Queen Size Sheet Set – Breathable & Cooling Sheets – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft – Deep Pockets – Easy Fit – 4 Piece Set – Wrinkle Free – Comfy – White Bed Sheets – Queens Sheets – 4 PC

Queen Size Sheet Set – Breathable & Cooling Sheets – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft – Deep Pockets – Easy Fit – 4 Piece Set – Wrinkle Free – Comfy – White Bed Sheets – Queens Sheets – 4 PC

Buy Queen Size Sheet Set – Breathable & Cooling Sheets – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft – Deep Pockets – Easy Fit – 4 Piece Set – Wrinkle Free – Comfy – White Bed Sheets – Queens Sheets – 4 PC: Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are queen size sheet set – breathable & cooling sheets – hotel luxury bed sheets – extra soft – deep pockets – easy fit – 4 piece set – wrinkle free – comfy – white bed sheets – queens sheets – 4 pc features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 4 piece bed sheet set: 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet and fitted sheet. Flat sheet (102’x 90′) fitted sheet (80’x 60′) 2 pillow cases (20′ x 30′).
  • Deep pockets/ easy fit: they fit mattresses up to around 16 inches deep. If your mattress is smaller than 16 inches it will fit just fine. A lot of mattresses are pretty big these days and we feel this is a good universal size that fits most mattresses.
  • Feel the difference: if you’re looking for very soft sheets you have found them! They’re breathable, cool and super silky soft. The comfort of these sheets will have you coming back! They’re softer than egyptian cotton and organic cotton sheets! Best for any room in your house – bedroom, guest room, kids room, rv, vacation home. Great gift idea for men and women, moms and dads, valentine’s – mother’s – father’s day and christmas.
  • Highest quality brushed microfiber: a lighter difference. A softer , finer touch. These are made of the highest quality double brushed microfiber yarns. The virtually weightless wonder of cgk unlimited sheets will have you coming back for more. Linger in your dreams.
  • Great sheets for the price! These are some of the softest and most affordable sheets you’ll ever find. They are way softer than most egyptian cotton sheets and at a fraction of the cost.
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Queen Size Sheet Set – Breathable & Cooling Sheets – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft – Deep Pockets – Easy Fit – 4 Piece Set – Wrinkle Free – Comfy – White Bed Sheets – Queens Sheets – 4 PC AMAZON

Buy Queen Size Sheet Set – Breathable & Cooling Sheets – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft – Deep Pockets – Easy Fit – 4 Piece Set – Wrinkle Free – Comfy – White Bed Sheets – Queens Sheets – 4 PC: Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What is the exact material or material blend?

The product description is misleading. The word ‘cotton’ for material will cause this product to show in the search results when you filter your search by ‘cotton’. This is by design to fool the customers. If you visit cgk’s site that show cotton collection you will see that all of sheet sets are more expensive and begin with ‘thread count’: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/0d4dfae7-d9d7-4698-87ef-8c2fef3d9308?ingress=3&visitid=85bd24bf-1aa5-4134-8478-24a44d043f92. I was also fooled assuming i was buying a cotton sheet set when it was microfiber that i can buy from costco for less than $25. I will send mine back. Most reviewers are saying that the set feels nice and soft. Of course it does, because it is microfiber and not cotton. I cannot believe amazon is tolerating these practices for so long.

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Do these sheets feel like jersey sheets?

These sheets feel like you’re lying on a thin blanket , the material does not feel at all like cotten and is very hot. I hated them and went back to cotton sheets.
It cost more but is well worth it.

What is the thread count?

Technically there is no ‘thread count’ as they are microfiber sheets, not cotton. They are about 90 gsm which is comparable to say 500 thread count sheets. Microfiber is a softer yarn than cotton.

Are these sheets hot to sleep in?

These sheets are incredibly hot to sleep in. So much so that i found them completely un-useable

What is the microfiber made of? ‘microfiber’ is simply the size of the yarn.

Microfiber is a plastic. It isn’t biodegradable, it loses fibers in the wash that wind up in the ocean along with the other mictoplastics threatening ocean life.

Personally i thought twice about buying sheets made of microfiber because they are large and laundered frequently.

Where are they made ?

They were made in china.

What material are these?

100% microfiber

Why were both pillow cases were unseemed at top

I only got a single pillow case. Fir a single bed

Are these stretchy enough for a purple 4 mattress?

I don’t know what a purple 4 mattress is, but the sheet go about 6 in under my mattress, plenty of sheet and i have a queen deep pocket matress

Are these sheets antimicrobial?

Read the information on the description of the sheets.

