Reolink E1 Pro 4MP HD Plug-in Home Security Indoor Camera with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Two Way Talk, Motion Alert, Multiple Storage Options, Ideal for Baby Monitor/ Pet Camera

Reolink E1 Pro 4MP HD Plug-in Home Security Indoor Camera with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Two Way Talk, Motion Alert, Multiple Storage Options, Ideal for Baby Monitor/ Pet Camera : Reolink E1 Pro 4MP HD Plug-in Home Security Indoor Camera with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Two Way Talk, Motion Alert, Multiple Storage Options, Ideal for Baby Monitor/ Pet Camera : Electronics

What are reolink e1 pro 4mp hd plug-in home security indoor camera with 2.4/5 ghz wi-fi features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Easily plug it in, connect it to 2.4g/5g hz wifi, and you’re all set to install your own home security camera system. No subscription fee needed.
  • Reolink e1 pro is an indoor security camera with 4mp super hd which allows you to better monitor your babies or your pets in clear details.
  • By using the reolink app, available for ios and android phones, and the reolink client for windows or mac, you can talk to your family, no matter where you are.
  • Easily control your wifi camera to rotate 355° horizontally and 50° vertically. With 8 pcs ir leds, you can see every move of your baby or pet clearly at night.
  • Supports 24/7 monitoring when connected with reolink nvr. You can save motion clips to a microsd card (up to 128gb) and the 7-day free reolink cloud for double insurance. (micro sd card and nvr are not included.)
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Reolink e1 pro 4mp hd plug-in home security indoor camera with 2.4/5 ghz wi-fi details:

Product dimensions

2.99 x 2.76 x 4.21 inches

Item weight

7 ounces

Item model number

E1 pro-b


Reolink digital

Country of origin


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Reolink E1 Pro 4MP HD Plug-in Home Security Indoor Camera with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Two Way Talk, Motion Alert, Multiple Storage Options, Ideal for Baby Monitor/ Pet Camera AMAZON : Reolink E1 Pro 4MP HD Plug-in Home Security Indoor Camera with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Two Way Talk, Motion Alert, Multiple Storage Options, Ideal for Baby Monitor/ Pet Camera : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Are you able to go back to view recording during the night or day?

If you have a micro sd card in the camera, you will be able to go back and view it. Without the sd card you can only real time see what’s happening, no recording.

I want to set up the camera with the suggested hard drive to record continuously, but via wifi and no cloud. Possible? Not the card!

If you want to record all day long go into your settings at the top press the gear button at the top then go to camera recording and turn that on that will record all day long until you turn it off. If you want to be notified if there’s any motion then just four or five selections down from camera recording select push notifications and turn that on and if you have any motion it will notify your phone. And when you get home if you don’t want it recording anymore do the same thing again just turn off camera recordings and you won’t be recording anymore until you ready to record.

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Does this camera come with hardware to install it upside down?

Hello. Yes, you can install the camera upside down via the base that comes with the package.

Is there a monthly plan you have to pay ?

You do not have to pay a monthly plan. Reolink apps work good. I have three reolink cameras. Only one did i put a memory card in and that was really a waist because i’m recording the video to a ds220 synology nas. Works very well for the price.

Do you need a subscription if i’m going to use the sd card? Users have stated if you don’t buy the subscription service it’s almost worthless.

Hello, you could set the camera to record 24/7 or motion-triggered videos to the sd card without any subscription. Any further questions, please contact us via amazon message.

Can you use echo show 8 with it?

I think the question is can this camera be viewed with amazon device the ‘echo show 8’. The echo show 8 is the amazon screen device the 8 is referring to the screen size. But i am not able say if the camera can with the amazon device.

How long is the power cable?

Dear, the power cable is 4 feet. Thanks for your question.

Do you have a similar camera that has a 90 degree view without rotating? I read this camera has a 50 degree view without rotating.

