Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus with motion-activated 1080p HD video, White (2021 release)

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus with motion-activated 1080p HD video, White (2021 release)

1080p HD security camera with motion-activated LED floodlights, 105dB security siren, Two-Way Talk, and customizable motion zones

What are ring floodlight cam wired plus with motion-activated 1080p hd video features?

  • 1080p hd security camera with motion-activated led floodlights, 105db security siren, two-way talk, and customizable motion zones.
  • Get motion-activated notifications on your phone, tablet or pc and check in at home anytime with live view all in the ring app.
  • Customize motion zones in the ring app to fine-tune which areas you want to focus on.
  • Eliminate blindspots or dark areas with built-in color night vision and two led floodlights.
  • Easily hardwire to the outside of your home and connect to wifi for around-the-clock power and peace of mind.
  • With a ring protect plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos.
  • For added peace of mind, pair with alexa to help you keep an eye on your home.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus with motion-activated 1080p HD video, White (2021 release) AMAZON

1080p HD security camera with motion-activated LED floodlights, 105dB security siren, Two-Way Talk, and customizable motion zones

Looking for specific info?

How much history is stored without a subscription?

No video is stored without a subscription. You only get live feed. The subscription is fairly cheap. Basic plan is $3 per month/$30 per year or $10 per month/$100 per year for the premium plan. The premium is well worth it if you plan on having more than 1 ring device. The basic plan only covers 1 device per subscription.

Can this unit be mounted horzenal under the roof eve?

I just installed two of these on the garage ceiling in a four car garage and the light pods can be ‘encouraged’ past their built in stops. Grasp the mounting base securely and very gently apply ever increasing pressure to turn the round stem past the natural stop point. You will feel the plastic parts inside slowly give way and move past the intended stop. Now … Don’t go spinning them around a dozen times as the wires inside won’t thank you for that, but i was able to twist them to where the ‘shades’ were oriented properly and everything works perfectly normal afterwards.

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What is the difference between the floodlight cams and the spotlight cams?

Also the spotlight cam i got runs on batteries that have to be recharged and the wifi connection is not as strong. I also have 2 floodlight cam plus lights that are hardwired. They work better and no batteries are needed.

I have a outside light now on a switch. Will i be able to still turn the light on and off with the switch or do i need to use the app?

You have to use the app. But according to the ring website, the ‘pro’ model will allow you to toggle the wall switch to turn on the light for 1 minute. When you do this, you interrupt the wifi so the device has to reboot and is temporarily disconnected from the app but the light will remain on for 1 minute. And, you cannot turn the light on via alexa. So it you hear something in the middle of night that is out of range of the motion sensor, you have to find your phone, password on, launch the ring app, select the floodlight device, and toggle the light on. If i had know this i would have purchased the pro model.

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What’s the difference between the wired and the plug in mount?

Plug in mount is like plugging into a socket

I can manually control when the lights are on, and place them on ‘armed’ status to turn them on when it senses motion?

You can choose to have the lights turn on automatically at night when motion is sensed, or you can disable this functionality so they do not turn on at night when motion is sensed. When the setting is ‘on’ the lights will turn on automatically by themselves at night when motion is sensed in the selected motion zone. Separately, you can manually control the lights, turn on or off, overriding the automatic settings.

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Is the subscription for more than one camera or does each camera pay?

99 for a one year subscription. I have three and it covers all three. I am not aware of a limit at this time.

What is recommended, 15 or 20 amp breaker?

Standard 15 worked for me. No issues and i just swapped out the regular spotlight with the ring.

Is the camera able to be aimed?

Yes, the camera as well as each individual light can be aimed as needed.

La camara habla al detectar movimiento

Si. Deja saber a la persona que está siendo grabada. Usualmente esto detiene a la persona que transita frente a la cámara pero en la noche si alguien intenta merodear se escucha muy fuerte y te notifica al celular o a algún dispositivo amazon como echo. Puedes sustituir el.mensaje de voz por uno de sirena pero esto despertara al vecindario, créeme

Se queda grabado lo qué pasa en el día

Solo si pagas la membresía de ring que son 15 dólares al año o 30 si tienes más dispositivos ring. Es buena opción porque hay una opción que circula los movimientos de.ladrones a todos los que en esa zona tengan ring

Can you buy 2pk ring floodlight camera?