Are these sheets a ‘satin’ finnish, or more of a soft-cotton finnish?? Thanks so much. David

Soft cotton finnish

Does this have an extra elastic band for the adjustable bed?

I purchased the double bed set for my granddaughter’s bed. It did not have an extra elastic band.

Can i wash these in hot water?

Yes i did when i first got them. Came out great!!

If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?

I don’t believe that sheet sets expire…

Some sheet sets are microfiber and some are cotton. I hate microfiber, so the color determines the fabric type?

These are microfiber

Do these sheets fit on a sleep number split king bed?

The set i have is for a full split bed. Two twin xl fitted sheets with a king size top sheet. Not sure if they make the sheets with just the top split on the king size mattress from sleep number. Was told by sleep number that they just sold that patten so there will be those sheets hopefully in the next few months made by other manufacturers. Currently i can only find in sleep number stores.

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I have a king adjustable bed. I need 2 twin xl sheets. Can i purchase 2 twin xl sheets but i need a king size flat sheet and king size pillows?

They come as a set

What’s count is the sheets?

I agree with the other comment. They don’t say thread count, but, it’s microfiber as opposed to cotton, so i think they aren’t measured in thread count like cotton is….. But it does say it compares with 1000, 1500, and 1800 thread count.
All i know is they are super soft and comfortable and they don’t “pill up” with those annoying balls of material. I love them!

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How do i order just another set of pillowcas3s same color

As with any reorder, path of least resistance is to contact original seller , even enclosing a picture of the sheet to enable the seller to identify it. If that does not work, amaon may have record of seller and be able to contact on your behalf. I do not know the actual answer.

Do these sheets fit deep pocket?

Yes they fit really well

Queen Size Sheet Set – Breathable & Cooling Sheets – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft – Deep Pockets – Easy Fit – 4 Piece Set – Wrinkle Free – Comfy – White Bed Sheets – Queens Sheets – 4 PC AMAZON

Buy Queen Size Sheet Set – Breathable & Cooling Sheets – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft – Deep Pockets – Easy Fit – 4 Piece Set – Wrinkle Free – Comfy – White Bed Sheets – Queens Sheets – 4 PC: Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Super soft sheets for a great price

These sheets are so buttery smooth. I was wanting some soft, high quality sheets without the big sticker price. These definitely fit the bill for us. We’ve just received so i can’t speak to how long they will last, but at the low price point, i won’t mind replacing them if needed. I will buy again and to me, that is the best thing i can say in a review.

5Expert Score
Comfy cool sheets!

Love these sheets! They are so soft! They are a bit thin but i like it that way as i feel they are more breathable. No wrinkles! Deep pocket bottom sheet. Most importantly, for me, they stay cool. The spot where you are, warms up nice but when you need a cool spot, it is there! Great sheets, and amazing price! Highly recommend.

5Expert Score

I just received this today and writing a review on it already. I only use white linens and when i saw the reviews on this i thought for sure it was rigged but for the price i was willing to give it a shot. I ordered it at 3pm yesterday and was supposed to arrive between 5-10pm same day but it was instead delivered this morning. I immediately tossed it in the machine with some oxy on hot water mode. I then dried it and took it out of the machine. I was beyond impressed that there was no de-threading. Additionally, it was as soft as butter. I spread the bed and omg it hugs the mattress very well. It also feels incredibly soft on my skin. I can’t wait to see how it works over several washes.

5Expert Score
Obsessed with these sheets!

This is hands down the absolute best company and sheet sets in existence! The best customer service! We own over 5+ sets of their sheets in two different styles and i’ll be buying more. These are the only sheets we buy and use now! I’ve been spoiled all the way around by them.

As described. Super soft. Not noisy at all. Machine wash and dry very easy. No pilling. They keep their size and shape great. No issues with seams, quality or rips, etc. Cool to the touch, but not coolng sheets. We don’t overheat or sweat sleeping in these sheets at all, we did in other brands. They look, feel and sleep like extremely high dollar/quality sheets sets, but they’re affordable! Perfect for year round temps and climates. We are in the humid south and sleep amazing through blizzards and humid heat domes.

Great, true colors that have never faded for me. I do recommend washing before first use and at least twice (total) alone before washing with other sheets. They do bleed a bit the first two washes and no issues after that.

