Ralix Reinstall DVD For Windows 7 All Versions 32/64 bit. Recover, Restore, Repair Boot Disc, and Install to Factory Default will Fix PC Easy!

Ralix Reinstall DVD For Windows 7 All Versions 32/64 bit. Recover, Restore, Repair Boot Disc, and Install to Factory Default will Fix PC Easy!

Ralix Reinstall DVD For Windows 7 All Versions 32/64 bit. Recover, Restore, Repair Boot Disc, and Install to Factory Default will Fix PC Easy!
Ralix Reinstall DVD For Windows 7 All Versions 32/64 bit. Recover: Windows 7 reinstall dvd for 32/64 bit additions will help fix all of the following scenarios and much more that you may be struggling with right now: · your system keeps crashing · malware continues to be an ongoing struggle · system is not booting up anymore · potential of selling the computer/never a bad idea to completely wipe windows · blue screen of death (bsod) · very slow computer speeds · locked out of pc (forgot user login password) · keep getting returned to the advanced boot options screen · missing bootmgr or ntldr · and so much more!!!! Whether you are in need of a complete restore, repair, recover, or re-install this disc will provide answers and fixes for all of the issues listed above. Satisfaction guaranteed! All orders are shipped out by first class and you are provided tracking number!

What are ralix reinstall dvd for windows 7 all versions 32/64 bit. recover features?

  • Repair, recover, restore, and reinstall any version of windows. Professional, home premium, ultimate, and basic
  • Disc will work on any type of computer (make or model). Some examples include dell, hp, samsung, acer, sony, and all others. Creates a new copy of windows does not include product key
  • Windows not starting up? Nt loader missing? Repair windows boot manager (bootmgr), ntldr, and so much more with this dvd
  • Step by step instructions on how to fix windows 7 issues. Whether it be broken, viruses, running slow, or corrupted our disc will serve you well
  • Please remember that this dvd does not come with a key code. You will need to obtain a windows key code in order to use the reinstall option
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Ralix Reinstall DVD For Windows 7 All Versions 32/64 bit. Recover, Restore, Repair Boot Disc, and Install to Factory Default will Fix PC Easy! AMAZON

Ralix Reinstall DVD For Windows 7 All Versions 32/64 bit. Recover, Restore, Repair Boot Disc, and Install to Factory Default will Fix PC Easy!

Looking for specific info?

Were do you find a key code?

Usually on the back or underside of a computer. On a laptop it may be covered by a battery – if it is a laptop with a removable, slide out type battery.

Will this disk simply fix a slow computer without reinstalling windows 7?

It does not reinstall windows. Fixing a slow computer; i don’t know. I used this with a windows repair disc and a backup.
I actually don’t remember but i finally got my problem fixed. I would definitely copy (clone) your os drive(c:) for safety. This is worth a shot at repairs. Remember the updates etc are no longer available for windows 7. It’s hard to keep 7 going.

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Well… Can i setup windows 7 ultimate with this?

No you cannot install windows 7 with this cd

When is my windows 7 installation disk coming

This is a question for tracking.

Bought this to reset to factory settings, as it clearly says in description. The tag in the cd sleeve says disk won’t do that. Can i get clarity?

It will not reset to factory settings. It just fixes bugs and such. It was a waste of my money to purchase this.

Can i download a network driver with it?

Hello, i seriously doubt you can do anything with the ralix …when i tried to use it, was as if it was blank disk was worthless. Then i returned it and was charged a 12.99 restock fee for using software. Supposedly the disk is only to fix a reboot issue. Supposedly, you can download a of reinstall windows 7 from micrsoft site as discs are no longer available. But i fail to see how you can download from micrsoft if your computer won’t boot. If you have windows 7 installed, but just need drivers….you could install a usb wireless adapter to connect to internet..then get all your drivers. Don’t know what your situation is, but i would steer clear of ralix.

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My windows 7 laptop is stuck in the “repair tool cannot repair sytem” – will this cd help? I have very valuable files i need to retrieve. Thank you!

I’m not a computer expert, but i remember the s-100 cromempco computer kit i built almost 50 years ago — my understanding is this disk merely renews the boot file, and doesn’t affect the system files. Leaves them intact along with all other files. I wanted it to, but it didn’t, but my system rebooted fine.

My laptop’s hard disk got broken, so can i recover windows 7 system with this dvd using the activation code that is written on the back of my laptop?