They use to have a two pack, and good deals on the holidays.

Is there a ring solar battery flood cam?

There is a solar panel that you can get and attach it to the ring for charging the battery. I use the plug-in since i live in the pnw.

Can install eave

If you have a standard outside light base on the eave, you can, otherwise, no!

Does this wired version camera have an internal backup battery?

My husband said there is no battery backup.

Is it required to pair with alexa?

No, you can connect to the ring app on your phone and can link to alexa if desired

Can i add a 3rd light to the camera

There is not a third housing for a spotlight but you could add a seperate smart flood light or smart outdoor light with a bridge to connect to camera and ring app i believe.

So you can’t use the ring app with this camera?

You can use this ring app for this ring product

Is there any way to adjust the volume on the camera?

On your ring app, go into device settings, then locate and click on the general settings and when scrolling down look for the speaker volume and adjust.

Can the flood light be set to turn on by a photocell, i.e. When it gets dark, instead of only coming on for motion? Are there other ones that do this?

Don’t know, just put it up last night.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus with motion-activated 1080p HD video, White (2021 release) AMAZON

1080p HD security camera with motion-activated LED floodlights, 105dB security siren, Two-Way Talk, and customizable motion zones

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works well

Relying on wifi is not what it’s cracked up to be. First of all, if i could go back i would not have started with ring. It’s not worth the hassle of waiting 30 min to an hour for tech support when you’ve been on with them for days for the same issue! Over and over. They will warranty the item, but you have to pay for installation again! This camera does what it’s supposed to for the most part. I’ve had to reset all of them a few times which took a couple of hours. Update: i had to go out of town for two days and leave my dog behind at the house with a pet sitter coming in. I was able to watch him in between her visits. I could talk to her through the cameras while she was there. The cameras did their job. It was a much source of comfort for me. I have 2 cameras outside and two inside. One upstairs with the cats and one downstairs with the dog. One at the front of the house and one on the side. A chime notifies me of motion on outdoor cameras. I know when someone is coming down my driveway. The camera sees it and it rings the chime. The dogs have learned that when the chime goes off, someone is coming! It’s actually pretty cool. I just wish when there was a problem that it was easier to get a hold of customer support. It’s a major downside. I still haven’t had the new doorbell installed yet. It was only in for 3 months and it needed replacing. I have to pay another visit from the electrician which wasn’t in the budget! I still don’t know if i’d buy ring again. I’d def look into other options first.

5Expert Score
Excellent value

Ring flood cam wire plus review

my order arrived sooner than scheduled. The support from ring has been excellent and they answer the phone 24/7.

I chose the wired unit for reliability and a white one because of our phoenix arizona hot sun.

I installed it vertically on the outside wall of my garage, about 8 feet from the floor of the driveway, facing my 2-car driveway and street. I ran a 3-wire round power cord from an ac outlet in the ceiling of the garage – about 15 feet to the wall. Measuring the location of where the unit is to be mounted is very important. I carefully calculated where the hole would be drilled through the exterior wall and stucco to the inside of the garage wall. I bought a 12” x 3/8” concrete drill bit and plastic 4” round box.

The hole through the wall had to be reamed out a little for the power cord to easily get through the hole, a 7/16” or 1⁄2” bit would have been better. After drilling the hole through about 13” of stucco and wood for the extension cord, i cut the plug off and poked it through to the outside. I mounted the 4” plastic round box with long screws, stripped the cord and 3 wires and wired it up per instructions.

The next morning, i discovered one of two tabs broke off on the plastic 4” round box and the unit was hanging with only the wire and the bottom tab. Do not use a plastic 4” round box. I bought a metal 4” round box and rewired and remounted the unit onto the wall. Be sure to use proper screws for mounting the 4” round box to the wall or surface.

