RCA FRF470-BLACK 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, Black

RCA FRF470-BLACK 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, Black

Buy RCA FRF470-BLACK 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, Black: Chest Freezers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are rca frf470-black 7.0 cu. ft. chest freezer features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 7.0 cubic foot chest freezer with adjustable thermostat control
  • Power on indicator. Front controls allow for easy temperature adjustments
  • Holds approx. 135 lbs. Of frozen food
  • Easy-access defrost drain
  • Includes wire basket for easy storage
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RCA FRF470-BLACK 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, Black AMAZON

Buy RCA FRF470-BLACK 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, Black: Chest Freezers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

How many average size disassembled bodies can you fit in this freezer?

Would it be wrong if i asked for the specific culture of referecensed ‘average sized’ body?
Because… I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knew this asian guy, he hasn’t heard from since a guy he knew, knew a guy, who bought this same freezer from a guy, who knew a guy, who drove a truck for this guy, who had a freezer just like this exact one, fall off the back of this guy’s truck.
So, to answer your question, precicesly…? Yes!

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What are the interior dimensions ?

It holds about 4.3cu ft– an outstanding product for the money. We live in arizona and keep this unit on our patio with up to 115 degrees and it has kept everything solid

Help… This states (voltage 240 volts) ?? And is it frost free ?.. Most are 120 volts.. Is this 240 or 120 ? & is it frost free ?

Believe it’s just 120. Haven’t had any frost issues yet (had it for a few months).

Why was i and many people sent damaged units? No issue with packaging and the way it was packed i cant see how it got damaged, thus was sold damaged

It’s hard to say exactly, i hate to blame it on the transfers from trucks and the package handlers, but that’s probably where it happens. I work for the post office and i hate having to deliver packages that were damaged before i got them. Ours was never damaged. Probably depends on the distance traveled as well.

How much head room is needed to open the lid?

It opens up wide enough to get in. It’s a really good freezer.

Does this model lock

No. Also, on the website it says 240v. I was going to get the house wired for it, when i got it, it was 120v. It worked out better for me.

I can’t see in the picture, but does this unit have a drain plug to defrost it? Thanks for your response.

Mine has one on the front left side.

How many 5 gallon cornielius kegs can it fit inside with a collar added?? (very important that i know)

3-4 would be my best estimation

What are the outside measurements?

20.5′ deep x 28.75′ wide x 32′ tall

What are the exact measurements (wxhxd)?

Dimensions: 19’w x 22’d x 33’h

Can this freezer maintain a consistent -10 degree temperature?

I cannot confirm that it can hold -10 degrees, but i can attest to a constant 0 degrees in the south in the dead of summer, meaning 101 degrees and 100% humidity outside. We’ve been very happy with it. Should we have ours at -10? I thought 0 kept out bacteria and such. All of our food stays solidly frozen. We’ve had it almost a year and still haven’t had to defrost it. Hope this helps. If you can, let us know why -10 and not just 0. Thanks!

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Will the temperature dial range allow for this to be used as a refrigerator instead of freezer?

That is a no

What is the temperature range this freezer will work at? Need it for a garage in az.

The book says it should not be in a garage that is not insulated and should not be under 55 degrees fahrenheit. I didn’t know that when i bought mine. It is in a garage that is not heated but so far after many years water does not freeze in the coldest temperature so i have my fingers crossed. Garage is insulated. So far i love the freezer and my electric bill has dropped . I replaced an old freezer. Good luck

Do i need to put this on a table or can i keep this on the floo

This goes on the floor. You would have a hard time getting into it if you had it on a table, and the table would need to be strong

Please, can anyone tell me if this freezer runs on 110v outlet, or does it need a 220 volt outlet??? Normal outlets are 110 volts.

It runs on normal 110v outlets.

Can this be used in a place that has no heat?

I am not sure if this a correct answer, but i use mine in our garage in kansas city, mo and gets as cold as 26 degrees; it works great.

How does the amazon protection plan work?