No. This is not a complete windows 7 operating system disk. You need to get a complete operating system disk

Can i put this on an external drive and run it separately?

Hello….i seriously doubt that you can do anything with the ralix…..i would stay away from buying this…..i bought it, tried it and it was as if it was a blank disk. Then i returned it and was charged a 12.99 restock fee. So amazon had the disk and my money and i had nothing and was worse off than before. They claimed because it was software and was used once there is the high fee. Amazon items must be returned unused to get avoid a restock fee.
Supposedly you can download a reinstallation of windows 7 from microsoft site for free…i have never tried that. And i guess reinstallation disks are no longer available. Not sure any boot repair disk will actually work….and that is all that this item claims to be, but the listed description is misleading…as if it could actually reinstall windows 7.

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Qué es el código de reinstalacion? No podría hacer una nueva instalación de windows 7 sin el código de rsi no lo tengo, no podré reinstalar windows 7?

No conozco la respuesta, nunca pude usar el disco. Saludos

Is this just for reinstalling on a system that already has windows or will this install on a completely new hard drive?

This is for a system that already has windows 7. It is supposed to fix a boot issue. It did not help me and it seemed as though it was a blank disk. This dvd cannot reinstall windows 7. There are no windows 7 reinstall disks available anymore, but i heard that windows 7 can be reinstalled from the microsoft website. I have never done it nor verified it. The description of the dvd is very misleading. At first glance it appears that with the dvd you can reinstall windows 7…not true.

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Will this disk do a clean install? I have the product key.

Hello…..absolutely not!!……there are no disks available anymore that will install windows 7 as far as i know. But supposedly it can be done from the microsoft website…i have never tried it. Installing windows 10 may b your only option.

Can i replace my vista home premium with this dvd

Hello, you can not replace vista with the ralix disk…this disk only fixes a reboot issue…so it says. I used it and it did not do anything…like it was a blank disk. There are no versions of windows 7 available anymore. On to windows10. Or what i plan to do is install linux ( 64bit) someday when browsers no longer work well with windows 7….just to avoid windows 10. If your computer can take linux 64 bit, i suggest try that…either by download or you can run it from from a usb drive. Amazon has it cheap. Linux 32 bit will also work, but support will be phased out soon enough. I think you can buy a usb drive that has 32bit and 64. Good luck.

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I was given an old computer from work that’s password protected. Would this work with restoring it to factory settings and deleting everything on it?

Quite possibly, unless they put a bios level password on it. Look that up online, search for bios password. When starting the computer you would hit f1 before it boots. That would get you into bios mode. If not look up how to get to the bios (basic input output system) for (your make and model of computer). Once in the bios, you can click around and it will have boos password enabled or disabled or none. If it is disabled or none, then you can likely proceed to install windows – if the computwr has the install code / coa listed on it for the operating system that you are trying to install. If it does have a bios password – search for how to get past the bios password online.

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Getting “no drive” message when trying to reset password. Will this disk fix this error?

Absolutely worthless company. I emailed them followed directions. They responded with encouragement that they would help. Then the guy writes ‘sorry the product wont help you, we’ll return your money.’ never heard back from them again after four or five messages. Could never acertain if they returned the money either. I have to admit they wore me out. I was do discouraged i still haven’t gone back to work on that dell i got them on the phone i was really pumped on this company so it sucks even more that they were so incompetent. 🙁

Does this work on a hard drive that has been wiped clean?

No it does not! I ordered this to reinstall windows 7. I got a card inside that says “this disk will not restore your windows to factory settings, nor is it a full version of windows. It is to help your boot problem & *not* a disk to reinstall windows. This product is junk! Do not buy!

Hola yo pedí windows 7 home premium pero no viene la clave para activarlo

Hola, tampoco pude usarlo. Saludos

Where is my package?

Contact amazon support email them.

Do you have to get into boot menu to install this?

Yes you will need to change the boot from hdd to cd depending on your computer

I know my password and when entering it i get ‘the user profile service failed the log in user profile cannot be loaded. Will this device correct it?

Sounds like your profile data got corrupted this disc will correct it and will reinstall your operating system but anything that’s on your hard drive anything that’s on your computer right now will be deleted and will absolutely work try going to disk management first troubleshoot and repair the disc that usually works about the reinstallation of your operating system should be your last choice and it will absolutely work you have a recovery disk or partition or thumb drive that will work also without having to delete what’s on your hard drive but anywho hope you have the best of luck have a good day

Ralix Reinstall DVD For Windows 7 All Versions 32/64 bit. Recover, Restore, Repair Boot Disc, and Install to Factory Default will Fix PC Easy! AMAZON

Ralix Reinstall DVD For Windows 7 All Versions 32/64 bit. Recover, Restore, Repair Boot Disc, and Install to Factory Default will Fix PC Easy!