Hello, you can check at our reolink lumus wifi camera with a 100° horizontal
and 54° vertical view. You can check the link for more details:

Does this camera accept special characters ($, #, @, etc,) in wifi password?

Hello. The limitation for the wifi ssid and password of indoor security camera e1 pro: no more than 31 digits (they may contain numbers, letters, special characters (& <> excluded), chinese characters, and spaces.

Are the ir lights the 940nm lights that can’t be seen at night time? I don’t want any red lights showing during night vision.

Hi, our camera sensitive to 850 nm ir, not 940. And you can turn off the ir lights on reolink app.

Can recording be saved to a nas device like wd mycloud?

Hi, there. If it supports onvif and rtsp, e1 pro can be added to it. For more information, please contact us via amazon message.

I want to use this in mexico would i be able to download the app and use the camera over there?

Hello, there. Yes, you can use this camera in mexico. After downloading reolink app on your phone, you can set the camera up with your network for full control and remote access. For detailed instructions, please contact us via amazon message.

Does it have a 1/4” screw (for tripod) on the bottom?

Hello, sorry that there is no screw for the tripod on the bottom. We will provide a mounting plate to install the camera on the ceilling.

Why are these cheaper on their website

Hello, the reolink product have different promotion plans on different selling platforms. Please contact us via amazon message for further assistance.

Can it record 24/7 with sd card or only through nvr?

Hello, yes this camera supports 24/7 recording to the sd card. You can refer to the link for more details:

Why is max volume still too low to hear?

Make sure your main volume is up and the app volume is up , but there is a noticeable difference in volume the further you are away from unit … Needs mic that alexa has lol…

Does this work with a triband router automatically?

Sorry that we didn’t test the camera with the triband router, so we couldn’t guarantee the compatibility, but as long as the router has the 2.4 and the 5hgz wifi, then it should work with the camera.
For any more informaiton, please contact us anytime via amazon message.

Buenas la puedo poner en el. Exterior fuera de la. Casa?

No es una cámara diseñada para exteriores.

Can you turn off the wifi?

Hello. This security camera can still record to the sd card without a wifi connection. You need to turn on the wifi to check the recording via reolink software, otherwise, you will have to take out the sd card and check the recordings on the computer.

Is therea power cable extension available ?

The cable is long.

Reolink E1 Pro 4MP HD Plug-in Home Security Indoor Camera with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Two Way Talk, Motion Alert, Multiple Storage Options, Ideal for Baby Monitor/ Pet Camera AMAZON : Reolink E1 Pro 4MP HD Plug-in Home Security Indoor Camera with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Two Way Talk, Motion Alert, Multiple Storage Options, Ideal for Baby Monitor/ Pet Camera : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Outstanding compared to wyze!

As you can see in my pictures, you can zoom in pretty far, and being able to keep an eye on my pets when i’m not home. Especially keeping an eye on my elderly dog when she gets into stuff around the house comes in handy.

We had wyze for quite a while and we had multiple cameras throughout the house, but they never made the change over to 5g. When our internet made the change it made our cameras obsolete and we ended up having to return them. This camera is completely compatible and was so simple to set up the camera does a 360 spin and can look up and down! And that’s definitely not something that we could do with our other cameras. For the price that you pay is nearly the same as what you would pay for a wyze camera and you get 10 times better options and quality. There’s even an option to color in certain areas that you want the camera to alert you when something is detected.

5Expert Score
Very easy, excellent camera, named this first one darth minion.

My idea was to set it up on the inside and watch through the window also. That doesn’t work because the camera sees the reflection first. I have double pain windows and have the camera against the glass so that may be the reason. I’m going to buy 3 more. They are easy to get running and actually fun to use. I would give 5 stars on everything, but i have none to compare it to.

