Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper Roll, 45 Square Feet

Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper Roll, 45 Square Feet

Buy Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper Roll, 45 Square Feet on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are reynolds kitchens unbleached parchment paper roll features?

  • Unbleached reynolds parchment paper—contains one 45 square foot roll of reynolds kitchens unbleached parchment paper
  • Join us and feeding america in the fight against hunger. For every online purchase you make in september, one meal will be provided to neighbors in need. *$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by feeding america on behalf of member food banks.
  • Oven-safe to 425 f & non-stick—food doesn’t stick to the pan when it’s lined with this versatile cooking paper
  • Fits most baking pans—standard 12-inch width fits perfectly into most standard baking pans
  • Compostable baking parchment—simplify your clean-up with parchment that can be composted in both home & commercial composting facilities
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Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper Roll, 45 Square Feet AMAZON

Buy Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper Roll, 45 Square Feet on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

It says it is made out of reputable sources, is china involved and where is this actually created?

I’m so glad people are asking. Amazon should just clearly post for which products china is involved in any way.

In what country is the reynolds compostable/unbleached parchment paper manufactured?

Hi armadillo willow,
reynolds kitchens unbleached parchment paper is made in germany and packaged in the usa.

Is it a metal blade for cutting or a sliding cutter? Thanks

There is a metal blade for cutting

Can i reuse it after baking?

Yes, depending on how messy it is. I have reused them a few times on a “baking day” and then i usually just toss them. Sometimes the edges will start to get a little burned. But if you want to wipe them down and roll them back up there’s no reason you can’t use these more than once.

Where is this made?

It’s packaged in virginia but the paper is made in germany. The serrated edge on the box is useless. It does not cut the paper worth a darn. I hope this helps.

Is there a chemical applied to make it non-stick?

Hi xavier,
this product is silicone coated.

Greek pizza recipe

I always check on yutube for greek pizza recipes.

Can it be used in microwave

Yes, it can be used in the microwave.

Can it be used for bacon in the oven?

Yes, it can be used for bacon in the oven.

Can this be used in a skillet?

This product should not be used in a skillet on a stove top.

Can i use it in a steamer?

Hi amazon customer,
reynolds kitchens unbleached & compostable parchment paper should not be used in a steamer.

Description says it’s ‘off white.’ does that mean that it’s partially bleached or is it considered unbleached? Thanks.

Yes, it is off-white, like a slightly cream-colored parchment paper. The label on the box says it is compostable, that it is made in france, and that it is ‘elemental chlorine-free’. I’m not 100% sure this means it’s unbleached, though, but perhaps it is likely that it is, indeed, unbleached. I hope this helps!

Would this be appropriate for use in a vermicompost set up? I don’t plan to cook with it, but i’m looking for unbleached paper

I only use this for baking but don’t see any reason you couldn’t use it for other purposes.

Could someone please tell me what makes this paper non-stick? What is it treated with? Thank you!

Aper, or bakery release paper is cellulose-based paper that has been treated or coated to make it non-stick. It is used in baking as a disposable non-stick surface. It should not be confused with wax paper or waxed paper, which is paper that has been coated in wax

Would this be good for pouring hot candy out to cool? Non stick for candy making? ….thanks

Hi denny,
we recommend using reynolds kitchens parchment paper for hot candy.

Reynolds kitchens: why exactly should this parchment paper not be used in a steamer? Thank you.

Since it’s paper it would fall apart.

I use unbleached paper towels to cover microwavables not plastic wrap. The paper towels are often reusable – is this a product that will work, too?


Can it be used in toaster oven ?

It says it can withstand heat up to 450 degrees. Doesn’t say it can’t be used in a toaster.

Can you use this for ironing on patches?

I would think so. People who sew use it to protect their iron from getting sticky when they
are using the fusable web tape stuff for linings, etc. As you can tell, i don’t sew on that
level, so i haven’t tried it for patches, etc. And it certainly is made to take heat.

Does this contain silicone?

Hi fate,
reynolds kitchens unbleached and compostable parchment paper is silicone coated.
This product complies with u.s. Food and drug administration requirements for direct contact with food.

Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper Roll, 45 Square Feet AMAZON

Buy Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper Roll, 45 Square Feet on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Eco friendly, inexpensive and functional

I really liked this product. It works just fine and it was one of the best prices i found. Also, the fact that is unbleached is certainly a pro.

5Expert Score
If you cook, you need this

For a long time i used aluminum foil to cook things on, like fried, reheating pizza, etc. I was always annoyed by foil clinging to what i had just cooked.

