Ring Chime, Notifications for Ring cameras and doorbells

Ring Chime, Notifications for Ring cameras and doorbells

Hear real-time notifications when motion is triggered or when someone presses the doorbell when connected to your Ring doorbells and cameras.

What are ring chime features?

  • Chime box to hear notifications for your ring cameras and doorbells.
  • Hear real-time notifications when your connected cameras and doorbells detect motion, or when someone rings your doorbell.
  • Easily set up by plugging into a standard outlet and connecting via wifi.
  • Choose from a variety of chime tones, adjust the volume to your ideal setting, and temporarily snooze alerts all from the ring app.
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n wifi connection 2.4 ghz.
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Ring Chime, Notifications for Ring cameras and doorbells AMAZON

Hear real-time notifications when motion is triggered or when someone presses the doorbell when connected to your Ring doorbells and cameras.

Looking for specific info?

Funciona con los blink???

Si recibí el producto y funciona a la perfección

Acabo de comprar un ring door bell y no se si no tengo que usar el cable que va en el chime regular si compro este que es compatible tengo esa duda.

No solo con timbres ring

Is this what is needed to adapt a wire ring when there is no door bell

If there is no pre-existing doorbell, or you have the ring doorbell wired then yes, you will need a chime it sinks with your ring doorbell via wi-fi, simple and quick set up with a few different audible chime selections.

The question is can i use 3 chime with one doorbell

Yes. Ring chime connects to 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 ghz wifi just like ring video doorbell and can be paired to any number of ring video doorbells. You can also pair multiple ring chime units to one ring video doorbell. Once connected to your ring video doorbell, your ring chime will work anywhere it has a wifi connection.

Trabaja con siri?

El que tengo yo no trabaja con siri.
Pero es muy bueno estoy totalmente satisfecha con el producto. Me envía las notificaciones al instante

Can i use multiple of this item with the chime pro? We have a 3 level home and can not hear the doorbell upstairs.

Yes. I don’t personally have multiple chimes but i have friends that do and they work fine that way.

Can this be wired into place where my current doorbell chime is or does it have to be plugged into a wall outlet?

No. This is strictly plug-in. I left my old chime right where it was. I have a 2700 sqft house and you can here the ring chime anywhere in the house and the volume is only turned up half way .

How loud is this compare to the gen 1 chime?

I am not familiar with gen 1 chime so i don’t have a comparison answer. The ring chime has several different sounds to choose from are some are louder than others. The 1st one i chose was not very loud at all so i picked a different one which was a lot louder. It really depends on one’s hearing capacity if you are satisfied with the sound.

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When the chime is connected to the alexa system, will it chime on multiple alexas through out a 3 story home?

U have to set up the devices (alexa) you want to alert you, through the alexa app. The chime is set up through the ring app. Through the ring app you can set up notifications ( for the chime) – like motion detection and when your door bell rings. The chime will not alert any alexa devices. The chime is used as a door bell/ sound only. The ring doorbell doesn’t ring loud enough to hear- hence why the chimes comes in handy.though you can get your phone set up as well through the ring app. For a 3 story home you will need multiple chimes. Hope this helps

Is it compatible with ring video doorbell video pro?


Does this work with the doorbell if used in conjunction with the secutity system?

Yes it works good with it.

What’s the difference between ring chime and ring chime pro?

Tha diferent tones or rings available , and the interconecction between the old and one ringer . But the new one ringer or the web site do not let you use your old user name and password . Unless is just for the people out usa the dismis conection messages

bad customer service.

Does this work with the ring doorbell 2?


Can the notifications be turned off and only have the doorbell notification active?

Yes through the ring app

Compatible with alula connect+ doorbell?


I have a ring doorbell, is chimebox what i need?

The ring chime lets you hear the doorbell inside your house instead of hearing it through the app. It’s really easy to install, just plug in and active through ring app

My notifications stopped on my phone. Says ‘poor wifi’,wrong! Wifi strong on all 3 levels?!

I had reset everything wifi related several times, and i have a strong router. The chime was reset at least 6 times, and it showed every indication that the connection went through. The device still showed offline.

Does this work with ring doorbell 4?

It work on an excellent way. Very satisfied.

Will this chime work for the 1st generation?


Es compatible con amazon blink doorbell?


Ring Chime, Notifications for Ring cameras and doorbells AMAZON

Hear real-time notifications when motion is triggered or when someone presses the doorbell when connected to your Ring doorbells and cameras.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Superior replacement for my home’s original chime.

This chime does not detect motion, and it works flawlessly with my ring doorbell so i haven’t needed to consult with tech support so i can’t give a proper rating on those two particular areas for my review. It was very simple to set up my chime. I took it out of the box and plugged it into a free outlet and linked it to my ring doorbell. The ring app guides you through the whole process which takes less than 5 minutes. I chose what sound i wanted for motion detection and the actual pressing of the ring doorbell. Very simple and haven’t had any problems. The chime volume is adjustable so i can hear it anywhere in my house. The light on the chime isn’t very bright so using it as a nightlight is very useful. The wi-fi signal gets boosted by the chime to your ring device which comes in handy if you have any ring devices that are further away. I enjoy changing up my chime sounds every so often. Ring chime does offer new sounds on occasions. I currently have my chime set to the thursday night football chime. My wife isn’t a big fan of that one. Once october rolls around she will probably switch the chime to a halloween theme. This chime was a great purchase.