5Expert Score
One of the best i've owned

I don’t like to spend big $ on sheet sets. This set was a good price point for me, and i think i won. Definitely a better value than what they cost. Great color, smooth and soft. Not sure about stain resistance, haven’t had that issue yet ? Fit great

5Expert Score
Not 5 stars. 10 plus

This is my 2nd time ordering a sheet set from this company.
I ordered the first over a year ago and after many many washes, it still feel and looks new. But i knew i wanted more than 1 set so i did not need to skip a night and put on a different set while the set i loved, washed.
I order the 2nd set and it was just as high quality as the first. However, there was 1 piece of the set missing.
I emailed the contact person for the product and without questions, hesitation, or any of the typical responses that many companies give when a piece is missing that causes the customer to feel like they are at fault, the person respondong to the email, apologized and sent a replacement for the missing piece.

I have never ever been treated with such a level of respect and gratitude, as a customer, as was the case when communicating with this company.

Absolutely can not say enough positive about the product but more importantly the people behind the product!!

5Expert Score
So soft!

These sheets are a steal at this price! They are so very soft. I washed them before use and there was a lot of shedding in the drying screen. Hopefully, it was just the initial wash. But they are super soft and fit our king bed beautifully.

5Expert Score
Pilling after one year of use.

Beautiful color, soft and wrinkle free, but after one year intermittent use sheets are now pilling. Im tossing them. However i just purchased a new set. Price is great for disposable sheets. If you’re looking for long time soft feel these are not for you.

5Expert Score
Sooooo soft and fits deep matresses

I love these sheets. Not sure of the quality since they were so inexpensive but pleasantly surprised at how they fit and the softness. Washes up nice too! Will definitively suggest to others and this christmas all my family will be getting a set.

5Expert Score
I love these for the price

This is my second set of these sheet i ordered a purple set and a navy blue set. I also ordered my son a navy blue set. These sheets hold up well through washing and drying and they feel great when laying in bed. Also keep you cool and they don’t come off the bed, truly deep pocket.

4Expert Score
Extremely soft, but really hottt

I am pleasantly surprised at the value of these sheets. They fit well for deep pockets. Can’t say they don’t ride up on the mattress, but every set of sheets i have does this, as i have a very deep mattress with an additional foam mattress topper. This sheet set is soooo soft. Like softer than any sheets i’ve ever had on my bed. But.. They are extremely hot if you are not sleeping underneath a fan or cooler air temps than 70 degrees. My assumption is that they do not breathe very well, if that’s how you’d put it. For $37 for king size sheet sets with deep pockets.. It’s totally worth it. I washed and dried them prior to putting them on my bed, in cold water, so they did hold up well with washing.

4Expert Score
Soft & luxurious

This is an awesome sheet set! I read reviews stating these are very “hot” which i would say they are warm, not hot (and i have hot flashes!). I think these would be great in the winter but i would still need blankets. Very soft and luxurious sheets @ bargain price. I will most likely buy more.

4Expert Score
Small pillowcases

I ordered the cal/king and bottom sheet fits good, top sheet is long on the sides but could be a little longer on the bottom. Can just barely tuck it under. Pillowcases are standard size, a little too small for my queen size pillows. Good thing i don’t have the king size ones anymore usually when i get the king sheets, it comes with king size pillowcases. So a little disappointed about that. The sheets are soft and comfortable and i love the color.

4Expert Score
They're ok.

The sheets are soft and the color is as described. Only thing is the bottom fitted sheet was a bit ackward to put on. Almost like it was irregular. Not sure if it would fit mattresses 12′ deep or deeper. My is a 10′ and the fitted sheet was a bit hard to line up right.

4Expert Score
It fits!

We recently got a new mattress — all new mattresses seem to be huge. Our old sheets kinds, sorta fit, but these ones really do! The mattress corners fit all the way into the deep pockets of the sheets. The sheets are also very soft to the touch. The only complaint is that the sheets made it a little warmer than i like to sleep, but i just put the fan on.

4Expert Score
Fit well

I wash them and put them directly on the bed have not slept in them yet but they were wrinkle-free when they came out of the dryer and felt very soft when i was putting them on the bed

4Expert Score
Not exactly 'full size'

Bought the full size version of this sheet set.

The fitted sheet does not fit tight around the mattress. It is almost loose enough to be considered for a queen size mattress.

Just got the set and put it on for the first time so can not comment on the quality or durability.

There are soft and the overall appearance is good.

4Expert Score
Very good sheets for the price!

These sheets are not top quality, but i was pleasantly surprised that they are very good quality, & they fit well on my 12′ mattress. Also, they came 2 days before expected.

4Expert Score
Super soft, color bleeds in cold water wash

Love the softness! However, now i hesitate to use the burgundy sheet set i bought because, in drought-stricken ca, i’d habe to devote a load of wash just to laundering these sheets

4Expert Score
My favorite sheets

Would like to see them made a little better like stitching on the ends and the top, but they’re so soft it doesn’t really matter. They’re great for the price.

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