5Expert Score
Sr. Nanny cam

We purchased these cameras to watch our elderly mom, she is 91 and not as steady on her feet as she once was. Mom had fallen in her bathroom and could not get up, we had tried the life alert pendant, but she kept pushing it and playing with it. The camera was the perfect solution, i get notifications each time she moves so i always know where she is lol i can talk to her even when i am not home and she can no longer sneak to bed all day long. The perfect solution to give me time to get to the grocery store and do my errands!

5Expert Score
Función rtps de buena calidad

Excelente producto, la compré para funcionar como webcam debido a la pandemia, necesitaba algo de que transmitiera una imagen de buena calidad y lo conseguí, no es nada difícil configurar la cámara y la función rtps no es nada complejo. Recomendado al 100%

5Expert Score
Great indoor camera for remote monitoring

Many good features, especially the remote control capabilities including being able to set specific views and a default monitoring point. I was able to adapt the mounting plate to put a threaded mount and make a nice stand to set a better viewing position

5Expert Score
Loving it the first month in.

Great night vision and easy to use. Never have any big issues with the app. Only jssues are the audio comkng out if i try and talk to my bunny isnt very good. She can barely recognize my voice..thr other is its a little frustrating moving the camera aroind througj the app. Its not the most responsive. Cant hesr whats going on that good but the purpose on which ai need it for it serves. Allows me to have a peace of mond when im away and worry about my bunny bff.

5Expert Score
Excellent ghost watchperson?

This was easy to plug in and get working. I already had the app loaded on my phone, from my 4-cam/8-channel nvr system. Plug this camera in to the network and power it up, set it up. Unplug the network and power, and put it anywhere there is a power receptacle. Instant wifi cam!

Mammy cam. Got this for mom. I can watch my 89 year-old mom from anywhere my phone is. I can see the whole room, or zoom in on the bed. I can see if her eyes are open in the darkened room. (almost creepy… But now i can know that i might need to check on her comfort.) i could not zoom in and read the light writing inked onto a post-it on a wall 8 feet away. But that may be asking too much? Image is otherwise more than acceptable.

Pt works from a control-circle showing on the phone screen. (don’t recall whether i tried a ‘swipe’ in a direction, to do this.) z works by spreading two fingers that are touching the image on the phone, standard android zoom. Viewing on the phone offers three resolutions. ‘fluent’, a middle offering, and the hi-def. The highest/finest seems to use phone data, even though it was connected to my home wifi. Does not bother me, but thought i’d mention it.

I also loaded the pc app to my home (gaming) computer. Mouse over the picture, drag left, right, up, down, or scroll the mouse wheel to zoom. Easy. Faster response than the phone. Response seems instantaneous. (add a second for the phone.) have not received sound yet, but i know this is a setting somewhere. I believe i left this turned off at set-up, wherever that setting was, as i was worried about feed-back when i was setting it up. Now i want it… I’ll find it… Just got a mic, too. More work to do.

On both apps, the camara and the nvr seem to register as two different (nvr?) devices.
– my nvr ‘device’ offers me the 3 cams that i currently have it set up to see (a few more are waiting for install), and this camera offers me… This. The nvr can be set up to register and record this camera, also. I just haven’t gotten there yet.
– this camera will also act as it’s own individual nvr device and will record to/ play from it’s own memory card (which you provide – up to 256g, was it?), which it seems can also be accessed from the app, when installed. (i don’t have a card in mine – yet?) when i get to setting it up on the nvr, it will record to there. It can also record to an ftp server. (my nas has an ftp server i can run, to make this happen, and 11 tb of storage.)

more to try, but so far, very good.

5Expert Score
Works fine!

Works fine. I’m not smartphone savy but was able to get this camera up and running after a couple of trys on the phone and the pc. Happy with purchase!

5Expert Score
Great indoor camera

I already have reolink outdoor poe security cameras and they work great. I needed 1 indoor wi-fi camera for rv parked in driveway. This worked perfect.

5Expert Score
Good buy for the money

These seem to work great so far. My daughter ended up buying the same cameras and she likes hers as well.

