Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen)

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen)

Yakibest.com: Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are ring alarm contact sensor 2nd gen features?

  • Get instant mobile alerts when doors and windows open in your home
  • Now smaller to enable increased placement options
  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • Mounts to door and window frames
  • Includes two 3v cr2032 batteries
  • Requires the ring alarm base station
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Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Will these work with the 1st gen ring alarm system?

If you have a ring alarm (1st gen), all ring alarm (2nd gen) sensors are dually compatible with the first generation of ring alarm, meaning you can switch out or add new sensors to your base station to fit your preferences.

Could it work with ultraloq’s zwave lock?

I have a lock from ultraloq paired with this one and everything is working fine so far.

How are these different from the first gen?

The new ring alarm (2nd gen) contact sensors are smaller and more compact than ring alarm (1st gen) contact sensors, and have been redesigned to fit even more spaces in the home. And, they now feature a wider max gap for use with even more windows and door frames. For even easier set up, we’ve added a new button on the front of the contact sensors that communicate directly with the base station. When pressed, your base station’s led light right will illuminate so you know they are in range.

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My garage has been known to get below 32 degrees. Will this operate and survive in cold ?

I have 2 door/ window sensors in my garage and it drops to 32 at times as well, i have had no issues with them other than the battery drains faster than the ones i have indoors i have replaced them once in 2 years i’ve had the system and the rest of my sensors are still with the original battery

Is this gen 2 sensor backwards compatible with gen 1 base?

Will the gen 1 sensor work with the gen 2 base?

I can’t find security devices in ring menu app?

In the ring app go to ‘devices,’ then to ‘alarm base station.’ all the contacts and sensors will be located there

Do you have to have subscription and a base for it to work? Thanks.

You need the base for it to work, however you can choose to self-monitor from your phone/computer.

What’s the difference between this one and the original one?

Not sure about software or internal changes, but the size is smaller

Are they compatible with google home?


Looks like these are zwave sensors can i connect to smart things?


How can i set up the door sensors as i am unable to find the sensors in the ring app set up device option to scan the code

The door sensors do not communicate directly with your ring app. You have to have an alarm system complete with a ‘hub’ that talks to all the devices hooked up to the system including the door sensors. You add the hub as a device to ring first and then the sensors and other alarm components including those from third parties get added to the ‘hub’. These sensors do not stand on their own.

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I would like to see 2gen 4 pack sensors available at some discount. Is there one?

Usually around black friday

How do i get a ups label for return

Contact their support or return it via amazon…

I have an outside ring camera i’m assuming it’s gen 1. Will these work with that? Or do i need to buy something else?


Does this sensor work without having the alarm system? I would like to use it with the ring app to see if a specific door is opened or closed

You need the base station which ties together the ring sensors via z-waves. You can’t just tie your smart phone to a window sensor and make that work.

Will these work if i only have the ring doorbell, mailbox sensor, and the bridge? Or is there something else needed for it to work?

You just need the ring alarm base station for the contact sensor to pair with. The contact will not work without it.

How do i get it to chime (ding dong) when a customer opens the door and walks into the store?

Go to the device setting for that sensor.

Will this work with the current ring basestation?

Yes. All alarm sensors are dually compatible with both generations of ring alarm.

One of mine is defective. It gets loose by itself and doesnt connect when i arm my alarm. What do i do?

I would try installing fresh batteries first or ensuring the battery contacts are clean by taking a little bit of isopropyl, on a qtip, to the contacts. After that ensure the contact has no more than a 1 inch gap. If the contact is being placed on metal you’ll want it way closer, since it messes with the magnetic sensor. (learned that the hard way.) if all else fails, contact amazon or ring.

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Do you need one for each window and door in your home

It will only detect if the window was opened not if someone broke the glass so a motion control would be more effective then putting a sensor on every door or window in a room.

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Got the 8 piece kit & needed more sensors.

We snagged a 8-piece gen 2 home security kit for $60 from a neighbor and we ended up needing more sensors for the windows. Glad this comes in a larger pack than 2! All sensors work as expected, easy install: just scan the qr code which is easily available on the packaging under each sensor & stick the device where you want.

5Expert Score
Just ok

Very difficult to open if you wish to use a screw in side to mount it on doors at time you have to use a screw to stop from opening if you mount wrong you can not use over will not work and no replacement sticky pads you have to send the sensors back some doors and windows this will not work you have to be very creative a door like this picture will not work well so i have to cut the trim a bit and not all windows well they work get the glass sensors much nicer

5Expert Score
Trabaja como debe

Compré este como reemplazo porque el que venía con mi sistema de seguridad ring me consumía las baterías en menos de tres semanas. Hasta ahora va bien y funciona como debe.

5Expert Score
Best alarm system

The ring alarm system is amazing. These sensors are easy to install and just as easy to learn. The tech support is great, i had a doa sensor and they replaced with no problem.

