Rael Miracle Invisible Spot Cover – Hydrocolloid, Acne Pimple Absorbing Cover, Blemish Spot, Skin Care, Facial Stickers, 2 Sizes (96 Count)

Rael Miracle Invisible Spot Cover – Hydrocolloid, Acne Pimple Absorbing Cover, Blemish Spot, Skin Care, Facial Stickers, 2 Sizes (96 Count)

Yakibest.com: Rael Miracle Invisible Spot Cover – Hydrocolloid, Acne Pimple Absorbing Cover, Blemish Spot, Skin Care, Facial Stickers, 2 Sizes (96 Count) : Beauty & Personal Care

What are rael miracle invisible spot cover – hydrocolloid features?

  • Effective care – gently draws out pus and impurities straight from the source. Made with medical-grade, highly absorbent hydrocolloid. Non-drying and hypoallergenic. Comes in 2 sizes (10mm and 12mm)
  • Invisible coverage – clear, matte finish and extra thin outer edge seamlessly blends in with all skin tones.
  • Stays on skin all day, night – tapered edges keep patches adhered to skin, while effectively covering spots.
  • Protects skin – provides a protective barrier against irritants.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free – no animal-derived ingredients. No animal testing.

Rael miracle invisible spot cover – hydrocolloid details:

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1.37 x 0.9 x 3.07 inches; 0.63 ounces

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Rael Miracle Invisible Spot Cover – Hydrocolloid, Acne Pimple Absorbing Cover, Blemish Spot, Skin Care, Facial Stickers, 2 Sizes (96 Count) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Rael Miracle Invisible Spot Cover – Hydrocolloid, Acne Pimple Absorbing Cover, Blemish Spot, Skin Care, Facial Stickers, 2 Sizes (96 Count) : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

Do you actually have to use a face mask before putting it on?

You can treat your acne effectively by using a face mask before putting your pimple patch. Please make sure to dry the affected area before putting it on. – team rael

Where are these manufactured?

Rael acne pimple healing patches are manufactured in south korea.

Has anyone used these on an area where you have super dry and irritated skin? I have a deep pimple, but because i’m a picker the skin around it is dry

Rael acne patches are made of 100% hydrocolloid which is safe for sensitive skin. We recommend you to try our microneedle patch if you are dealing with deeply rooted or cystic acne. -team rael

Am i allowed to use these everyday? Even if it’s on the same pimple?

Yes just be aware the skin around can get irritated from the bandages if you use more than once per day. I find it works best to use nightly until the pimple is healed.

Is beauty care product vegan~friendly?

I believe so. Rael’s main faq page says all products are vegan except for the collagen sheet mask.

Can you leave these patches on the pimples overnight??

Yes, i do it always. I leave it at day time even i have no choice. Good work.

Will these still work if i skip the step of putting the mask on for 15-20 min? Wanted to use the patch on my 9 year old that is getting acne.

I generally wear them overnight, and it will disappear after two consecutive nights of wearing them (depending on the size of the pimple). I don’t use a mask beforehand.

Is this hsa eligible?

Don’t think so.

Is it fda approved? Otc or class i?

Honestly i am not sure. Only know it works! 🙂

Are these latex-free?

Yes, our acne healing patch is latex-free. – team rael

Will these remove milia?

Probably not- i would be very wary of putting these around your eye area as well. They’re very small patches meant to pin point a singular zit at a time. Retinol creams are generally your best bet, as well as avoiding heavy oil based makeup or face creams.

Is it scented?

The miracle patches are not scented.

Can i use it my small dark spot of my face?

It’s for pimples. Won’t help with dark spots

Can you wear makeup over this?

Thank you fore your inquiry. Yes! Our acne healing patch can be worn under the makeup/sun. – team rael

Are these as good or better than zitsticka?

They don’t have the pointy things and aren’t “medicated” but zitsricka didn’t do any thing for me that these don’t do. Zitsticka is pricier and you don’t get many patches.

Where is this manufacture?

It is designed and developed in california and manufactured in korea. – team rael

How many packs?

There are 4 packs of 24 patches (96 dots). – team rael

Does it work in hour or over night?

Typically over night, but i have used them during the day for a couple hours to help a bit. You’re better off at night though.

Where is this manufactured?

Rael acne pimple healing patches are manufactured in korea. -team rael

Can i use this on broken skin like a normal hydrocolloid bandaid? Say after i pop a pimple?

Definitely! The invisible spot cover was designed to absorb pus and oil and give the skin an added bit of protection so your skin can heal. Even after a pimple has been popped, we would recommend the invisible spot cover to speed up the recovery process of your skin and provide an added bit of protection.

