Ring Alarm 14-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – Works with Alexa

Ring Alarm 14-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – Works with Alexa

Ring alarm kit includes one base station, one keypad, one contact sensor, one motion detector, and one range extender.

What are ring alarm 14-piece kit 2nd gen – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – works with alexa features?

  • A great fit for 2-4 bedroom homes, this kit includes one base station, two keypads, eight contact sensors, two motion detectors, and one range extender.
  • Put whole-home security at your fingertips with ring alarm, a do-it-yourself alarm system.
  • Includes a more intuitive keypad with emergency buttons and smaller contact sensors to seamlessly blend into your home.
  • Receive mobile notifications when your system is triggered, change your alarm modes, and monitor all your ring devices all through the ring app.
  • Choose the ring alarm kit that fits your needs and add additional components and accessories at any time.
  • Easily setup your ring alarm by plugging in your base station, connecting to wifi via the ring app, and placing your sensors in their ideal locations.
  • Better with alexa: arm and disarm ring alarm with your voice and get mobile alerts about the sound of broken glass or smoke alarms with alexa guard. Call trained agents from your echo who can request the dispatch of emergency responders with alexa guard plus, included with an eligible ring protect plan.
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Ring Alarm 14-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – Works with Alexa AMAZON

Ring alarm kit includes one base station, one keypad, one contact sensor, one motion detector, and one range extender.

Looking for specific info?

Will this work with ultraloq zwave lock?

I have a lock from ultraloq paired with this one and everything works.

Specs note line of sight. Can motion detectors and other devices be in rooms or basement not in line of sight of one base station on first floor?

The ‘line of sight’ requirement is to detect the motion and is not a requirement for connectivity back to the base station. If you’re motion detectors are unable to access the base station while in the basement or other rooms, the range extender is the device that will assist with that issue. Moving the range extender to different outlets may help to get your connectivity established depending on the separation and location of the devices from the base extender. Think of it as a range extender for your wireless networking equipment. For example, if you have a computer upstairs and your wireless base station is on the first floor and far away from the laptop, connectivity may be degraded. The wireless extender creates a ‘bridge’ between the two devices to help boos the signal. Placement is crucial, but line of sight is not necessary. Hope this helped.

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Detect water leak?

They have a seperate piece that can detect water leaks, if water lines are in danger of freezing,etc. Check out their shop on their website and look for sensors and/or monitors.

How does the tape hold up in a very hot house on the windows?

Honestly, not very well. I live in the southwest and we are having to get creative to keep the sensors on. May be moving to gorilla glue or an epoxy soon.

I need more sensors but less keypad. Can i have a deal with the kit and get instead 2 more sensors and only one keypad?

Just one keypad come with the kit,if you need more sensors all them sold separately

So, the burglar disarms the wifi before breaking in (cuts cable, ect.) does that completely bypass the entire system?

If you mean a burglar disables the internet connection, then the cellular backup takes over and you are still protected. To disable your wifi, the bad guy would have to be in the house already. Construction cut my cable in the alley and i still had the alarm working because the cellular connection to ring. I also have my wifi router and alarm base on a battery backup to keep the wifi going in case of a power outage. The alarm base already has a small battery backup built in for minor quick power outages. Of course sensors are battery powered so no worry there.

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Will apple watch 5 arm and disarm ring security system?

The watch does not arm and disarm the system but you can do it from the app on the phone.

Does one device (the base) register to the router or multiple?

The base station connects to your wireless router. If you pay for the ring protect, it activates the lte service on it also.

Is the cellular backup any different from 1st generation? I get really bad att reception and hoping generation 2 may make a difference

Same thing.

Is professional monitoring working in another country? Like brazil. Thank you

Prolly not son, even my wifi dont reach that far

Sorry a stupid question, but the manual that came along, appears to suggest, we need to install 2 sensors on each door. Can someone please clarify? Ty

You do not. The sensor has two parts, the actual sensor, and the magnet. That is all you have to install.

Is the video doorbell included in this kit

No it is not. You would have to buy it separately.

Can i use sensors from my first ring alarm system

Ring does provide systems that connect to legacy sensors, but you have to look for the model that does. If you shop on amazon or the ring store, the description will clearly state that the hub connects to those sensors.

What is the button on the contact sensor? Or is that just led ring? Wondering if you can press the button to open door and bypass alarm like with nest

The button is to test to make sure it is working

Window sensor killing battery. I have tried averything and a few batteries. Can i get a replacemnt ? I bought it less than a year ago.