The unit is very heavy and there are only 2 tabs on the round box to attached it to whatever surface its being mounted on. The metal 4” round box with 1⁄2” threaded outlets comes with the screw plugs for the holes that will not be used.

The panhead screws that came in the unit for mounting the metal bracket to the round box were too high and did not allow the unit to seal completely with the foam rubber gasket against the 4” round box. I used two truss-head screws. Again, the unit is heavy, so be very careful when handling and mounting it.

I sealed the 4” round box to the stucco wall with liquid nail to prevent rain from getting into the power cord and into the back of the unit. I painted round box and touched up the stucco.

Now the functions and performance… I’m disappointed in the resolution of the image when zoomed in to enlarge the image of a person. The camera apparently does not have lenses, so the depth of field is very small. The feature to physically select the motion detect area is nice. The app is a little confusing to use but after playing with it, it’s works fine. The on-off selectable motion alarm is interesting. It has a recorded female voice that says “hi, you are currently being recorded” when the motion detect is triggered.

Overall, this unit is well worth the price and the time to install it. It has provided a nice level of comfort for added outside home security and links with my ring doorbell. I will know more about its environmental quality after a couple summers and rainy seasons. I subscribed to the plus option for $100/year with video recording of all devices at home. I get shared neighborhood alerts on security issues that ring products detect which is nice to know what is happening around our area.

Customer feedback to ring: i suggest you revise your installation video to state to only use a metal 4” round box and replace the panhead screws with a flatter head screw. Also, the resolution with a zoomed in image is very important for visual identification. Please improve this in future revisions of this product. I would pay extra for improved resolution.

5Expert Score
Awesome floodlight camera

This camera is much better than the ring doorbell i have. Motion pick up is good, though when it sees my dog it tells me a person is there (and yes i have the smart settings turned on).

The light from the camera, mounted at about 7’ is good enough for my small back yard and the immediate area is flooded well. It’s not a long throw flood light.

Signal strength and uptime is also much improved from the doorbell.

5Expert Score
Captures everything

Installation was a breeze. The camera picks up all motion so i cut the sensitivity down a bit. I have it on my garage to watch the driveway. I did have to add the wifi extender to it for a cleaner picture but i figured as much with the distance between the house and the garage. It is well worth the money for the security and peace of mind. It works in conjunction with my doorbell and my balcony camera and alerts me whenever there is motion/people. I wouldn’t hesitate buying this.

5Expert Score

I’ve had two of these spotlight cameras for almost a year now. I have the lights to go on at dusk and off at dawn. Dozens……..several dozens of times they come on and then go off in the middle of the night or don’t come on at all. One is very close to the router and the other is farther away. They take turns doing this so it being signal strength doesn’t wash. I’ve tried setting a specific time to turn on and off and that is just unreliable. Done the reboot, moving router, rebooting router. I’m not happy to be spending so much time trying to get these things working reliably with no success.
Heads up.

5Expert Score
Need to adjust detection zone size

According to the pdf that i downloaded, motion detection is designed to detect a person sized object at up to 30 feet

even set to the minimum sensitivity my ring camera/floodlight was sending a notice to my alexa show every time a car drove by on the street in front of my house

the solution is not well described in the pdf

go to the ring app on your cellphone
tap the gear icon at the upper right of the picture of the camera you want to adjust
swipe up and tap motion settings
tap to edit motion zones (i only use the default zone)
you will see the entire area the camera sees, and the detection area highlighted in blue
use your fingertip to pull the dots on the edges of the detection area to change the shape
i pulled the top dots down so the detection zone did not include the street
problem solved… No more notices when a car drives by my house

5Expert Score
Quality camera

Replaced a previous 5 yr old ring flood light camera that was no longer showing clear.
The quality of video of this camera is superb. Hd in full effect. Easy to connect to wifi.
The motion food light is bright enough to lighten the side of the house.

5Expert Score
I love this.