5Expert Score
Easy to integrate into my z-wave network

I currently have 3 of these contact sensors in use with my hubitat elevation z-wave network. They were easy to initialize.
I’ve had a few rare occasions when the system didn’t respond to a door opening. I cannot say whether those were due to the contact sensors, as i never checked the logs.

I like them and will buy more.

(i painted one flat black to match my front door.)

5Expert Score
Works as it shjould no issues

Works as it should no issues

5Expert Score

Just pull the plastic tab off the battery and the adhesive covering off the back and place it where it needs to be and your food! My system picked up a new sensor automatically. Can be placed end to end or at an angle (like i had to in the picture)

5Expert Score
Died already *update*

Original review below. Since then, ring has contacted me and is sending me the 2 replacement contact alarms. Assuming these new ones aren’t defective, i really have no reason to give them any less than 5 stars. Good job with the customer service.

I bought the entire alarm system last year. The contact alarms that are made for you doors and windows go out quickly.

I currently have 4 of them in my house. 2 of them no longer work. The ones that don’t work are indoors and keep dying even after i add new batteries to them.

It sucks because i like everything else about ring, but now i might have to go with a company that won’t send me defective products.

5Expert Score
Excellent sensors

The product is being used for property protection. I am replacing an older security system and the sensors were the last components. Every window and door, to include the garage overhead and pedestrian are now monitored. Activation notifications are prompt and the overall system has adequate technical support. The sensors are easily installed. The batteries are readily available at most stores and last a long time.

5Expert Score

Excellent so far.

4Expert Score
Mostly works great

I bought this to have complete coverage in my house, one sensor constantly drains the batteries and i have to replace every month or so. No other sensor has this issue. Did all the troubleshooting steps and still wasn’t working. I chatted with support and they couldn’t do anything so had me call them and waited 15 minutes on hold. I pray for the protect plus plan which includes extended warranty… Can’t get the $20 sensor rma’d which is ridiculous for a security company. Ended up having to pay off of pocket and buy a new one.

Update- i received a message from ring customer support to resolve this issue and after working with melissa, she got my broken contact sensor rma’d and new one is on its way. Updating to 4 stars, would be 5 if i didn’t have to go through that much to get it fixed under warranty.

4Expert Score
Not all there.

It always seems there’s one out of the package that doesn’t work.

4Expert Score
Functional and smaller but have some flaws.

Overall these are functional as ring sensors which is their main job. The main complaint i have centers around how easily these can be opened. The previous model required pressing a button to open the sensor and we’re quite hard to tamper on accident. These on the other hand practically slide apart if you as much as touch them. This caused me to have to remount some of the sensors since the sensor and magnet would touch when the door was closed hard, something that wasn’t a problem with the 1st gen sensors but something that causes these sensors to fly open and report tamper.

4Expert Score
Good product

Good product

4Expert Score
Overall, happy with product

One bad sensor out of the box, it gave a tamper error that wouldn’t go away. Ring support sent a new sensor. Otherwise, sensors are relatively easy to install. Kits do not come with mounting screws. I used #6 x 1/2′ wood screws to mount the sensors to doors and windows. On one of my entry doors, i had to work around the molding with a wood chisel which was one of the tedious installs.

4Expert Score
As advertised, fast shipment, works well

These are very easy to install and work well.

4Expert Score
Usually easy to install

For the vast majority of windows and doors, this works very well. The only exception i found is some windows in the finished basement that have a tight frame (<1/8 inch of clearance) around the window and open inward. There is no way to attach the two parts where they will not be in the way of each other, preventing the window from opening. I had to install a motion sensor in those rooms instead.

4Expert Score
I always know when someone opens the door!

The ring alarm contact sensor alerts me when a main door opens without fail. The installation of the sensors on windows was much easier than on the doors. One main issue is a piece of trim, a part of a sidelight, that prevents the door from lining up properly for an easy sensor install. If y’all are having a similar issue, you might want to try this simple solution. I found that the adhesive strips lost the adhesive quickly, due to my continuous removing & replacing the sensor components, trying to find a suitable spot. I tested each spot to see if there was enough contact area to sound the alarm when i opened the door. Needless to say, this process was was tedious, time consuming, and infuriating! After considering several other options, including cutting notches in the trim, ( i was that desperate), i thought about those 3m picture hanging strips and they just might provide the extra lift to bring the contact area up enough to sound the alert. Hey, what would it hurt? Success! It worked! I did have to cut some strips to fit the components, but that was not a problem. The best part of this solution is that i didn’t mangle the trim and the sensor can be easily removed and replaced for painting or if we ever move to another house. I hope the majority of y’all won’t ever need these directions. I am giving this product good ratings based on the install on windows and deducting 1 star for my door situation. Fyi, i’ve used the non-picture 3m strips to secure the alarm keypads. I’ll post pix/video later today/

4Expert Score
Ring alarm contact sensors. 6pk

Too expensive compared to other contacct sensors but they are the only ones you can use with the ring system. They got you!

4Expert Score


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