I would return sensor. There has to be some defect as i have had sensors on particular windows i open and close regularly (to include doors) for almost two year and batter strength is still fine.

Does this base unit have built in eero 6 wifi router?

Not this model. Look for the ones that say it in the name.

Can this be used outside of the usa and monitored by a local company here or is it only monitored by ring?

It should work anywhere with the app for notifications as long as you have the internet but the cellular back up may not work, and notifying international law enforcement or fire response may be up to you once the app notifies you of the alarm, and power converters will likely be necessary.

Does voip work for monitoring?


How can i schedule installation of ring alarm system

Professional installation is not required as ring alarm (2nd gen) is designed to be diy, but is available in select locations. For more information, visit ring.com/installmyring.

Monthly fee


Ring Alarm 14-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – Works with Alexa AMAZON

Ring alarm kit includes one base station, one keypad, one contact sensor, one motion detector, and one range extender.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Buy this when it is on sale! But be aware the pro version is better!

Update: get the ring pro security instead. When wifi goes out, your ring cameras won’t work. Security will still work with the cellular back-up but the pro version improves your security so your cameras can work too.

This starter kit (and other variations of it) often goes on sale so buy it then to save a few bucks. If you are looking to go ring for your home security needs, then this includes everything you need to get started. The key word is started as you will probably need additional windows sensors (and potentially glass break sensors) to finish it all out.

The main items you need to start with is the base station and a keypad. I believe this one comes with two keypads. The keypads have an internal battery and you can either keep it plugged in or charge it once in a while. The base station needs to be plugged in at all times. There is an internal battery but it switches to back-up power mode which limits the functions available. The back-up power mode is for situations where you lose power. The back-up mode includes cellular data since you will also loose wifi in power outages (thus you are always protected). The hub also serves as a siren.

The window sensors work on doors and windows. It is very easy to install. The app provides detailed information on how to install everything. You will likely need to buy additional sensors to cover all windows and doors. This is where it gets pricey but it is a one time investment.

Optionally, i suggest looking into the ring glass break sensors. While the window sensors will trigger if someone opens or closes a window, it will not trigger if someone simply breaks the glass and enters without sliding a window. Keep in mind, i’ve had these go off if i accidentally hit glass dishes together while in the kitchen.

The professional monitoring is currently $200/year which beats most (if not all) of the major competitors (adp, vivint, etc). I imagine they will slowly creep up but for now, this is a bargain.

If you are subscribing to the professional monitoring, you will also gain the benefit of having your other ring devices gain premium features (cloud storage for ring doorbells and cameras).

I’m not a fan of the subscription model for ring doorbells and such. But i’m willing to pay for professional monitoring so it works out well. The ring app is very smooth and the devices work well. I believe ring devices only have 1080p capability so the loading times for cameras is quick. So you may be interested in a secondary camera system that does 4k but not necessary. I’d suggest looking at options that have local storage so you aren’t paying for cloud services (lorex is a good brand).

All in all, i’m very satisfied with ring. I’d look at other options with their doorbells and cameras to avoid paying a subscription but since it is all included with professional monitoring, i’ve bought quite a few ring devices as it is all available in one convenient app.

Here are a couple other devices to look at in the ring ecosystem:
ring floodlight cameras
ring spotlight cameras (with solar)
ring doorbell

and it all works with alexa as well.

Recently i has an incident where wifi went down. While the security system itself has cellular back-up, none of my cameras and alexa work without wifi. I couldn’t view anything locally either. The ring pro version fixes this so i’d spend the extra dough for that.

5Expert Score
Best value

This was a no brainer purchase for me when changed homes. If you have an alarm already or not, i hope this review will be helpful to you.

Before purchasing an alarm system, you need to set expectations for yourself. What is it going to do for you? Deter burglers? Prevent your kid from running out at night? Know when your toddler runs out the garage door? Lower your home owners insurance premium? There could be many cases. Well with this system, you get far more than what the adt, bay alarm or whomever else knocks at your door to sell you a monthly fee and a contract. I’ll tell you about why i have an alarm and why this one works for me.

1 – price. I hate contracts, many of them auto-renew, and unless you read the small print on page 23 section a-4, you wont know that because they wont tell you out loud :). So for me paying for the hardware without a contract was key. Check! The price of the ring.com hardware is fair and the price of professional monitoring with cellular backup that actually works is $10 a month, but wait – did you know it’s included if you have the protect plus service with ring.com? Yep! That means that $100 a year you pay for unlimited cameras and cloud recording becomes basically free and then some. I cant find any other carrier that will give professional monitoring for $8.30 a month. Superb value here!