So i have to tell you i have bought this item more than once in fact quite a few times. For this particular i bought it for my daughter’s new house and i wanted to make sure that they were safe. I also got the ring for the front door and i’m telling you it is something that i favor a lot. If you’re looking for a good product for a pretty decent price that will do everything you need this is it and i love that they have it in white or black. I prefer to have it with the video and the lights and i prefer to have it put in through electrical but if you have to plug it in that can work also in one of these products. This is something i really love and i hope you love it too.

5Expert Score
Clarity on point!

I purchased the hardwired one because it was installed 30ft up at the peak of my garage and i didn’t want to mess around climbing a ladder to charge a battery or lose power from solar. There was a cost involved with me hiring an electrician to make sure it was done right but i do not regret it! I was nervous that i wouldn’t be able to get a clear image or audio with how high it was mounted but it works perfectly and i was impressed with how clear it is even when i zoom in. I can’t believe i went as long as i did with waiting to purchase this, especially after i caught an unwanted guest the day after install. I ended up purchasing a ring pro hardwired doorbell as well and they sync wonderfully. 10/10 recommend!

5Expert Score
Exceptional quality

After three houses on our street were broken into, i decided to invest in a home security system and lighting around the perimeter of our house. I did a lot of research over a few days and read countless reviews in order to find the perfect options for my household. I was going to go back to adt but they were booked up and couldn’t come around for a “quote” for three weeks, so i opted to try the ring floodlight with camera. Because we live on the end of the street next to the bayou (maybe 25ft. From our house) that opens up into the lake, it is really dark and we are secluded from everyone and everything, which is perfect for criminals. At night, it’s pitch black outside and you can’t even see your hand in front of your face much less anything else. The ring floodlight has eliminated the darkness. I’ve been using it for about a month now and my family loves it !! When it detects motion, it automatically turns the lights on at night on and starts recording. During the daytime, it just records so you don’t waste the light. I love that when i hear the unique chimes that i can check what’s going on at my house while i’m at work. We feel so much safer and i notice less traffic coming down our street since we’ve ordered them. I thought it would be a hassle to set up since i knew i’d be the one to do it but it was as easy as i was informed it would be. I am thrilled with this purchase and can’t wait to order more items from ring to complete our home security safety!! By the way, a few nights ago i was coming in the house after getting off work and it instantly started recording since it sensed my presence. I looked around before getting out of my car and didn’t see a thing. Watching the video clip the next day at work, it showed a deer in the background. That’s how good the lighting, night vision is. I hope my review has helped you!

4Expert Score
Exceeded all my expectations! Except for one thing…

Absolutely love this camera! It exceeded my expectations. I figured with so many features, there had to be something that wouldn’t work as expected. But sure enough, it all currently works nearly flawlessly. This is as close to 100% perfection as i’m going to find.

Why did i give it only 4 stars? Maybe i skimmed too much of the product information, but i wanted to use the echo show 2 that i purchased separately to monitor the camera feed all day. But i found out that when i had the camera view on the live stream, it would end the stream after about 10 minutes automatically. I tried to find answers as to what was wrong. Why is it ending the live stream after this amount of time? I have to keep telling alexa to show me the camera after 10 minutes. Still can’t find the answer to this except that this is just a feature of the system. The official site mentions that it is part of the programming. It is not designed to show the live feed for longer than 10 minutes straight. I’m stuck with that one little flaw. And this is true with watching it on my iphone and desktop as well.

But i’m not entirely disappointed because i still love the other features so much and how well they work so far. It’s only been 24 hours since i installed it, however. The floodlight senses motion fine and covers more distance than i expected. The clarity in the distance is much better than i expected. The view is much wider than i expected. The camera notifies me specifically in the area i requested better than i expected. Gah, at all the positives! I’m so very happy with this purchase and can’t wait to order more cameras and the doorbell in the coming months.

4Expert Score
Compare to my ring device

I am not able to fully evaluate this item as of yet. When i bought it, some how i thought it was a plug in and not actually hard wired. The location i want to place it i need to i stall a plate and run wire. But i will say i do have other ring devices, i do like them but there are some functions i have issue with like the still photos, slow notification, and not being able to save video really with out the yearly subscription.

4Expert Score
Great light.