Rael Miracle Invisible Spot Cover – Hydrocolloid, Acne Pimple Absorbing Cover, Blemish Spot, Skin Care, Facial Stickers, 2 Sizes (96 Count) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Rael Miracle Invisible Spot Cover – Hydrocolloid, Acne Pimple Absorbing Cover, Blemish Spot, Skin Care, Facial Stickers, 2 Sizes (96 Count) : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Really reduces redness and swelling overnight.

I have 2 teenagers at home and while one has a amazing attention to her skin care and regimen, my boy just cannot be bothered beyond basic care and cleanliness. As a family we have more cystic acne than the wide spread so these are perfect for spot treatments. After a shower and face wash and thorough drying, simply peel and stick over the pimple even the large gross white heads. When you wake up in the morning the patch will have drawn out much of the nastiness (puss) and sometimes is so saturated that it begins peeling off already.

All grossness aside, these work really well for us, and the results are noticeable. A few of the girls in my daughters extracurricular activities even wear them during the day when they are around people that won’t judge them or be overly critical, and the results are the same after a few hours. Reduced redness, and inflammation drawn out puss, and overall healthier looking skin. This is a great product for those in need and extremely easy to apply and remove.

5Expert Score
Pretty cool

Visiting my daughter, i noticed these sitting on the counter. She told me about them and told me they were like little miracle dots. Even tho i’m getting ready to hit 60, i still gets oil spots every once in awhile (i’d say it’s do to my youthful attitude! Hee). I ordered both the day and night spots and they are indeed little miracle spots. The majority of the time, i only need to use one to have smooth skin once again. Everyone once in awhile i have a deep oil spot that requires two treatment, but then wa-la. It’s gone!
Side note, when i use two, sometimes my skin does dry out a bit where the spot/dot was located.

5Expert Score
Best pimple patches out there!!!

I love these patches, no matter what type of blemish they are placed on- it removes pus/impurities. They can be hard to get off (if you have long nails) if they get wet, but tweezers work perfect in that situation. My only complaint is if i put one on for few days in a row in the same spot, my skin will turn into a red circle where the patch was and starts to peel/ become irritated. I imagine this would happen regardless of what brand pimple patch though, especially for people with sensitive skin like me. Great value for the price too! Love love love.

5Expert Score
The best of them out there

These patches stick so well and really get all the gunk out. Compared to welly patches, these are far superior. These really work.

They are kind of weird to remove from the plastic backing that has a bunch of patches on it, it’s really easy to scrunch up and ruin a whole patch if you don’t peel it up carefully.

** just keep in mind that you may sweat under the patch if you’re constantly moving around while it is on, and that isn’t the best for sensitive skin. I have somewhat sensitive skin and it’s not too bad, but sometimes it will get itchy and i have to take it off to let the area breathe.

I definitely recommend this as someone with dermatillomania. If i end up picking, i know that my face won’t feel raw and in pain the next morning if i wear these overnight. I highly recommend the chin/crescent shaped version of these, also by rael. It helps a lot to cover a large area.

5Expert Score
Can't live without

I pop my pimples when i shouldn’t & then cover them with these patches. I use one patch in the morning then remove & clean at night then add another patch until morning & repeat until gone. Redness & puss is gone within 2 days like nothing was there. I have never used these before until now & realized i can’t live without them anymore!

5Expert Score
This things are great!

My wife swears by these and she finally got me to try them when i had a few problem spots. They really do the trick and the blemish was noticeably smaller after use. They stick well, but are easy to remove. Just don’t look underneath after you do! Yuck!

5Expert Score
It works!

I used it when i felt the time of the month pimple coming and i like how it’s sped up the process and kept it pretty tamed. I put it on at night and leave it all night long and in the morning i noticed the size was reduced and the gunk was on the sticker.

5Expert Score
Really works!

Mask acne has been a big issue for me and i have tried a lot of different products, but this one is the best for targeted pimples, especially the raised ones. Adding it to my skin care regimen has done wonders!

5Expert Score

It literally sucks up the pus/liquid from your pimples! I’m someone who gets rare breakouts, and i hate them so much because i always pick at them. When i get a pimple now, i just pop one of these stickers on and it’s gone or almost gone in a few hours. Literally a miracle! I wish i had these in middle school and high school when i had bad acne

5Expert Score
Amazing 10/10

I am kicking myself for not having tried these sooner! I get random breakouts often and since i pick at my pimples, they always get worse and last longer. I put three of these on a couple days before a big event and after about 6 hours, i removed them to find the pimples flat and basically gone. My mind was blown. I’m so, so happy to have found these!