This stuff is a game changer. No longer was i picking off little flecks of foil. Stuff slides right off, and the paper is apparently safe for temps up to 420 degrees.

5Expert Score
Beats scrubbing my baking sheets

I’m pretty old to be pretty new to parchment paper, but there was a roll in the house when i moved here. I used it when baking oatmeal almond cookies (which don’t use butter to coat the pan), and realized i didn’t have to scrub the pan. Also, the cookies slide right off using a spatula. Then i noticed you can reuse it several times. I just fold it and put it into a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Then i ran out. Found this kind online, like the idea of unbleached, thought it was a good price, and i’ve been very pleased using it. I reuse it 2 to 3 times before tossing it.

5Expert Score
Makes clean up after baking easy.

I like using parchment for a more even baking. Its easy clean up. This brand is is better quality overall. Its thicker and oils dont soak through from breads and biscuits.

5Expert Score
Makes clean up so easy.

Love lining my pans while baking. The clean up is made so easy.

5Expert Score
Prevents burns and sticking on my sheet pan on high temps with gas oven

I used this paper to cover my sheet pan to make my own zucchini chips baked with pamesiano cheese. Worked great with vegetables. The right width was also handy. Clean-up was a breeze.

5Expert Score
Perfect for baking

Just what i ordered. I can’t bake without parchment paper!

5Expert Score
Love it.

Happy, send to my home. Nice that not go to store.

5Expert Score
The best.

No substitution is quite as dependable & perfect. No matter what you are cooking or baking, no worries! Cannot be without it… For all of you cutting up fresh veges & baking… This is indispensable!!!

5Expert Score

First, i love the built in cutter. I have struggled with cutting parchment from a roll as it keeps curling back on itself. It’s also really durable. I reuse each sheet 3 to 4 times to make cookies and the cookies slide off the pan easily. The sheet still feels like they’re brand new.

4Expert Score
Easy clean up.

Easy tear off. One use goes a long way. Easy pan clean up. When using it as for bread, easy removal also. Easy clean up after a hard day of baking.

4Expert Score
A staple

I use parchment paper in so many ways in the kitchen it really is a staple. Great for lining pans and helps with easier clean up

4Expert Score
Waxy surface

The rweynolds unbleached parchment paper is easy to use. It comes in a roll, like their other wraps, with a perrforated side which makes it easy to cut/ tear to the size you need. I personally do not like it as well as their other parchment, or other brands i have purchased (comparative photos will be added). The surface is a bit waxy, like waxed paper. It does perform well. I have not had an issue with it burning, even at high heat (475).

It is a slightly more slick surface than i am used to. The only way that it differs in performance, that i have noticed, is that when i sprinkle cornmeal or semolina on it, it slides around a bit, does not stay where i put it. Using parchment, the corn meal is not strictly necessary. I still use it sometimes when i want the texture or crunch, and it does add something, especially to multi-grain breads.

It makes oven transfers easy, both sliding it onto a hot baking stone and removing it when it is done. I suppose as i get used to the slightly different texture i will find ways in which one is better than the other for different projects. Right now i am still getting used to its’ having a slightly different feel.

4Expert Score

Multi purpose.:-)

4Expert Score
The boxes arrive broken

I like the parchment paper but it the second time i get it with a broken box

4Expert Score
Thinner than most other brands i've used

However, it does the job of parchment paper and it’s a good price. I don’t care if it’s compostable or not, only price matters for me. Your oven can’t be higher than 425 degrees either.

4Expert Score
Good paper

If u need parchment paper this will do the job

4Expert Score
It can be use in oven

This paper is easy to use and we use it a lot in the oven to cook chicken nuggets and chicken wings. Basically, just lay the paper in the oven, then put chicken nuggets on it, then turn on the oven, that’s it. The paper feels a little oily, and it doesn’t stick. Like it so far.

4Expert Score
Same reynolds product you are familiar with

The box seems a bit flimsier than usual. May be a flaw in this particular batch but i don’t remember the packaging folding and distorting so much while trying to dispense the product with other types of reynolds items i’ve had.

4Expert Score
Great product!

I bought it for so many times, cleaning after bbq is always a pain in the ass, with this only thing you need to do is throw it away and do some easy cleaning, also it won’t burn even with extremely hot temperatures (unless it directly contact fire source), only reason i’m giving four star is the packaging looks like it’s stock from a long time ago, but since it doesn’t expire so it’s ok for me, great product overall!

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