5Expert Score
Excellent device!!

You will want to purchase this device!! It’s simple to set-up, nothing hard to understand… A young child could do it. This chime takes the place of your existing doorbell chime…..we have ours plugged into the hall outlet…. Which is near our bedroom. The sound is loud enough to hear very well, but not too loud to scare you if it went off at night while sleeping. It’s sad but funny too… Our beloved winnie doggie passed in 2019…. She was adopted from the spca… Sooooo… We set our ring chime to sound like dogs barking when a person or motion is detected… ….. We also signed up for protect basic for only $3.99 monthly so we could detect anything moving…. You will not regret buying one!!!!

5Expert Score
Ever had your spirit leave your body??? I have!!

After we bought our doorbell. My husband wanted to be able to hear in the back of the house if someone was outside. He plugged it up in our bedroom, my husband usually gets up around 2 or 3 to sleep in his recliner in the living room (do to injuries). I sleep till 7 on most days well at least i use to. My sweet, loving husband thought it would be a good idea to set the motion sensor to dogs barking. Have you ever had your spirit jump right out of your body and take off running. Well i have at 6 am when my son leaves for work. I fell straight out of the bed it scared me so bad. I thought i was being attacked by a pack of wild dogs while sleeping. Great product, just don’t recommend plugging it in your bedroom!

5Expert Score
Does the job!

This chimer is great to have even though i get notifications on my phone. I work at home & sometimes have my phone on silent so i don’t always hear the notifications. So what happens is this nice little chimer helps me hear. Also helps me & my kids be able to hear alerts when we are in different parts of the home. I recommend…

5Expert Score
Good doorbell in our house

We enjoy this doorbell because you can change the ringing themes and volume. It’s easy to set up and i was really tired of our old doorbell.

5Expert Score
Love it!!

This is perfect if you don’t have you phone right next to you… I know when someone is at the door!the volume is adjustable and it has lots of ring choices too.

5Expert Score
Nice and loud

I have read reviews that the ring door chime was not loud enough, bull. I have mine turned up on the app half way and you can hear it in every room in the house. My wife complains that it’s to loud if she’s sitting right next to it. If you set it so it notifies you for movement i guarantee you’ll know if anybody is approaching your door. You can pick different tones for both the door bell and the movement sensor. I’d buy it again in a heart beat.

5Expert Score
Ring chime extention

I have this one on my deck so when i’m out back i can hear if anyone is at the door. Just plug it in and put on wi fi.

5Expert Score
So easy

This is literally plug and play. Worked perfectly first time and is loud enough to hear anywhere in my apartment.

5Expert Score

My regular ring is hard to hear upstairs and in the basement so i purchased 2 chimes and connected them to the wifi. One is in my upstairs bedroom and the other is in the basement gym. I never miss anything now. Especially important deliveries.

4Expert Score
Pain in the a$ to connect to wifi

What a painful process. This device would not connect to the wifi to complete the setup process. I tried for days on end and nothing. I was ready to send this device back until going through a few forums that helped. I used the mobile hotspot on my phone to connect the device and then ran a firmware update on the device. Once the software updated, i was able to connect it back to my home wifi and it finally kept the connection and worked. So if you’re having issues connecting, try using a mobile hotspot during the setup, update the firmware and then connect to your main home wifi. Good luck.

4Expert Score
It works great

When it arrived i read instructions an had it hooked up to may door bell in a matter of minutes. No problems. I have a older ring door bell and it works great.

4Expert Score
Works as expected but not as loud as i thought

I don’t have the motion detection feature on so i can’t speak to it. I got this because i want to hear the doorbell when pressed. I didn’t realize that the doorbell itself wasn’t audible inside the house. I have the chime plugged in next to the router, but it worked fine even when further away. I can hear the doorbell clearly in a one story home, and even has different chimes to choose from. If the directions on the ring app count as tech support, i’m fine, since any troubleshooting i needed was easily solved by reading those a bit more carefully.

4Expert Score
You go through too many steps to see reason for alert

I was disappointed in the amount of steps it takes on my phone to see who is at my door. I would like to be able to have a picture notification instead of a “ someone is at your door” alert. Then i must go through about 5 steps to replay the footage

4Expert Score
Love this

I am loving my chime. It replaced the old box in the wall that went out.
My favorite part is i can move it ti wherever i want to be able to hear it.
Saved me tons by not replacing that while thing.

4Expert Score
It's ok

I would go with the one a step up from this.

4Expert Score
It’s fine.

Had trouble staying connected when i first got it. Works fine now. It doesn’t detect motion so not sure why i had to give a star review there

4Expert Score

Works most of the time. Sometimes i have to rest it and it works fine

4Expert Score
Works as described

This was easy to set up as i only have one doorbell camera. The proximity chime is very loud, but the actual doorbell sound is not. It doesn’t matter which of the presets you select, there just isn’t sufficient volume when the button is pushed. It doesn’t really matter much because, as i stated, the proximity alarm is quite loud. Just be sure to select it during setup.

4Expert Score
Easy to setup

Easy to setup, works perfectly, qr code to scan is also available on the box

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