4Expert Score
Good for surface whiteheads, not deep pimples!

-stays on all night even though i toss and turn a lot (a patch fell of once or twice throughout me using the entire box)
-dries out surface whiteheads
-flattens the head of pimples or blemishes
-you could wear them out and they’re almost invisible on the skin

-not ideal for deep, red, under the skin blemishes or pimples (might have to use 2-3 times to bring the blemish to the surface)
-if you have a deep blemish, it left scarring for me but went away after a few days

4Expert Score
Not bad

Better than off-brand options, but not quite as good as mighty patch. Adhesion was good, but absorption and effectiveness seemed less.

4Expert Score
Works good

I used to have hard problems with my skin but with this pimple patch it helps!!

4Expert Score
Hot or miss on effectiveness

If worn too long, the adhesion tends to melt and can leave marks/dry patches the next morning.

4Expert Score
Hides while it heals

I bought these for my teenager and was impressed with how well it hid the zit while not making it look like you’re wearing a patch. Seemed to clear up incidentals nicely, but i haven’t tried it myself.

4Expert Score
Better than what i had back in the day 100% it’s worth a try.

Before all the long drawn out explanation – for the “give it to me straight and fast readers….”

these are pretty cool. Skeptical at first but i think the best feature is how invisible they are. You can wear them out in public and not feel like you have a target on your face. They do work- not like “miracle work” instantaneously perfect flawless skin, let’s be realistic. Some spots are going to need a couple rounds of stickies. But it does work really well for those bruise-like feeling pimples that are underneath the surface that you end up playing with and then it gets worse and it’s scabs then scare… Really help prevent that type of situation. I’m a girl, so my situational anecdotes are female based but these are also great for guys/people that choose not to wear makeup. They are great camouflage.

Now for the longer version…

They lied to you in school and say that pimples are a thing of puberty and that once you’ve gone through it you don’t have to worry about it. We all know that’s not the case anymore and as adults we still have to deal with skin issues. Back in the day when i was a teen we had the stuff that burns your skin, irritated it made it red and stood out. Man how i wish we had these earlier.

When i say you can barely see it i mean sometimes i can barely figure out where i put it when i’m looking 1 inch away from the mirror. It’s amazing !!!!!!!! I totally feel confident enough to wear them out in public even without wearing make up but even better i feel like i can put this on put make up over it and my skin will look smoother than it would by only putting make up over the pimple. With that, the make up won’t infect and create more bacteria on the pimples so they actually heal faster.

Now again, these aren’t the miracle put on your face for an hour and then all of a sudden your pimples are completely gone. That’s not realistic, and let’s thank the company for making a product that actually works and is helpful and better than the alternative. I have a tendency to feel my skin and when i feel a blemish i start to play with it, and we all know how that ends up. These are great for when you feel that pimple that’s coming through, feeling bruise and you try to play with it because you just want to release the pressure. If you can avoid the initial picking, put one of the stickies on it, you might have to go a couple of rounds but it will definitely prevent you from creating a mess of your face, making it more irritated and taking forever to heal.

It also is really great for those spots that keep oozing and you feel like you just can’t get all of the clear-like goo. Ya know the ones that crust over and continue to seep through make up. There is something very satisfying about seeing the medicine area turn white.

A nifty little feature is the perforated plastic piece the sticky stay on out of the package. This is great because you don’t crinkle the edges when you’re trying to pick it off the plastic piece so it creates a better seal around the spot and it gives it that more invisible look when you put it on your face.

I will say, these aren’t the best for spots like whiteheads that are at the point that should be popped. But it is good to put them over a spot that has recently been picked to help with healing and minimizing more bacteria to infect the area and make worse.

100% it’s worth a try.

4Expert Score
My 15 year old loves this so much works great

These are easy to use and teenager friendly. My daughter is obsessed with how great these work

4Expert Score
Works pretty good

These are a more affordable option, but i have noticed they don’t quite pull as much out as other brands that i have tried. They do blend in with your skin pretty well, which is nice, and they do stay on! They are a bit painful for me to take off every now and then, for whatever reason. Could just be the area of my face they are on, but i’m not sure. They are good, but not amazing.

4Expert Score
Great for the price

These are great pimple patches for the price. They adhere well and work better with white heads or surface pimples (not under the skin). They pull the excess liquid out but do not contain benzoyl peroxide as other patches do.

4Expert Score

The patch can do the work

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