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Saved money with this one purchase

I purchased this product in hopes to re-install windows 7 home premium on my acer laptop. I was very skeptical at first but it did what it claimed, booted my system and installed a fresh copy of windows on my laptops newly installed hard drive! If you are installing a completely fresh copy, you will need your product code found on the sticker of your system, after about a minute it will continue the installation process. After your first run i would suggest a direct connection by cable to your modem since some drivers specific to your system will not be installed. Therefore you will need to go online and download them from the company of your computer. This product was easy for me to use, all menus are straight forward, a very well done tool one every windows 7 owner should have in the toolbox! My hat off to the creator and company of this wonderful product!

5Expert Score
It does what it claims.

I knew what to expect. It worked perfectly.

5Expert Score

Boots and worked

5Expert Score
It worked

It was straightforward in saying what it would do and not do and it fixed my computer in about 20 minutes. I haven’t done many reviews, but this really was worth it to me to let some know that this disc can bring a computer back to life. Give it a try, follow directions and after it’s inserted, just do a restart and the disc will do the rest. Good luck!

5Expert Score
Ralix reinstall dvd for windows 7 all versions 32/64 bit

Trying to keep it real, i have to say i didn’t know whether i would find this helpful or not. It turned out to be extremely useful because sometimes pcs do not come with an install disk, but they come with a product key code. When that happens, there is no way to reinstall your os (operating system) when a crash or freeze happens (and they do happen). This product allows you to reinstall any windows 7 os without any problem(s). What a life saver! Note: because i didn’t have/need the touch screen element, i did not rate it above.

5Expert Score
Disk worked. Lost all personal info

I was able to fix my windows 7. I did lose all my pictures, movies, ect. But it restored my windows 7. So to the fact that if lost all my stuff… Can’t get it back i don’t think. Also since i did lose everything i went ahead and upgraded to windows 10. So the total cost of me restoring my laptop and upgrading the operating system cost me about $8. You can download windows 10 for free. Just look around and you’ll find a free download of windows 10. Then look around for working keys.

5Expert Score

After i ordered this i had mixed feelings because i was reading some bad reviews..but let me tell you, this it does exactly what it’s supposed to do no it does not re install windows..what it does do is it fixes all your internal errors that your computer is having due to mixed up/missing files it made my girlfriend’s computer which was completely bogged down and took 20 minutes to load a page run like it’s brand new again… And i received it in 2 days!! Great thank you

5Expert Score

It worked perfectly

5Expert Score
Great product

Very convenient

5Expert Score
Windows 7 salvaged

The cd allowed a total recovery of my crashed windows 7 software. The installation was simple and saved an old computer. There were some issues with adapter drivers following installation, however figured it out and everything works like new.

4Expert Score
Got my system up and running, but need to leave the disc in

It worked

4Expert Score
Didn’t work for me

They refunded the money since it didn’t work which is a good thing

4Expert Score
I think it worked or helped.

I think it worked or helped. Using this & other stuff at the same time. Go on line to see instructions.
For windows 7 ultimate.

4Expert Score

I only purchased the disk to boot up computer.

4Expert Score
Does not work with my labtop


4Expert Score
Cheap and worked well

Well it is stable and a needed it to use on a backup laptop cheap too.

4Expert Score
Mixed messages but worked

Listing says it will re install windows, the item i received has a disclaimer saying it won’t… I still tried it out and worked for me for reinstalling

4Expert Score
Just what my pc needed to get it up and running!

Received it quickly although it was sent in the mail. I would have rated it it 5 stars but the dvd was sent in a plastic bag, meant for clothing with 0 padding or protection for breakage. Luckily it was unharmed and worked perfectly. Brought my pc back from ‘no bootable disc message’ to booting normally. Thank you for this easy solution!

4Expert Score
The boot file is restored, but that's it (i believe)

I suppose it was worth the price, but actually i would have preferred having a total restoration over and above the boot file (which, i must say, necessary for sure). They (microsoft) just isn’t willing to give you a disk like that, because they want your money, even for an os over 15 years old, i guess…..so, i’ll gradually form a definite opinion as to whether it was worth it, or not.

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