Worst plan i’ve ever experienced!!! The product broke after 6 months. No product replacement, no refund. We lost a whole summer of our frozen garden vegetables. Extremely disappointed!!!!

Do i need to place anything under this to catch condensation?

No – it is not necessary to place anything under this to catch condensation during normal operation. When defrosting the unit – place a couple of old bath towels on the floor underneath and in front of the unit to absorb moisture from melting frost/ice.

Does it actually takes 3-4 momths to deliver?

I don’t know, but that’s about as long as the motor lasts!

Does anyone have information as to how cold this unit will get?

It gets cold but i bought this unit feb 17 2016 hasn’t been a year yet and it stopped working out of the blue lucky i still have the warranty for a year where they are going to replace it

RCA FRF470-BLACK 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, Black AMAZON

Buy RCA FRF470-BLACK 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, Black: Chest Freezers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Arrived on time in perfect condition

Arrived damage free and its running like a champ. Much more storage than i expected i must have been looking at the 5.0cf freezer. Great relief to have it arrive in such a shott time. The previous freezer i ordered from a different seller never showed up.

5Expert Score
Super cool

Cool and quiet.

5Expert Score
I gets the job done “i guess”

I actually almost lost 1000$ worth of meat relying on this freezer. Meat was frozen, i let this freezer chill for about 36 hours i put the frozen meat in it and the meat began to thaw. I had to cycle the meat and put it in friends freezers. Aswell as my personal freezer. After being loaded it didn’t finally refreeze the meat for almost an entire week. Be careful using this freezer. Don’t listen to the directions. It has kept the meat frozen thus far.

Edit: my husband admitted that it was user error lol. Gotta plug it up before you use it

5Expert Score
Perfect condition and arrived early

I didn’t realize how big it was gonna be but i’m glad i chose this one instead of the 5cu ft. Arrived a day early too. In perfect condition and runs great!

5Expert Score
I love this freezer

I love this freezer, i just got it today. Looks great in my kitchen, and i love the size. I was getting worried because it states the width is 22′, which was perfect for the space i have. I then noticed a review that stated it was actually 29′, so i was starting to get nervous and was thinking if it is 29′, i was going to have to send it back. I was happy when it arrived and it was 22′. I also read a review that someone was having a hard time getting the yellow sticker off. They must pay attention to these reviews and change stuff as needed, because mine was held on with a small piece of tape which came off easily. I would recommend it, but if you wait for it to be on prime you will save $60. I kept it on my wish list and watched till prime had it available. You have to keep and eye on the item and act quick once it is back in stock on prime.

5Expert Score
Fantastic purchase. I've been looking for a black 5

Fantastic purchase. I’ve been looking for a black 5.1 capacity deep freezer, and was having zero luck. A lot of other sellers were asking crazy amounts of money online. Can’t beat the price with free shipping! Plenty of storage for its size, and once it’s plugged in, it freezes fast. It arrived very quickly, which was a lifesaver as my regular freezer had begun spitting frozen items at me every time i opened the door from all the stuff crammed in there lol. The only thing i’ve noticed that some may find undesirable is that after you close it, the thermostat kicks back on and there is an audible low whistling. It only lasts a few seconds, but it scared the bejesus out of me the until i got used to it. I don’t think this means there is anything wrong, it’s just the freezer doing what it’s supposed to do.

5Expert Score
It would be a good buy. Well

After reading some of the reviews about damages and items not working and such, i was kinda terrified to order this item. However, i read enough reviews to know that if it arrived undamaged, it would be a good buy. Well, it arrived well-packaged and undamaged. Took me a couple of days to get the temperature adjusted to where i wanted it, but ended up using the ‘3’ setting to get below zero. It’s extremely quiet and i love it. Someone mentioned that the yellow tag was hard to remove. Maybe they had a different vendor or something, because mine came off fine. I would highly recommend this item, even if it had not been on sale.