2 – access. I don’t want to rely solely on the carrier to respond to an alarm when i’m away, i want to know immediately, not 90 seconds later after my dog is drugged and my tv is halfway out the door. With fluid access via the ring.com app, i can monitor all kinds of things remotely, and the best part…

3 – integration. If you dont have a ring doorbell, floodlight cam, stick up cam, etc – you’re missing out. And with this sytem, it’s fully integrated with the ring cameras to work right along side the alarm for additional security and recording. Do you have an amazon echo? Even better! I have an amazon echo and 4 amazon echo flex speakers throughout my home. Using amazon alexa routines, i can configure announcements for the different door/window sensors in my home. It really becomes an alexa security system for me. Example – an amazon alexa routine can be configured to send an announcement of ‘inside garage door’ through all of your amazon echo devices in the even the door sensor on the garage door changes its state to ‘open’. These are key for me as i’m the one that needs to know when my toddler decides to run outside and not spend a lot of time trying to figure out what door she went out of. +1 to safety there. This is only scratching the surface. You can do all sorts of things following a door trigger or motion.

4 – notification: push notifications let me know immediately when something is wrong such as a door sensor being tampered with, the system going on cellular backup, arming or disarming, or if a sensor is not working correctly.

5 – battery life of keypads: i really didn’t want to run wire to the keypads, so this was really important. Luckily ring has some great power savings settings that have proven to work. The pads (if i remember) were said to last up to 6 months before charging. It’s 6 months and neither of my keypads needs a charge yet, in fact the app shows them at full battery! I dont have the keypads play chirps (since my echos are doing that) and i dont have them light up from motion. They simply are there to arm/disarm or request emergency response.

6 – customer service: it’s important to mention the best customer service comes from a service meeting expectations that doesn’t require a call to a human being. My only interaction i’ve had with customer service as it relates to ring.com is the phone call to me when my alarm went off. They were very kind and helpful.

5Expert Score
Ring all the way

About 2 years ago we got a ring doorbell for christmas. It’s worked out great!
2 months ago we got the 3 outdoor ring camera set from costco, and we’re really pleased with them also. We’ve had an adt security system for over 18 years. The monitoring cost keeps group, and now it’s $74 a month!
We saw the ring alarm system, and with our good experience with ring previously, and seeing it’s only $20/month for professional monitoring, with much more high tech controls, customization, and integration with other ring devices it was a no-brained to consider it. The 14 piece kit was a perfect fit to replace the adt system. After reading many reviews we ordered it, and received it in just 2 or 3 days without prime ordering. We installed it that weekend. It was really simple to install! Just make sure not to install the big part of the window sensor right against the window sill, or you won’t be able to slide off the battery cover. During install 2 window sensors showed up on the smart phone app as “tampered”. We still used the adt system for the past month, since we had just paid the monthly $74 fee.
A couple days ago i noticed the ring camera history no longer worked, because the trial period ended. It was time to switch from adt to ring.
We’ve been paying $30 a year for ring doorbell monitoring. The ring camera subscription was bugging us to start a subscription. Ring said it’s $20/month to monitor all ring equipment. I wasn’t sure if that $20 would cover the 3 different types of ring system, but to me it would have been worth it even if i had more than 1 subscription. I signed up for ring alarm professional monitoring, and immediately found out from the website that my doorbell and cameras were included!!!
I called ring customer support to find out how to transfer my adt initiated local alarm monitoring permit to ring and to resolve the “tampered” window sensor issue. They spent a good half hour or more on the phone fixing the tampered issue. Then they showed me how to find the monitoring permit entry screen (sandwich menu -> settings-> monitoring-> permits). Amazon can’t ship the ring smoke and co “listener” here to california, but in the reviews i saw several mentions of the first alert z-wave smoke detector and co detector being ring alarm compatible. I ordered that 2 days ago, and it’s arriving thursday! That will pretty much complete the full system, unless i get another for the first floor. It’s been a bit of an investment overall, but it’s going to be so much better at much less maintenance costs!
Oh, by the way, i changed one low ring camera battery a couple weeks ago and the other 2 today, so they last close to 2 months disconnected from power and alerting and recording video several times a day from us getting into the view of the cameras.
That pretty much sums up my experience with ring. I’m happy to answer questions, and i may add more later after any actual monitoring notifications.