I took one star away due to when we lost power and it came back on we had to reset all cameras. I don’t have a problem resetting but you should be able to do it from app not have to get on a ladder and reset on the actual camera. Otherwise this is a great camera. The picture is nice and clear. I like that i get notifications on my echo show too.

4Expert Score
Depending on where you put your camera, you may need to install a repeater.

I bought this for our security, but also had to buy a $100 repeater to get a signal to the camera.
When backing up with the car, the camera does not pick up the motion of the car. It does good if a person walks bye. Some reason it does not see the car at night? But will pick it up the car and set off a motion alarm in the day light.

4Expert Score
Does its job

camera works pretty well in daylight and at night. I have no complaints about the hardware and quality! The lights can be adjusted from very bright, to just over dim, and have a good range of motion.

I use my echo as a hub fro my ring devices, so no need to buy a ring hub if you have the right echo. This will also allow you to control the lights and view the camera within the alexa app which is a nice feature. (although you have to give the alexa app access privileges to your microphone)

as soon as my initial ring protect trial ended, i started getting tons more motion notifications. I would get random motion alerts, one day i got about 40 in a two hour time period. After adjusting the sensitivity i still get way more notifications then when the trial was active so i wonder what’s up with that and if it’s some scheme to get me to buy the ring protect.

At this price, you should have the option to record locally instead of paying for their service. Security cameras are pretty much useless without having the recordings ‍

i wish it would integrate with apple and allow shortcuts to be used: “turn on the floodlights” or allow a widget so you can see the video feed without having to open the app

if you want to use this within the alexa app, you have to allow alexa microphone permissions.

4Expert Score
Better ai needed

I had the ring doorbell camera for a while before installing this on my back door. Overall, a fine camera for the ring ecosystem. My observations:

1) no ability to set a package zone for packages left at my back door…only available on doorbell cameras

2) when motion happens in separate zones, was hoping the zone name would be in the alert. I care more about one zone than the other.

3) the ai needs to recognize the members of the household so as not to flood alerts with ‘person at the back door’ when it’s me – whether i’m coming home from an errand or out there grilling dinner. Too much noise, but i don’t want to disable alerts for when it’s not me.

4Expert Score
I wish i could turn the volume off

I love it the only down fall is that you can’t turn the volume completely off

4Expert Score
Works as it should

This is our second ring floodlight cam. The housing on this one is plastic vs. The metal housing model we bought several years ago. The first cam i mounted it to a 4′ round metal weatherproof box and had no problem. This second one i mounted to a 4′ round non-metallic (plastic) box. When i screwed on the enclosed center metal bracket and then tried to attach the ring floodlight cam to the box, the metal bracket would not sit flush with the round plastic box. (see picture) i had to use my oscillating tool to notch it out so the bracket would sit flush.

A small japanese industrial standard (jis) phillips head/flat blade combo screwdriver is included for assembly. This fits the phillips screws tighter than my craftsman brand phillips. The screwdriver has a cheap lighter plastic feel to it compared to the original one (see picture).

After the installation you will need to connect to your wifi network. Scan the qr code and enter your pin code (which is on the floodlight cam). Name your zone, e.g. Backyard, front porch, etc.)

another picture shows it activated at 4:30 am. The picture quality for both day and nighttime are clear and the coverage area, like the first one, is user adjustable by viewing from your phone and setting the boundaries.

4Expert Score
Great floodlight, sharp video and nice floodlight…but

After getting a ring door cam pro and a few ring battery stickup cams, i decided to replace my rear floodlights with the ring floodlight cam with motion sensor. After a few months, i have been very happy with the motion sensor lights and the videos are very clear and good. Takes some trial and error to get the motion set up so the light doesn’t come on if a leaf blows by. But so much easier than regular motion floodlights. The only drawback is, if the light burns our, you are screwed and have to get a whole new light/cam as the led’s are built in and not changeable. That is the only reason i give this a 4 star instead of five star.

4Expert Score
I have many ring products and this is the first to fail.

Product still works except video screen is red. Sometimes only half screen is red.

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