than i expected. It doesn’t quite roll into a ball like is advertised and can be a but messy. Once i figured out how to get it where i needed it though it worked great

4Expert Score
A little messy but works

When they say wax, they mean it. That’s exactly the consistency of this product. It comes with a little flat wooden spoon-like applicator to scoop it out of the jar and spread it on whatever you’re planning to hold down. You can work it into shape by hand, but it’s wax, so it leaves a waxy residue on your skin that’s a little bit of a pain to wash off. But the product works great. It’s held everything i put it on in place right where i set it regardless of vibration or temperature (granted, usual household fluctuations of say 55 – 85 degrees f). And you get a lot of it for the money. As for other reviewers that have talked about it melting & such, i have not had that experience, and i used it in a set of glass trophy cases that sit in my living room and get direct sunlight exposure several hours a day.

4Expert Score
Not super glue) solution

Got this to attach vases to shelves in a house with little kids. I wanted a solid but not permanent (i.e. Not super glue) solution. First off… A little of this goes a long way. This is a huge amount and i don’t think i could use all of it in my entire lifetime. Secondly, you are supposed to soften/work the wax in your fingers before applying it to the shelf and it is very messy. I had to wash vigorously with dawn to get it off. I used this on two surfaces… First was on a wooden shelf that had a polyurethane finish and was attaching glass vases. This worked well, but they was still a little movement (if i grab it and twist it will come off). I think the reason for this is because of the smooth glass and the smooth surface of the wood. The other application was on top of a wood hutch that was raw wood (no polyurethane finish) and ceramic pots with no glaze. So for this one it was two somewhat porous surfaces and they are stuck together for real! They are not going anywhere unless i get a string and remove them like some of the other reviews suggest. All in all i would suggest this product, but unless you are setting up an entire museum you probably only need 1/4 of this amount.

4Expert Score
Inaccurate description

Ordered this on the recommendation of a friend, to anchor items in a shadow box frame. Her container contained a clear substance, mine is opaque, sort of like vaseline??!?! But i used it and it seemed ok, then i realized it’s not meant for porous items, such as fabric. So be careful! Also has a much more waxy consistency than the other one. Oh well. Chalk it up to, live and learn!

4Expert Score
Museum wax is easy to use and really works even in an earthquake.

I have been using museum wax for many years. I discovered it while i was buying some crystal at macy’s and i figured if it’s good for them it was good for me. It has held my favorite ceramics to the top of my shelves during several earthquakes including the 6.0 earthquake in the north bay in 2016.

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