5Expert Score
I'll never go back to mainstream alarm companies

– this was easy to install; a little more complicated if you want to hide the power cord behind the wall. Otherwise it would have been just minutes.
– 2 keypads for front and back doors.
– professional monitoring is available (currently) for $200 but is not required. I was paying over $60/month for my previous alarm company.
– plug and play with all my other ring devices; control from your phone

– if you want professional monitoring or saving videos up to 180 days, you’ll need a subscription from ring.
– higher up front cost than mainstream alarm companies, which often give you the system for free

other: i haven’t utilized tech support so i cannot rate that.

5Expert Score
Easy install, setup, and use! Time consuming setup

Easy install, setup and use. Quite time consuming to install and setup, but to be expected. Work great, feel relieved to know if something happens while i’m not at home my possessions are being protected. Features are great and the look of the design is very nice. They kit i bought had enough door/window sensors to cover both entry doors and all but one window. I chose to skip a basement window that is covered by a board and a shelf on the outside. All in all, great price, great product ease of install and setup is almost fool proof.

5Expert Score
Easy to install and $10 per month

We had adt who kept raising the prices to the point where we were paying $80 per month for an old, crappy alarm system. Ring saves us a ton and we have cameras all over the house that actual work. And i installed it in maybe 30 minutes – no technical skill needed.

5Expert Score
Great value

I already had multiple ring cameras, so i didn’t have to pay anything extra to add the professional monitoring. This alone is saving me almost $60 a month. The system has already paid for itself just because i no longer have that.

It was easy to install, the app makes it easy to manage and the only regret i have it that i didn’t buy it sooner.

5Expert Score

I can’t believe how easy it was to install this system. I initially had one of the big name security systems. In early 2020, the system ceased working, but i was still being charged $40 a month. When i asked the company to send me another system, customer service gave me conflicting information (doesn’t work with 5g, not showing a malfunction, we can’t just send you a system we have to come in to install, etc.). Because of covid i didn’t want anyone in my home. So, i started doing research and found this system-love it! Will be adding more pieces.

5Expert Score
Added to our system

We had the ring doorbell and wanted to upgrade our system. We bought this to add to our doors and windows for added security and could not be more pleased. It gives that extra sense of security i was looking for.

5Expert Score
Great alarm system.

This alarm system was truly easy to install.

4Expert Score
Easy to install and use

After long deliberation between this and the simplisafe system, i chose ring and i have not been disappointed yet in anything but the glass break sensors (which are reviewed elsewhere) but even with regards to the glass break sensors, ring has been very responsive. I had no issue installing all of the door and window sensors and the motion sensors. I already had a shlage z wave door lock which works with this system as well. With the door lock, i never have to arm or disarm the system separately. When i leave, and lock the door, the system arms. When i get home and unlock the door, ring disarms. I love my schlage lock even more now that is controls my alarm system as well. I can arm and disarm my alarm verbally as well with security codes. I’m the long run, it should be less expensive to have this system compared to simplisafe. It was more expensive to purchase, but the professional monitoring is less and includes the two spotlight cameras i have as well. I have a blink camera as well (which is also an amazon product but is kind of treated like an ugly step child) and i might trade it out for a indoor ring camera as well. I would purchase again given the chance.

4Expert Score
Love it!

Easy to install. Takes time but not difficult. Delivered was very fast. Each contact can either chime or be turned to silent. Two keypads which seem unlit but as you approach them, they light up. This system is controlled by keypad, alexa or app on phone. I ended up ordering the additional 6 pack of contacts. Really don’t need the two motion detectors now. Siren from base is loud but not as loud as i’d like. The echo dots will serve as additional “sirens”. I’m very happy with this system and for $350 (not including tax) who can beat that for peace of mind when heading to bed? Love it!
Be sure to follow the directions. Don’t pull the battery tabs until prompted!

4Expert Score
Works right out of the box.