4Expert Score
Non-trivial install – not for the tech faint of heart

Note that i already have a reolink 420 and a c1-pro (no longer made). I had previously bought the e1 with a single 2.4ghz frequency which stubbornly refused to connect with the iphone reolink app. I have an xfinity arris dual frequency cable modem router where the 2 frequencies are bound to the same name, rather than with separate names as is more usual.

After much communication with tech support, as well as posting questions, i was persuaded to give the dual frequency e1-pro a shot.

Using the reolink app on my iphone, the ca,era could not get any further than the multi-language request to load the app. This was worse than the e1 which at least got to the end of the process but would not connect.

However, as i was told that this camera should work, i connected it to an ethernet cable and used the reolink windows software to make the connection. This worked. I was then able to configure the wifi using the wifi name and password.

So far, so good. However, i use ispy as my software to manage my cameras and motion detection recordings. The latest version did have the e1-pro listed as installable with the ip camera wizard. No joy. It was clearly not able to detect the camera. However, knowing that the camera used onvif, i was able to connect this camera using the onvif menu item., and using the camera’s name and password that was required by the reolink windows app.

Bottom line:
1. The camera does work and can be connected.
2. It would not connect with the reolink app from the apple itunes appstore
3. It did need to be connected using an ethernet cable from the cable modem router and using the reolink window software. This required adding a name and p[password (actually good for privacy).
Once the wifi is configured, the ethernet cable can be disconnected and the camera then works via wifi on the reolink windows app.
4. If you use ispy software to manage security cameras, it needs to be installed using the onvif menu item when adding a camera, and not the ip camera wizard as it cannot detect the camera.

This is not a camera to give to a technical novice as it will generate hours of frustration.

Once connected, it is a nice camera, with good resolution and like the discontinued c1-pro, has sound as well as vision. Afaics, the only improvement over the c1-pro is that the external antennas are absent giving it a smaller form factor for placement (and, a minor factor, is more esthetically pleasing).

4Expert Score
Works to keep tabs on grandpa

I use this to keep tabs on grandpa and his television habits. Grandpa has seen every old film under the sun and wants to see the new stuff. Enter in us getting him a new tv that connects to the internet and allows connections to subscription streaming services like netflix, amazon prime video, etc. But the problem is that it’s new technology, so he will get stuck trying to find the show he wants and won’t be able to do anything with the tv until a family member gets there.

Solution! Enter in the reolink and now family members can login and see the tv screen and him and direct him on what buttons to push to get the show(s) he wants.

Bonus points to reolink for also functioning as a way to monitor and ensure that if grandpa falls, we can see it and he can call out for help and we can talk to him through the reolink.

What is sad, and the reason why this product gets 4 stars, is that the talking that one can do through the device doesn’t always go through and is annoyingly delayed. I want to say that this is an internet issue and not a reolink issue, but the internet is otherwise secure and fast. Wish i could give it 4.5, but .5s aren’t a thing here.

4Expert Score
Good picture quality, reliability may be an issue

Bought two reolink e1 pros. I really like the picture quality, and the ability to pan and tilt (note: these cameras do not have optical zoom, the only option for zooming is to zoom in on the image in software).

The picture is way better, both day and night, than the wyze cam v2 i bought earlier, and the price is not that much higher.

Also integrates nicely with home assistant through the onvif integration, with access to both the high-res and low-res streams, and ability to control the pan and tilt and access presets (presets have to be created in the reolink app).

Unfortunately, today one of the two cameras i bought started showing a bunch of pink/red lines throughout the image. Tried rebooting the camera a few times. Checked the reolink app in case the issue was on the onvif side, but the lines showed up in the reolink app as well. The picture shows the camera aimed at a blank white wall.

As a last resort, tried resetting the camera, to no avail. So this one will go back. Hopefully my second camera will fare better.

