Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Regular (Fits 3-8 Quarts), 6 Count

Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Regular (Fits 3-8 Quarts), 6 Count

Buy Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Regular (Fits 3-8 Quarts), 6 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders
Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners: Make memorable meals with reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners, and save time on cleanup. Grab these slow cooker bags for slow cooking without dealing with stubborn, stuck-on messes. Each slow cooker bag measures 13 x 21 inches to fit 1- to 3-quart round and oval slow cookers, and is made with a bpa-free heat resistant (up to 400 degrees fahrenheit) nylon-blend construction. Spend more time with your loved ones and less time in the kitchen with these fda-compliant, food-safe reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners.

What are reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners features?

  • Slow cooker liners: this package contains six reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners, each measuring 13 x 21 inches to fit 3- to 8-quart round and oval slow cookers
  • No soaking or scrubbing: line your slow cooker with these slow cooker bags to prevent stubborn, stuck-on messes
  • Bpa-free & safe for high temps: each slow cooker bag is made with a bpa-free nylon-blend construction that’s safe for low, medium & high settings. Kosher
  • Make meals easy: use a reynolds slow cooker liner next time you make chili, pulled pork, pot roasts, soups & more to spend less time scrubbing & more time with your loved ones
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Reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners details:

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8 x 3 x 1.5 inches; 6.4 ounces

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Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Regular (Fits 3-8 Quarts), 6 Count AMAZON

Buy Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Regular (Fits 3-8 Quarts), 6 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Do you mean 12 boxes of 4 count bags?

With my ‘poor’ english i really do not know what ‘four count bags’ means. Each box contains 4 bags, and 12 boxes contain 12*4=48 bags. What i meant by writing in my review ‘contents as described’, i interpreted 4 count as 4 bags in a box. As i used them before i knew that each box contains 4 bags. If my review was misleading, i do can see in the review by holly who writes:’i purchased these because it said 4 count. Not one box (4 liners).’ the ‘4 count’ here was interpreted differently, but do not know what holly assumed by ‘4 count’. What do you think is meant by ‘4 count bags’?

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Do these fit oval or round shaped cookers?

I have 2 oval shaped crock pots, a 4.5 quart and a 10 quart, and these liners fit both, even though the box says they fit up to 8 quart size.

Can these be used in a pressure cooker?

Hi chattasanree!

This product may not be used in a pressure cooker; as it will melt.

Best regards,

Are these bags labeled bpa-free?

There isn’t anything on the label, but according to the reynolds web site they are bpa free. You can look at click on slow cooker liners click on faq. This has been a geat product to use. Sure helps with cleanup, and i use them in both our 3 1/2 and 6 /12 slowcookers.

Could you use two or three of these at the same time to keep meat, veggies etc seperate while warming/cookng?

Yes. I did meatballs with sauce in one bag and in another bag potatoes rolled in sea salt. I use these bags every time i use my slow cooker. No clean up.

Are these bps-free, which is a more harmful alternative to bpa?

Hi plastique wolf,
reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners are not formulated with bps (bisphenol s).

I’ve used twice when making yogurt in my crock pot, and both times, the liners have leaked. Pretty sure i didn’t puncture. Wonder why.

I always find a little liquid below the bag yet when i lift the bag to dispose of it there aren’t any leaks. I can’t figure out how this happens but it is not any trouble to clean the small amount of liquid on the bottom of the crock.

What’s the maximum temperature of these liners before they melt

Hi greenlite350,
reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners should not exceed 400°f.

Will the smaller size work for a 4 quart oval crockpot?

They fit a 4 quart oval crockpot just fine

Does the box say bpa free on the side next to box tops for education?, if not might be an old lot.

Yes it does! Just check!

Does this help create a tighter seal on slow cooker? My slow cooker doesn’t cook properly because the lid isn’t flush against the stoneware.

Reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners will not create a tighter seal. Line your slow cooker with these slow cooker bags to prevent stubborn, stuck-on messes

Will these work with the high pressure setting on a instapot?

No, these should not be used in an instapot.

Do these bags affect the taste of whatever you’re cooking?

Ive never noticed any off flavors from these bags.

I’ve used them for cooking things like pulled pork and shredded chicken as well as keeping things warm like chili and mac & cheese.

Can these be used in a 3 qt. Instant pot?

Hi bxgrl,
we do not recommend using this product in an instant pot.

What should i use to tie the bag? Some things i make need the bag closed.

I’d use a regular oven bag for that type of cooking. These are open all the way across and won’t close up the way you need them to be done well.

Can you use a liner in instant pot? Yes or no?

Reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners should not be used in an instant pot.

Can you reuse

Umm i wouldn’t recommend that. It is like a disposable plastic bag. I feel that would take a lot of effort to clean out and dry etc.

Are these kosher?

Yes, they are. They have the u with a circle around it on the front. (sorry, i’m not jewish, so i don’t know the proper term for it.)

Can these be used on the stovetop?

Hi sherry ann,
reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners should not be used under the broiler, on top of the range, in conventional ovens, on barbecue grills, in toaster ovens, in countertop electric roaster ovens, with racks, or as boiling bags. The possibility of exposing the bag to the heating elements or to heat extremes makes these cooking methods unacceptable for slow cooker liners.
We hope this information will be useful in making reynolds slow cooker liners more convenient for you to use.

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Does anyone else have an 8.5 quart? Will these fit?

No, they will not fit an 8.5. The fit on an 8 qt is snug.

Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Regular (Fits 3-8 Quarts), 6 Count AMAZON

Buy Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Regular (Fits 3-8 Quarts), 6 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Easy quick clean up

I love these! Crock pot use is so convenient… Until you clean it, especially if you leave it to clean the following day! These crock pot liners extend the convenience of cooking your meals in a crock pot. Simply place the bag inside before adding your ingredients. Clean up is quick & easy! Life changing!

5Expert Score
Use these every time now!

These are essential, super easy to clean up. Just take it out and throw it away. Nothing to scrape from the sides or soak off. They do tear every now and then if you use a metal utensil, but still make clean up easier.

5Expert Score
Love this product

My friend introduced these to me. As a person who’s uses her crock pot a lot. This made my clean up so super easy! I can’t believe i never tried these earlier. Plus it save on the wear and tear of scrubbing my crock pot.

5Expert Score
They work.

Like the no mess to clean up when i remember to use them. Certainly not giftable because it arrived all beat up and squashed.

5Expert Score
Easy clean-up!

I love these crock pot liners. Clean-up is so easy now! I have three different sized crock pots and these liners fit well in each of them.

5Expert Score
If you love using your crock pot you'll want this.

This makes clean up so easy. I use to dread the clean up but now with this so easy. I wish i knew about these long ago. I get these all the time now.

5Expert Score
Get these

Got these for a easy party clean up but will buy some just to use more was such easy cleaning

5Expert Score
Fits 6 qt crock pot

This small size fits my 6 qt crock pot perfectly. The regular size was way too big. I am happy i tried the small size even tho it says they are for smaller crock pots, 1 to 3 qt. I have bought them several times and would recommended them.

5Expert Score
Great product

I love these bags. They do a great job no mess. Saves so much time in the kitchen. I even sent them as gifts

5Expert Score
Easy to use

Makes clean up easy and quick less mess in the crock pot

4Expert Score
Pretty good overall

I have been using my crockpot for a long time. I only recently heard about these crockpot liners. I thought how genius is this and i also thought there’s no way this will work. I thought the plastic would melt after getting hot cooking your meal in your crockpot. I was pleasantly surprised that the plastic does not melt or interfere in cooking your meal. This product definitely helps make cleanup easier but doesn’t keep your crockpot super clean because upon taking the liner out i noticed that it almost seeped through. So i still had to clean the crockpot but it was easier than cleaning any stuck on stuff at the bottom.

4Expert Score
Very helpful.

Omgoodness! So very easy to use! Why i never used these before is way beyond me! I was concerned about me being to forceful and breaking the bag in mid cooking. Thinking boy, that would really deflate my purpose of trying these for easier clean up. The bag lasted!!!! Not even through one cooking, but i reheated the leftovers the next night in the same bag! I am very pleased with these bags. I would give this to anyone as a gift who uses their crock pot a lot!

4Expert Score
Almost perfect

Leaves a little bit of condensation or something around the crock pot, but no where near like without the liner. I’ve had liners before that left absolutely nothing in the pot, which is my reason for 4/5 stars.

4Expert Score
Good but sometimes they leak

I was very excited to find these years ago and love them because it makes cleanup so much easier, but sometimes they leak. Even when they leak it is still much easier to clean out the crockpot than it would be if they weren’t used at all.

4Expert Score
Easy cleanup

The liner keeps the slow cooker from getting dirty. As per instructions, the bag needs to be emptied before being removed.

4Expert Score
Easy way u to use the almighty crockpot.. With no mess. Fingers crossed

Excited to use and to keep my crock pot clean…. Will try tomorrow.

4Expert Score
Great disposable item

Great disposable item.

4Expert Score
It works

Keeps my crock pot clean.

4Expert Score
Makes clean up a breeze

Cooking certain things in a crockpot can be hard to clean out afterwards. Scratch “baked beans” is one of those dishes. It seems as if long hours of cooking a fairly high carb item without being able to stir it regularly can cause a stuck on mess in the crockpot. Viola! Enter the reynolds crock pot liners! Simply remove it when the pot is empty and gently wash out the pot.
It is important to make sure the liner is smooth in the pot instead of loose and baggy as that makes it hard to stir and serve.

4Expert Score
Not perfect, but does save time and trouble

First of all, i am reviewing the small liners. I have two crock pots of different sizes to serve different numbers of people. The small is great for just me and my husband. However, these bags are clearly made for oblong crock pots, not my trusty cylindrical crock pot. The large bags wastes so much because i have to roll them up and tape them, and the small barely reach the lip of the crock. I really wish someone would make the right size for the tall/cylindrical crock pots!

Still, overall, these save so much trouble. Every now and then, one will leak at the seams, but they consistently prevent the baked-on gunk. Just be sure to let the bag cool before removing it, as the instructions say, and do it carefully to avoid spilling leftovers.

A smidgeon of condensation will be left in the crock, but a quick hand-wash (not to be confused with scrubbing!) takes care of it and any smell left behind. Like others have said, it’s awkward to leave the crock sitting in the sink to soak, and they don’t always fit well in the dishwasher, either. These liners solve these problems.

Bottom line: even with the occasional defect, or the little corner pockets of food that you can’t get out, or the moisture left behind, they are still worth it.

Important information

Safety Information





Instructions: For slow cooker use only.Do not use with countertop electric roaster ovens. Not intended as a food storage bag. Do not lift or transport liner with food inside as burns could result.

Bulb Voltage

220 volts

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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