Break-ins are becoming more of a problem recently and we didn’t feel safe going on vacation with no protection, so we bought this system. The door/window sensors work perfectly and are forgiving when some level misalignment invariably occurs between door/window and the frames. You can also purchase units that mitigate this misalignment for $10. The motion sensors seem a bit insensitive, but eventually activate when moving in front of them, at least at a 15-20′ range that we require for the rooms they’re in. During a recent out-of-state vacation i unerringly received real-time status and history of any activity occurring in the house through the ring app on my samsung phone, both via cellphone service and wifi. Operation was well-tested when i received a frantic phone call from a relative, who has a key, entered the house without calling me first so i could remotely turn off the alarm and then re-set it after he left. So he got a surprise when the loud siren went off. No more sneaky entries to get at my häagen dazs stash. I am not using the paid monitoring service, but get the cell and/or wifi notifications and control anyway. It takes a bit of experimentation to get the audio and push notifications when and how you need them, but it’s all controllable through the phone app and your phone settings when you figure it out (you also must set up a ring account). I had one occasion to call tech support when i inadvertently set up dual identical accounts, but tech talked me through deleting the erroneous one. The only gripe i have is that i got only one ring window sticker, and this and the lawn sign say the house is ‘audio and video monitored’ but nothing is mentioned about the interior sensors, which would be the main deterrent against illegal entry. So far, we’re happy with the system. Update: i added a dedicated gmail account for ring notifications only, and gave it a louder and unique notification sound so that i will know, when in away mode, when the phone’s notification is from ring. So that it doesn’t alert me for every sensor trip, i simply turn off phone notifications for ring on my phone’s settings when i don’t need them.

4Expert Score
Works as expected

Works as expected

4Expert Score
Only one minor preference

The only one thing i don’t prefer is that the keypads have to be plugged in. I would have given this system a 5-star rating if the keypads were battery operated.

The overall system definitely suits our needs. We ran into some hiccups during the setup, but we managed to figure things out. We already have the rug doorbell, so this tied in seamlessly.

4Expert Score
Easy, modern, affordable, reliable.

I really wish they would allow me to integrate this with my smart home. I wish all of these companies would stop trying to be the entire smart home and just open up and let us use their hardware with other smart home solutions. It’s the biggest thing holding back smart homes. Everyone is confused about what works with what and the first time they get home with a rgb bulb that doesn’t work with their system they tend to throw their hands up and quit. Working with alexa and google home isn’t enough.

All that said, this system is great as advertised. Everything works exactly as it is supposed to. Installing is very easy. Support was a little touch-n-go. I had to call because i didn’t use all of the sensors and wanted to clear the warnings about some sensors not being detected. The first person i talked to had a really hard time understanding me, but it only took a couple of minutes to get her to transfer me to someone who did, and they helped me do exactly what i wanted.

The system has been rock solid. We had one false alarm with a motion sensor early on. I still don’t know why because i moved it slightly and it hasn’t happened again. Other than that, it triggers every time we test it, and doesn’t trigger when it shouldn’t. Having battery and cellular backup is nice. It looks like it would function for a few days without power, and you get an alert when the power goes down, so you’ll know if someone flipped your main.

4Expert Score
Fairly easy to install

The information seems to be scattered around on the site. If you keep looking it is all there though. Only complaint with the hardware is that the sensors are too big for some windows. Overall happy with the system so far. Guess i will see when i need it. That is when you really find out.

4Expert Score
Good, not great.

The ring alarm is a good system, easy to install and configure, and cheap monitoring. Unfortunately the lack of some key components such as a glass break detector, heat detector (what you want in your garage or attic rather than a smoke detector), and a loud (neighbor-waking) siren leave the ring system lacking in comparison to other systems like simpli safe and adt. I went with the ring because i already used the cameras but if i had it to do over again i’d go with simpli safe.

One note, ring claims to offer glass break detection via an alexa smart speaker feature called alexa guard. I bought the system expecting to set this up using sonos smart speakers i already own but was disappointed to find that amazon has artificially limited alexa guard to amazon brand devices only, no third-party alexa capable devices work.

4Expert Score
Easy to install

This is a good starter alarm system for your home. The upside is that it is easy to install. Downside is that you have to change batteries every so often. If you have to install cameras with this system, i suggest you get the corded ones to synch with the alarm system. Batteries on this system can be a hole burner in your pocket and maybe difficult for some people who have to change them periodically. I bought the system while it was still on sale at amazon so i did not spend too much money on the system. There are better alarm systems out there but they can be overpriced with the monthly fees. I will change to a different alarm system when amazon prices go up.

4Expert Score
Doesn’t work correctly

I love ring, but this security system doesn’t work probably. Sometimes it just goes off and you cannot disarm it. It is extremely hard to disarm. I had a different company before i purchased ring. It would do exactly as it was supposed to but it didn’t work with my other ring products.

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