4Expert Score
Overall high quality

This camera is high-quality and has some good extra features. It has day vision and night vision and night vision without infrared. Night vision without infrared works well while behind glass. The one i got had a few flaws but reolink has sent me a replacement. So far tech support has gone well but slow. Mostly handled by email but they did call me several times to try to resolve the flaws. Connecting to more than one network requires entering the password every time you try to switch to another network. If you do it while both networks are available (such as connecting to a hotspot) it’s easy but if they’re not available at the same time then a complete reset is necessary. The flaws and the network password issue are the only reason i gave it a 4 star instead of a 5. If the replacement works as good as i hope then i would recommend this camera to anyone. Picture quality is definitely great.

Update: got the replacement 2 1/2 weeks ago. All the same glitches as the 1st one. Wifi occasionally disconnects, motion videos sometimes are 0 or 2 seconds long and often not accessible. Reboots seem to help but video quality and optional functions are great. 4mp video quality option is amazing. Still give it a 4 star.

4Expert Score
Easy setup

Extremely easy to set up. Configuration on the other hand, not so much. If using the camera with default settings works for you then this should be fine. If on the other hand you want to tweak the settings for direction, sensitivity, and amotion alerting, then you might want to opt for a better camera.
I’m seeing a lack of fine movement control for precise directional aiming. Sensitivity setting seem to be more off/on than a gradient as the setting is laid out as when an alert happens there is never anything in the captured image. Seems to lack the ability to set motion detection to a specific area of the viewed frame. There isn’t a zoom button per se, instead it uses the 2-finger pinch on the phone screen to zoom in so on a non-touch display what you see is what you get. May be one, but i haven’t found it yet.
This rating gets bumped up to 4 stars because at this price point it is probably working as expected.

4Expert Score
It works on 5g!

I purchased this camera for our business as i had just set up t-mobile 5g internet, the previously installed cameras only worked on 2.4g. So, i’ll say again, this camera worked on our t-mobile 5g network. The feature to allow moving the lens is great but it limits the viewing angle so finding the right location and height was required but not a big deal, however it is nice to sit at home and see the live stream and be able to pan the camera to look around. The app was fairly easy but every time i unplugged it and set it back up it was tricky going through the set up to get everything connected again (wifi and app mostly); one time i had to delete the camera from the app and start over but all-in-all not bad. I would recommend this for 5g use and for the remote panning feature.

4Expert Score
Works but a little frustrating

Got this because i needed one that worked on 5g. It was labeled as working on 5g, but when i went to connect to the wi-fi the app said it could only connect to 2.4g (via wi-fi). It does work on 5g but only on a lan connection as far as i have found. The video quality is okay. I bought a different camera at the same time and i like the other one better, but this one is fine and does the job as well. I took a star off for the app not allowing 5g wi-fi despite the camera saying it could work on 5g. I feel like that should be clearly labeled somewhere. Hopefully others can find this helpful.

4Expert Score
Works great once set up

I had difficulty with setup using the phone app. I needed to connect to lan to get the camera to sync with the phone app. I have 2 with same issue, but now am very impressed with the performance. I have these operational for about 2 weeks.

4Expert Score
Works great

Seems to do good, you have to play with the brightness, when on night vision it blurs a little.
Playback is a little slow, sd card is kinda hard to get in it feels like your going to break it.
Just minor things works great on the app.

4Expert Score
Inexpensive camera with some good features

I set this camera up behind a glass window that looks out onto the front door patio area. It does provide decent, although not super high quality images. The night images are fantastic if you use it without placing it behind a window or glass. Unfortunately for my intended use, the glass reflects so much of the infrared light that i only get interference from the reflection, and no worthwhile night image. The camera movement control is a bit jerky and hard to pinpoint accurately. A positive is that the company does provide free cloud storage (limited), so it is easy to go back and review video capturing activity. I will likely return this because it does not meet my intended use, but if the camera were mounted outside, i think it would do a good job at a reasonable cost.

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