5Expert Score
Your guarantied dented up freezer but 7.1 not 5.2 people are calling trash

It is dented up you are guarantied to get a dented up freezer here, don’t listen to that voice that says well i might not get one nooo!!! Don’t listen!!!!

With that said it has been very reliable!!! And extremely energy efficient!! I am in california where they kept shutting off our power without regard to our food or offering replacement (pg&e shut off) besides that while others food went bad by the time peoples power was turned on, my food was still frozen!!!

So while i gave negitive before over dents because how it has performed it earned the 5 stars!!!

5Expert Score
Do your research but you will not find a better quality made chest freezer in this size.

I did a lot of research before settling on this item. Although this igloo did have a minor ding in it,the boxing proved to be efficient. I have to say i was surprised on how quickly this freezer got to -10 in very little time. The compressor is low noise! Very well made!

Update:2/6/17 after almost 2 months,i have to admit that even standing next to it,you can just barely hear it running which is not very often even stuffed to capacity! What a ‘well made’ chest freezer this baby is! Totally impressed!

5Expert Score
Perfect look, fit and performance!

I ordered this freezer for use inside my apartment because the size of the refrigerator freezer provided by the building just wasn’t cutting it. It’s not bulky or noisy at all. Very quiet to silent when in cooling mode. The black color matches my appliances and decor so it doesn’t stick out like a white one would. Perfect for storing meats, frozen foods and bags of ice when you are having a party!

4Expert Score

Great additional storage for the garage

4Expert Score
Would recommend

Nice size- not too big- not too small

4Expert Score
Damage deep freezer

Very excited about receiving my new deep freezer. It came quicker than expected too. But when we received it the shipping box was damaged as well as the freezer. I don’t know ‍ if i should send back and risk losing the food i purchase it for or deal with the dent.

4Expert Score
Works but damaged in shipping

Ordered this to supplement my freezer space with my big family seems to do that quite well. But i was kinda disappointed after laying the price for it, showed up with the side caved in. I don’t want to hassle with attempting to exchange it.

4Expert Score
Update: it's still going

Exactly what i needed. Small ding in the corner, not an issue can hardly notice unless you looking for it. Not noisy but you can hear it depending on where you have it or how big your place is ( i am in a 580sqf apt ). Does what i need it to do. Have only had it about a month but so far so good.

Update… It has stopped working after a 1 year and it is passed warranty. Not sure if it is the start relay on it but trying to find parts is impossible. Do not buy it is a waist of money. Now i have to replace it with 3 weeks until thanksgiving ugggghhhh….

Update 8/3/2022: after fixing the issue above in 2017 it is still going. I love my freezer. It gives me that extra space i need.

4Expert Score
Not bad…

So far, no issues with this freezer. Like other reviews, this arrived with a dent in the front, which means little to me since i would probably have dented it anyways. It is indeed an rca freezer instead of an igloo, which i am slightly confused about, but i guess i am not mad about it since it still works fine and i got a good deal. I would say that, like most online purchases, you have to make your own mind up, but i feel it was a good purchase overall.

4Expert Score

Awesome freezer love that it came in black. Very secure packaging.

4Expert Score
Damage to item ordered

I received my freezer yesterday, and am extremely pleased for the most part. It actually arrived faster than you had anticipated. Once i got the bix opened and the freezer all set up i noticed it had some damage – a dent on the door and the lower right bottom corner- in the front was also damaged, like it had been dropped. Overall i like the product but …..

4Expert Score
Great product/ bad shipping

Love the product. However shipping was a joke. I had it delivered to my daughter at college. She was home at the time. Lives in a second story apartment and the delivery guy left at the front desk. I had to drive 1 1/2 hours in my truck to get it and took 3 of us girls to get it up the stairs when ups has handtrucks they could have used.

4Expert Score
I just really hate the fact that my freezer is beat up looking

When i received the freezer, it was left on my door step. When i opened it the corners were damaged on 3 sides. I just didn’t have the time or energy to send back. The freezer does work very well though. I just really hate the fact that my freezer is beat up looking. It does not look brand new.

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